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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - September 7, 1907, Galveston, Texas A via Bend org if. Al Quot of of o a few q olt for of a Century the opera. Gi/�33 has worked in the interest of the 8ea Wall City. Tip 8�a Samv this Grade raising at in i the opera Glass will make Galveston the South s largest Best City and port. I established 1,879galveston, Texas. Saturday sept. 7, 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 7 John my Fry on Uby George. Hobart top right 1000, of q. W. Dill Leliam of i pulled a wheeze on Bunch Jefferson a few weeks ago that made him Alt up and scream for help. Bunch is the original Ace ill right but it does put dust on his dignity to have anybody Josh his literary attainments. Bunch can really Sling a Nasty Little pen but he Isnit anybody a John w. at All. He can take a Bunch of the English language and flatten it around the edges till it looks quite poetic but that does no to make him a George 0. Khayyam not at All. A the trouble with Bunch is that has Home folks have swelled his Chest to a one of those hand painted such an extent by petting his adjectives that lie thinks to has Shakespeare on a hot Sidoo for the band dunes and when it comes to that poetry he thinks he can make Hank Longfellow beat up a tree. Bunch and Alice joined Quot the local club of course and when Bunch read some of his poetical outbursts at a free and easy one evening society got up on its Hind legs and with one voice declared my old pal Jefferson to be the logical successor to Robert h. Browning sir Walter k. Scott Bert Tennyson or any other poet that Ever Shook a Quill. Bunch began to fancy himself some a Well rather when peaches and i went out Westchester Way a few weeks ago to pass a week end with. Bunch and Alice All we heard was Home made poetry. When Bunch was t i Adlung out Impromptu sonnets Alice was Reading one of his epics or throwing a flt Over a a perfectly Lovely a Rondeau whatever that May be. It was clearly up to me to hand Bunch a Good hard bump and Wake him up before that poetry germ began to bite his Arm off. It a Bunch told me that in response to the a Ragont demands of his Westchester society friends lie contemplated getting out a Little Book of his poems and tills was Mya Cue. I Flag Rod it out that the Antithesis of a Book of poetry would be a Cook Book so i hustled. In a few Days i had the Book framed up a few Days later it waa printed and before vory Long Bunch s West Chabter society friends were grabbing for what Lioy supposed was his fever Ash output of is what they got a by Bunch Jefferson. From recipes a furnished by famous .1. Friends in presenting thebe Cuc Lcoo recipes a for the can Flag dish to Hub friends or. Jefferson wishes it distinctly understood that All doctors Bills arising from a a Freo indulgence in any of the a Hes suggested herein must be paid by the indulge and he wishes to state further that while this Book May contain Many aches and pains no Tomaine is intended i mock baked j3eans from a re pm pm by a mayor Dunne a take. As mtg by buttons As the family can if Ford and Romono the thread add Stew gently till you burst your buttons. A Quot add a a Little a Alburto Calm them and let them Alz Ulfe serve with Tomato Catsup or Mo-��?~lab�es>., to the location you am yourself living on the a quart bottle of commery on the Side will help Bogue. A -. Mock Ham and eggs from a recipe furnished by Carter h. Harrison a place the White of a newspaper la the frying pan find then cover the Center with an italian Sunset from a Magazine pictures this forms the basis of the egg and it tastes very realistic. A amp sure a to get a fresh newspaper and a fresh Magazine edited by a fresh editor otherwise the imitation egg will be Dull and insipid. Now add a few slice of pickled linoleum and Fry carelessly for 20 a Znutas. Serve hot with imitation Salt and Pepper on the Side. This is a Daylight Flash because the Sunset effect is most if cooked after dark. Hamberger Steak from a recipe furn shed by Walter l. Fisher a always be sure to get a fresh Ham Burger. There is nothing that will reconcile a a an to a vegetarian diet so Quick As a an overripe hamburger they should always be picked at the full of the Moon. To Tell the age of a Hamburg in look at its Teeth. One Row of Teeth for every year and the limit is seven rows. Now remove the Wishbone and slice carefully. Add Worcester sauce and let it sizzle. Add a Pinch of potato salad and stir gently serve hot and talk fast while eating. Quot a Ltd imitation beep Tea from a recipe furnished by chief of police Shuppy a take the White of an egg and beat it without it is insensible put it in the Teapot and add enough hot water to drown it. Lot it drown about 20 minuted then Lead the Yolk of an egg to the Teapot and push it in. Season with a Small Pinch of paprika and let it simmer. Imitation roast beef from a receipt furnished by j. Ogden Armour. A draw from memory the outlines of a cow and remove the for Quarter. Place the for Quarter on the Gridiron and let it sizzle. Now Brown the cheats and draw one. Add boiling water and stir gently with an imitation spoon. After cooking two hours try it with a can opener. If it Breaks the can opener it is not done. Let it sizzle. When the supper Bell rings serve hot with imitation pickles on the Side. Imitation roast Turkey furnished by Reginald de Keven a copy of a thanksgiving Day newspaper and select therefrom the fattest Turkey on Page 3. Now with a few kind words coax the Turkey away from the newspaper in the direction of the Kitchen. Care should be taken that tube Turkey does not escape in the butlers pantry or Fly up the dumb waiter because the Turkey is a very nervous animal. Once Yon get tie Turkey in the Kitchen lock the door and prepare the stuffing. The Best stuffing for a Turkey is chestnuts which you can obtain from any author who writes musical comedy. Now remove the Wishbone carelessly and make a wish. Add 24, multiply by 19 and Sprinkle with Salt. Then Rush the Turkey Over to the Gas stove by fore it has a Chance to. Change its mind. Let it sizzle for four hours and serve hot with Jib cocktails and philippine napkins on the Beefsteak from a recipe furnished by Billy Pinkerton a carefully remove the Lacea from an old shoe and put them away because they can. Be used for shoe string potatoes just As soon As the potato Trust gets started. Beat the shoe with a Hammer for ten minutes until the Tongue stops wagging and it gets Black and Blue in the face. Then put in the frying pan and stir gently. When it. Begins to sizzle add the Yolly of an egg and season with Parsley. Imitation Parsley can be made from Green Wall a malice was Reading one of his epic?.�?� paper we Elf the scissors. If there is no Green Wall paper in the House by Cal to the landlord about it. Let it sizzle. Should you wish to smjother1 it we Ltd onions nor is your Chance a amp cause after cooking so a Long it is almost helpless. Serve hot with a Hatchet on the bide if there Are More than four people in the family use both imitation Irish Stew from a re Ipp furnished by Seumas Macman us a remove the jacket and Waist Chat Quot from a. Potato and put in a lie Saucepan. Add three quarts of Boll fag water. A a get a map of. Ireland arid Hong it on the Wall directly in front a of the. Saucepan. This will furnish the local color for the Stew. Let it boil two hours when the potatoes a begin to to tilt it is a sign the Stew is nearly done. Walk easy a so As not to frighten it. Add a pint of rhubarb and serve hot with lettuce dressing. If the lettuce Isnit dressed it ought to be ashamed of itself. I Haven t seen Bunch since the Book came out. But i know that he will get Back at me Good and hard some of these Fine Days a copyright. 190g, by g. W. Dillingham co /.i. A for the baby Good in either knitting Cotton or Wool stitch to close one and should to worked. Rather loosely pretty ribbon adds to its attractiveness. This bib worked in soft knitting Cotton no. 8, and a medium sized Bone Hook or in andalusian Wool As preferred. The stitch being a close one it should be worked rather loosely throughout. Commence with 8 Chain turn and work a double Crochet into each stitch turn 1 Chain pass the Hook through the tvo nearest threads of the last made double Crochet that is the one that curves and the front top one draw through both and Complete the stitch like double Crochet take up the Bame two threads of the next stitch and repeat from to end of Row. Work a double Crochet into the turning Chain and turn 1 Chain repeat tha last Row 24 times always commencing the Row with a Chain stitch and always Crochet into it at the end of the Row turn with 1 Chain and work 12 stitches Only turn no Chain work into each of the Quot stitches and into the last made turning Chain 1 stitches turn and work Forward and backward again no Chain at either end turn pass Over the nearest stitch work to and fro 12 stitched each Way turn pass Over one and repeat last Row but make an extra stitch at the neck when working Forward. From this Point decrease every Row by passing Over one stitch at the outer Edge but also increase every third Row by an extra stitch at the inner Edge or neck. Continue this until there Are Only six stitches left fasten off and work the other Side of the bib to con Espond. Work 1 Chain 1 double Crochet into every other stitch All round working a Little More tightly round the inner Edge so As to shape the neck. Round the outside work a double Crochet under 1 Chain Loop and 6 trebles under the next alternately same round the neck Only 4 trebles instead of 5. In each group. A round the inside of this last Row just below the. Top of the trebles work a Row of Chain stitches in silk Oline either Whit of a pretty Shade of Pink or Blue. Thread round the neck with a Chain a of Tho Cotton and silk Oline of sufficient length to form strings and finished with tas Sels. Thread round the outer part of the bib with Inch ribbon. Quot the Bow should have a safety pin sewn to it by which the bib May by secured to tha dress. Camping out. A nights Outing which had a thrill a ing termination. The elder boys Irvine Ralph ,.and Percy had gone camping out when they drove away with the Brand new tent the cooking dishes and the Box of provisions the Small Brothers Don Denny and Billy Felt very Down hearted indeed. A never mind a said Mamma trying to Comfort them. A you shall go to the sunday school picnic next but Don and Denny mournfully Shook their he act. What was a sunday school picnic compared with camping Outi in the Woods Quot you can to shoot bears at a sunday school picnic a replied Don. A nor sleep outdoors at night nor Cook your dinner Over a Camp fire a said Denny. A now boys a Bald papa Quot Between you and me i done to believe Irving or aids to the perplexed. Mme. Merrius useful information for. Her correspondents. The birth stones. Win Madame Merri kindly state the Stone for each month and greatly oblige an interested Reader of this column. This list has been printed several times but is Given once again. Will All readers please Cut it out and pre serve a for future reference. The birth a tones Are january Garnet february Amythyst March Bloodstone april Diamond May Emerald june Moss Agate Quot july a Ruby August Sardonyx september Sapphire october Opal november Topaz december Turquoise again the a Kaffee i am at my summer cottage and would like to entertain some of tha neighbouring people at on informal porch party. I have heard of a a Kaffee klatch a is Tea served or cold meats please state what to do. Barbara. A a Kaffee klatch Means literally Quot Coffee and chatter and is a favorite afternoon entertainment in Germany. All that is necessary to serve is Coffee a first second and third a with Small Kuchen or cakes. No meats Are provided or anything Hearty. Coffee cakes of All varieties Many of them topped with sliced cooked apples fruits nuts and whipped Cream Aro used. Wil at a Home wedding. Ii Madame Meiri please state How to serve a few guests at a Home wed thing. The dining room is Small. Should the wife s name be used on the envelope of announcement card when Only the husband is known the Correct form will be appreciated by a Jane. After the ceremony ask the guests to Trie dining room seat them around Pla pig chairs close together along the Vail or in some other convenient arrangement. Have the table prettily decorated. Pass plates with salad sandwiches olives and salted nuts on and then trays of Coffee. Remove those plates and finish with ice Cream and the wedding cake. Certainly have or. And mrs. Blank on the announcement cards. It is the Only courteous and proper Way to do. For a scotch give a few suggestions for an a evening in a i mean some characters that might be represented also Book titles Heather Bell. A the heart of Midlothian a Quot Annie Laurie a a Rob Roy a a scottish chiefs a a the monastery a a a Highland Laddie a a a a Ivanhoe carry Ai Small Hoe. If you go to the Library doubtless Many others will be suggested Madame Merri. The vanity bag. Travelling convenience that is rather expensive. A Clever contrivance a is a certain sanity Case of Silver a Gilt it is shaped like a "butterfly1, Yilth its wings out a Nove vanity bag. A stretched and a holds compactly arranged powder puff Mirror change Nail file and calling cards. The1 outside is prettily a enamelled and jewel de and there is a Long Chain for handle. It is $45. _ a Dainty pocket Oolf Mirror is one marked oply&Quot$9.�0 at an exclusive shop. It has a double Glass magnifying on one Side and very Clear and truly reflective of the other and is. Framed with a a. Twisted Flat wire of Gold plate. The. Handle is peculiarly artistic being in the form of two loops at either end with an enamelled Flower where the knot should . A a Cool hat. Green hats and Green trimmings Are one of the late Sumter b introductions among pop Lar fancies. R a was by fun a recently with amp White Linen suit the hat we by of a Fine Greet Straw trimmed soft drapery of Green silk and two big Grayjr speckled of rings Ovid a. Which fell a pair of softly shaded a Greenf Quot wings. The hat Waal the shape of a big Bell ,0. ,. Silk color. Salt will do a. Great Deal toward preserving the color in silk that is to be washed. Soak for a time in cold water to which has been added a Pinch of Salt and there will be very ittle danger of the co for run Ning. Quite economical and extremely effective is a Fine Black russian net dress trimmed with stripes of Broad Black taffeta ribbon. A the Canvas blew away and awl a a they went whirling Down Hill. Ralph or Percy will really shoot any bears. They just think they will. But i done to see Why Yoji can to have a Good time camping out too. A by a have the old tent up in the attic and it can be pitched in the Orchard i will set it up and Lay a Board floor to Morrow. You can have Billy a trundle bed and lie crosswise to a that it will be wide enough for three. You May Lave the old Wash Bench for. A table Aud three Camp chairs. Of course you cannot Cook there but now and. Then we will have a fire and get a real Camp meal just As the other boys will. How will that do a a splendid a cried Don and Denny. Billy jumped up and Down in Delight. Quot let them sleep out there a exclaimed Mamma. A what harm could come to them a said papa. A Towser will be with them they will be quite so the tent was pitched and the Happy Little boys began their Camp life. The Orchard was on a slope of land facing the Southeast. All Day the boys played As usual but the things they did seemed different Arpin usual. They did net have to keep dressed up but went Barefoot All the time and wore old clothes and bats and Mamma did not bother w Ien they get soiled and torn once when they met her and a lady caller on the Garden walk she enly said a a the be boys Are net at Home now they Are away on a Pampling their meals tasted different from usual also although they had the same fare that papa and Mamma ate at Home. Once however papa came out and built a fire Lii Tho Orchard end they broiled Steak roasted eggs and toasted crackers. Some Way or of Hor their dishes got cleared away and their Beds made right along although they never troubled themselves about it and at bedtime Mamma came in to hear their prayers and tuck them in. Towser slept in Tho tent door and every morning lie Wolco them up by lapping their faces. One night they were suddenly awakened by a Thunderclap which seemed to to right in the tent. They Clung to one another too scared even to cry. Tho lightning flashed the Thunder pealed the wind shrieked among the Trees and Tho rain beat upon their tent wbb trom bling. Towsei1 was howling with All his might. And then All at once there came a terrific Rush of wind and rain their tent pole broke they were torn from bed the Canvas blew away and away they wont whirling do in Hill. What happened then the boys Wero too bewildered to know distinctly but Don a remembered fetching up Gal not a tree and seeing by a lightning Flash Little Billy washed by with Towser in Pursuit. Then he saw the dancing yellow gleam of a lantern and heard his fathers voice calling Quot boys where Are you a Towser caught Billy and dragged him Uphill very frightened wet and Muddy although not seriously Hurt. Then papa carried him to the House while Don Denny and Towser struggled on behind. And then there was a Lively rubbing with towels a putting on of dry clothes and a sipping of hot chocolate As they sat toasting their toes before a Bright Wood fire. A who would have thought of such a thing a said Mamma. A the sky was perfectly Clear when i went to a it is Tho worst thunderstorm to have had for years a said papa. A i had t a doubt that the tent was Safe on that Southeast a what did you think Wab happening to you Billy Quot asked Don. A i done to know Quot answered Billy. Quot Towser pulled me before i had time to Patch my a i done to Caro i like camping out Quot said Don. Quot so do i a said Billy. A but who added nestling Back. Against. Hla,.v mothers Brea st a i like to be rescued Hill. A this for your fishing trip. You can make your balt Box out of lath. To make this useful bait Box for your fishing. Excursion select two pieces of lumber about eight inches Square. Saw up piece of lath about a foot Long and Nail them around your eight Inch piece of Board leaving one the balt Box. Quarter Inch space Between the laths. Make the door of two of the laths the hinges being India rubber and a but Ion of a piece of lath and a screw like Fig. 1. But in making this Box be careful How you Hammer the nails caution Philadelphia Ledger. Look at Tho Point and place it just the Way you think it o ought i lbt to go. A the Point is Broad in by and not the other put the. Broad Way across the Grain of the Wood like Fig. 2, otherwise Tho Nail forms a wedge and splits your lath. A you May generally observe a faint line running across the head of a Nail even in tacks these lines run with the Grain of the Wood when Tho. Nail has been properly driven. A Good trick. We ail know that when we cover a drinking Glass quite full of water with doing the trick. A Sheet of Stout paper in such a manner that not a single Bubble of air remains Between the liquid and the Sheet the paper will cling to the rim of the Tumbler on account of the pressure of the atmosphere closely enough a to enable us to turn the Glass upside Down without the water being Able to a Spape. Following is one a Pulca ton of this principle attach a string to the Center of a Square of. Cardboard covering a Glass by Means of a simple knot on Tho in bid a pm securely Seal the aperture with Wax so that no air May gain amp a Entrance. Now suspend the Glass by Means of this string to a Hook fixed to the ceiling and you will have a pendulum that you May safely swing without Tho danger of the Glass falling the whole Day of desired. The experimenter will do Well to grease the rim of the Glass so that no air will get in. Another precaution is to try the a Experiment for the first time on some unbreakable bowl or drinking experiments. A real one. A now we be come to a hitch in the proceedings a As the horse remarked when his master tied him to tha blacksmiths Post. /
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