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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Oct 26 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - October 26, 1907, Galveston, Texas To Ronborg Library 3 for a Quarter of a Century the opera pfc ass has worked in the interest of the 8ba wait City. /.y-w. The sea waive a the Grade raising and the opera gift ass wih make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. A a. A a a. Established 1879 Galveston Texas. Saturday oct. 26. 1907. A av-1--- vol. Xxix. No. 14 the latest in millinery. A a a one of the a new circular Velio and a 1 smart let to hat. One of the fads in veils is to have a Large a Arclo of. Dotted veiling edged with a Satin ribbon and worn As shown in the top picture. The hat in the lower sketch is a dark Gray Satin Felt trimmed with Black panne velvet and a plume which curls Over the hair in the Back. The fashionable Velio. A face veils of Plain mesh with Small Chenille dots close together either in Black or Brown Are most fashionable. The Brown veils Are worn with the Green or checked gowns More frequently than Black ones with the. Hats that match As the contrast of color is not As Sharp. Scarabs a Are much affected now among those fond of. Antiquities. Your a carib May not be a genuine Antiquity but. So Long. As your friends done to know it. Its All right. A furs unusually fashionable Mink will be the Leader and All Are away up in the season promises to to emphatically a fur season. Furs have gone away up in Price and Lucky Are those who purchased last season when they were Low. Pony and caracal will to much in evidence for Dressy Coats and wraps and from their flexibility and Lack of bulk Are Well suited for the application of the Many Beautiful embroideries and other trimmings that will be so much seen this coming Winter on furs. Mink will be the leading fur of fashion there is no doubt about that. Of course there is Mink and Mink and imitation Mink otherwise the Humble Muskrat the redder Mink is or the More of the yellow tones it has in it the cheaper it is. The finest Mink is soft Brown approaching closely to Sable in certain tones and its. Beautiful bar pings and shadings shake it far handsomer in colouring although of course it is not to soft. 7 a then there is Fine Mink and coarse Mink the fln6r-the More Choice. It is. Cheap Mink is undesirable. It is far better to Purchase a Good Quality in some less expensive fur. Mink will be used for the Short Coats and All sorts of Pelerine and Small furs and for three Quarter length Coats if one can afford it but a three Quarter coat of Mink will this Winter mean a Large amount of Money. The tilt of her hat the idea that a great Deal which is mistaken in a girl for a temperament is in reality merely a matter of the tilt at which her hat is set has a foundation of truth. Hats Are a reliable indication of character yet it 13 a strange thing that the majority of men will jump to the conclusion that a girl is not of a strictly serious turn of. Mind if her hat happens to be at Ever so slightly frivolous an Angle. A co where the hair is parted in front and rolled Over a jewelled fillet in Lasslo style. To be Ablo to Dreas Ono a hair without the Aid of hairpins sounds too Good to to True. To know that ones coiffure can be neatly and become ugly arranged and fastened securely without a single wire or Shell pin being required brings Joy to the heart of an arrangement has been discovered evolved As it were by a Clever Young woman who wanted to emancipate herself from hairpins dress her hair in a suitable if not strictly fac Honable style. The hair unless coiffure is very easily managed and it Mayilla modelled on modish lines Wilth curls and a diffs if desired but it is at its Host when the Lasslo greek coiffure is suggested. The hair Plaj a coiffure is accomplished by. The Aid of nothing More than a bit lot Cord or ribbon. Originally81 Gilt Cord such an ties up a Candy a Box was used. The hairpin substitute May be of anything however Over which the a r will Roll the ends of the Cord Are joined in an Ordinary Way making a Circle Largo enough to fit around th6 Crown of the head. After this is made the right Bize the hair is brushed Down Over the face then it la parted if a classic coiffure is to be done fld the Cord. Laid on the top of the head. Then with the left hand holding the Cord in front so that it it Joes not slip too far Back the ends of the hair ar6�?~, taken in the right hand and brought up and tucked Over the Cord. Still firmly holding the Cord in front the tucking and rolling Are continued until All the been rolled under and the end have disappeared./1 no amount of jolting Anor the breezes will loosen the dressing. With the hair parted in front and it fled Over the Cord a Pompadour effect is achieved at the sides and Bacic forming a Roll almost encircling the head. The front of course is quite Flat and if the hair Waves naturally around the face or is soft without Waring it gives a distinguished and attractive air to a woman Shear the first costume displayed above is one of the new striped and Long coated variety. The Patti n is a soft Green against a dark Grey ground interwoven with faint flecks of. Color. The coat is All bound wet la braid and further adorned with buttons of the striped typed. Entered a with braid a Green velvet Foliar and a Waistcoat of Green cloth where Fine braiding is wrought in scrolls being further decorative a details while the silk lining must by no Means be forgotten on the skirt graduated bands of cloth where the stripes Are arranged in contrasting form,-6re edged with stitching and each finished off with one of those effective buttons so popular the other costume represents an equally leading Mode. It is made of Fine face cloth the coat silk lined and the braiding which forms its chief trimming being of considerable elaboration the Back too being entirely covered by the lines of Silken braid whose Graceful inward curve at the Waist and outward spread on the Little Basque have such a Good effect on the figure. It looks especially Well in nut Brown cloth with braiding in Black and a contrast of Bright Green velvet on the. Collar which is edged first with a Fine White and Gold and then with the Broad Black braid cuffs to match holding in the fullness of the sleeves below the Elb Ovy. Then the almost inevitable and very decorative Waistcoat repeats the note of Green and the pretty scheme of braiding while As to the skirt its panel pleadings Are connected by a braided device the whole arrangement being entirely novel and vastly smart. Graceful indeed to some faces Are the new shapes of the Cloche hats which show a variation from the ubiquitous amp 11-around shape. They Are turned up slightly at the left Side close to the front and As a result to be their quaint a pm u s a room look and gain in smartness. Satin arid taffeta hats will be All the rage this Winter especially sat-1 in for occasions of ceremony. In All cases the material will be drawn tightly Over the shape and the Best milliners use so me mysterious paste to make the material stick close amateurs May be pleased to know that the stuff used by makers of Waterproof repairs is an excellent thing for making thick Satin cling to a hat shape but of course sufficient time must be Given for the distinctly disagreeable odor to Wear off. Another new hat which Quot is making a Strong bid for favor is that Tith the brim much broader at the sides than at front or Back in fact the front and Back of these new hats Are quite Short and the sides jut out in a most imposing these hats Are not every woman swear they demand a spa Cial style of hairdressing. The hair must be carried Back Over Large Fulz ettes at the sides and dressed very loosely., the a whole effect ,1s rather quaint Bathe trimmings on these hats follow the outline of the shape with the result a hat at the front and Back the hat Lobb very Large and to it a profile it seems As Small As a Toque and yet another Novelty this time in the world of v�lia., is a length a measuring a Yard and a half of silk net. Covered with Large Che nil spots and worn in Bird Cage style without any Edge or Border personally i think these Velia exceedingly unfinished. And not too becoming but they Are All the rage and adopted by Thebes dressed women. This veil in the Riew Shad of prune is in a great favor worn a with a Black hat it is not without Charm dark Green is also much worn and of course Taupe. The Taupe filet veils bordered with tucks of Chiffon Are still in favor but there is no doubt about the newest thing being the simple length of silk net covered with very Large Chenik spots. We Are slowly but surely saying a Revoir to the guitar Long veil except for motoring. It has enjoyed a Long and successful Day and notwithstanding its Fine qualities it could riot remain in favor for Ever. Hats much More expensive this autumn than before even the simplest of Felt Outing hats has gone up a Peg. A it is the most fatal of All economies to invest in a cheap Fiat. The Price need not be High,1 but the velvet or Felt should be of the Best for then a wetting will not injure it dust May he readily brushed from it it retains its color and. Is always satisfactory. Better have an expensive foundation and Little trimming than Good trimming and poor Felt or velvet. In Felts the soft French ones Are the Only first class Felts. In Outing hats where a stiff Felt is required one often has to Abib do Winter slyly a. Drawings by Carl Klenschmidt. A new autumn Mode. Lourid Toque of White Felt covered with a White. Coq de Roche. Take it and while the Best stiff Felt is not by Good As the average soft Felt there Are different grades in it and the Best should always be purchased. Trimmings should of course also be of Good Quality and if one cannot at. Ford really Fine Ostrich plumes that will outlast several hats it is better to get wings or quills and use Fine velvet s. Quill trimmed hats cannot be worn with format and elaborate costumes so that of necessity some sort of plumes or rare wings Are necessary.1 skirts Are Long Graceful sweeping and the Coats of stamped and embroidered velvets beggar description. Text and illustrations copyright 1907, by the Delineator new Yorac. It would require a language Replete with synonyms for Beauty softness Depths of color and High Lightb of Sheen and Silken Lustre to describe this seasons furs. Mink Sable Ermine Lynx and Sealskin have never appeared in combinations so successful in shapes sign bewilderingly varied and attractive. I have been assailing for years the surprising and stupid Vogue of the Clumsy fur lined cloth coat showing the fur merely in the collars and cuffs a burdensome weight and suitable Only to severe climates Beca Tiso of its warmth. For motoring and Sleigh ing it has of course a distinct place and value. But for other purposes Well i must confess that i look on a woman a lacking in intelligence who is willing to hide the pretty Graceful lines of her figure beneath the shapeless mass of cloth and fur and to utterly Overlook and disregard the unlimited possibilities of the fur itself. Regarded Madame soil Vous Plait Here is Sealskin of a thickness wonderful to behold a Here Mink such As you have never , the result of a new dressing which renders it Light and supple As Sable Here is a new variety of caracal As Beautiful As it is rare Fiat in smooth and showing in High lights the Waves of watered Silks. You Are Tali Short slender plump a it makes no difference theft a is Mold a into something that suits you Quot wonderfully Well a marvelous combination of Graceful lines faultless fit and perfect workmanship. And the trimming be Dernier Cri on fur Coats As Well As cloth jackets is Black silk braid and i have no hesitation in saying that i was among the first to . Advocate the Louis Xiv. Vests of brocaded Silks that Are now sanctioned by parisian mandates. The collarless necks that permit one to Wear a separate Scarf to match the Muff Are finished with braid or embroidery. _ again some of the Coats a re ingenious adaptations of the Long Kimono shoulder line and wide armhole. They Are in reality nothing hut capes Cut quite Short on the sides where they Are caught together to form the sleeves and longer in front and Back where they Are belted in with crush girdles of ribbon or embroidery. In the latter Case the embroidery appears again at the Collar and is com buried with soft lace to form under Quilles in the Quot wide sleeves. Needless to say that this kind of a jacket one Only wears with elaborate gowns of exquisite fabrics. This season finds me a convert to the Pony skin coat a garment that i have heretofore regarded with Disfavour. Till now it has always been associated in my mind with the Calico Pony and dappled Gray of the harness and Carriage shop window but in its manifestations this fall the hardness and stiffness of the past has disappeared and it has become supple pliant Lustrous to such a degree that in the growing Scarcity of caracal it Lenas itself Par excellence to the close fitting jacket. I am glad to be one of the first to Herald the return to popularity of Sealskin. It is one of. The most Beautiful furs we have and i have rather resented the fact that for the past few years other furs have held it somewhat in abeyance. This year Sable itself will yield the Palm to Sealskin for coat use. It is combined with rare pelts of the Silver Gray Fox and the muffs designed to go with these wraps Are really marvels of Grace and Beauty. An entire Pelt is used in one Muff and looks. As if it had been wound softly around the hands the head up the Tail hanging Down. Before i leave the subject i want to say another woj d about scarfs and muffs although the opening of the doors of the new York horse show will Tell you More at a single glance than can be put on paper. There Ono gets an intoxicating glimpse of furs in their full Beauty. There is nothing that increases the indolent regal Charm of a Beautiful woman or lends distinction to a Plain one to such an extent As furs. Load a woman with jewels and she will appear at Best like a jeweler s show window beneath an arc Light. Wrap her in furs and they will invest the most insignificant woman with something of the dignity of a Queen. You will notice at once that fur in every shape and form Are softer More pliable thai Ever this year. Even a year ago in selecting my own furs i took pains to secure unmounted Heads in their natural state with the pelts. They were rare then but now they Are seen on Oil sides., the muffs Are smaller in the body this year but the difference is imperceptible because of the extensive trimming of tails and Heads. Lap Robes and evening wraps open Fields of unlimited extravagance. Many of the Ultra smart make it a Point to have their own furs arid their Carriage rugs match. They even carry out their mourning in Caraci and Astrakhan Lap Robes Coats Etc. Personally i regard anything of this kind carried too far As an ostentatious Parade of wealth that is not quite in Accord with Good taste. However i cannot quite blame the Mother who yields to the temptation to tuck her baby into it per a Eulator with the exquisite Ermine Robes that Are quite new this season Ermine arid Mink As Well Are going to be the two most popular fur linings for the wonderfully gorgeous evening wraps that add so Ign itch to the Beauty and brilliancy of the opera House audience. A i have assumed that the average woman has an interest in the Beautiful in furs As in Art and music even though they May be beyond her reach that her appreciation of the rare and Lovely is not limited to her own possessions but is Wise enough to include whatever comes within her Range of vision. I have lingered so Long and lovingly Over the furs that i have Little space left to touch on the fashions of the hour. Fortunately for the woman desiring information Coats wraps blouses and. Evening gowns Are not Only admirably shown in or. a drawings but Are to clearly brought out that there is really nothing left to be said. As you can see from the drawings the skirts Are Long Graceful sweeping. The tunic skirt that makes its regular annual appearance is with us once More with a vague Promise of its really acquiring a Vogue in its adaptability to the new inter Las. Their Beauty has in it an element of the fantastic that makes them seem of elfin fairy like construction., the stamped velvets the. Velvets embroidered in Dull Silver and Gold the tufted Chenille the Rajah Silks Woven with stripes of velvet Are but a few of the newest evolutions of the frankly there is something terrifying to me in the almost Pagan sumptuous Ness that this magnificence in every department of dress represents trimming is More lavishly used than Ever and trimmings on trl Mairig Are the order of the Day. I. Josefa Wilson Osborn. Sun bad for blondes new Mexico and Arizona where the Sun shines almost perpetually Are trying places Fox blonde. Peopl6 especially women says or. V.,e. Watkins of the United states army who served in that Section of the Southwest for three Vears. The nervous system suf fers particularly from a slight Lack or self control to a. Profound nervous depression. Many other physical ills Are. Complained of and every a permanent blonde inhabitant who can afford it makes a trip East about onco a year tor curative purposes. T
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