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Semi-Weekly Civilian, The (Newspaper) - March 28, 1862, Galveston, Texas Semi weekly civilian. Published by Stuart & Cave strand Galveston Texas. Vol. Xxiv. Galveston Friday March 28, 1862. Special advertisements except those of parties having annual contracts must to pail for before publication. General order no. I. In Kaituu Artel Ditl at mint of Tikva. J Houston March to j a j. J Liy order of the secret by of War no trips Ite accepted and mustered in for loss time than three years or the War. By comic my of ii Rig. Oen. A 0. 1ikijeut. Samuel ii Oyer Davis Muj. & a. A. 1. Lepors in tie Interior Are r0 ii 3ted to copy. 10-tf. Ual Nuudi her of commissioned . Each Soldier i Cleive a Bounty of Sio when tin o. Matiy or regiment is mustered in the senict., and 1-e allowed transportation or commutation litre for from his Home to the place of , which Wili a a a i i a cd Tho a Mcgini it a armed by the can Federal Ivor Zinent at the yory earliest Possi Lile Nio Mait in the meantime every by a Dir is directed to bring with him to the place of such arms Anil As Many rounds of ammunition aau com procure. Ample he made for the big Hui twice and e no Iii of tha men at the Pir Iii Rita i n. Do i hear it 9 1 u by one. I a ant to in into die cavalry service by another i want to join a Twelvemonth i regiment Aud by another i want Togoto Missouri or Tennessee allow me to answer in the outset 1st, the government Calls for infantry not cavalry. 2d, it has been announced that no More troops be received except for three year or Tho War. He an order has own issued by the War de Par Likiu Liat except under the set of Conj i serf pro Viding of a r Lenl dec Cao ten Nam icily he Aeck ptts with Atu Cotilli Liioi As to Irh efe the Liviu f let no Soldier then be deceive 1 by any proposition or promises in cont dict with the above for to say he least of it the offer of an Arm of service not called for is trifling with the government and Doe not Tavor much of . True every one has his preference hut the time is at hand when Twood and True men discard their individual preferences without hesitation. I Iii inti Nia that this regiment shall be among the first ordered to the seat of War and to this end a preference e Given fur n stated time to the six and twelve months non Janiw in the service if not All of warm. May be disbanded in a Short time. All who enlist be allow a 1 a sufficient length of time Afler their to return to their Homcha and provide fur their families and i tar in business. Follow soldiers and citizen a Warff invasion the most unholy and Wiiri Lileon and unhallowed Ever Reforde 1 in the Annas of history is being fiercely Waseil in by a Huv Brlity did unprincipled foe who seeks re Ider desolate Nur in Nie our i Ivsic i and to 1 n 1 ii3 Ai d cur child Diuri eap Iive i to the Ilc Putic govern sent on Earth. Need i i pre Arr m me the Intel Gens. Ihn Kner and Tilghman were taken w Roston fir confinement in fort Warren via in Llano Albany . On their arrival by Railroad train at the Flinner place they were received by an expectant i Here Thoy come a correspondent of the new York Irald jells the rest a crowd of armed soldiers hid a nip a Lane the Birgh the Cloud Aad Down Between the nuts of Loyal i Ilu stall tie traitors. Mucker Stevis first Liep at in a tall in proud looking Man dressed in a Gray military boat and a genuine Sun the Runci s Shi Ucecil Felt Hal. Tin crowd him now for tin Lii to time and the building rings cheers for the Toioko and Gran a d for All Rob is. Ihie per Uius and gives them Milo a like that Ofa Nared Tsirer t a ii ins captors in which in re Rae and be in Civ conc nitrated than we i Ouight to Hitman a i it. Ruice capable of and Pae into the ear. Lii a of i Liiri Cumes till Nan pm Lily of in a f to Titi i ? a i a f Tig Capri his or Man than Markn to Lair with a Blondo i is Tal suavely and p Dit eness written in Evi re line of his lace. A shout comes from the crowd three groans for the rebel tilth Man 1" tie turns and lifts his Caps and bows and smile As though appearing on a Balcony a answer a flattering serenade then follows Rucker into Theca and the crowd dispersed. And thus the rebel generals passed through in Iloilo. Int condition except that her huge Mako Geils Villi i Oil la s report a Itai k was full of holes As is the top of a Pep-1 the Battles of the 7th and 8th. Up a. Her l Itil Iron id s Bro Liliu dint of i Kiny \ Bill Encl leaving a Large Lii to splotch i on l in Mavy plates. Her of incurs Panui Hincu ill v 11 Jil Lei it succ083. Trio Lume town escaped Viji Trout it a Crotch. of new Madrid. Full l . Federal Force 30,000. Hunter reinforcements. Ilkay foil Tiik thu remark of the Memphis avalanches lint i Bill would probably be abandon us the advertiser and Register replies the Avalanche editor ought t i come hero and take a look at things Iche has an idea that Mobile is to be abandoned. After he has seen the big guns in forts and batteries and Mir heavy gun ats Nur terrible Marine ram and tin lots of soldiers that swarm the defences and the City lie conclude that a big Light must place before the Gulf City is abandoned. Latek fou Norfolk dispatch of the 7th, giving a summary of Northern news contains the annexed advices from Vera Cruz to the 20th Ultimo state Bat the negotiations at the City of Mexico failed to accomplish Tho ends of the allies. It is stated that Mexico is again the victim of treachery. The forces of Tho allies have been allowed to pass a stronghold and to occupy the strongest fortified Points. Havana March statement that there was no armed resistance to the Allied invaders of Mexico is confirmed. There is great Scarcity of provisions at Vera Cruz. ?1 j new brigadier Senate on the Cut inst., confirmed the following generals Carter Stevenson and we. 1?. Tala Bro of Virginia Albert rust of Arkansas we. W. Mackall of Maryland Danville Ledbetter of Alabama John i. Hood of Kentucky Folit. Ransom jr., of North Carolina w. A Feath Erstone of Mississippi Tims. J. Churchill and f. Ii. Cleburn of a Kansas Faiu l. I. Maxcy of Tennessee Hamilton p. Bee of . Under the proclamation of martial Law in Vicli Mobil the government is about to seize All private arms for Tho Public defence. Thanks to the efficient and Nerge in measures of gov. L Row and adj. Gen. Wayne the twelve regiments called for by the president have been enrolled in Georgia. In n few weeks these twelve thousand men be fully equipped and ready for Active service. A Louisville dispatch of the 1th, says that Columbus was burning from the 2hth nil., to to the 2d just. In to Sci 11 to this Call Ami to t the Neiny when every mail in is tint our troops Are Falliner Liick Anil Ilia i a h Arr Yin ores by Shinil Una t y sea. Ami plan if inf. The very in Art of lie ? Nee t t reel to your recon a Tion tin Reiman tin Manly aug Clit a when the tse motives urge is infamy a Coward s it Pil the mortifying indeed to every Lover of the country that in this great struggle Between Frei Doni and tyranny involving our Dearest rights our Honor and til liberties of Ourse is and our children there Are to he found Winse eyes tune Hents tire fastened upon Echt ones of a Coulat on and gain upon the misfortunes of their neigh hrs. For All such i have of clings of contempt mingled with those of pity. not he forgotten and the Driy is not far a hint. When Reward of the extort Ioner he me Justice ii p hand. My e unto men in this the of trial let no Man he Fumul 1 our two Sis to to strike of dastardly cowards hut ral Ai Lyons instructions. The following shows what lord Lyons was in do in Case Masou and slide i had not been surrendered Emit air sri to lord Lyons. Foh Euin of tick my previous dispatch of this Date 1 have instructed you by command of her majesty to make certain demands of the government of the United states. Should air. Seward ask for delay in order that this grave and painful matter should Bode libera Taly considered you consent to a delay of not exceeding seven Days. Of at Heend of that time no answer is Given or if any answer is Given except that of a compliance with the demands of iter majesty s government your lordship is instructed to leave Washington with am the n embers of your legation bringing with you the archives of Tho legation and to repair immediately to London. If however you should be of opinion thai the requirements of her majesty s government Are substantially complied with you May report he facts to her majesty s government for their consideration and remain at your pot until you receive further of tiers. Vou comte Utvic to with vice Admiral sir a. Milne immediately upon r iriving the answer of the american government and you Send him a copy of that answer Ether with such observations As you May s j lit to make. Vou also give All the information in your Power to the governors of Canada Nova Scotia. New Ihu Swiek Jamaica a Lerinda and such other of her map Sty s possessions As May be u in lieu your reach. Capture of air Unsil k. Tho Day after the occupation Oll Erin Dinn the a Iseini s gunboats went up to St. Mary s took a of that town also without . No damage was done to the place nor in Fernandina the contrary having been indirectly reported. Jim Lew were found at either and they were not disturbed. The i federals seemed dispose. To pursue a conciliatory policy with the vain Hope of winning converts to their cause. They Cuil none so degraded on the soil of Georgia. One gunboat ascended the St. Mary a and k is a civil the Memphis App of the Leith says Fly the arrival of Tho grand Duke which Tea 1 de the Landing from Abi be at a o clock yesterday morning a e have the intelligence that n in Madrid was evacuated by the Small Force a this been there some time. During the Light a a thursday which was As heretofore slated conducted by the artillery of the in my and that of tint gun Tats the former Niide three Advance increments us if to storm the position hut w re successfully repulsed by tote shells Thoun among them. An occasional of was Outing the Day until evening. Our loss was three killed and one wounded that of the enemy unknown but supposed the lie severe As they were seen to carry Iii to a number to the rear of their position. The distance by River from this Point to Island no. 10 is about Twenty Miles but the land transit is Only five Miles so communication with the last named Point is still near open and Clear. Whether the eni Iny can erect batteries opposite Tiptonville remains to be seen. At present their batteries Are a Short distance below Point Pic Sant mo., a few Miles above Tiptonville. On thursday at Daylight the enemy opened from an advanced Battery erected during the preceding night and kept up a continuous fire on both bits and the gunboats during the Day. Tho casualties on our Side Are Small in Nuin a. Being4 or 5 killed and As Many wounded. The gunboats received a great Many shot the Polk alone received four. The transports Louisville Winchester and Mohawk All received More or less injury none however were disable. The gunboats were it Island no. 10 and Tiptonville when the grand Duke left. Smith s 15 us Tennessee and a firtion of two other regiments were at Tiptonville and Tho remainder at the Island. No i urination had been received at Tipton Ville that the enemy had taken Possession of new Modi id. That the forces of the enemy have been greatly exaggerated we do not doubt yet the Retreat was a judicious one. The opposing Force was too Large to be successfully resisted and a Sac i Dice of life in what would have proved a fruitless attempt to do so would have been Inescu table. This movement gives no particular advantage i i the enemy As the position is not one of any strategical importance in defending Island 10. The great work is being pushed Forward As rapidly As possible and our information , it is Lielie Ved her a successful of Struc Tion to the passage of the enemy s gunboats Knerly thursday evening a scout was sent ill Liy Gen. Tin Lypson with inh mation that a Large reinforcement under Gen. Sigel was advancing. About 10 u he to another messenger i came in and reported the for. E under Sigel to i forty regiments of infantry and four of Cav titty who expected to anime so As to storm the v oils by Midnight. They were it was slated u Iliin two Miles. Acting upon this information it was determined to Retreat to Island 10 and Tiptonville which was done upon the gunboats the whole command coining nth safely except a few pickets who had not come in when the boats left. In the movement nil the mounted guns were abandoned having bet n spiked. A portion of Tite an mini icon wis also left most of the baggage Anil about one Hundred mules. The amount of transportation being very limited a Large amount of property was Nec warily lost Anil destroyed. All the Largo guns Van porn must Havo help Houston March 25, 8 p. M. The following reached hero by the Western train the news Given in the Paris or the of ricers took Esicial pains to assure Mich a. _. Of the they saw that no harm was i about Twenty in both forts have fallen into the meditate.1, and requested Vliem to remain at j hands of the enemy. They however were Home and attend to their i Siuess. A number spiked Ami otherwise rendered unfit for service of negroes had gone to the gunboat but All b fore leaving. The limbers and caissons of such we Are informed were immediately taken a Ianthea Lattery were thrown into the River in hand and put in Irons. By order of Gen. Valker. The guns and horses yesterday the federals made their appearance at Brunswick but As the Tomographic in Stu Zients Weie immediately removed to the Interior we could hear nothing of later Parlieu-1ms. We presume they took Possession of the place which had previously been deserted by both soldiers and Cili ens. There were seventeen Federal vessels entering the Mouth of the St. Johns saturday and it is presumed they went up the River to Jacksonville yesterday. The Steamer Darlington wit i government stores and a Large number of women and cd id run fleeing from Fernandita was chased by a Federal a tugboat up St. Mary s River for some distance when the Darlington ran aground and was taken. A report of her re capture has reached Here but it is de doubtful. To hear that the Progress of the federals the St. Mary s River a i not wholly Unin f this bit cry were brought Oil and Are now tit Island 10. Nearly All the tents together wit i much per Sonal baggage were lost. The tents were most a left standing. The evacuation was Orlec cd during the very violent storm which occurred thai night and was completed Aboul 4 a. M the enemy s pickets were Shiing during the most of the time and added in a considerable degree to the confusion incident to such an occasion these Points being in Tho i nails of the enemy the River May be said to be Ell actually blockaded from above Tiptonville. The naval Battle. A correspondent of the Cincinnati commercial speaking of the escape of Gen. Lius Rod Johnson Aud staff from fort Donelson after titty had been prisoners thirty six hours says no trick was resorted to in order to effect their escape they simply mounted their Boi Sis and Rode through the -1 it to the til with h or of i stating i. inti a Era r . To 1 and the. The Sau Antonio Herald says a train of Tiv Only five Large Pennsylvania looking wagons drawn by eight and ten mules each arrived in this City last monday from Monterey Mexico. They were heavily Laden with blankets shoes leather and other needful articles. They brought also is sacks of powder about Twenty five or thirty thousand pounds. A Corr Sponen of Tho Atlanta confederacy writing from Knox Vil a on them says a Brownlow was sent off this morning to the federals at Nashville. He no doubt recommence the publication of his there. Would it not be strange for hint to Cupy the vacated seat of the editor of the i and american and with the same Type so devoted to the Southern cause hurl an it on the infamous heresy of secession Calls it the 1 Energy an 1 from i Hill tops mid the valleys the and the i ins. And go i la to the Little to .1-1 u i a a a to stand by our or fall 1 it to. Falls. i Ninati to dictate o the the terms it a w. A he serve it hut let every the pm. Teal Nhi Lity Eoline Foi a Ltd atone., his arn."-, Ami hold him Seir ,.-t to the Ori a i f lie c of Nikander in to Lii of. Ready to my the , Hei Iever Arne wherever he May he or a red and Virg Sti As a most Ibl she Lias two very , solid shot of i2s"pounds. These two batteries final broadsides into each other at Only forty feet distance. The Ericson Liti ally became tired of this business and made an Ellioit to inn into tie rudder and propeller of the Virginia. The bit y was too Sharp for tin. Yankee however and by an Man Euver dashed into the with All her tremendous Power. Tin blow proved a rotifer and instantly set All hands aboard Thek Ricson to pumping. At the same Lime her i w was directed towards old Point and off site went at a double Quick the Merri inac letting Liy her Bow gun at her to he p h a along. All this time the Minnesota was hard aground in the North Channel where she has bin Heip i sly lying since yesterday. The Virginia on her at Long Tail the Channel being too to permit the hit a to cnut be at Short Range. She is perfectly riddled by the. Constant lire of our boats. The Chi inv Are lightening her and probably get her Olf. I , after wiping out All within a i Zetteh consisting it two powerful frigates ii one Vly built gunboats badly Cripp lie. Minnesota and giving the a l i Soi her at full snood to forties.-. M-.m-o.-. The. Menion concluded to come up and e her Norl do friend.--. When she pa3jd our wharves she was in sex to have been Seiz a with a s were immediately set and she was run hard ashore. The Virginia con tinned to pour her Mcl ride s but who apr tented Captain of the 0s _ v i a Milf big my Reh Lwy a a Island no. 10 tar aug rat Lei at 2 30 yesterday i atm Tittl enemy attacked that 1 boats and the Are was in by until their Depar Lur. Tho lady Polk ant  limit gunboats Wiloh disabled int. De Back. Another gunboat we a our batteries. After an interruption of some-9mmijs0� was resumed and a Ball front the struck another gunboat Talob t and complo Taly disabled Ber end la Truta Tai Jide Back. A hmm president Davis is reported to be at a Kemsf Tennessee. Is i View of cutting off to Memphis Anil Chattanooga Railroad Nestr or into. Our troops Are moving in Large fora Jav Tho same direction. commenced shelling Nur works a Island no. To on saturday the 16th, at Long distance and renewed it sunday and monday. To lev brought Down eight gun boats and Lis r . Three gunboats lashed together mide a Dee Perate attack on cant. Utoker s Battery. It was really terrific. Lieut. Clark of Captain Tucker s Battery was killed no others. The 1, Ottery itself suffered considerable injury dining the four Days bombardment. Oni of the enemies gunboats was disabled and towed Back. Others were stuck but the extent of d nil of done i them is not known. Our troops conducted themselves with great spirit nil Resolution. The univ r is falling slowly at the Island. A special dispatch to a City paper says sergeant Keitle of Mcculloch brigade Badiac escaped from the Yanke 3 reached fort Smith on the loth just. He reports the enemy s Low in killed and to be 2000. We took pit prisoner Many of Obein civilians. The Yankees Are preparing for another attack Oen. Hiegel was wounded in Tho Arm slightly. Two Texas Ilo Gimont sent to Bury oar deed under a Flag of truce were fired on by the encase three thousand Yankees Are in route to Reiji Force Gen. Curtis. Mem Priis March 21.-a Atea Naer Frem Apt. Tho River brings intelligence that a Are moving Down the West Bank of to Tiff slowly. " a information has been received Nan to Bill ing from Corinth that the Yankee i ing to Tho Tennessee River. At Uceta March 21.-the of this morning learns that the yesterday at bed Bluff 8 my test it is supposed there were Sand. The to Publiese says of Flo been received that 10,000 Bluffton Early this morning. Passengers report that. Ii from gun Poate and Ere in the Railroad. Great Mil re the Confederate troop Oeor aia coasts. Tho Nashville Patriot. The Cincinnati comic Redavi March 11th, which Aye created general in chief i an order a nooning the i. Dispatch saying that tee sep was still at Gibraltar. Noi Kolk March sports Stoi ofers and a Allyl the roads yesterday. The this morning. It is supp with troops. The old dra adj Union gun has been Ali from Shore yesterday. Several ships went up to it is thought landed troops Mukhi uis march22.-tl arrived from up the River my at old River Laljie six Ville. They artau nothing Able to put a body of Pintta of the River. The enemy shelled Island. But no damage done. The within Range of our guns. Island no. 10 some foggy a Acosta March 22.-the 1 Nal of Friday say Tho Iii to sea on monday. 8b blockading vessels they aral Ber but she is no doubt a fit clutches. A private dispatch Tut Reir Al Nab say Ortro opere a re night s Tram report i Back from nuking i , on account of. 6 Wous a Emmai off the streams and bad renamed to their Beau awaiting a fall. It is reported that one Hundred and four of to enemy s transports with at Savannah on the Tennessee yesterday and that sixty More Are coming up. Mem Mizii March 81. The Itea astr alone cw4 she r ports Oom. Division but who reprise Otid themselves us 1 that Johnson has in in Appo Irit a pro a i can rangers. They fired into the House of Viji Ozial governor of Tennessee an 1 brigadier cupid by our men. Killing two Aud wounding Lias arrive a from general or tin Federal army. A. One of the rebels was killed the Balasco for mile t it Orvllle with us taking with la. M about 70 horses. J10" 11 Hail Overland thence to Ham me. In. Two wagons loaded with Stitley s stores were i ,. burned the same night at major car Bra him Kari 1 companile of the North , two Milci beyond Keit Vilk. Ice regiment Bare re lit a for to War of Maino has passed a a Solu of 24 to 4, in favor of freeing and i he Senatti Iti by a Vot aiming the slaves of the South
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