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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - September 21, 1907, Galveston, Texas Ipod a Quarter a Century the opera i As 9 has worked in the interest the sea Watt City. The sea wait the Grade raising and the opera gi/a3s, blur make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. A. A a a a. Established 1879 Galveston Texas saturday sept. 21. 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 9 what Mother Hen say8. Quot look Loolu look look look look i Quot Saya old Mother lion in Fulco to Molello Cornea with Tho Good ground Corn. To food to Tho a a. I chickens woo. Quot Luck Luck Luck a Luck Luck Luckis in Mother Hen s cheery Call and the Fluffy Balca flutter. About a where Trio Little Mald Corn grains fall. 1 Mlack Lack Law Sklack Lacoc Lack a that Sall my Ehl Cicat Lack Lack. And Molello has gone with the empty pan but at bedtime Shell Como a Augusta Ico trocht in youth s companion. A �7 fj11e-, i a neat illusion. What can be done with a pin bit rubber and a Sunbeam. With a Bright pin and a bit elastic Cord aided by the focusing a few Ray Light you May produce a very pretty ill Wislon. Stick the pin through tile elastic and twirl the latter vertically Between the thumb and the forefinger each hand separating the hands so As to tighten the elastic manipulating the pin. Arid you give the pin a sufficiently Swift rotation to Matte it present the image a drinking Glass. Much depends upon the brightness the pin the Light it shines in and Tho darkness Tho background. In the illustration Tho operator is supposed to be in a dark room Quot with a Ray sunlight falling through. The shutters upon Tho pin. A with a Little tract lab various objects my he imitated. If the pin tends toward a horizontal position says Tho Chicago news it should be tied to the elastic with a bit White thread which will not interfere at All a Ltd the Experiment. A a naturally. Ethel reciting a a ooh Tell me where is fancy bred at the bakery i by impose. A harpers weekly. Useful Oklahoma for Trio novelties which it had the courage to put into its now Constitution Oklahoma deserves better treatment than the ridicule those who cry soon we shall. Know How works in practice Tho often advocated plan letting a �1 three fourths vote a jury constitute a verdict. England just now is Well convinced that the initiative and referendum is Wise but hesitates to adopt it because the whole the country none must undergo the Experiment. For the United states the experience Oklahoma will soon furnish a guide As to just How the general principle must a be altered and adapted to be mud weekly. Schools for Indian children tie United states government Hao started 300 schools for Indian cell Deri. Nearly 25,000 boys Anc girls attend these schools. They study books part the Day and half the girls learn sewing mending housework baling and so while the boys learn to be car netters Shoemakers and Farmers. Tommy and the Donkey. Story which helped a Little boy to make a Choice. A i done to know which to do Quot pouted Tommy. A a have been invited to sail and to ride and i can to a which do you like the Best a asked Uncle Jack. A Why i alike. It is a Jolly Day for sailing but the driving party is going through a now country and i d like to go with go by All Means Quot said his Uncle. R Quot but i like sailing too much to miss Quot you remind me a Donkey a said Uncle Jack solemnly. A a Little shaggy Lazy undecided Donkey r heard about Quot went Uncle Jack. A the was Well fed too Well fed i suspect he have been such a Donkey. One Day his master turned him into a Field in which there were two Large stacks Hay one at either end. Plenty dinner either Way he turned. In fact he hurried first one Way and then the other trying to decide which Haystack looked the More luscious and inviting. There did not seem in be a pin to choose Between them however and the poor Donkey despaired being Able to decide which would make the better dinner and which he ought to tackle first. Quot a Lien he got tired standing up to think about it he Lay Down and wagged his head. A i like both a he said to himself. A if i choose one i feel sure i shall be sorry i Haven to chosen the a a i done to think there Ever was such a Donkey a cried Tom getting red. A ooh yes there was a replied Uncle Jack. A there Are lots just such a Well what did this one do a asked the boy. A the went first one Way and then the other turning round and round and Back and Forth until he dropped a from sheer exhaustion. A and then lie Lay Down because he had to still trying to think which Haystack he had better try to crawl . By this time course he was very hungry but yet it seemed to him very foolish to take the Haystack which might after All be not so Good As the other one. Quot a arid finally this Donkey donkeys actually May there and starved to death for no other reason Earth than1 because he could not decide what to eat first. It was a hard Fate indeed to be unable to choose Between them. Terrible indeed a a it must have been pretty rough the Donkey. Uncle Jack Quot commented Tom with a terrible look in his eyes. A but if you la excuse me Uncle i wont Stop to talk about it now. I must run Down to the River. The Fellows will be gone and i want dreadfully to go sailing this morning a i a an explanation. A Buffalo Man recently consulted a Youthful physician in that City and when the diagnosis had been made and the prescription a written out he asked what fee was expected a three dollars a said the Young Medico. A whereupon the caller produced a ten Dollar Gold piece which he proffered the doctor in payment his fee. The physician looked annoyed. A a Haven to you anything smaller a he asked plaintively. A a a nothing smaller except a two Del Lar Bill a said the patient. A then give me that a said the doctor. A if i take the ten Dollar Gold piece i1 shall be out seven dollars. I have promised my wife that All Gold shall be hers that i take in the Way fees housework Good exercise. Physicians say that general housework gives the Best All around physical Ercse. It is varied using All Muscles. Many ills come from Lack exercise. The curse Eden ordered that All should earn bread by the sweat the brow around North America. A Model the Little ship Gjoa pronounced a a you a by the Wain which capt. Row old Amundsen As told by him recently in harpers Magazine sailed through the Northwest passage and located , magnetic pole lie being the first Man to perform either these achievements was recently exhibited in new York and will be. Preserved permanently by the smithsonian institution. The ship itself is at the Navy Yard in san Francisco and it has been suggested that it be the first ship to pass through the Panama canal so that it my thus become the first to circumnavigate american continent. A stage Beauty clothes and the theater. A British drama not dead from Over dressing a says Caine. Hall Caine rises in his place to say that the British drama is not dead. Modestly he does not place tie blame. It is in quite another connection that mention is made a revised stage version a the . Caine a Assurance should be Weir come after the recent plaint a no less distinguished British critic that drama in London is perishing too Many evening clothes that it i3 bound hopelessly to society plots problems and Parlours because the average seat buying englishman a incurable habit sitting to his theatrical portions in full dress. Really however despite1 the Graceful optimism that crowns the author a the Christian there is an embarrassing difference authoritative opinion a s to How and Why the British drama May survive. Henry Arthur Jones sees Hope by Way America. Over Here As he announced not Long ago he will hereafter hold Hub first presentations. He esteems us a healthful and the critic evening clothes bondage declares that Only in America can the onor new mown Hay be brought to the stage. Both these propositions Are unsettled by last seasons Success air new York such plays As a the hype. Crates a Anil a this House in order a which Are a either wholesome nor Sweet scented. By inference George Bernard Shaw agrees with the full dress complainant but Only to go much further his current philippic against by Pergentile Ity while directed at a Quality so Cal Lam May be understood to sweep Over a Broad Field. But . Shaw ought to know that it is a question. Whether the British censor would stand for bad manners in place bad morals the stage. Health stage Folk. Children employed. Nearly 700,000 children Are working in the United states in occupations other than agriculture. Of these 700,000 children one in every six is working in Pennsylvania and the member working children in Pennsy Scanla is declared to be growing with alarming rapidity. In 1903 there were 32,000 discovered by the factory department in 1904, 41,000. And in 1905. 48,000. A. The woman that knows. A monosyllabic Friend brings from polysyllabic Boston this Story a i was lunching at Youngs hotel. At the opposite table sat two Well dressed High bowed matrons who looked As though they were instructors in Wellesley at least wives Harvard professors. But this is what they Saida highest bowed Reading the sign across the Street a the Stock Quot company is going to give a a dolls House this week. Be sure to .go.-it, is irresistibly funny. You la laugh every a a next highest brow a indeed i never read Book form. Have you a Quot highest brow �?~0, yes i readmit when it first name out. It is by Anthony Hope. Its a dramatization a the Dolly a a \ a hereditary lunacy. Of All lunacy 24 per cent. 1b from hereditary causes. Many a stars careful to keep in Good physical condition. When Richard Carle was 12 years old he attempted to smoke one Hub fathers cigars out in the barn. Some boys came along and began to spin tops. Little Richard began to feel the effects the Cigar and his head became dizzy and one top seemed like a thousand spinning the floor. From that Day . Carle never has smoked and lie believes that his continued due to this fact As Cju As a habit he has formed dirt King cold water Between the acts. much hard work David Warfield Lias not had a breakdown for Many years and he attributes his Good health to the fact that he daily takes Long walks and in this Way fills his lungs with Good air and counteracts the bad effects the impure air in the theater. A Well known physician in speaking Francis Wilson once said a no a wonder the Rascal is so healthy he never eats it is True that the comedian is not a heavy eater and never touches Tea Coffee liquors any kind and does not smoke. John Drew says that an actor . An actress must keep in Good physical condition to stand the hard work necessary in the profession. He spends much time in the open air and considers Tennis As one the Best games Gondu Lve to health. William h. Crane is. An enthusiastic Yachtsman and he is also a great Walker never walking less than six Miles a. Daji it is to this outdoor life that he owes his excellent health. During her vacation Annie Russell endeavours to build herself up physically and to accumulate enough mus Cle Rand Energy to stand the travelling and Kinrd work the . She often rides 25 Miles a Day and As she enters into any sport with the greatest enthusiasm she gets the fullest Benefit from it. Amelia Bingham has a Large capacity for hard work and the reason she always is. So Well is that she is systematic in her work. She says "1 study the clock so As to utilize every another actress who is Moat regular in her habits is Viola Allen who says a a Success the stage is based physical As much As is possible Julia Marlowe lives out doors. She is marvellously Stroing and has had but few Days illness which is due to her careful living arid much exercise. A new play for Marlowe. It is announced that Julia Marlowe is to appear in a new play called a la it by Godiva a which Lias been built about the Coventry myth. And eat at the Sante table. Jealousy and suspicion sleep in the Samp bed. People a a talked about seeks pole in Airship Walter Wellman the widely known Washington newspaper correspondent and explorer la Tho daring Man who expects to surpass the wildest flights Jules Verne a fancy by sailing to pole and Back in an Airship. He is one the most talked men in the country to Day. Wellman 1b not the first to attempt the finding the pole by the Aerial route. Andree the famous swede explorer tried it with a huge Gas bag. To was never heard from afterwards. However . Wellman is not daunted by the failure Andree s plan but declares he will have the advantage the dirigible balloon an invention unheard when Andree made his flight. Or. Wellman was born in Mentor o., nov. 3, 1868. He was educated in a Mecl Igan country school. At the age 14 he established a weekly newspaper at Sutton neb., and at the age 21 he established the Cincinnati evening Post. In 1892 he located the Landing place Columbus watling Salvador Island and marked the spot with a Monument. In 1894 he led an exploring party to Tho Arctic regions reaching latitude 81 degrees Northeast Spitzenberger. In 1898-9 he led an expedition to Franz Josef land discovering Many new islands and reaching latitude 82 degrees. Thuc pole is approximately 600 Miles North Spitzenberger. Apparently a troum sea covers the intervening area. Or. Wellman has been planning for some time. The balloon in which he Hopes to reach the pole is the largest Ever constructed with the single exception count zeppelins. It is 184 feet Long and 52 feet in diameter with a cubic volume 205,000 feet. The car is a framework steel tubing 115 feet Lone the keel the Airship consisting a steel tank the same length and 18 inches in diameter. The tank contains 6,800 Gallons petrol a Quantity calculated to run the motor at a Speed 11 knots for 150 hours giving a total radius action 2,500 Miles More than double the distance from Spitzenberger to the pole and Back. The motor develops 70 horsepower and weighs 900 pounds. The steel car contains accommodation for ten men 12 dogs provisions and equipment. Refused big bribe w Fiield t. Durbin former governor Indiana who recently made the sensational statement that he refused a bribe $93,000 to turn Over William a. Taylor Kentucky s refugee governor to the authorities that state is one the most widely known and respected men in the country. Or. Durbin was born in Lawrenceburg ind., about 56 years ago. At the ago 15 he offered Hub services in defense his country and served with the one Hundred and thirty ninth Indiana until the close the civil War. During the War with Spain he Eoin minded the Orti Hundred and is icy first regiment. He was engaged in manufacturing business previous to his election As governor. He served two terms 1901 to 1905. It was a letter president Roosevelt a commending his action in calling out the militia to defend the Evansville jail against a mob Lyncher that first brought gov. Durbin prominently before the nation. It waa Only the governors Plain duty but in Durbin a cabe the attending circumstances gave his act much importance. Durbin is said to be a Quot smooth Quot politician and is known As a Good a mixer Quot rather than an orator. During his tenure lace he persistently refused to turn Over to Kentucky gov. W. A. Taylor that state who was accused complicity in the assassination gov. Goebel. He was satisfied that Taylor could not get a fair trial but did not deign to explain his motives at that time. The bribe offer was one reason Why he was certain that the kentuckians might beet vengeance Taylor More than anything else. Won Over Standard Oil Edwin w. Sims District attorney Chicago who. Prosecuted the Standard Oil company in the suits which resulted in judge k. M. Landis fining the company $29,000,000 for violations Tho interstate Commerce Laws a spent his boyhood in Bay City mich., Only going to Chicago where he has been so successful after his graduation from the University Michigan in 1894. 1 . Sims is the son the Rev Walter Sims and was born in Canada whore his father had a charge. When Edwin was five years old they Rii oved to Detroit going later to West Bay City where Rev. Sims founded the West Side Academy. Here it was that Young Sims received his education from his fathers hands and also in the Public schools. While in school he took up newspaper work and finally landed a Job the old Bay City Post a be rapidly mounted and was City editor that paper when he left to take up the study Law in the University. He graduated in 1894, and at once went to Chicago. Success smiled him and he soon had an excellent practice under Way. He became Active in politics. He was elected president the Ward Republican club and secured the appointment As county attorney. He took the leadership a Branch the Republican party in Cook county and was rewarded with the appointment As District attorney. The agitation against the trusts gave film his Opportunity and the history he made in handling the Standard Oil cases against the greatest Legal Talent in the country Hab made him a National figure. Boomed for president it has frequently been suggested that As thu South furnishes the greater portion the democratic vote the next candidate that party for president should be a southerner. Recent events have Given gov. Robert b. Glenn North Carolina so much prominence that Many in his Section have begun to Boom him As the coming National Standard bearer the democracy although the governor himself disclaims any ambition for that Honor. Gov. Glenn set himself in what appeared to be an attitude opposition to Federal authority after United states judge Pritchard had intervened to prevent the enforcement an oppressive new requiring under confiscatory penalties the railroads the tar Heel state to make a maximum passenger rate not More than 2% cents per mile. A i conflict courts arose and to remedy this a Compromise was effected whereby the operation the Law was postponed for a time while the Case in Point will be carried speedily to the United states supreme court where Tho Law s constitutionality will be finally determined. Gov. Glenn in a Public statement professed to regard this agreement As a states rlght3 Victory notwithstanding that there can be no such Triumph unless the nation�?T3 highest tribunal decides in favor his Side the controversy. A Quot is a
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