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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - October 19, 1907, Galveston, Texas Rosenberg Library 1 for a a a Arbth. Opa Century the opera a a ass has worked in the interest of the sea want Cir icy. A 1 of a a Kythe sea Wam the Grade raising and the opera i ass Wilt make Galveston the South s largest Best City and port. 4 0 a a o a o a a a ��4 a a a., 1 ,. A. Established 1879galveston. Texas. Saturday oct. 19. 1907. Vol. Xxx. No. La mrs. Hobart a frs. mrs. Hobart Chatfield Taylor who is a Golf player of renown As Well 03 a Leador of society Speaks with authority upon the game of Golf and what offers to women of a healthful and delightful pastime the of the late senator Charles b. Farwell of Illinois and the wife of the talented author of a the Crimson Wing Quot and other novels she is Well known. It ii i in i f Iii i la his a a a a i not copyright by Joseph b. Bowles a a mrs. Hobart Cha Flold Taylor who is a a oif player of to Notov As a a in society Speaks with authority upon tha game of Golf and what it otters to women As a healthful and delightful pastime. The daughter of tha Lato senator. Charles b. Sparwell of Illinois and the wife of tha talented author of a the Crimson Wing Quot and other novels she is Well known whoa american women tools up Golf they did it As a pose in a Short time it became a purpose it is now merely a All this alliteration May seem meaningless but those who re hember the various stages through which Golf in this country has passed cannot fall to recognize the truth of it. The pose period was when a Oil began. Then it was. A now fade Che thing to talk about the thing to do. Women a and likewise men wore red Coats they flocked to the Golf links As they would to afternoon teas and the professionals Wero Busy from Early till late teaching women regardless of weight ago or previous condition of servitude to drive Gutta Percha balls off Little piles of. Sand. Every woman must take up Golf and take it up she did with a vengeance. Out of the pose period grew the purpose epoch when Home husband children and even Best Young men were forgotten in the Dally Chase of that same Gutta Percha Ball. We dreamed of Golf scores by night and we struggled to lower them by Day. Our inti Auto. Friends became our hated rivals and our Feole object in life was to lower a. Record Ora lift a cup. One can hardly think of those Days without restraining a smile a woman a popularity was gauged by her Success on the Reou and be she never so Beautiful or attractive she was forced to give the Pelni to the local Champion. As for the woman who had attained National honors she was Tho envied of everything in petticoats and consequently Tho detested during that purpose period of Golf the woman who had not reached the first flight still cherished Hopes and the Only object in life for the average a woman of that Day was to bring in a lower score by fair Means if possible or dare i say it a som Olmos by foul Ore always coming to the front acid in the keen Competition of the present Day to hold ones own at All becomes a task calling for All the qualities of the a sportswoman. With the. Development of the game from a fad to a sport the Quality of american woman a Golf has improved immeasurably particularly in tha Long Gamo one Hundred Yards used to to a Long drive for a woman and one of that. Length would bring Forth applause from admiring onlookers but to Day a woman who cannot Clear a 130-Yard Bunker would not even figure among the a also Ransy in the published accounts of a match. Putting in Tho part of the game women learn my st readily and the part in which they Excel women putt As Well As or better 4 than men but they never drive As Well because they Are handicapped by the element of strength. In the development of the Gam. Thrier has been Little improvement Juji the putting department since the Early Days. All who had any Eye whatever quickly Learned to go Down in two when on the Green but in reaching the Green the women of to Day have advanced wonderfully Over Hose of a few years ago. A pretty actress the Eastern women outclass those of the West because athletics have a firmer hold in the East. Eastern Jomen Are accustomed to Riding shooting sailing and Tennis. They play games from their earliest childhood so that their Muscles Are More thoroughly trained and they Are accustomed to competitions. Golf was merely one More game to be Learned and they went about it in the systematic Way which Cornea alone from. Experience. Golf is the first sport in which Western women have indulged to any extent and consequently they have not the sporting instinct fully developed As yet. The Young girls in the West a the ones who have Learned the game since Golf became a Universal craze and consequently have had the Benefit of the Best instruction and example arc the Only ones who can Ever Hope to compete upon an equal basis with the Best women players 0/ the East., a. There la another Point in connection with Golf upon which i can never resist giving my views. I mean the i practice of professional caddies in matches. It seems to me unsportsmanlike to employ such extraneous Aid in matches. The game has now reached what i Call the1 pastime period. To Are Content to take it a an amusement and those who have any Chance of winning make it a genuine sport the contestants for championship Hon prs Are those who. Really Loye the game and they play to win. If they Are beaten they done to scratch their opponents eyes out but they go to work to try to Quot do her up in Tho next match. For a number of years there Wero but two classes in american Dwoinen s Golf miss Beatrix Hoyt and the others. No1 one else except a mrs. Butler he a tor tournaments had a the slightest. Chance of winning Tho championship Tad it was Only a question. Of who w Ould. L e the runner no for three years miss Hoyt reigned supreme As Queen of Golf but. That was Tho time when Golf was a purpose. 80 that out of Tho throng of persistent women who crowded the courses from morning till night get 1 Ting in the Way of the. Men and making themselves generally obnoxious to the world at Large Cama group of first class players who become the Tara. There was Little to choose among them but even they have not things their own Way. For Young supple girls to say the last word 1 have to say Golf is a glorious game for women. The exercise is not too violent and it May be indulged in by the Young and the old the lame halt i was going to say Blind but one must keep ones Eye on the Ball. It is a game for All players of games and if one is con tent to plod along in ones own class a game to give pleasure to All. The do faculty in the Road to championship honors is the necessity for constant and a unremitting practice. Again to play through a tournament is a terrible Strain upon one s nerves and vitality therefore done to take Golf too seriously unless you wish to become a subject for a rest cure. Some worn in do take Golf too seriously and when their whole happiness becomes involved in the winning and losing of matches they become a objects for compassion rather than emulation. Play the Gamo primarily for Tho Sake of the game Quot not for the fleeting honors it brings it is pleasant enough to be a Champion but not at the Cost of health and happiness and after All a Champion is Only a nine Days wonder to a very Small number of the world s inhabitants. Play the game for the diversion and exercise and play it squarely if championships result so much to fico better but to ctr no to air be champions and even those vrho Are sometimes get conceited and Are therefore idiot the Quot pleasantest people in the world to meet. Golf is a game for women / than which there is none better but we Are to to congratulated upon the fact that it has reached Tho pastime stage. A a Poso it was ridiculous As a purpose insufferable but As a game it is glorious so Long May it live. A Cave which the indians Decora Teti. Two Gold prospectors recently Dia covered in the Santa Susanna mountains about so Miles from los Angeles cai., the largest and most remarkable Cave a in Western America. While looking for indications of Gold they found an opening which they entered. Tho opening led to a great Cavern. Consisting of Many passages so me of them wide but most of them narrow and lofty. Tho passages Lead into great Halls some containing an acre studded with stalagmites and stalactites. In some cases so thickly that it is difficult to get through. The Walls of one of these balls Are covered with rude drawings some almost obliterated but others still Clear the drawings represent the dents of the Chase showing indians on foot pursuing Bear Deer Rind other animals. One Wall painting shows the Bettr purr suing the Hunter. The work is done with a soft red Stone much used by the indians for that . The Quot girls in the popular production Quot a the time the plaice and the a puzzling order. The Walter and the Cook evidently could not agree Over it. Lulu Glaser vouches for the truth of this. It he was a sad faced american tour 1st,. And As he seated himself in a London restaurant he was immediately attended by an obsequious waiter. �?�1 want two eggs a said the american Quot one Fried on one Side and one on the a a a of is. That sir a asked the astounded waited. _ a a two eggs one Fried an one Side and one on the a very Well sir a that waiter was gone several minutes and where he returned f his face was a study. A would you please repeat your Horder sir a a a i said very distinctly two eggs on one Side and Ope on toe oppressive silence and then a dazed a very Well this time the waiter was gone longer and Waxen a he returned he said anxiously a would it be awaking too much sir. To a Ove you repeat your Horder sir i Cawns to think i ave it right a two said the american sadly and patiently Quot one Fried on one bide and one on the other., More oppressive silence and another fainter wary Well this time he was gone still longer. When he returned his Collar was unbuttoned his hair dishevelled and his face scratched and bleeding. Leaning Over the waiting Patron he whispered beseeching by a a would you mind taking boiled Heggs sir i be had some avoids with Tho a in other Days,1 in other years. Theatrical billboards Tell strange tales sometimes and incidentally they cast a Peculiar sidelight upon the ups and Downs of Stellar Dom writes Acton Davies. Its Only six years ago that the firm of Weber amp Fields stood for All that was Cleverest in Tho world of of unmaking and one of the most popular actors in their company was David Warfield. Last week on the billboards of new Haven those Threa actor appeared in conjunction once More and yet so far far apart. At one end of the Long Wall outside the hyperion theater was Quot a Bill announcing the appearance of Joe Weber and his company in a ship hip Hur Rah Quot Cheek by jowl with this was another poster announcing David Warfield s first App Arance in Quot a grand army Man a on monday and tuesday while another Bill at Tho far end of the Wail declared1 that Lew Fields could he seen Thoro in a the girl behind the counter for the rest of Tea weak was badly stage struck. This a a Guy. Was a regular walking a theatrical encyclopedia. A i saw a Guy once a remarked the stage Carpenter As he put his overalls away and made Assurance that he had not lost his big Diamond pin a who was nutty to go on the stage. A it hits different Fellows different. This one got the Bug to go before tie lights from spending a whole lot of time with theatrical papers. He showed the booking of every show on the Road if the mail trains brought him the papers in time to find out when they started. He was Hep to every actor from Uncle Tom to mans Field and could Tell you How Many husbands All the leading ladles have had not counting the a a he used to come around the stage Here and try to get a Job Quot a just to study the profession a As he said and he always had two or six dramatic papers and magazines in his pocket. A a Champ had them All opened to the Page where to had spent his Good Money for a card that showed. His an advertisement for time. He could toll you where to buy a stereo Palcon where to get a tent How to manage a summer Park How big a hit Lottie do Villon was making in tha South How to do All the card tricks could expose All the magic stuff could Tell you where to join out with a band and a Quot a cheese it a said the property Man. A the ainu to been around for weeks. His wife done to take in Washin s any shore.�?�. Margaret an Gllnn a Plana. When miss Margaret Anglin leaves her co Star in a the great div Ldoa for a time and departs to appear in that play and others in1 her repertoire in Australia next february will continue in the piece on tour in this country. In miss Anglin s com Pany the important role of Stephen Ghent will no doubt the. Played by some it rant. Actor in i Williamson companies who is probably popular with australian audiences. Among those who Are mentioned in connection with the part the Ruth Jordan is mentioned. Or. Miller and miss Anglin will again join forces for the London production after Misa Angling a australian tour. Gossip of the 8tage. Blanche Walsh is to have a now Modem play by Hartley manners. A Denman Thompson is to make a Farewell tour in Quot the old a the follies of 1907�?� made such a hit in Washington that it is to play a return engagement. Three companies Are to be organised to play. A the thief a the play in Wowch Margaret Illington has already made a hit. This company will probably remain in new York. At the Flag station. V arg ret and her faithful Daisy 8avo the express. The conveys lived so far out of town and used the trains so often that the Little Flag station at the foot of the Hill was a necessity. Margaret was charmed when it was put up she soon knew the various signal and the a steady steady steady there a family grew to depend upon her for the very faintest whistle could not escape her Sharp ears she seemed unconsciously to be always on the Alert. Margaret was a queer child used from Babyhood to roaming the country by herself. She knew every foot of the ground and it was As natural for her to ride a horse As it was a to walk and talk. Her own horse Daisy happened to be born on her birthday a circumstance which delighted Margaret. The. Conveys made great holidays of birthdays and papa not Only allowed her to have the naming of the pretty Colt but presented her As a birthday present to his Little daughter. How Margaret Learned to ride she never knew. Once on Daisy a Back everything seemed easy. And Many a Canter they had in the summer Days Down the Long stretch of Road that led to town. Margaret was never allowed to go to town by herself though she was 11 years old and Dasy could have carried her quite safely but she would often ride for a mile or More Down the Road a just to she usually galloped As far As the Flag station and. Turned Daisy Loose for h Little browse in a certain Green pasture nearby while she went inside. Here she looked at the clock hanging just above the door though she had to get on a Bench to see it at All. Then she consulted the schedule nailed upon the Wall and then she waited for the passing of two or three trains nodding and waving to the conductors and engineers to whom the child a figure was a fail liar landmark. Then she would Cail Daisy and would Trot Back Home by the same Road All pretending that they had been to town. On a certain afternoon there was Coth any expected by the late train for Tea and Margaret and Daisy went ahead of the Carriage to Welcome the guests. It was just Sunset when they reached the Flag station and Margaret could see the engine of the train from town poking its nose Over the brow of a Distant Hill. At the top it would commence the Down Grade with double Speed Sid tracking about half a mile from the Flag station to let the Home bound express pass by. As the train from town came nearer Margaret cantered Forward to meet it but to her amazement it did not sidetrack a usual coming instead new Shadow show. Straight toward Tho station. The child s heart blood still in five min utes time the express would Como thundering by and it never stopped at the Flag station a blogs signalled. It would dash past into the train bearing their friends from town and Margaret shut her eyes As Tho dreadful vision came before her but she was Quick to think. She raced with Daisy Back to the Flag station and snatched the signal a bit of Scarlet flannel from its Nail on the Wall. It was too late to warn the incoming train which would not have time to Back Down to the switch and sidetrack before the express came upon them from the other direction. But she and Daisy would to Able to signal Tho Rushing express and Check its Speed in time. They took Tho Railroad track the Little girl reasonably thinking Quot that Tho sight of such an unusual obstacle would bring Tho engine quickly to a halt. Margaret had no thought of her own danger though Daisy shrank As she Felt the ominous rumbling beneath her hoofs. A Good girl. Good girl a whispered Margaret. Quot steady steady there done to be frightened a and grasping Tho bridle firmly with one hand she waved the signal vigorously Wolfli Tho other just As the Black snorting monster dashed into surprised shriek and two Short whistles answered the signal and Margaret knew that All was Well. Then things began to whirl before her she had just strength to pull Daisy off the track when Sho slipped out of the Saddle to the ground her Little White face upturned to Tho Sunset glow. The Scarlet signal was still in her tightly clenched hand and Daisy stood quietly sniffing and neighing until help arrived. When Margaret came to herself Sho Lay in her Mother s Lap but she could not understand until Sho saw the faces of the people All around her and heard the cheer As she opened her a where a Daisy a she asked and willing hands led Daisy to her Side. Good girl Good girl a Bhe Wilb tiered just As she had but a Short time before when the train rumbled Over the rails. She reached out and patted her favorite a Glossy Side. \ a Daisy didn�?Tt1 throw me a she said raising herself a i fell i could t see a everything got then Mamma Bent Down and kissed her tenderly. A my Little girl my she cried and held her close. Margaret1 sighed and smiled and nestled closer still and shut her eyes once More for she was tired and with Mamma of arms about her nothing else really Star. A Kaiser on horseback \ emperor Williams horseback Accident is by no Means his first experi-1 ence of Tho kind though the greatest care is taken by Tho master of the horse Obertal Smelster to provide the emperor with the safest mounts which Are trained to be As easy and docile As a circus Steed. The reason is that the Kaiser has no Power whatever in his left or bridle Arm Andi that when he is leading past a regiment with drawn sword he has Pratt Cally no Means of controlling . His majesty looks As if Hei were holding the reins with his left hand but this is Mere appearance. Who began it Willie had just received a severe whipping. 7�?~Mamma,�?� said he a did your Moth i or a never whip you a a a a i was punished when i was naughty a his Mother replied. A and was Bhe whipped by her Mother a a yes a Willie reflected deeply. A Well id like to. Know who started it anyway a a he exclaimed finally. Here a a Chance to make fun for. Your friends. The. Following is a very simple method of producing on the Wall a series of new chinese shadows the of Asbestos from canada., nearly nine tenths of the world s1 Asbestos Supply is mined in Canada the mines about Quebec producing 60,-000 tons per annul. Opaque body such As a cardboard Calendar or a Large volume. Now How Are you going to project Yoor it shadows on the screen when to is already dark very simply by Means of a Mirror fixed at the Edge of a table. The reflection of the Mirror will be thrown of the Wall either in a parallelogram or in an Oval and if your screen is in the suitable position and you work your pasteboard dolls correctly Between them the Mirror and the Wall your audience will see the figures dance without finding out the Way it is exp pertinent. A How it is worked. A Rator As Well a the Little Folk delineated remaining behind the. Lookers on which la sometimes an advantage. A place a Candle on a table and on the Wall opposite Aflex a sleet of foolscap for a screen. Between the Candia Aad the screen Interpol Neaoma to the Home maker. To build up the Power of our Home for Beauty for companionship for intelligence for Charity for a constant acknowledgement and furtherance of the rights of others is to build up a Power greater perhaps than we our selves shall Ever realize. And its within the reach of every Home a whether la a big or a very Little one. Lowed him to. Settle his Bill for serv to ices a Tab two Jasea
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