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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - September 25, 1909, Galveston, Texas A a a a a ? f0�zi a Quarter of a j Corx mrs the opera % olas3 has worked in the in Terest of the sea Wali Citter. X the sea Waidi toe a Grade raising and /. The opera cla88, 3� xxx exr make Gai Veston the South a largest Best Emht and port. I a it it a a it Ltd �m4<"h�w�?~lw\ a established 1879. / Galveston Texas saturday so ept. 25, 1909. Vol. Xxxi. No. 11. Finger Shadow of a Hare Amor cart. Child May perform this trick Quot but it is no i permissible Inq Mariy. ,., since you tire n Little american child there la no reason Why you. Should not make this Finger Shadow of a Hare upon your Wall if you lived in tho southwestern part of Germany however Vou would not be allowed to to Shadow Hare. Do so because there the Hare is sup posed to. Represent the sacred Moon which in. Sta turn in associated in the minds of the people with the easter ideas of resurrection and immortality because of its periodic waning and waxing or death and revival. How to make a Box Kite Fatih Tref but Light Tough material should be employed lit its a construction. In nth King a Box Jelte car should be Token to select nothing but Light Tough material such As sprues Cypress Balsam of Cedar. Cut four a Box kits. Precop 42 a fetches Long and 16 pieces 18 inches Long the picture shows dearly hoi they a re put together. Ttoe clue and Small brads fit Over to Wijt the bar Idle Cord is Quot fastened six inches from each end of the Box. This is Tajet Dono before the cloth is put on the Kite. Light cheesecloth May be used and should to secured with glue and Small brads at thu last when the paint it with thin varnish and fill up the meshes and stretch it itis great sport to Fly these Klica on the Lee for tho wind is always Good in Winter and you can get a speedy Start on your skates. Future Captain of Industry. Quot please sir hav you a match Quot a sited the Small boy of tho hurrying no i have not Quot snapped the Man. Quot then buy some a exclaimed the boy As he held out a handful of boxes. Ofle did business mud pies. Lilo Billy Button it and Little Hattie Hook Aro Bufty in the backyard learning How to Cook Ulicy mix the dirt and water and n Fine dough it does make add when the pics Are ready a a in the nun they re put to bake Little Billy Button a. And Little Hattie Hook Are Buny n the Kitchen learning How to Cook of cafe of topics of a Ray eco a a it Dos. Unique methods of fishing chinese make use of Large Birds called cormorants to take Gatch from the water. Man has trained Many animals to do his bidding. The horse has Learned to Wear Saddle and harness the dog is a valuable Aid in Hunting and in tending sheep in the deserts of Africa and Asia camels Are used As steeds and As beasts of Burden and in India the natives ride elephants and. Also use them to carry heavy loads. But perhaps the most unique task to which lower creatures have been trained by Man is seen in China and along the coast of Africa where fishing is one of the chief industries. Chinese fishermen make use of Large Birds called cormorants to take their catch from the water the Cormorant which is about1 the size of a Small Goose is a splendid swimmer and fond of Flash. It has. Webbed feet. A Sharp Blu with a Small Pouch in the lower Marid Bill and Small round wings which it uses with great skill under water. Being so Swift and Strong a swimmer it can Divo to a great depth and such fish As it pursues rarely escape it. The. Fisherman goes out on a Small raft like Structure called a Sampan. Tho cormorants Are ranged along the Edge of the Craft where they can watch the water As they Drift along with the current. When the presence of fish is sensed one of the Birds is allowed to dive. It has a Cord about its neck which becomes taut As it leaves tho Edge of the boat thus preventing it from swallowing the fish it catches. When it comes up All the Fisherman has to do is take the 9sh Tromp Ita Mouth or if it has tried to Swallow its prey from its Pouch. A Octol or doll Flash Are used in catching turtles along the african Cost. The Waters Here abound in tho Shell encased creatures which a. O highly prize by. The. Natives. The first task of the Turtle Fisher is to catch an octopus this done he fastens a Cord about its head and an other about its Tail and Thep Lowers it in the water near where a bed of Young turtles is known to be. The octopus has a1 number of thick whip like arms of uneven length radiating from its Pudgy head and body. The arms or tentacles Ore covered with Small disc shaped suckers by Means of which it is Able to at Tach itself to any object. It stays near tho surface of the water until it glimpses its prey then it darts downward and attaches its suckers to the Turtle. All the Fisher has to do is to haul up the octopus remove the Turtle and repeat the performance util to it bed is fished empty., a a Puzzle announcement party. Quite recently a hostess Lustid Puzzle pictures7 to announce the engagement of the guest of honor., the club to which the Young couple belonged were invited and As no one suspected the news that was to be revealed the affair was entirely successful. Tables and puzzles were arranged so that four persons worked together Trio hostess explained that when the six tables had completed their puzzles a very interesting Story would be. Woven from the pictures that a prize would be awarded to the one who first guessed the Story. The first picture put together showed a boy. And girl with a map upon which there were two states Maine and Ohio the second Puzzle revealed a Mas and a girl dancing with the words a a Yale and the third picture was a Poser for it was simply a Cut White Star liner the fourth Puzzle was a Pullman train marked a California limited a the fifth was a scene in a Park with a couple sitting under the Trees and the sixth was a Bride and Groom walking up the. Aisle Oyer which were the initials of the Young couple. \. The prize was a Large Box pit confetti with which the pair were duly showered. A congratulation followed and every one was delighted. The hostess had painted some of the pictures pasted them on thin sheets of Wood and a boy for Lead Cut them but on his Jig saw. Post cards,.advertisements and magazines furnished the others. A delicious salad of canned asparagus sprinkled with grated cheese and Mayonnaise with a Garnish of stubbed olives Cut in halves. Cheese straws were passed with it and lemonade. In which a bottle of Ginger ale was added in the proportion of a bottle to a very quart of lemonade. Eyes spools of thread steel bodkins Etc. There were prizes of Needle books. Scissors and spool cases filled. Unique thimble party. We belonged to a thimble club of ten members and once7 a month one of us gave an afternoon to which each member asked a guest making a party of 20. At the affair i. Wish to describe for your department readers the hostess had five tables with tho following stunts to be accomplished first to see who could sew on the in oat buttons in the time plotted second to see who could sew on the most lace third the Best buttonhole in five minutes fourth the Best Square fifth the neatest hem in the Square of cheese a played partners the two Best progressing. We were All Given wee ass lets with silk bag tops attached and the markers were buttons Hooks and Farewell envelope Shower. N to a girl who was going away for a prolonged. Absence a Friend planned and carried out this acceptable Shower. >h6r guests All entered into the spirit of the occasion and made it a Success. A each person was asked to bring something in an envelope As space must be considered when one is going to Europe. It was wonderful the Way the envelope scheme developed there was an envelope of Denim with strap handles for holding magazines letter Quot taper pad Pencil. Etc. Then there was a nest of Long envelopes tied together filled with All sorts of interesting clippings anecdotes articles of interest along the lines that the voyager was especially to study. One envelope contained a Wea deck of cards for playing solitaire another held court plaster one had snap shots of Hoine scenes and near friends several Large envelopes held hand illuminated mottos and Best of All a Rich Bachelor Uncle took this Way of giving his. Niece some Greenback. The envelope was labelled �?��?~extras., -0ne practical girl brought a set pit envelopes. Marked a for emergency there were buttons on a card Needles safety pins a card of Beauty Pink hairpins of All sizes and an invisible1 hair net 1 it is impossible to enumerate All that this Shower brought Forth besides the regular Steamer letters. Quo Madame Myrrl copyright 1s&> the ,80 much in Vogue. Is a most delightful color when veiled with net or lace. V the now rat dancing frocks for girls Are being Node of puffed Millnes Over Satin slips. /. Irish Crochet buttons a had lace appear As trimming upon Somo of the crepe Illse tissues. A Rayba parasols edged with tiny balls Are a pretty accompaniment for Pongee frocks. The shirt Waist of one piece morning frock with a Collar of itself is it coming into its own again Oli bluer Linen with tucks and frills of White mull is very attractive in any of tho present Day models. A there has. Been a notable increase in the use of printed materials with the Advance of the a new foulard rage. Of Elway jta7i0rt, of tau pm race Dainty Candle shades heard on the Ocean Waves. It was one of those modern Ocean giants equipped with elevators. And eight decks. Quot going uple a called the elevator boy As he started to close the door of the Cage l. A a v a. A no responded tho Pale Man with a wan smile. A coming and then he moved Over toward the rail. Bold. Quot beat it Man while your boots Are Good a snapped the. Slang. Housewife As she reached for the watering pot. Quot excuse me mum a said bold Ben tipping his Crow less Straw hat. Quot Dey Ain t Good at Allda a Why i thought maybe you d give men new pair a Hunting scene. Quot had a queer dream last night Quot a what was it about a �?�1 dreamed a Bologna sausage was chasing a Welsh a increase in British population. The estimated population of England and Wales is 35,350,000, As against 31,617,000 ten years ago. A a Faith. A spa. What is Sublime Faith a a when a Man who weighs. 280 pounds sits Down beside a lady whose weight is it 235 pounds and the Hammock in which they Aro seated 1b. Held up by a rope a Quarter of an Inch thick. It seems to me that they give an exhibition of Sublime Faith that would hardly need an an Over rating. Quot Over and Merito of the Case. I can t see How they could have entrusted Reddy with such a a Why not a., a be Yauae he is too overbearing for any not the Road to ruin. A where Are you going a a to the Bow-wows.�?�. A you must be a Quot not at All. I m just going Down to a dog a. Mean thing. A Apo my photographs i ensemble ins closely Quot a yes they do. I suppose you will try another photographer a a Dainty Candle Shade gives a pretty finish to table mantel or Dresser and the now tinted Flower shades mounted Over coloured bilk Are most attractive. Tho woman who is Clever with her brushes May make no end of pretty things but these shades May be imitated oven by those who know nothing about painting providing they put the color on in a neat careful manner. A the first step is to Trace the design on a piece of water color paper then color it either shading if one knows How or using Flat. Washes with pen and Ink outline. In the latter Case use Waterproof Ink going Over every line when the paint is dry this Wash and outline work is quite As effective As the More difficult Light and Shade. In either Case use a Light Brown for the stems two shades of Green for tho leaves the smaller leaves the lighter and the centers of the Flowers yellow with the inner petals of 1 the 4oaes deep Rose and the outer petals delicate Pink. Thea is mounted Over a Pink silk Shade. The design is planned so that the jolting of the Shade is imperceptible. The Tab marked a slips under tho corresponding letter on the opposite Side b and a and c under the letter c. The tabs Are to be glued in this manner. Before joining however tho background of tho design is to to Cut out with Small pointed scissors leaving a delicate tracery of leaves and Lowers. The effect of the silk under the. Flowers is vey pretty the Little shades May be purchased All ready to slip the painted Shade Over and the design Given is planned to exactly fit them. They come Bead fringed in All colors for 5.0 cents the Best variety with silk outside and a lining of Mica a thin substance that will not Burn. Then there Are Dali Ity Little separate silk linings of different colors with a silk fringe to match for 15 cents. The Pink shades Are perhaps tho most effective with the wild Rose de Sijon .b�t-.y�llpw. Is also pretty. If a yellow lilting is Vised then the Flowers May be painted yellow. A Light a Reen lining la also pretty under the Pink or yellow Shade. Considering the tempestuous career which Hayti has had since the Bravo Toussiant la ouverture helped Lead his countrymen in revolt against the French it is a pity that Moro men of Hub calibre Haven to been Able to dominate that Beautiful Island of tho Caribbean. Since it threw Oil the French Yoke in 1804 it has. Had 20 presidents and easily live times As manynearpresident3,to6aynothlng of scores and scores and Bundren la and hundreds of politicians who wont like to sit in the administration building. Ufos is cheaper in Hay it than in almost any in a otyl�oijes9 so presidents is have been deposed by violence. Ayti thai off the Rte in or by Nncy in 1804. That was the time of Tous Saint la ouverture celebrated in pro try and otherwise known of a great Caytlan general. But the greatest of them All at that time at All events tho most powerful of them ally was Dessalines. Tho French removed l ouverture to a parisian Dungeon but Dessalines outwitted them. In the hostilities that ended in the withdrawal of the French he a won sufficient glory and Power to enable him to proclaim himself eternal emperor of Bis people. Quot his strength lasted hardly Long enough for him to get used to the Royal position a party of his Nii Morous enemies caught Quot him in ambush one Day and that was tho end of Dessalines. He became however a great popular hero in the Caytlan legends. Even to Day his picture next to that of Oen. Simon is the Best known in the Island. A the method by which Dessalines met his death established one. Of the most enduring traditions in Hayti. Nord Alexia managed to make his. Escape the other Day and being very old�?80 or thereabouts May to Lisicky enough to die a natural death. That outcome however is More or less problematical. As for Gen. Simon it May be safely predicted that one of his enemies will sooner or later conspire successfully to put an end to him. In the history of Home Rule in Hayti few rulers 1 have passed away As most other people pass away Christophe who succeeded Dessa lines had such a hard time of it Fiat he lost All patience with the situation went mad and killed himself then came a Gen. Boyer a dashing figure in the history of Caytlan revolutions. On his Assumption of the highest executive Power on the Island he announced that be was there for life. The legislative branches agreed with him until Gen. Herard and his following became too conspicuous to ignore. Whereupon Boyer was driven out of the country exiled for life. Gen. Herard had hardly time to know what his epaulettes looked like when Gen. Guerrier came into prominence. Gen. Herard followed has pre Elcessor by the same route As it were a that is exile. Then followed a period of additional turmoil. Hayti was overrun with ambitious generals who so tight to tread in Dessalines footsteps one More powerful than the pairs a Man named Riche bad himself cd ated for life in 1847 he was exiled. Ills successor Gen. Soulouque took unto himself the title of emperor in 18b9 he too fled aboard ship and passed the remainder of his life beyond the boundaries. Of the Island. Quot Hayti then went Back to the Republican form of government. Gen. Geffrard made himself president a for life a As the proclamation read. In 1867 he disappeared into exile and a dictator by the name of Gen. Salnave a is Otapa Fioz or Jaks Jouck i began to Rule the Island. To proved to unendurable arid in 1809 was shot by order of court martial. Gen. Domingue succeeded him. These were More than Elmob in the Black Republic and doll Nguey a life was always in jeopardy. In 1876 the place became so hot for him that like Nord Alexis. He fled. Gen. Boisrond canal who past cd into tho government Palace shortly after the exit of Domingue encountered about As much open hostility in any Caytlan ruler of recent times i Etc Cessor into office under Uncertain conditions which during his term of occupancy. Underwent no change toward betterment two rival candidates for the presidency there were one Gen. Legitime the other Gen. Hyppolite and Between them they made things warm for Solomon. The latter fancied if one May accept certain pronoun cat Inen tos that he water pres act of la by to for life. Tofu Rthur that amt ton that i a my a while leg Iii a Pom it we a Maiv w their nid Aid they gave Washington so much annoyance that Secretary Bayard was at one time almost on tho a pint of intervening and a putting an end to Caytlan disorders. Gen. Legitime eventually got together enough recruit to Mac n Brave show in front of port an Princo. Solomon yield out As loing is his army would remain with him and then like Domingue and the others he country. Whereupon Legitime crowned himself president hopeful of re Maln ing in position for life. Meanwhile in the North of the country Gen. Hyppolite . He had not accomplished As much As Legitime held on to his per. Sonal following and set about to keep up the disturbances. A Legitime surrounded himself but there were defections from his ranks and in spite of the Iron Heel Hyppolite gained Faim when the rebel army was almost within shouting distance of port no Prince. Legitime decided that he had better a be thinking of what his predecessors had done. It All ended on his departure and Hyppolite s Assum Pilpon of chief authority on the Stern Rule was Hyppolite a then for a years to Hadt All sorts of intrigue to Deal with but with an experience of half a Century a of. Similar intrigue to Aid him he managed somewhat better than the usual Caytlan executive. Moreover he had the troops with him. Characterized by his following As a mild mannered old Man Hyppolite was a first rate successor of Christophe. Domingue i Soulouque Salnave. He was at the time of the Corpus Christi massacre a Man of about 60 Yea Coal Black in color. Withal he managed to make a pretty Able president of the Island foreign governments found him considerably More tractable than his a predecessors or for that matter his immediate successor or. Simon Sam. He was particularly pleasant to americans professed a Strong Faith in american institutions and often remarked that he wished it were possible to give Hayti the same sort of Freedom. T. Simon Sam who had been minis a ter of War in Hyppolite a Cabinet then went into office. He too began to have troubles. He attempted to give Bis country a peaceful reign and got along pretty Well until his finances became tangled. There was a loss of Over a million dollars and the scandal grew arid grew Kritil in 1902, thanks to the Energy of Nord Alexis the government was forced to acknowledge the Deflit Sam fled the country. Nord Alexis brought into Vogue again the Strong Arm method of dispensing punishment the fact that be was an old Man gave his enemies More Hope than otherwise they would have had. Indeed Ever since fee Baa been sitting in the administration building they have been Batching plots to get rid of him. M
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