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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Sep 14 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - September 14, 1907, Galveston, Texas For a Quarter of a a Century the opera go ass has worked in the interest of the sea Wax City july Way the sea Wai i the Grade raising and the opera i ass we Lyv make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. A. A a established 1879 Galveston Texas saturday sept. 14, 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 8 catching the Wolf. Grandmas Story of Hor and Ponturo when a girl. Al co had just been to the zoo. Sho was telling grandma All about her trip. The trap. Among other things she told about a great big Wolf she had seen. Ever Tell you about the wicked Wolf that nearly made a meal of Ine a a no no a cried Alice excitedly her eyes big and up to grandma she whispered Quot do Tell Ine about it please almost like Little red Riding Hood Wasny to it a a grandma smiled. A very like a said she Quot Only or. Wolf did no to catch any one a a Many years ago your great Grandfather and great grandmother and my the end of or. Wolf. Self lived in a wild country just beyond a great Forest. There was no other House for Miles around. Indeed you Cal our dwelling a House As it was merely a rough log Cabin. A one Day i was out watching our few sheep at pasture when i espied a big Wolf slyly coming from the Woods. A calling to the sheep we All ran helter shelter to the barn. Fortunately we Hadnot far to go but we had hardly reached shelter before the Wolf arrived. A now father. Used a rope with a Pulley to draw things to the loft of the barn which was the Best place for storage we had. The noose on the end of this rope dangled before a great a Hole in the door. A a a a a Quot the Wolf Rose on his Hind legs and looked Over the door. Seeing nothing he Drew Back and Wab about to leap Over it Whon he noticed the Hole in the door and paused to put his Bead through it to take another loot. A a this was my Chance. I seized the other Ond of the rope and pulled As hard As i could. I was big and Strong for my age. The rope tightened and or. Wolf was Hung by his neck. I twisted the end of the rope around a Post so that it come Loos and then ran for. Father. ,. Trio Waif. So you be e that a beyond or. Wolf did no harm. It is much More pleasant half Ravel no. This la a Aid to to a True Onaka tor Fri it up did by an Ariglio ihdlan., a a Jno the next Bungalow a Little boy a Lilly had ills bread find milk on the Verk Ida a sitting in a child a High a pfc tags As merry amp a a Cricket a a no i heard him Taikang Quot find a rowing. To Viii itself apparently a if null a Ope / m a a Pink to toy horror i saw hit tap-1 up amp a t in head of to cobra gently with so new ii Don a Ying a a robbery robbery a a a Buty Vonau hey. / the Siake was qui e try drinking the milk out of the bowl paying no heed to the child so a prey. a a a a. A a. Sva a sudden noise or Movera Enton my 11 he a turned a and bitten the do re Slid the reptile away into f Ftp Riis bu8h�b, Abd i got the men to a go t�u�?~.it7 ra6 bitterly and said the Snake had come a very morning and helped a him with his breakfast. Of baseball were made a rear car part of the i studies of a the american by it jul the the a a Tioy Al. Game a of old soon die out a for Lack of players. A to watch him in the zoo however than when to is tearing after �?o1 should say so a agreed Alice. A i Hope the Wolf at the zoo never gets Loose for he looks mighty fierce and i know i to Brave enough to catch a log Angeles times. A Twilight game. It 8ounds easy and you will want to try it. It was Sumpter vacation. Bob and Jennie had gone into the country to grandpas farm for a visit and now in the Early evening at the close of tha first Day says the youths companion Bob asked a a what la we do next a Quot lets change a pig to Hen a said Bob there was a moment of silence then Jennie said Quot in be got it pig pin pen Quot she had made a Dif Erent word each time by changing the letter and so at last made Tho word she wanted. It was a game they often played in the Twilight at Home and they had Learned a Good Many words by it. Quot cat to dog a said Jennie. A of that so easy a a said Bob almost at once. Quot cat cot Dot dog. Lets have harder ones. Barn to then they were still for about a a whole minute which is really quite a Long time. A. A in yes Quot began Jennie. Quot i hive too Quot put in Bob. A a what a yours a a barn born Boon Moon Moor a i went through the door first a said Bob. A door boor Boon born a i guess it would be pretty hard to change Oats to anything or calf they done to look like other words we could try it though Oats to in a few minutes grandma came. Quot Here. You Are a she said. A a rent to you getting sleepy Quot a a in a not much a said Jennie. Quot we re playing a grandma Bent Over the Hammock. A it must be a funny game a she said. A a he a fast but the next Day they got it Bob had calf half halt Hart cart cars cats Oats and Jennie had calf Call pall Pale Pate path oath Oats. Pelican and Crane. Adele Ritchie the popular actress is at present a eing featured in a fascinating Flora a which has made a hit in new York . Which will be taken to Chicago in the fall. How the former was robbed of a Good fish. I the Pelican plunged his Bill Down Ward into the water and brought up a fish. Right beside him stood the Cofene. Quot by the Way did you Ever hear the Story of the Fox and the cheese a asked the Pelican paused in ills meal the fish still squirming in his Bill. To Hook his head. A a Crow once stole a piece of very Fine cheese. Flying with it to a tree he was about to eat it when he a Speed or. Reynard underneath the tree. A the Fox. Straightway began to Praise the Crow and at last begged for one of his charming songs. So1 pleased was the foolish Crow with these compliments that he opened his Bill to sing when to the cheese drop Ped from it into the jaws of or. Reynard who then trotted contentedly a1 a Tho Pelican looked at the Crane for a moment. Thien he opened wide his great Bill in a Hearty Guffaw. An la Stant and the Crane had. Inserted his Long Bill and had. Drawn from that of the Pelican the wriggling fish. Certainly the Crow of the fable could not have lo8ked More shamefaced by around him. Than did the Pel lean. Greatest actors eccentric. Takes them in. Teachers do you know a lat a a imbibed Means Lucy yes May am to take in. . Right., , you give me a a sentence using the word. Lucy my Mother imbibed boarders. Something in a. Quot circumstances a exclaimed tha us Minjir Boarder. Quot that is certainly i t queer name for. A ,. Quot of i Dunno a rejoined the old Farmer. A did no to Yew never Beer by circumstances Over which a Feller Ilin to got no daily news. A a i a not sure about. It. A a you ,.i.haven�?Tt it a Quot asked Tho Eye doctor who had called at the up Dubuc Library. To Opku Jat a a a reference Hook done pc Kwh per a bid the near sighted attendant bunk Lagat Hwn. Quot but if Jve Bay Yoju la find it in tip it had suddenly grown very Cloudy Utah Windy. Little Margaret crushed in breathlessly a a a 1 Quot Ohi Piotter the wind has Bio wad the Sun out a a relying on outward things to bring you happiness is a indeed a g mis Tofte. ? lies Ija Tho heart and there alone and it is useless to seek it elsewhere. Acute sensibility much desired on the. Stage. So Many players have been madmen at some period of their careers that it is most difficult to draw the line Between that degree of madness which seems to be necessary to the Constitution of every fiery player and that degree that makes for the Madhouse rather than the Hall of Fame. The elder Booth Joseph scan Lan Maurice Barrymore John Mccullough and others have had a their madness filid them out and have been placed away. Yet other players that Are at Large and acting every night have habits As freakish As some of those which the sure enough crazy actors possess. A i done to want them at ail unless they Are a Little crazy a said a responsible a manager not Long ago. In discussing the actors he intended to engage to play a serious dramatic work. A your stolid phlegmatic fellow is of no use on the stage except to handle . Acute sensibility is a thing much to be desired on the stage. It exists in Many men and women. Many of a those players that do. Not inherit get it by environment. It does not take a Young player Long to pick up the cant phrases and the jargon that pass As language in stagehand. Sometimes he gets Only the sign manual and poses for the rest. But sometimes the footlights and the applause and existence that is his Lead him into dangerous ways. They Tel the Story of. An old actor who. Buying cheaply the real Robes that had been ubed. At a Stato ceremonial in London offered a. Stage representation of Tho genuine spectacle. Playing the it Klug tyms Elf and sress1 Lnu Tho. Real King s,.real, Robes lie became so affected by the t the j really imagined he i was. The King and spi and put his bands in Benediction and said bless you Iny Good greenroom gossip. I h. Reeves Smith will. Play in., Alia. Nail Movat a company this weapon. A a William j be Clara a a Bloodgood a jew in a the a a Vincent Serr Ajao will play this sea Soi Iii Martha Morton a Clara. Lipman has . Out. Of the a Maine a Woods with. A line a in a which she will appear Jii a Utec my or Guy stand Lutei will be been Tbs sea son. In a the might. Of Way a by sir Gilbert Parker. William h. Crane is to be been now. Play by Georgo Ade and Robert Edeson. Has a now piece by wll Laid c. Demise. Must have the curves. Chorus girls Are measured by the Bertillion system. They choose chorus girls nowadays by the Bertillion system. To such a scientific state of mathematical exactness has the once glorious slap dash Art of the drama advanced. What Chance would Adelaide Neil amp on have for the Back rows if she still wed a. A marrying Mary a Marie a Hium a musical comedy of course is a work of Art and any chorus girl who aspires to it must prove Heiy eligibility with a foot Rule. Moreover such Art commands a salary of $35 per week which is High for chorus girls the top notch of tie Market. The Call was sent out to a gnus and a Hundred specimens of femininity who thought they had it swarmed to top floor of. The Knickerbocker theater building. Eighty four presently swarmed Down again. The tape measure had proved that they could not sing High c. Out of the sixteen four will undergo the scrutiny of the Star Quot for final selection for another axiom of modern musical comedy is that Only on out of four perfect chorus girl specimens can be worthy. The names of the 16 who established a claim to perfection and $35 a week were Daisy de vere Rhea Milton Ethel but what a the use. Renown can be withheld until they shoulder their Spears in the Back Row. There a a reason. A Tho general theater goer throughout the country identifies me Quot with Monte Cristo,�?T.�?� said James of Neill. A everything needs an occasional rest the drama is no exception to the Rule. Take a Monte the last 25 Yeara or so this play hag been ppr sented1 simply and nausea. Every season has seen it performed Many Tom e still at last its beauties have become so familiar that. They have ceased to a a a i had a Dresser once who. Had Bee connected a a with me a for Many ,.-and. Had. Oppi , found any ? cd use for dissatisfaction Oise Day,., , lie. Came. Tome and an a bounced has intention of leaving. I. Was Usta Nahed. _ a a have Boen with me. A Groat number of years Thomas a Bald i. A a ,�?T was the.reply.,a a a. A and j have treated you with every ionslderitlon., v a a a no one could have been Kinder sir a Gald the Drew Sertz a awkwardly. i must insist on knowing said i a i cannot let you go without an explanation a. I a Weil a said Topias a a Ince in Slot the reason is Ben hem with you almost Twenty years and i m simply sick to death of yet a sight of. You in. That did Monto Cristo a a tie Metropolis what is going on in new York City told in interesting manner Broadway a bread line will soon be removed new famous Quot bread line Quot will soon disappear from Broadway. Tho bakery which for Many years has nightly Given a Wagon Load of bread to suffering Anil starving pilgrims after the Bells on Grace Church next door tolled the hour of Midnight will be razed in the Spring and the bakery will occupy a larger and More modern building Uptown near Central Park. The a bread line is beyond a question greater new Yorkus sweetest chairity. Many years ago when Fleisch Nunn the wealthy Baker died a provision was found in his will that Quot no Man should to turned away who asked for bread at my As a result the a bread line was established. The bakery is located at Broadway and eleventh Street next to Grace Church with the st. Denis hotel opposite and Wanamaker a a store on the Corner. At nine of clock every night the bread line begins to form and precisely at Midnight a half dozen attaches of the bakery begin to distribute bread and Rolls to sometimes As Many As 500 men and women. And As these almost famished Quot wanderers shuffle up to the door of the bakery with hat in hand or aprons stretched to receive a half loaf of Broad or a few Rolls there is no better place in the world to study human nature for the line is d heterogeneous one every class and Type of humanity is represented from the professional Seggman and tramp to the educated Man and woman who through Adverse circumstances and drink have been reduced to poverty. The sufi King and the compactness of the line remind one of the lock step a the prison penal March and it is Safe to say that Many of the men who walk in the line to get a morsel of food have served time. But that makes no difference. The criminal is As Welcome to the bread As the most worthy Christian. The men in the line Are All strangers to each other. They come from everywhere and All Are too hungry and fatigued to talk. When the bread and Rolls Are Given to the pilgrims in the line they usually hurry Square and devour their frugal meal. When the bakery is removed to the Uptown District the Charity will be continued. It $300,000.000. This is now held by his Grandfather William Waldorf As tor who expatriated himself from Tho United states where his forefathers grew Rich and became a British subject. The new heirs father Waldorf As tor elder Pon of i Liam Waldorf a tor is about 21 years old. Lie Lias never renounced his american citizenship. But he was in England. Lived there and is to All purposes an englishman. The greater part of the 5100.000.000 Astor estate is rial estate in the City of new York. It is tile in is Silt slate in new York. The m l Large to is that of Tho goblets. Although falling considerably below the asters it is still one of the greatest estates in the world. It is said that the Only person whose holdings of land exceed those of the Astora is the King of belgians Ilia land however is not covered with sky scrapers. It is in Africa. G ? Rasinti in it brr a tallest building in the world nearly completed a a ii a a cd o v a it out of Vry a no i is Little Astor baby to inherit vast Fortune the son which was born recently to mrs. Waldorf Astor in England eventually will come into Possession of a Fortune conservatively estimated piercing the sly a in of new York far above All the other skyscrapers of the downtown District the lofty Singer building fast nearing completion already exceeds in height the Washington Monument whose solid Shaft of Granite rises 555 feet above the ground. A few More stories remain to be built and when the towering pile of steel and masonry is finished it will be i stories High an Ltd 112 feet from the sidewalk on Broadway to Tho Pinnacle tills giant skyscraper will be the High eel. Occupied building in the world and v/111 overstep All other existing Struc Tures except the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Alien completed a time Ball will drop every hair from a pole on top of the building and at night the falling Houi Globe will be illuminated by three lights which will play upon it con stantly. The foundation of this colossal building is set in solid Bedrock 90 feet below the level of the sidewalk. On the Bedrock were built caissons of Cement. A heavy steel body Laid Over the caissons forms the underbody of the Structure 14 floors of which comprise the main Section of the building from which rises the Tower up to 47 stories with its scores of office rooms. A the engineers say the total weight of steel and masonry in the Tower is is,365 tons while nearly 10,000 tons of steel have been used in the framework. Eighteen elevators will carry the 2,500 tenants to their offices. Fifteen thousand incandescent lights sufficient the engineers say to Light a town of 25,000 inhabitants will illuminate the rooms and hallways Foi late office workers. Fifteen Miles o pipe will be required for steam and water purposes. An immense Copper lantern will form the Pinnacle of the building from which at night a. Powerful Searchlight will Flash Forth furnishing a Beacon to mariners and will be visible More than 00 Miles at sea. My Street a a panic is hard on Auto business More than 2000 new yorkers them ranking As millionaires have. Sold their automobiles a within the last few weeks. Almost As Many More it is estimated by the Trade have a cancelled Quot orders a tor Mew machines. These automobiles represent a total Cost of More .than.?16o.o0,,. They Are now Worth probably $7,0j 000.it. A a a the Rich Many a panic in. Wll the. Trouble a a Sal an Auto dealer. The. Other he showed a Telegram from a Stock broker in Broad a Street which read a a sort. i family com Pels me to spend summer in Moun Foi gains. Please cancel my order that $7,500 there s no sickness in his said the dealer. A the s been stung in the. i every dealer in High priced machines american or imported has stories to Tell of orders cancelled by Ney yorkers supposed to be Rich enough to afford any luxury. Now Isth time for the new yorker to buy an Auto cheap. The secondhand dealers Are doing a Trenis Nous by a Iii is. A $9,500 car sold the other Day for $5,000. A $4,500 machine was disposed of for $1,200. A $3,000 automobile right from the factory ordered by a Wall Street Speculator who had to forfeit his Deposit was offered for .$1,000, machines can be bought Foi almost any Price. A there have. Been eight failures us to Date this., season of automobile manufacturing concerns with More -than.$22,000,000 capital and. This fact has put maker and dealer on anxious out at the time of.,the last failure that out , of 400 machines at one Plait More than 200 had been i a iced. Back
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