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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - September 28, 1907, Galveston, Texas R �t�7? a i. A Quot a i be to Siiberg Tuomy w for a Quarter of a Century the opera i ass has worked in the interest of the sea Waw City. The sea a Alvir the Grade raising and the opera i ass Wilt make Galveston the South s largest Best City and port. Established 1879galveston, Texas saturday sept. 28. I907. Vol. Xxix no. 10 Quot Ftp new in embroidery an effective and simple combination. Flower design on front of Blouse has caught the fancy of those who seek a. Originality. Weary of embroidered blouses in. French work in eyelet and in Shadow work the of jail who can have what she writs looks listlessly around for a an. Inspiration which will. Tell her what a she does want say3 a writer in Tho now York. Herald the shops Are a full of these Oft told tales of embroidery and no new idea comes to her. It seems to Beju King on the horizon or just Over it where Sho cannot see it. It must be something novel some a a thing most effective and Rich. Arid then a he sees it a Friend has seen something which gave her the idea and lids adopted it to her Awn use arid Joy of Joys. It is a kind of work which May be done on the Beach on the veranda while waiting for the mail by electric Light Ajja indeed Iri any moment that is free from other Joys arid duties. It is strikingly effective and a yet so simple in construction As to be almost , and this is what it is any effective Flower design is stamped on the front of a Blouse a Slider Lawn or handkerchief Linen one a arid Over this is basted a piece of heavy Brussels net. The edges Are Cut away at tier outline of the whole design. If there is 110 outline at the Edge of the design carry lines of stems or leaves around to meet so that when embroidered the Edge of the not shall be covered and securely anchored there by the stitches. Next stuff or pad the Flower arid Leaf forms thickly with embroidery Cotton or darning Cotton and work1 solidly Over them with a Rattler coarse mercerized thread the work stands up beautifully and gives a very Rich effect. When the embroidery is finished the Lawn is Cut away at the Back leaving the embroidered design As if worked directly on the net. Such Flower forms As honeysuckle chrysanthemums daisies slim Tiger lilies in fact any Flower with a Quot Long Narow petals Are Best. The embroidery stitch is carried across the Petal the narrowest Way. It is Best to avoid too Long stitches As they Are liable to catch and pull. of a Ason when working leaves it is a Good plan to stuff the two sides from the Center vein separately and to embroider these two parts with a distinct line of division Down the Center. This makes More variety. In the work and the Short stitches Wear Best. The stuffing stitches lies in the opposite direction to the embroidery ones always. Quot the same idea May be carried out on the Collar and cuffs. There May be also a Little embroidery on the top of each sleeve. A Complete Yoke of this net embroidery , and the work goes very quickly. Even an impatient girl who loves to be a on the go a playing Tennis boating or swimming May on Rainy Days accomplish this and be. Elated at the Possession of a Blouse quite different from those worn by her simple method. Of using the net is to stamp a design suitable for Cut work arid buttonhole the Eiges of the design. Quot Ain matters of headgear. Downward or upward brim is the question to decide Quot dip brims fight steadily to retain their hold upon feminine favor and it will be some months before the Battle Between the downward and. Upward effect will be definitely to Brig however is certain. Wide brims Are bound to prevail for All headgear to be worn with elaborate gowns and a marked feature of their trimming is the tendency to use Light Flower Sand ribbons on dark hats and vice versa As is the Case of a Black hat1 trimmed with Rose ribbon and roses to be worn with Rose Crepo gown and with a White Felt Liat trl Raed with Black plunges and velvet. Flowers will be seen on Many of the hats made of heavy materials usually Matching in tint the other trimmings the milliners Bow has of late become a wonderful and eccentric production. At times it is a myriad of Short loops and ends on other occasions it Llew stiffly and flatly like a Bird s Wing against the Crown and again plaited in clusters it forms Bulky loops accounted by a handsome buckle. Good effect in gowns. With the peach col Rod ribbons that Are used for sashes and girdles now touch of Gray of the palest Shade Sayes the toilet from the hopeless Sweet effect that is the ruin of Many a Quot pretty frock. A touch of Black id often better than the Gray the palest Ahado of Gray is employed. Hat trimmings. Ziats for sombre coloured tailor made costumes Aro an important consideration. Preferably they carry Bird plumage in the form of we Nib and breast rather than Ostrich feathers which belong rightly to the mauve White and Tan cloth costumes jacket for Young girl. Tight fitting garment smart in velvet or velveteen. A Little tight fitting jacket like this May be made of the same material As the Slort or in cloth that May be pretty buckle slide. A a is a a v. _ a a a Buckie slide of White embroidered line g. heavy cardboard and several thicknesses of buckram. Worn with any so Cartr it also looks smart in velvet or velveteen. It is quite tight fitting fastening below the bust with buttons and buttonholes. The collars and revers Are faced with silk and ornamented with silk arid velvet appliques. The band that finishes the wrists of the coat Stoeve matches the Collar. Turmo a lined Liat of fancy Straw trimmed with ribbon and a Feather mount. Materials required for jacket 1% Yards 48 inches wide 3% Yards lining silk one halt Yard silk for Collar and revers. / Quot a dictates of fashion. Dresden and Pompadour silk foundations Are being used Foi Chiffon and voile dresses. Trimming ideas Are numberless. Tiny Liall drops tassels and pendants of All descriptions Are shown on the new Model somewhat heavier and rougher goods will be fashionable this fall. Scotch Cheviot of fancy design will to much used in the construction of tailored gowns. Two distinctive features May by noted about have much More fullness at the top some of them even being Laid in deep plaits and they Are very ornate even to the Point of fussiness. When one does not have a skirt with a panelled front a Plain gored front is often trimmed with buttons and loops. This adornment sometimes goes to the Bottom of the skirt on both sides at other times it extends a Little below the stage favorite 13 Skelja by ghats miss Amelia Bingham will open her season in a the modern lady Godiva. The drama by Frederick Schrader which she tried out during her summer engagement at st. Louis. 1 Quot Mansfield was superstitious. Despite his great intelligence the act or took a a signs seriously. Quot with All his intelligence and real Genius. Richard Mansfield was As superstitious As any Man i have Ever said a Young woman the other Day who had played in his company for several seasons. Quot it was probably his nervous temperament that was responsible for this freakish development of his charac Ter. Whatever the cause it is certain that lie was made miserable by unpleasant omens and frequently would be made unbearable for Days by some utterly unimportant trifle no other Man would have noticed. A the had none of the foolish superstitions of the stage arid in fact was contemptuous of those who observed the traditions of Ages and shuddered when some one whistled at a dress re a heir Al or made any of the Breaks that Are supposed to bring Milfor. Tune to a production. It is True that no one Ever dared whistle near Mansfield save some foolish a grip a who did no to know but he never regarded the whistling As a portent of evil. Quot he was worried by dreams however. And frequently built up uncanny warnings out of trivial and unimportant things that occurred during his daily life. A i remember that on one occasion 1 was in his private car. We were hiking along somewhere toward some place where we were to play arid or. Mansfield was indulging in his favorite amusement had a most difficult game that worked out about once in a thousand times and he was always As. Pleased As a child with a package of firecrackers when it worked out just right. Quot on this occasion,1 after he had achieved a Brilliant Success in making All the cards fall just right lie dropped the game and pushed the cards across the table. A % picked them up. And suggested that i would Tell his Fortune. \. Quot it was apparently a suggestion that appealed to hit and he was a deeply interested As any. Believer in the occult As i ran the cards Over and chattered away with the usual foolishness that goes with Fortune telling with cards. / a but before i finished he was badly a. A you will suffer greatly before your death a i said Reading from the cards. A you will pass through la a frightful a a a a will i go insane a he asked Ond then for the first time i realized that he had taken the utter foolishness of the whole affair very seriously. A a the cards done to say a t replied. But this did not satisfy him. He asked a Hundred questions and i Humoured him As much As. I could and tried to relieve the Force of the impression Iliade upon him. A a before Kreft his he re few rred to tiie Fortrie Teiling incident Many times arid made me Quot miserable by trying to Force me to learn some tiling More of the future for him. The whole affair had been Only a joke to me was much More than a joke to his theater burned. Lightning Rod agent ref ised to take blame for disaster. Speaking of a Bill poster a excuse for not Proi Ritly posting his paper h. H. Whittier of a1 Martins a Uncle Tom s Cabin says / a once i asked a Kansas Bill poster when he would Post my paper. He replied a Well if it Rains to Mori of t will Post your paper if its a fair Day i can t do it As i shall have to drive the sprinkling Wagon a but the Champion excuse Whittier says Iri the town where a country manager had two costly lightning rods placed on his new opera House. ,6nly a week or so later there tame a violent Thunder storm the theater was struck and in a few hours All that remained of it was n Heap of Black refuse. Next Day the manager sought the lightning Rod agent. A a a. A Fine rods Yon sold me a he shouted Quot Here s my new opera Riouse struck and burned to ashes Quot what a said the agent a struck by lightning a v it a yes sir by a Fiji the daytime Quot j a no at night last the agents puzzled face relaxed a Little. Quot a a he said. Quot it was a dark night Wasny to it Quot a of course it was a said the manager. A it was pitch dark a. A a were the1 lanterns burning Quot a what lanterns a the agent looked amazed then in credulous. A a Why Quot to said a you done to mean to Tell me that you did no to run up the lanterns on the rods on dark nights a Quot i never heard of such a thing a shouted the manager a trim Lanterna up Why Quot a Well a said the agent a if you done to know enough to keep your lightning rods showing you cannot blame Uit a. A. For smart. Frocks handmade trimmings easy of comparatively Small expend tire of time and Money necessary to product results that Are most effective. Anyone who is Clever at handwork can make most effective trimmings for smart frocks at a very Small expenditure of time and Money the Little drawings accompanying this article showing some of the newest handmade trimmings which a an be carried out in various ways and the result gives a touch of individuality to any gown. The first design illustrates a trimming which is being widely used on the. Summer gowns. The sketch shows How. To gather tills up filing which can be made of ribbon to be used As an insertion Between bands ruffles Marguerite in the second Little drawing is done in baby ribbon on filet net. A Row of these motifs gives a charming effect. This might be made of silk ribbon velvet or soft braid. Figure three is ribbon and makes a very original trimming. A primary department which enables them to remain after six years of ago. Afternoon for elderly ladles. Dear Madame Merrl a i wish to entertain about 40 Middle aged ladles. What shall i do and what shall i serve Yii time. Well make the affair informal and in consequence most enjoyable. I should ask each guest to bring a bit Jbf needlework and a picture of herself taken at least 25 years ago. These pictures when circulated will promote conversation and to the person guess ing the most a Little souvenir May to awarded. Then i should Liao a programme of songs. And instrumental pieces such As a flow gently Sweet Afton a a a Maiden sprayer a a Annie Laurie a a Blue ii crib of Scotland Quot Etc. About the Middle of the afternoon pass grape juice punch made by Flavouring grape juice with Lemon making very Sweet and freezing. Tust before serving place a spoonful of whipped Cream on top of each Glass. In the dining room have the table lighted with candles and a lady to preside at the Tea urn and Coffee urns. Pass Dainty Chicken sandwiches olives nuts Peppermint and Small cakes and wafers. This is a great sufficiency for an afternoon party. The fourth sketch is a pattern done with a silk braid which resembles Over and Over embroidery. It May be applied on voile net silk or any materials of this class. The opera spaces Are filled with Bias strips of the material silk or ribbon caught at regu Lar intervals through the Center. The1 fifth figure shows How a Check May be elaborated if the Check is merely a line of Plain color against a Plain ground. Applied pieces of silk make the Darla blocks forming a pattern. The last design shows a strap effect of Plain cloth Over a checked silk. The straps Are piped with a Plain color silk and the buttons covered with it. This strap trimming makes a very pretty decoration for a coat. A budget of questions. Advice and suggestions contributed by Madame Merri. In a Young professional Man should the ladles be presented to him or vice versa does the age of the ladies make any difference in the above question. Is it proper for a Young lady to ask a Young Man into the House after seeing her Home at Nigl to if they Are but slightly acquainted is it Riec Essary to ask him to Call. Jack and Jill. A Man is affray presented to a woman and the age of the woman makes no difference. If the hour is late it is not customary to ask an escort to the House to matter How Well acquainted. It is not necessary to ask a Man to Call but it is perfectly proper to say an evening that you will be at Home. To cell brate a birthday. A correspondent asks for suggestions for a birthday Celebration for about eighteen a guests who do not dance or play cards. Also what to hive for refreshments. Ask your friends to come in a costume representing some one. Whose a birthday occurs in that month or to. Wear something indicative of their own birth month. For january the Stone is a Garnet the Especial Days would be a Nevy year so and Quot twelfth there will he no dullness at this party. For refreshments have a big birthday cake with candles a a Good Way to arrange the car idles 1b to put the cake on a Block of Wood and stick the Candle holders in it so As not to mar the frosting. Tijmen for something different in refreshments i would have scalloped Chicken or sweetbreads minced Ham and Olive sandwiches salted Pistachio nuts molasses kisses and Macaroon ice Cream. Grape juice and Coffee to Drinic a with doughnuts for the men. I never knew a creature of the masculine persuasion who did not audibly express his pleasure at the sight of a Fried holes a As a youngster of Riby acquaintance Calls them. To add zest to tie occasion you might offer prizes for the costume or character hardest to guess. A it is very Little More trouble to get up a costume party than to go in regulation evening dress and the pleasure is nil Nitey More from the fact that every one is equally interested. Madame Merri. Filet lace Coats. Filet lace Coats Are the latest fad of parisians. They May be trimmed with Flowers Cut from Creyonne and Chintz and appliqued on embroidered in coarse floss or treated in other ways and May be Loose or close flit Ting but one thing obligatory is that the filet must be coarse and very open and therefore More than Ever like curtain lace. Filet is durable and As Long As it is fashionable and is made expensive in its treatment with embroidery and appliques it is desirable for too Many of fashions fancies Are As perishable As they Aro expensive and Beautiful. It one of the new hats. Age for kindergarten. Will. Madame Merri kindly state How old a child must be to be sent to kindergarten and How Long they remain Young Mother. From three to six is the age limit out some kindergartens have added the new Liat shapes Are Many and varied beyond description. Oui i and amp to has sketched a novel and Chic Model particularly suited to Young faces. It is Canary Chip tie front Brimet festively Bent into Box plaits the Only decoration is two splendid plumes in one tone artistically arranged at the Back
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