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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - September 18, 1909, Galveston, Texas A Rosenberg a it 5 for a Quarter of a Century the opera a a Glass has worked $ in the interest of the sea a amp a a City. Wl4t,i�?~lm4h4 h4wm w"l4fr> the sea Wall the Grade raising and the opera class will make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. S i % established 1879. Galveston Tel a a us set vol. Xxxi. No. 1.0. Aprons for All occasions it is the modish thing at the moment to Don a tiny apron for any number of occasions a and a my lady of fashion would consider her summer wardrobe quite incomplete without at least half a dozen of these Dainty and useful accessories.,. For the summer a Garden apron is an absolute necessity. Though for service. It should not Lack. Job Martness and often the trim neat Ness of these Plain garments Quot is. Cilc a to. The. Extreme. The Model in the i sketch is of dark Blue and. White striped Gale Tea with hands of Plain a Blue. The big Flower Laden Garden Mihata Are invariably becoming and lend quaint of the now. French Flower baskets. With the. Two Side. Pockets for Garden scissors and a Ball of. Twine with which to tie up Little nosegay is a pleasing addition to the Garden outfit. A Tley ars essentially French these baskets useful to to sure yet fetching. A. A a a a a. Chafing dish aprons Are delightful bits of finery All lace sheer muslims and Dainty ribbons. A pretty Model is shown to the upper left hand Comer of the sketch. Fine White Batiste Gores Are joined by strips of Valenciennes lace the apron is edged with Iaco and beading through which Pink a Wash ribbon is run tho dots Are Dono in Pink silk. Another Dainty affair is of White mull embroidered in solid and Eye-1 lot embroidery with medallions and Edgo of Cluny lace and Light Blue Rob some Dainty footwear Bronze go lord leather and suede i shoes Are now in . A a late Novelty in footwear 1b the bronze1 shoe and there is a for the coloured leather in All styles. The pretty evening Slipper of Bronzo is Cut with a beaded toe. Tho smart pump for the afternoon is Mado a with a Short Vamp and a Low Tongue. Serviceable shoes for Street Wear Are. Finely finished with Bronze buttons. A next to the Bronze the suede is the most popular As it was during the summer. Many of those ode shoes Are trimmed a with a braid on the toes Matching tho color. Of Trio Ltd. The braid is set in rows giving the effect of self stripes and it adds seemingly to the slenderness of the shoe. Many a Wom Efi was shoos to match their gowns no the shoes can. To procured in almost any color desired this Rummer. The suede and bronzes will we main in Stylo during tho on Tiro fall and a possibly into the Early Wontor. Gibson ties no worn with tho Light weight Ennas shoes for morning. Thy ties Are Mado of mercerized Canvas tho into St Canvas shoes have Extension soles with cuban a heels which give ease across tho toes yet Are snug and Well fitting. Bon ties. Any number of attractive aprons May be made using medal Lions of any kind of lace which is suited to washable articles. They May be in combination with crossbar or dotted Muslin and dots and Flowers to coloured or White embroidery. Usually the embroidery is done with mercerized Cotton though silk is very attractive. Many Little fancy apron Are Mado of Wash silk and though they Ore pretty Quot they Lack the. A Crisp dainties a of. The lingerie creations. Handmade laces enter effectively into the makeup of fancy aprons and one with Princess lace is sketched. Edge and Butterfly motifs form Trio decoration while openwork dots enhance the delicate effect to come to More practical aprons there Job the dusting apron of1 Linen or crash or even chambray. Wet half sleeves to match. A five sent print answers admirably for this Model and such a one is shown in the sketch a Gray Blue with dark dots. The sleeve Are made with an elastic at the a it amp and Button around the wrist. The seam is stitched Only two thirds of the Way Down so Chattha Cus Day bus turned Hack and held up by a Button should wish to put the be Dato water. / an effective sewing apron is of very Pale Green Linen hemmed with an entre Deus of Irish Crochet axed Feather stitched in Pink. The lower part of the apron is turned up and Feather stitched Down in two rows thus forming three convenient pockets. A draped Blouse new garment for the traveler. Thero is a new garment in the shops this year that is most convenient to travellers in sleeping cars it is of Black China silk Long enough to envelope the whole figure. It has a Yoke is. Bolted Down and a has a Little Black Hood attached to it to cover the Bead when going to the dressing room. It is so Light that it. Can be folded into Small space and a most pretty and generally becoming. Hard to mend 8llk 8klrta. Mending silk skirts is almost hopeless. When a favorite bilk skirt la too far gone to fuss with . Possible to make from it a 12-Inch ruffle which May he put on a sateen foundation or fastened to tha Itule of the skirt it matches. Pm Ttoe a hosiery do amp pc Obj topics of a a amp nay kinds by a reeo$���2<24 . A suggestions. For fall work. For some time past there have been Many letters from both old and Young asking for suggestions that will be helpful in club school and sunday school work. In most instances the social Side is emphasized with a request that some scheme to. Make Money be combined with it until the time comes when we All set aside a proportion of our income for charitable work on the same business basis that we regulate our other expenses there will. Always to de4nands for. Ideas with which to cajole the almighty Dollar into empty treasuries and sugar coat the Pill of getting mopey to keep the wheels of great Charity organizations turning. True there is the social Side that we All need and is worthy of consideration owing to Lack of space i have condensed these schemes into As few words As possible leaving them to be enlarged by those who try them. For a a Watermelon party a which is to be Given by a Church society the invitations had this unique feature there was a pen and Ink sketch of a Man under which were these a alone admission. 15 cents a next a sketch of a couple with ten cents each a third sketch showed a Man with Twu girls and the words Quot five cents a Novelty was a a a Popcorn social the admission was an. Ear of Popcorn then there was hot buttered Popcorn Popcorn balls the room was decorated with ears of Popcorn in festoons and there was hot. Corn meal Mush served with Cream and sugar in quaint Little Blue Quot bowls which were purchased at ten cants each As souvenirs. Then there was a regular old fashioned Corn hulling Bee the company being divided into sides. A the com was then put in bags a Pound to. Each and it was distributed to the various charitable institutions where there were children. An. Easy Way of saving Money is carried out Bya class of boys who Are id school a they save every Penny b earing the year Date of their birth. A these. Pennies Are collected. They Are turned into a common Treasury and Given at the end of the year to a a Charity decide on. As most of them have enlisted the services of their family and friends to watching for these special pennies there is usually. Quite a sum. Collected with very Little trouble. Twelve Young matrons organized a Magazine club. In this Way each one subscribed is a periodical the Choice being made at u meeting. In november these. Sra exchanged and All Pally collected at one House. When there wore 12 of each the members met tied them in piles and sent Tjom to various institutions a goodly Bhairo going to the Jal and a settlements where they were distributed where Thoy would be most appreciated. A Bon voyage party for sending the invitations make Little Steamer rugs from Felt or plaid flannel cutting the pieces about 3 by 12 inches fringe the two Long ends with a pair of Sharp scissors place the Noto of invitation inside and Roll up with straps Cut from an old pair of hid gloves., attach a card bearing the. Guests name and address with a please unpack and answer at nothing is More appropriate for a. Centrepiece a than a toy steamship of one made of Flowers. Ship funnels made of cardboard Are Good at the four Corners of tho table filled with Blooming a a smoke tree the. Name of tho ship should be on it and the proper lines Oil the funnel. These with ropes twisted about the ship Caj ight at intervals with gilded anchors and a com pass place cards will Complete a very attractive table. The gifts May to presented in a travelling bag brought in by a Small boy dressed As a a Porter with the name of the steamship company on his Cap the a hips Are filled with articles suitable for the traveler by land or sea and it is quite the custom to Honor a departing Friend with a Farewell party. For a Tennis party. A two Sisters who live in the country and have a finely equipped Tennis court issued the following invitations including those of their friends who did not play Tennis too. For those they had seats and rugs near the court with tables for serving Tea and Frappe. Great japanese umbrellas on very Long handles made charming sheltered places and there were quantities. Of lanterns Strung Between the Trees that added much to the decorations. There s going to be a tournament. Upon the Whitney court and if your presence you will lend Well surely have Good sport. Doubles of All kinds you a see and partners will be drawn please Tell us if in the play you la be or watch it from the Lawn. Two until six of clock. Saturday september 11.a Madame Merri. -. Copyright 1909. Sll surfaces for the Early fall show figures Flowers and dots. Plaid mousse Lite cashes in gorgeous Colora Are used. Upon the White lingerie gown. A biscuit Dolored Linen is made with heavier stripes of Black to a herring Bone Long predicted fullness of the Stltt has settled for a Little while just at the knew line. The Culasa has suddenly become n fitted garment of silk elastic smooth As a Glove from neck to wrist and help line. The outline of the Watteau Plait grows almost a familiar sight it is belted to or allowed to fall loosely according to the gown Anci tho occasion. Sashes worn with the Cuirass gown of the Moyen Page Are fashioned so that their Flat folds lie close upon the lower Edge of the Cuirass while tho Bow tied to the right of the Center Back Falls among the lower Quot plaits of the skirt. Tasteful window draperies the illustration to Day shows a pretty Blouse made with a tucked Chemise Ette and sleeves of Cream Chilton Quot and bands of lace insertion for. Trimming the draperies and folds on the bodice.1 Are. Of soft silk with handsome Guipre motifs connected with bars at Button Hole work Ito form a Bolero. Orange color in fashion of everywhere one sees Pale yellow in gowns wraps and hats prophets preach a yellow season. Of All the shades shop shelves Fash Nablo just a Civ is. Orange. This is a Dye that exactly matches the fru let it a alluring in a Paet velvet for the Long military Cape and a fetching used 09 huge White Ataw a fit. It congas in Len Lei a to. In Uxa Der spotted and figured net Yow a. 1 shows curtains of Delft Blue rajah2 White China silk curtains lined wit ii Rose Pink 3 porn Settle Creyonne filet net with Carrack. Maccraig lace. Jertz Bottoms Rivers Are great studies. They Are As changeable As a woman yet Ever keep in the same general coursed confined within certain limits with moods that vary Tbs a wander on obedient to the Laws that hold them to their a course. A they Are sometimes to Mes Troub and careless As men wiping out at one sweep the farms. That have claimed their ancient channels and As Ner tog once again the Lull sweep of their individuality. Sometimes they sleep the peaceful repose of a Babo at other times they Burn Quot away and leave but the bed from which Trio fevered Waters. Rise again to commence the elemental Cycle of vapor Cloud Fata Rivulet and. River. And each of. These Rivers has its own individuality some Are Long some Largo some deep some shallow. Some quiet come turbulent 1 tho Arkansas is not Long enough to. Be classed among the longest Rivers of the world. Though among the to lbs tries to the father of Waters it is second Only to the Missouri it is not Largo and does not spread out tho accumulated Waters sheets yet at times when the Aztec rain gods pour out a deluge and the lower courses Are fed Byj the inflowing .cree.ks. And Rivers its magnitude is Majestic a inspiring destructive. Nor is the Channel deep. For tho Mountain. Pebbles and the Rich red Sand and the Plain White band and All other varieties. Of a Cpd from mountains to the Gulf Are constantly filling Ini pooping out rolling arid gliding Down the Swift current pills in bars building up islands or leveling tho inequalities of . And tho flow is Strong the a jeep of the Waters is a mighty Power tin Harny used to go on. Ever to the Isea. Whether atthe Snow peaked Springs where it rises in the Rockies and goes dashing Down tho Mountain defiles whether fretting its Way Between the Man built. Walls through the. City of Pueblo or gliding through the pebbly Foothills whether winding its. Silvery Way across tho Colorado and the Kan Sas Plains or gliding of Between the Oklahoma Bluffs and Hills whether watering the Mistletoe bedecked Elius or the can brakes in the state whose name it bears the Arkansas has a Beauty a Charm that makes one love to dwell thereon anywhere along its course its acquaintance May be made a a sort of Chance acquaintance and one feels a Hobler a Vider sentiment like that which connies from the. Contact a Lii a a Broad free minded Man. However since Ltd cannot to considered As a whole let Tbs a acquaintance be narrowed to that Beautiful sweep of the Stream Loxy Ling Between the Osage reservation and Pawnee , okla., where on one Side or the other anti sometimes Bothi farms have been Hen from tho wooded valleys where the Sandstone a Bluffs Rise sometimes to sometimes >100 feet with niches where the great horned owl the Peregrine Falion and the huge Turkey vulture find a nesting site and where in Oiden Days the eagles reared their Young. Here the Fred Waters hurry Down Down Down with a swish that mingles with the Rustle of the leaves the shrill of in sects and the cries of lords in one Sweet symphony that drown the troubles the stress of life and gives Pew vigor to the one who can separate himself business or his strife As a he learns new things first band from . -. Here along the Bottom roads the great cottonwoods Rise with massive pillars that Rench up and up aver a festival feet just right for a Glants bri0pe tuft it Vafi year Cuvaz Ftp okla a of amp a a walking stick. Great Pecan Trees huge Burr Oaks talk its. Hic Kories and three or Fiir smaller varieties of Oak Black White red a and Chinquapin Are Here then there no great Hackberry is with the corrugated and winged bark and Here is that Beautiful Black coated member of the Rose family which has been do sign ted by the natives an the shot Tom Wood of the sacred Book. The Wood be hard the hardest a of the Forest Trees. With the possible exception of thet Persimmon but tho Persimmon Seldom gets beyond the Bush size though there Aro some Largo Trees. Here underneath the taller gr6w.tlr. Of Are a he Black Haw Bushes while grow Ine opt of tho Bluffs Are ,j both prizes for boys but insipid to a nature appetite. And along dose to. The Stream Ore the few remain lab c.o-, Dors which i Ivere uncut by Telephone poll is before the Jantz to settlement a v.,-.to climb among the Bluffs to to Spect Hoeb left Jbv Foi Sil Trees to listen to.,.the Tui tedi a to let a mouse a Golden. Call to. Gee Hel ,n scamper along to i the sheltering to cats Jav Ere to aflame i. I tall in pain View find a Doughl mpg no la pokes out has Bead to see a Herp the danger lies to m the Rook 4,p Euyn a inspiring life giving. There Arp. At 1 least seven valid tip a of fers.,--�?T-Thv abrupt per Pendic ulc a Walls clothe i with the. Ree Urr a Tion Fern a re passe a by Unher did when the Reat Rte a. A i the fronts Browh pm i a Insp i a like the Bonds of a paralytic but a. Rains Pojo a and ,.th,e is spotted a gop patches a where the it is at separate fronds blend in Green or Pory. And there on the North Side of a Rock be the walking Leaf. Am to rus Chizo phallus the slender Jeardie Frond a drawn out Orrt a head who Klong whip Era cite takes Root in the Moss and and starts a. New Plant of the spleen Worts there Are two species one email growing out on the under Side of Cool wet overhanging rocks another tall and slender living More in the open. Andis a clinging to tho Side of the Canyon a ire a a a rns a foot or. More High and sub a divided a sort of magnified edit Long varying however from the two smaller species that can be found growing All about tho Woods. The most Singu Lar however is the very Small dwarfed one. Of the Edge of rocks Frond and All but a couple of a inches Long with wiry steins the Maiden hair which Spring Back and Forth with their sprawling scattered double compound Frond lets an eighth a of an Inch Long dark Green above and White underneath with whole masses growing from a perfect nest , Black rootlets imbedded in the cracks of tho rocks. From the Bluffs one can look ont Serosa the tree tops to the other hide where the Osage Bills wave upon wave reach As far As the Eye can see with Here and there a deadening. Where the leaves of the girdled Trees make a Brown Patch on the landscape. Fields freshly slowed or covered with Corn and Cotton stretch away in the valleys Whilo the nearby Hills still Bear the scattered growth1 of a aks and hic Kories and far far Mtvvay the Boid Prairie expanse with Here and there a clump of Trees. Of break the contour Cai be a seen indistinct in the distance. And the River Banks with fringes of Willow tho White Cottonwood limbs the Glisten. Ing bars and the water Ever gilding on and on. 1 keep interested in something. Many old men break Down and to come childlike because they abandon business and thus lose much of their1 everyday interest in the world around them. It is not uncommon for old peo i pie to take up courses of study and successfully pass through them a such occupations serve to keep to Bari interest alive to something besides Mere selfishness. And do More toward wording diff the Wue a than in Itka medic no to the drug stores
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