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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Oct 12 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - October 12, 1907, Galveston, Texas For a Quarter of Century the opera i ass has worked in the interest of the sea we we Citi 2. The 8�a Wau it the Grade raising and the opera pfc ass Weir or make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. Established 1879 ,.galveston, Texas saturday oct. 12. 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 12 autumn. Gown of no woman really likes to realize that the Over useful Bolero is going out of fashion for a Timo at least this Little garment is 30 essentially practical and so generally becoming that we Havo Como to regard it As an old and tried Friend without which. Life would so pm hardly possible and Yot it. Is very certain that the Bolero is fast Dos appearing from the Arena of fashion. The rage for three Quarter Coats of varied. Pay less continues unabated and. This autumn and Winter to shall Neo voluminous mantles adopted freely. Everything denotes that Loose outer garments made of the most pliable materials will be the leading novelties of the coining season. The general effect lib almost bizarro and this Elfee will be heightened when to come to. Wear wraps of crepe de Chine velvet and furs mixed. Nevertheless fragile materials will most surely form tie of our autumn and Winter wraps. All Tho Conta for Trio autumn and Early Winter Aro made with open fronts. Quot for this reason waistcoats Are and will continue to be things of immense importance i Havo soon quite a number of the Dainty Little Quot waistcoats of Irlando Small double breasted Giles which open Ina v Over a frilled shirt front and which Are Faa toned with Tho most exquisite buttons a of enamel old pasto,.quartz bet in gun Motal arid so on. There la a wonderful cachet attached to these Somi Loose Coats and Dainty waistcoats they recall Tho Quot sporting Typo of garment but at Tho Samo Timo they Aro eminently feminine arid picturesque t am certain that nearly All the beat of our Early Winter walking dresses will show Coats of the order just described and in Nino cases out of ten these Coata will show Long tight sleeves which will reach quite to the Worlat. There can be no doubt about the coming revival of Long sleeves for the tailor made costumes at least. For afternoon we shall still have Elbow alcoves anal oven those which to not reach the Elbow but the Long Alevo for Street Wear la about to reclaim its lost position. A Bombl nations of color. Are to to great features of the coming season and will afford opportunities for Many triumphs and alas also for Many a failures. One revival is the a tone which two seasons ago a tvs known As automobile and May most easily be compared to rub Iron and Thea is used with much effect in Union with dark smoke Gray. Smoke Grey altogether would seem to Havo irresistible charms and it lends itself with special Grace to decorations of purple Plum and deep red and Peacock Blue All of which colors compete most successfully for Ivor of a Dull rather than a Bright. Inclination Grey has the privilege of clothing the seated Damsel shown in our Large illustration. It is of voile with bands of graduated taffeta reaching just below the Knees oxidized Silver and Gold embroidery decorate the front of the Blouse bodice net forms the under sleeves and the Yoke and the hat is of dark Grey Chip trimmed with dark Grey roses and two dark feathers. Grey Flowers Are much in Vogue and usually these will. Be found made of velvet rose3 and big Queen. Miss Agatha Dunn eat out in Tho suit and faded her pretty Pink gown. A Mamma scolded Well until the tears fell in torrents that threatened to drown. Quot tour dress is a sight i declare it is Wear it you certainly must a la a poor recompense that a child so Sis too much of a baby to Trust Alsa Agatha Dunn sat out in Tho Sun. In a gown that had one Elmo been Pink. Quot if i could Only bring it bade of i would Quot she cried and proceeded to think. Pome Raspberry ice so Cooling and Nico in Tho Freezer stood waiting for Tea. Said miss Dunn Quot of i Quot guess. If i dip in Ray dres3 a Beautiful Pink it will miss Agatha Dunn Roso out of the Sun and slipped off the gown in a Trice she rolled it up tight Thero was no one in sight. A and she soaked it in Raspberry ice. It came out quite Pink but what do you i Ink when the news of it reached Samraa s1 ear. Sho scolded much More than she scolded before. Now done to you Ali Lilc mothers Aro. Queer a May Clay in Washington Star. A Wall Cabinet. It is easily made and is artistic and useful. Here la a Wall Cabinet very easy to construct on account of its simple lines and very attractive also. The upper part of the Back has a Bevelled Edge Mirror inserted in it. If this cannot be afforded get a furniture dealer to Cut out a piece of Mirror Glass from a cracked Mirror usually to be found in such an establishment if he does not have it. Try a dealer in window Glass. Tour dealer May completed Cabinet. Also keep in Stock silvered Mirror Glass in various sizes. At either Side of the Mirror Are for candles which give a very Beautiful effect in their reflection in the Glass. Below the shelf Are two curved supporting brackets Between which can so fitted two drawers the upper one to pull out and the Tower one to tip outward on the pins which support it at either end. These pins pass through the lower Point of the drawer attachment. Brackets into the lower Edge of the drawer. This la All plainly shown in Fig. 2. If Tho whole is Mado of some handsome Wood says the Orange Judd Farmer the surface will Only need oiling and careful rubbing with a. Woolen cloth. Venetian cloth costume with White cloth reverb Blouse of lace. Arum lilies being Tho most favored blossoms for exploitation under such circumstances a the other dress illustrated is of Plum color the skirt of very thin cloth traced with a Silken embroidery to match while the coat is made of taffeta also of the same color. The Vest is of Ecru Lack and a Novelty is the quaint Aie ovo set in deep tuck. The hat of purple Straw is trimmed with a bristling Bunch of feathers Blue Green and purple and the style May be commended to those who Are Bravo enough to consider seriously an immediate Desir for autumn clothes a As to the controversy which is once again raging round the Quot stays or Quot no stays question i would question whether tight lacing hols any effect whatever in improving Tho figure As a matter of fact the less the figure is coerced the better it looks. ,. Frank confession. Applicant we would like to rent this Bouse but we can to afford it. Owners i would like not to rent it but i can t afford it journal. Locking the 8table door. Now that Moat of the White Pines of Maine Are gone an Effort will be Mado to save them. To save Moat of them would require us to uns Hingle our houses and reconstruct the. Trees a As. Geologists reconstruct dinosaurs and mos sours and Polesi Saurs from Sample Bones. After dinner naps. Comply to relaxation after eating amp suspension of mental and physical activity will favor the process a of natural digestion not Only by cause of its Tranquill izing effect upon the nerves a but because the stomach May use the surplus unused energies of the body in the process of digestion. Happy the Man or woman who can take an a after dinner it Means health happiness and Long to eat. Can you write it correctly a in a proclamation thanking the Caro Ful Drivers of automobiles Tho acting mayor of a new Jersey City Saya Quot it is to them to Aro indebted for the few., accidents experienced a there la no doubt of what to meant to Cay but it is evident that his grammar teacher did not warn him enough against false syntax when he went to school. A How Many. Boys and a girls can Iorito Tho sentence correctly Peckham you have my opinion on the subject and that settles it. Biff inst did your wife Settle your opinion for you a the talented daughter of Charles Coghlan Long a Favorito with Tho a lovers of the stage1 in America. A new Beauty for the stage. Maryi Cunningham the a one cent girl Quot is Toni to Quot appear. Joseph Brooks director of the tour of Lillian Russell in the racing comedy Quot wildfire a la negotiating for the engagement of Mary Cunningham the Quot one cent girl a of Cornish it to appear with miss Russell in her new. Play miss Cunningham was the Model used by st. Gaudens in designing Tho Ideal Heads for the new coins which will be minted this year. Her face will be known in a few months from coast to coast miss cunning Ham is an Irish girl with distinctly classical features. She has. Curving lips Correct nose Well set eyes arid a splendid forehead. She has a Pink complexion a pliant and Graceful figure. If available miss Cunningham will to called upon to act As the foil for miss Russell in showing the con Trast Between the Standard of a Beauty As accepted by Tho greeks and the Typo of loveliness which appeals to americans. Miss Cunningham s Bud Den plunge into prominence has been rather disconcerted. St. Gardena found her a waiter in a Small hotel near Windsor it. Or. Brooks agents Aro now in Corayah conducting negotiation. To making Succes As writer. Dorothy Usner who retired from Tho american stage at a time when she was fast coming to the front in Broadhurst. Farces then in Vogue is now very much in Tho limelight in Paris mias Usner has been living in London and Paris for several years and studying the stage during that time a Ashe has also devoted herself to writing for the stage and Haa just completed a new one act plan called a a woman of few words a which m. Franko of Tho gymnast in Paris has secured As. A curtain Raiser to Quot mile. Josetta a Femme a the parisian Success John prow is doing in this country under the title of a my miss Usner has also been secured to play Tho principal part in tier com Dietta. Her Success is looked upon As quite a. Striking literary and Hlor tronic achievement in Paris. Even when she was playing Small parts a miss Usner showed her ability As a writer and often got up features for the sunday newspapers in connection with her work upon the stage. Was a poor Prophet. Push toward the goal. A i would bid you stand up to your work whatever it May be and not be afraid of it not in sorrows or contradiction to yield but pushing on toward the goal a Thomas Carlyle stage manager declared Mansfield would never be an actor since the death of Richard Mansfield we have been hearing a great Many stories about him. On of the Best of these is related in an article by Augustus Van Blene Tho actor my Siclari. Van Blene tells of Cumming with Mansfield in his Early Days in England. Mansfield was playing sir Josoph Porter in a one night Atkind Quot Pinafore company. The two actors roomed together. A Mansfield a salary was $20 a week and Van Bleness was five dollars less. At rehearsals Mansfield never could satisfy Tho stage manager the late Richard Barker. At one of the final rehearsals before a hitting the Road a scene was gone Over and Over again. Finally Mansfield lost his nerve Quot please or. Barker do leave me alone. I shall be All right at night. I have to act Tho part hot Barker was furious. A act a he shouted. Quot act great heavens Man you la never not As Long As you live a with Western atmosphere. A being caught in Tho vortex of the Western Cycle which has the Stago pretty Well in its grasp just at present a few More will not matter. The newest is Quot under suspicion a which finds the greater part of its locals in the dreaded death Valley which is going into the very heart of the desert country for atmosphere. In speaking of Western plays the Best of these is regarded generally to be the Henry Miller Margaret Anglin piece Quot the great this play is nearing the end of its run in now York simply because outside time was previously booked for it and they cannot alter Theise arrange merits. After the tour it will go Back to new York City and will again take up the run there which promises to equal anything of the a kind Ever known in that City. In the spotlight. Mrs. Gen Tom thumb a lecturing on Christian science. Olga Nethersole opened her tour in Kansas City last week and a hold ing to her old repertoire for the greater share of her Success. A. New York critics Quot claim that miss Margaret Illington Sheds tears better than anybody else on Tho stage. Hoi weeping is done in a Tho Nance of Neill will play Margaret Illington a part Lri Quot his House in order Quot and Charles Dillingham is now searching for an actor for John Drew s part. A the Dwarf. How to Havo a great Deal of fun with a very Little trouble. This is a Peculiar looking Dwarf that stands on the table. Is it not on the stage. \ you could with the assistance of a Friend and some of mothers wardrobe make the Dwarf and so Delight your playmates at an afternoon or evening company Days the Brooklyn citizen. It is done in this Way your hands Are placed in a child a shoes after which you must rest your hands on the table. They will have the. Appearance of real flt it put a Bonnet on your head a shawl Over your shoulders and a child a Petticoat to cover your arms. Now your Friend stands behind you concealed by the curtain she thrusts her arms out on each Side of your body giving the Dwarf the missing arms and hands. It your Friend is original she can make ail sorts of funny gestures while you recite sing songs and see what fun it is and How easy it is to work. Not a Garden of Eden. Scotchman s neat description of land he thought wort Leeg. Upton Sinclair was discussing in new York the governments attacks upon predatory and lawbreaking trusts. A a it looks As if these trusts a said or. Sinclair a will have to obey Tho Law or else their owners will find themselves As badly sold As the Rich bostonian Fuho bought an estate in Scotland called Glen Accra. The bostonian bought this estate without having seen it. He believed that he1 could Trust the Man to bought it from. And last summer he went Over to Havo a look at Tho place. The drive from the nearest railway station to it Glen acre was a matter of 12 Miles. The bostonian hired a Highlander to drive him As the cart jogged along the bostonian said i suppose you know the country hereabouts pretty Well Friend a a Aye Ilka foot out a the Scot answered. A a a a and do you Accra a a a Aye wee.l-,�?T was the reply. A a what sort of a place is it a the american asked., a the Scot smiled Taweel a he said a if be saw Tho Dell tethered on it yes a Julat say poor brute a / easily turned a a Small boy was asked to take dinner at the Home of a distinguished pro. Fessor in Princeton says the youths companion the lad s Mother in fear lest he should commit some breach of etiquette gave him repeated directions As to Whit he should and should not do. 1 upon his return from the Gre to 00. Casion the mothers first question was Quot Harold did you get along at the table All right Quot a a of yes Mamma Well Quot you re sure you did no to do anything that was Rio t perfectly polite and gentlemanly Why not nothing to speak then something did happen. What was it a Quot but i fixed it All right a Tell me at "why,.i got along pretty will until the meat came but hello i was trying to Cut mine it Blip pod off onto Tho floor. But i made it All a a what did you do a Quot of i just said sort of carelessly. That a always the Way with Tough meat Quot
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