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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Oct 23 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - October 23, 1909, Galveston, Texas For a Sittah Tbs opa Century the opera of g&a83 has worked in the interest of the 8ea Wam City the sea wait the $ Grade raising and the opera ci/a8s, will Hake Galveston the South a largest Best costs and port. S t established 1879.ftat, n. Texas. Saturday. Oct.23, 100. Of Ljydi. M 19q9 vol.,Xxxi. whirling wheel 4- illusion two interesting illustrations showing a How Eadyth is to devolve tho Eye. A s no. -1 if the is Cut out and moved by hand in a Small Circle on the level with such motion As in Given in rinsing out a bowl tho. Circles circles appear to move. Of tho larger diagram will seem to revolve in the direction in which the paper is moved while the cogs of the smaller diagram will apparently turn slowly in the opposite direction. No. -2. Here is another combination another deception v of the Clever illusion of the whirl ing wheels if a rapid rotating motion is Given to the diagram each Circle will seem to. Revolve and the cog a wheel in the Center will appear to move slowly round in the opposite direction. A a Bill the mule. M old Bill did no to like a Load of two. So of two Rode he no Woyu throw one off in a Creek that ran close by another he d Toon in on old puff Sty. It Wasny to the weight of his human Load that old Bill minded but that two Rod seemed like. Imposition to him. You 1. Know a so that woo the reason to always threw one ii in the Creek that ran close by. And the other one into the old Pis Sty. Baby ostriches Are novel Mother Bird 8ts on the Egsa during the Day arid the father a a a at night Quot a there Are Many Little. Ostriches hatched neat Phoenix Arizona a correspondent in that town writes to St Nicholas. The old Birds Alt on eight to ten eggs which Are very Large weighing from three to four pounds each it takes about six weeks for the eggs to hatch.,sometimes when it Rains the eggo Are taken from the nest and put in Large incubators As the Ostrich will not sit on a wet nest. Tho ostriches Are vary diff rent from chickens. The Mother Birds being Gray cannot be seen the Day time and the father being Black cannot be seen very Well at nigh so the Mother sits on the nest during the Day and the father at night which helps to hide the nest. The. Little ostriches Ore about the size of a Bantam Hen when hatched a there were plenty More How miss Smith was cruel to a Little a Blackboy ? Plant very common in Australia. A Tubero is n common Plant in Australia known is the a Blackboy a and Here is a Story about it a two Young american army officers Ivere visiting in a Small australian town and both happened to meet the name Young lady. They were talking Quot about her one a Vonlang and one Auld to the other Quot i think. Miss Smith is a very Sweet a a a Quot Oli do you a replied fils brother. A a it seems Tome that she is terribly cruel. Why Wlms do suppose she told me she said she was morning and that she was so Quot much interested watching a Parade that she Rode right Over a Little Black boy and killed it Anil when i ask a her if she did no to feel dreadfully about it Bhe laughed and sold of no she did t think it made any difference Thoro were plenty More a in danger of forfeiting respect. Quot come Jobiah Quot said mrs. Lott Itrato by after the waiter had gone for their salad Quot hurry up and make a kick about they la think we denounces incompetent physicians. At it the annual meeting of medical society of Pennsylvania the president did. Goo go w. Wagner mad6 veiled allusion to the efforts of the Allopathy to secure a single state Board of examiners to pass upon the qualifications of All candidates for the practice of Modl Curie. He said if the mighty Host of those who have been rushed into untimely Graves by incompetent physicians could he mar shared into an army and marched to ghastly review before the astonished baby ostriches. And Are very delicate. If they get wot they die. Wolfen first hatched they Are not add very much for a week. Later they get All the Alfalfa grass Aud broken Bones they want. They grow very fast and when is months old they Are six. Feet High and their pretty feathers Are then Cut from their wings they Are full grown whoa one year old but do not Lay eggs until three or four years old. Some men Are to Lazy to complain if they can to find work. Eyes of our. Indifferent legislators what a Ghostlike multitude of outraged victims there would be one which would Appeal by its magnitude and horror and the lawmakers to a frenzy of action in the elimination of the incompetents from tho rank of those who assume to care for our health and lives. Conditions would soon be changed. The Public would he about one third of the human race Uvea on Rice. Proving age of Mankind. A prof. Peuck director of the Berlin deep sea Institute and american professor has come to America for a Short stay the professor Yanay lecture in new York on the interesting anthropological discovery made in a wonderful Cave named the at . Or. Ebehardt discovered this Cave and later on or. Bachlein unearthed in its numerous remains of a Colony of bears with a Quantity of human Bones of a tho discovery. Showed that Mankind dwelt in the Cave. And lived on the Bearb which they killed la Hunting. Prof. Peuck in the course of a visit to the Cave ascertained that this state of things could Only have occurred during the last interglacial Era. He convinced that human beings must have lived in the mountains before the last glacial modification of the Alps which according to his calculation was about 100,000 years ago. Act the three hate illustrated Here Are entirely different from each other. Each one is typical of one of the three distinct classes of millinery the a a dress hat the a Semi dress Quot hat and the Quot Utility hot milliners usually distinguish these1 classes by., the terms a dress hats trimmed hats and tailored hats. -. Fig. 1 is an example of the a a dress hat which we Are All prone to Call a pattern hat it is a Chamois coloured Felt trimmed with Marabou Down and Coque feathers not an extreme example of Dainty and fragile millinery but too Light and too elaborate for Ordinary Wear. A the time when one hat had to do service for All occasions is Long past. This hat and others of its class Are out of place for general Wear. If one Call Only afford a single hat she must Tarn her face resolutely away from this character of millinery. A trimmed Bat which a my ? very generally useful 1b. Shown in my. Z. It is of Black corded silk trimmed with a. Very Large Bow made of Black taffeta silk Hovling the ends fringed out. The Bow is mounted with a Large Bunch of Black silk violets at one aide and the hat is one of those becoming new of shapes which turn up in the backhand Are lifted. In a i slight Angle from the brow. These silk hats come in ail the seasons fashionable colors so that a new a Choice is not limited in the matter of color. White hats with Black facings and the reverse Aro made of with Black trimming into models of great distinction. This hat is a Good Choice for women Quot who do not go out often and who feel a dressier Model unnecessary. It is a Beautiful hat for Church Wear. Worn with Bright Dressy gowns. It will Servo for a multitude of social occasions. In fact a hat of this character is vory generally useful Aud. Comes nearer to answering All requirements than any other sort in pkg. 3, a tailored hat la shown. Tha shape is Nobby and mannish and 19 covered with Plain taffeta silk shirred onto the Frame. This and similar shapes Are shown covered with the moire and corded bilks which Are found on All kinds of millinery this season. For these hats the trimming is 6f the very simplest character. It amounts to Only a finish of some sort. A band and Flat Bow of velvet kid or ribbon. Sometimes a buckle or other ornament is used. A simple Walri proof Feather is Sot out of place but the Best effects Are those in which feathers and Flowers Are conspicuous a by their absence. It this is the hot loth a tailor made costume for the Street and for travelling. In the estimation of Manv people of excellent taste and judgment it is the sort of millinery which should be Wori rat Ehu Roh it in a smart inconspicuous and a Well made like a tailored gown those hats that Are made of a Plain silk Are easier to keep from dust than the shirred varieties. In passing it should be remembered thac hats must be dusted with very soft brushes or wiped off with a scrap of Plush or Vel vet. Nothing is quite so Good As a piece of silk Plush for keeping millinery clean. Princess costume russian caftan much liked practical fashion has been eagerly taken up and made a sea a. Songs mode.1 a one of tile newest and most practical of fashions that Are being adopted is tho russian caftan a coat like garment which is similar to that worn by Tolstoy the great in pictures with which we Are familiar i the coat has a round or Stuaro Nellc. A slightly Blouse bodice part and a straight Bottom Edge that ends just above the Imenes. It is confined at tho Waist line by a Satin Belt or to make it More silk Cord i the edges of the coat rebound with Satin for Winter garment bands of fur will be used. The fastening is of ornamental or perfectly Plain buttons and Satin Cord or braided buttonholes. This style May be developed to the extreme but. In its simpler form is a More the. Style promises a popular one for smart fall and Winter costumes frocks of Woolen fabric with blouses of net and silk and a caftan of the material trimmed with Satin in a harmonizing tone or what is safer yet Black will be in Good taste for the Woll dres de woman. This costume is in old Fose Cash More the dress 1b a. Sell fitting Princess with1 panel Back and front stitched at each Edge two Flat pleats extend from the panel1 each Side and Are fixed under a pointed Tab of silk folds of silk Are Laid under the Edge of panel and Par tiv fill in the round neck the Over sleeves being bound with the same. The Small Yoke is of bilk Muslin. A of materials required three Yards 40 inches wide. 3-4 Yard silk. Home gowns. The marked departures in Home gowns Are a Short skirt and a Collar less and half decollete Nelt the Serol Decolle tages Are not Only allowed but commanded by fashion. A if the neck is covered at ail by the afternoon dress it is Only by transparent fabrics that never the col Var Bazar. A new Type of gown. Pretty Somi evening gowns called a tread Casino gowns Are being worn with but slight Decolle tage and transparent go Lopes of tulle or Mouss Ellne. The materials used on gowns of this Type a e. Embroideries laces or Crepo de Chines for Satin seems to be somewhat passe. Many of then \ Are trimmed with deep silk fringe and Ashe Glumpe is always collarless Beautiful dog collars of jewelled velvet or Jet Aro worn so that the gown May be becoming with a hat. \ i j. Somehow a collarless gown and a picture Bat Are not always a pretty combination. A afternoon refreshments. I read your part of the paper before i read any other and always find something i have wanted to know. Soon i expect to entertain about eight Young ladies in the afternoon. What shall ,1 a have for refreshments we will sit at dining room table. Shall i have the table devoid of eatables when we sit Down and have everything passed Mary. At this season of the year i would have Coffee or chocolate with whippet Crevani if the latter and either individual Charlotte russe or. A salad with nut sandwiches. Cantelous filled with Vanilla ice Cream a re delicious have j a Centrepiece of Flowers either with or without candles according to the Day whether dark and gloomy or sunny. Have the refreshments at each Placo. You can pour the beverage or have it served from the Kitchen. ,. Name for a girls club. I intend to entertain a club of seven girls of about 11 or 12 years of age. I am somewhat at a loss to know what to do to amuse them. Would you kindly suggest some inexpensive Way what should i have for refreshments Gould you suggest some name for this sewing club a schoolgirl. If it is a sewing club won t the girl bring their work. I have heard the names Quot thimble club a Busy been so a Needle club a or How would scissors Circle Quot do and have Little wee scissors made into pins for the club members. You could have1 nut Blind Welches with hot Cocoa and homemade Candy or if you want something More elaborate perhaps you. Could a a ave ice Cream and cake. Is proper for a Young lady to go with her gentleman Friend and select her engagement ring or should he go unaccompanied and select it w. H. Of there is nothing improper in a girls going with re Fiance to so Lect the Ting Only if he Hasni to an abundance of riches it might be a embarrassing to him. He could consult her then take a selection of three or four rings for her to choose at her own Home. Perfectly proper. Is it proper to Send announcements in your Home town when you a have a very quiet wedding h. R. 3. By All Means Send announcements to All whose calling acquaintance you it wish to retain. Selecting the engagement ring. Would you please inform me a if. It order of receiving party what should constitute the receiving line and their order at the reception following a wedding when tha bridal party a consists of two Flower girls one ring bearer six Ushers six maids one Matron of Honor Bride farther Groom Olga. The Flower girls and ring bearer do not appear in the receiving line. Their responsibility ends after the ceremony. The father and Mother lit there is one stand first then the Bride and bridegroom next the Matron then the Bix maids. The ushr Ora do not receive but make them selves generally useful seeing that All guests Are presented. If the bridegroom s father and Mother Are pres end they stand the other Side of tho Madame Missuri. Roman Gold pieces for brooches hatpins Bel buckles and tho like Aro set with vet Large stones girls9 dresses. Correct is the leading Shade in Plain mesh veils and those made of a wiry thread in the Large hexagonal Type Are unusually becoming to the complexion. ,. Another mesh veil of finer weave. Is covered with Flat velvety pastilles Square in shape and scattered Over the surface at close Intervale. Dress. For girl from six to eight. is a capital style to select when Only a Short length of material is available. The. Long waisted bodice and skirt of our Snodel fire in Blue a Heck a Fine Woolen material the Yoke of pieced lace the trimming that outlines the Yoke and forms straps Down front is balloon of both the shades in the Check the free Quarter sly Eves Are in soft washing silk of the lightest Shade of Tjie Check. Waistband of leather fastened by a steel buckle. Zephyr or Linen with Lawn sleeves and embroidery Yoke might be used. If liked. Materials require two arid one half Yards 44 inches wide three eighths Yard lace three fourths Yard washing silk two Yards balloon. 1 dress for girl of-14-to 16 Model of the dress Showa Here was in Julue casement cloth the skirt that is slightly full at the Waist is trimmed at the foot with White Muslin embroidery above Are three tucks a then a one and one Hal in has wide. 1. It a. Therbor Dice is made with slightly Cross Over fronts trimmed with embroidery and a Vest of piece b fronts Are ornamented with bows of ribbon the Waist band a being of ribbon of a wider Width. Tho sleeves Are tucked in stripes insertion being placed Between the stripes Quot i a. V materials req tired for the dress six Yards 42 inches wide four Yards embroidery flip a Ards insertion three eighths Yard piece embroidery. Dress for girl of ten to twelve Yea Lis a any pretty striped material makes up Well in this style the skirt is set in two Flat plaits each bide front and Back and is trimmed with a band of some lighter,.material Cut on tho Crosb and stitched at each Edge. A the Pinafore bodice is set in plaits each Side the shaped top is trimmed with a strap of Light material the sleeves Are edged with a similar strap. The Kettle under slip is of White spotted Niusila. Materials required for the dress four Yards 40 inches wide one and. One half Yard Muslin for under slip one half Yard 40 inches wide for straps
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