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Galveston Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 5, 1933, Galveston, Texas Periscope by j. Burr following the general custom it appears from some few quarters that the negro the last hired and the first fired is beginning to feel the readjustment necessary in the carrying out of the Era. A negro Boyt reported to the Sentinel that he had been notified by his employer that his services would be discontinued shortly. On questioning the boy As to whether he had been receiving an adequate pay he said that he had. Been getting about $5.00 per week. While we believe that the negro should Bear his proportionate share of this recovery plan we can not work ourselves around to believing that our employers would take any undue advantage of a negro worker. Of course our Only advice to the youth was that if everything else was equal he should report the matter to . Robert i. Cohen who is in charge of the enforcement of the Era codes. To our negroes who Are employed we would say that they should be patient and not complain under any necessary changes which might be put into practice in order that the Era can be carried out 100 per cent in Galveston. Whatever disadvantages honestly brought about Are necessary for them to encounter should be born with patience and cheerfully. That will be the negro s contribution tothe general move for As outlined by of is fel"1 l cooking school 18,9,10,11  at Estori negro business me n and Industrial workers was a magnificent display of what might be done in Galveston among negroes if such men As . Webb will just Lead out. There is no doubt about it Galveston so far As the negro is concerned needs a new leadership. The meeting called by . Webb heard the Era explained and All went away better Able to interpret his individual contribution to the general prosecution of the Era. . Robert i. Cohen postmaster York and attorney Dario set were the speakers from the White group. . Webb should be encouraged and supported in his organization by All negroes in Galveston. He is certainly being encouraged by the White people of the City. The meetings of this organization Are held each tuesday at the c. W. Webb furniture store. . Webb is ready to answer any question pertaining to the work and objectives of his organization. Robertson s drug stores Are working strictly in Accord with the Era according to . Robertson. He stated that it was necessary to arrange the working hours of his help and to employ one additional worker All of which he has done. Other negro businesses have done likewise. The cozy cleaners Mickey Deware has also rearranged his working hours for his help and met the requirements of the Era. A c. W. Webb furniture store went on the Era plan last tuesday morn Jing and . Webb states that the plan works Fine so far. Others will j fall in line we Are sure if they have not already done so. Judge Norton orders new trial for Scottsboro youth during fall Teri refuses framed boys Hareas Corpus j new York . Ordering the Scottsboro boys to., a Fiew Lynch trial in october judge James e. Horton is Atte tit Jing to prevent the release of the nine innocent Scottsboro negro boys on bail. This was revealed by the i l. J3. Today when it was announced that previous to Horton s Florida vacation general George w Chamlee i. L. Attorney in Chattanooga left with him the Hareas Corpus writs demanding that bail be set with the understanding that he would set a Date for hearing. Instead of setting a Day for the rearing to set bail which under Alabama Taw he is forced to Grant to the boys following his decision that the evidence preponderates in their favor by offers specials during August the attention of our readers is called to the and of the Texas cities Gas company local Public service Utility. This company is looking far ahead in offering the service which is offered in this and. During the entire month of August they Are offering their entire Stock of Gas equipment at reduced prices. They arc not Only offering their stoves and ranges at reduced judge Horton is attempting to Railroad the boys to a new i ��c_8 a t?.t-w Lynch trial. A pointing out that to was Only mass j pressure which forced judge Horton j to set aside that verdict against hey Wood Patterson William l. Patter son National Secretary of the i. A. I d., sent out a Call for an Intens Ifica mrs. Constance Houston Thomp i Tion of acuity to teat this new son of the department of Home manoeuvre of tie Southern White economics in Houston City schools i landlords. Only in this manner he who will be in charge of All Demon a said to judge Horton to forced to Bra Titu at the Galveston Sentinel s i set bai1 for the b�y8\ and he the fall cooking school and household i struggle be Stef further 0,1 the Way exposition september 8, 10, 11, to unconditional release. 1933, j there must be no illusions he the school will be held in the j Ful a ont the Fairi est of a Beautiful Gulf View Pavilion 28th onto fun com to to Iuda we and Beach. This promises to be the most outstanding event of the season for n 2gi Oes of Galveston. There will be baking and other contests in household arts for which there will be. Give prizes. Souvenirs samples ads Numme. Will also be a feat tra a of standing no cd a and her ability As an economist is Well known. The Houston City school Board has had a course of study which was originated by her adopted in the system. She received her training at Prairie View state College Hampton Institute Hampton va., and at. Columbia University new York. Mrs. Thompson is now in Chicago 111., where she will spend two weeks j studying in Chicago University de apartment of economics. She will i return to Texas late in August to prepare for the four Days school Here. Turner chosen to deliver address at state College death claims noted Bishop teacher up at Marshall last saturday Eveni a funeral conducted tuesday morn fourth Ward Man ambushed and Cut on Arthur Street Sadberry killed in car elision Bryan Sad Berry Benchley was killed by the collision of another car Friday night about f o clock. It is reported . Sadberry was coming South and the other car was going North to Hearne. The cars collided about three Miles from Bryant. . Sadberry found dead in his shattered which was crushed by the other his two Small children were saved by mystery. One was bruised very bad j by. I he was funeral izod a Baptist Church monday remains Laid to rest in cemetery by the people ing company. He leaves eral children Brothers and Sisters to 1 mourn his demise. He was one of the most respected citizens of the county a wealthy Farmer a business i Man of High Honor and respect. J he with his other Brothers car j ried out. The wishes of their father a the lamented j. R. Sadberry . In fact he was tilled with that genial hospitality which was an asset to his Success and a Christian gentle i Man in every respect. The county and Community mourn his posts. Was car car. It. Tabor it 1 p. I Cue above i uni Pertak i wife Sev May sit. On their benches. If any were created by Horton s decision granting a new trial this new move on his part should be sufficient evidence to completely smash them. The order of judge Horton shows clearly that the knights and the he fans direct. And Woody agents of the of careful Lynch methods of judge Horton who wants to accomplish the same purpose but with More Subtle manoeuvres Patterson said. The mass Campaign for the free i Dom of the Scottsboro boys must come to a new High Point in the demonstrations and actions of August 22, International Sacco Vanzetti Day which has been designated As a National Scottsboro Day. The demands raised by the i. L. D., backed by a greater mass movement than Ever before attained must be that Horton immediately set bail and that a change of venue be granted from Morgan county where both Decatur and Athens Ala., Are located and where the boys Are in As great danger of Lynching As in Scotts j Boro where the original trials were held1." these demands he said must immediately be raised in a flood of telegrams from every i. L. District Section and Branch from every organization and individual sympathetic to the cause of the Scottsboro boys to judge James. E. Horton Athens Ala. The new Manen Veys of the White Southern landlord Lyncher led by attorney general Knight and sex senator Thomas Heflin demand the greatest activity on the part of every individual to save the Scottsboro boys from Lynching. At the same time the new trials and the bail if judge Morton is forced to Grant it j will tremendous new demands for funds upon the i. L. A. Now drained by the huge expenditures in connection with forcing the Lynch j court to set aside the verdict against i Heywood Patterson. Funds should be rushed immediately he said to i the National office 80 East 11th Street room -130, new York Jitu. Being made and special prices offered on their hot water Heaters. J a visit to show room and  the Contact Witti its efficient corps of courteous salesmen will convince that this company deserves the patronage of the negroes of Galveston. Another fact Well Worth remembering is that this company employees a Large number of negro men thus making it possible to feed j Cass of that institution. And clothe a number of negro families in Galveston. Treasure Hunter fatally wounded by his companion Marshall Texas. Up saturday ight july �9, professor Oscar Anderson Fuller ., widely known educator and for 34 is. Instructor of latin greek and sociology at Bishop College Marshall Texas passed away Here. In though he suffered a serious illness two years ago the end unexpected because of his apparent Normal health and Brief confinement. The distinguished scholar and race Leader was born of Humble parents Castor and panic Munford. Fuller on Skipwith Plantation near class vile Virginia August 15, 1,7. A was the oldest of 12 children and worked in a tobacco factory As a Means of aiding in the support of the family. Since work was my chief vocation he said in his autobiography schoo iwas my a cation until he was 19. J. Rhoads and some weeks prior to his death a received for his 35th year of Active service at the College. A. In 1001 he married miss Blanche v. Can of clark8vui e a ii a i Illa ,. I a was one of the most attractive  Ano most highly rent Echo d Christian to Imp women on Bishop s Campus. During Tho years four children blessed try air Union Zarmina Mabel a. B. Bishop 1923, teacher in the Julia Kazlor Public school Dallas Ospar Anderson ., a. B. Att4 i a Iii ate in t Iano Llis Hap i24, i Lent of i�iiale4p3ip College Prairie Fefe jul Maria he was converted at 20, and in i887 entered Wayland Seminary washing ton A where he finished both the Normal and theological courses in 1.802. He then spent one year in the Nichols latin school in preparation for admission to Bates College Lewiston Maine and in 1896 was admitted to the freshman is wounded Man claims that his assailant told him his Decca sed aunt had buried heir savings at the foot of Wichman Street Prairie View Texas saturday August 12, Prairie View stale. Normal and Industrial College considered from the standpoint of academic accomplishments will close one of the most successful sessions since the doors of the College first swung open to the negro youths of Texas. Taken As a whole the wort j a been quite satisfactory and the scholarship has been above the average. Monday evening August t. 3 p. M., the commencement address will be delivered by Rev. W. L. Turner of Houston to approximately 00 candidates Foi the Bachelor s de Gree. The degrees will be conferred i by . Edward Bertram Evans acting principal. Registrar j. B. Cade submits the following is for graduation As follows arts and sciences division a. K. Barlow. Rut a Kevil Bessie love Rebecca Ransom Brown Willie c. Coli ii a Olashaw Amanda i Warren Thompson 1014 Brown was shot in the Chest with Buckshot on the Banks of the Bayou near the foot of Wichman Street about 10 45 i p. Tuesday. I i officers laird., and Langdon were cruising in their radio equipped car when they received a message from Headquarters that a Man had been shot at the foot of Wichman Street. They rushed to the scene of the shooting and found Thompson lying in a vacant lot on the 3200 Block on Butler Street. A crowd of people had gathered around the Man who was bleeding profusely. Thompson was carried to the Jef i t Davis Hospital and treated by . Fillipone who admitted that his wounds were serious. He was struck in the Chest with several blasts from of Pythia a 12-Guage shot gun. The shots tired his Chin Chest and left Shoul-1. Der shattering the Bone. Home of " the pellets even pierced his lungs and these were ones which made his recovery seem Remote and condition appear critical. Thompson told the officers that Carter Riley 21-year-old negro who lives on Lakin Street came by his House about 10 p. And awoke him telling him that his Hunt who had died several weeks ago had buried a Large sum of Money on the bunks of the Bayou. Riley had a Spade according to Thompson who said that he got up  dressed and accompanied him. They i proceeded to the place where the in 1809 to graduated with Honor having qualified for the Bachelor of arts degree and accepted a position at Bishop College that was made vacant by Tho resignation of professor j. Ii. E. Lee now president of Florida a. And a. College at Tallahassee Fla. In addition to the position of teacher at latin and , assigned the duty of tra Islinger during Tho summer in the to fun Sproul soliciting stud Nch Pra who by 1 lie served bf0ql�go Rith the present irn deceased and was Tya Chi Jpn in is Bop Homor and Thovie Inkley Btu fent of Bishop Meiu hem of the in Moisat Gyc a. Family and a a Ujj Jabor of " ii to Raftie Al friends were of Bestge Tif saturday Eya a july go end came present incumbent Siden Joseph j. Rhoads who was a student a morning before i capacity of the deceased. He was one of the founders of the National association of teachers in coloured schools and was a life member of that organization. Too he held membership in i Gamma in a National social science Honor society and the America Academy of political and social science the Southern sociological ingress the National geographical society the coloured teachers state association of Texas having been tin president of that org Iii action in 1930, and three fraternal organizations masons knights Mil tin american Wood enc from All sections of . County Texas. The fungi met. Oration was delivered by Dpi it us worlds pastor Bethesda Baptist Church Brief eulogies were deliver. De by drs. A. J. Osborne arid m. A. Dogan and appropriate music was rendered by. The Wiley Bishop col leg summer school chorus the Bishop College Quartetti Mamie c. Phillips. Others who participated on the program were j. Ii. Moore who read the obituary . O. I 111. Cd inc who read the numb of individual friends and org Aniza a Tion. Wlm sent telegrams letters of condolence and resolutions j and 5 j nurse of his years of serv i. W. 11. Ling Tower pastor. Ebe inc at Bishop College he was Secre i a scr m. K. T Tintah a Ltd Troad told Lary of the faculty for 30 years a. Script Urc. President Joseph j. Position he hell at the time of his a boar was. Masur of ceremonies death and for seven years he served 1 the honorary pall bearer were As the Secretary of the Board of 1 . .1. C. Osborne . W. Dogan trustees. Recently the Board named Jyh. B. Ivy Horton ., j. H. Mooc the Chapel building for him upon the . K. I Utler Ami president Joseph recommendation of president Joseph in. Rhoads. I treasure was supposed to be located i Dotson. C. Ii. Daniels Willi. Herald. I and Riley started digging. Thompson Selma cult the. Glenn. O. Hollings did the same thing. Worth Janis s. Dincev Surah i Tuy had b l n d kffi"8 a 1, five i Kh-1-w./l v i t Iii minutes when Thompson claimed   i h Edge. Lela that Riley shot him and fled. Thomp my us Louglin. Ilene Stivi. Mcneil Etta 1 son remarked that he was taken in til1 nationwide Appeal being made for inclusion of negro in Federal move to restore country to Normal times to o n Oil. Hattie p. ,.,-. L a the Pri soon Oral dec Randall. Thorny Ricks Demeris Scoti Smith. Chas. K. Thomas \ ,.-ll a. Alberta w. Williams Winston. Arren i. New York he Advah Yerneni of Colori a t i i lib had not bad any j of who Interior Harold l. Icks oink t either had they whore the negro population is Largo n. The state advisory boards appointed a pit i i. V numerous thefts in Homes reported Houston correspondent Wagner Bagby 1314 Howard was walking Down the 1100 Block on Arthur Street about 11 30 saturday night and when he passed a House _ at Arthur two men jumped off the i Houston correspondent porch. A. Peters White 1728 Chapman. One of them held him while Tho j claims that three negro women Call other stabbed him across his left cd us a a House at c 01 Lamb shoulder with an Kast Texas Jack j Street saying thai they had a Onie Bagby was carried to the Jefferson i junk to sell him. When he enter a. Davis Hospital and his wounds treat they stuck Sunn thing in his Back id. He told officers that he did not i told him to hold up his hands. They know the identity of his . Took cur a from his pocket this ii said that a girl living at. 1 0 o j happened 11 3 1 a. A turd a. Arhur a woman living at the ame.,y Wells 3510 Buck said thai address and another woman at 1101 sinn Cut the screen on his front Arthur knew the men and their to window Anil stole Over $100 in in attacking him. Elry. T it ice a Whitsitt and Castrow have i Willie Kin by Ilos crosh.\. A Marshall school backs president in recovery move agricultural division Jesse and i Ems. R. A. Atkinson William Bald win Luther Bauknite. A. B. Davis t. J. Downs William Drennon a Jaik Gooch a. Mart Hampton. Paul minion .1. Of Madison Oulu thus  Mathis Arthur Mccullough. Hai Les i jingles Spencer b. W. Turner. Awards because he words with Riley argued after they reached the location of the purported treasure. Thompson claimed that Riley had Conn by several times to talk to him and had been accompanied by a mexican whose name be did not know. Immediate and extensive Adir the mexican was not present at the has greeted the Appeal of tin n. A scene of the shooting. Strange As it j a c p t0 the press fraternal Thompson claims that he did administer the $3,300,000,00 1 countrywide response to plan seems not see the shot gun in Riley a pos session while they were Enro Ute to their buried Fortune. Police Are looking for Riley and mexican while Thompson died local Hospital wednesday. Book Richardson to address grads at Samuel Huston Marshall Spac cording to a statement released Here Pryl .i,i,., of wednesday by president. Joseph j. I s " Stan a k in us a Rhoads Bishop College was among it Austi the first in Texas to adjust the wages and hours of its employees in the Case and Are looking for Wildor and his accomplice. Ife j de thai s j and tour Urie one entered i. Plao n radio valued at $26. Richardson editor of the Houston defender inviting him to deliver the convocation address a Accord with president Roosevelt s j let Ummer. School . National Industrial recovery agree a riday morning August in. Ament. Ami having complied fully with j the summer session is a jointed the spirit and letter of the new Deal i cation us venture sponsored by san advocates unqualified Day a Square Deal Uejo Huston and Tillotson College.-. F,.r Itie irn non labourer who is the t a prese 1t term is being held on " Momii Amertt. sys 1 Tramuel Huston Campus. Miss if i Mary k. Branch i president of til Tim. The Marshall institution of Lotson. A arising joins with other patriotic editor Richardson has accepted americans in a nationwide Effort tool he invitation and will speak in aus i defeat the. Depression and restore tin at the Day pro-1 the country to normalcy. Igram. Bootlegger takes Cash but fails to deliver whiskey c. .1. Landry 4023 Pease said that a negro. Frank Williams told him a he knew where h could pure a i a of Haig and Laig Ahi my for ?j2. La a . Be 11-. \ i to. Af.,.-Kwr her. I rain then a11/i1.t to old i tha Are i Hinias Frank coloured Man. He hiking will -i-jp.-q. Of pin-40-Vear the press . Church bodies fraternities sororities Anil other org Ini i Lions to join in a United i Awin for consideration of the negro a. in the drafting of indu trial to. And in the matter if jobs Noih 1 i a 100.000,000 Public work i 0 Gram. The National of de women at its Chicago co Fen a according to a Telegram sent to thu n. A. A. C. P., voted to Send telegrams to president Franklin Roosevelt and general Hugh Johnson asking for inclusion of negro in All codes Ami to i c  find so Ere tar of a 1 Tenor Harold l. Ickes urge w  j n Groc be Given their full j is under the Public we a it am. Banning ii. Tobla. Of k 1 1 a. Has secured from lie n \. A. Additional Copie of to it Gram of cooperation Neil a i branches of the v. A. The. out the country to join in the to i ing of telegrams. Conferences h.iv�. Been held la tween represent Tiv. Of the y. . A., including miss m i our a Tarl p of. Lie to h color. ,1 Oil 1 Liton ill association for written to Secretary i specially in states a Fri Nis lie appointed to l i is ent Roosevelt to irk. Fund. ,-l.hei-i. And represent. N. A a. C. P., to work joint action on these arcs of the country and White has feature acid in news columns o. 1 Swity of United action. Grain.1 Are pouring into. Fri Large numbers. \. A. C. The in urges unfed the part of All a and individuals Rand 1 Only by such concerted negro s position be instantly before the officials ibb for the administration of and Public works. In the woman asks cops to find missing coloured youths us Marino re Hout 1 1i0 a. Boys left her m. And Vera swimming in Bay Chuck about i were Cam Reed 13, a tub Steid ii and Charles Job Root All reside at 4414 Marino. A a near n. Tues
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