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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - October 5, 1907, Galveston, Texas Fob. A Quarter of a Century the opera a lass has worked in the interest of the sea Wall City. If the sea Wall the Grade raising and the opera Glass will make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. Established 1879galveston, Texas. Saturday oct. 5, 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 1 1 mu8ic-Roll cover. How the 8habby leather Case can Bolt a Given new lease of life. Tho Protty music Roll which seems to fresh and Dainty at Tho beginning of a term of lessons soon takes on a certain shabby look if it be carried Dally. A new Roll every time the old one one begins to show signs of Wear is out the cover. Of question for the average schoolgirl but with a Little ingenuity on her part the old one May be kept a thing of Beauty. A serviceable Case was recently admired that had once been of Fine leather and though it looked worn and battered,1 the Case itself was still Strong and Good so its unsightly Ness was turned into Beauty by an easily arranged cover of embroidered Olive Cashmere and Moss Green Plush As seen in the illustration. The ends were decorated with silk cords tied in bows and similar cords held in place by Large buttons and decorated with Plush balls served As handles. A More elaborate cover May be made of Crochet work but in planning for this sort of cover it would be Best to have the knitting or Crochet work in Cylinder form so that the Roll will simply slip within it instead of attempting to form the Crochet work to fit the Roll and open at the Side. Or like the Crochet illustration the Center of the Case May be formed from cardboard or any other stiff a More elaborate cover. Foundation embroidered in some conventional design with ends of Crochet silk Cord and Plush balls May to used to finish this cover or a heavy Cord May be chained from the Zephyr to match the Crochet work and tassels May be made of the Zephyr in the same or in contrasting colors. Plain Linen covers May also be used says the Chicago Dally news and they will be even More durable than. Those illustrated. Linen cords and tassels should be used for decoration with some simple embroidery design in coloured working Cotton. The usefulness of the hedgehog. Persons who Are inclined to a feeling of enmity toward these Little animals the hedgehogs should top to consider some of their characteristics before condemning them to destruction for in Many ways they Are. Of great usefulness. Gardeners tall us that a hedgehog in the Garden will destroy All the Rul Nousi insects that make such ravages on the fresh Young vegetables and the Worms blogs and snails cannot live where the hedgehog has full Liberty. In the Kitchen and Collar the Little animal is also of great Benefit As he keeps them Clear of Blacic beetles and Many other annoying insects that Are a menace to Tho Good housekeeper. So stay your hand before injuring the harm Lobb Little animal that May to of value to you. Pea pod boats. With Brave pea 8allors to ride in next time you help your Mother to Shell peas try to make one of these Roer to the Rescue. Boats from a pod and with two tooth Pucka make the Ledger. Music in America. The americans Are a really musical people for the reason partly that they can afford to pay for the Best of everything and therefore hear the finest artists and the Best performances. A there is a no orchestra in. The Torii to equal the Boston pm Bihar Mai Fco mme. Melba in a Londo Nln Terv Lew. He brought the truant boat Back to the Shore. Tho children. With their big Newfoundland dog Rover lost no time in starting for the Sands the morning after their arrival at the Seaside. This was Rover s first visit to the sea and to judge by the Way he bounded along to evidently meant to enjoy himself quite As much As the children did. What fun they had building and digging and raving on the band then there was then new boat the saucy Polly to sail and this was a source of Groat excitement. And very pretty indeed she looked Riding the Waves so gracefully As Harold and Jack in turn keeping the Tow string Well in hand guided her along the coast. The morning passed All too soon and it wbb Early time to go Home to dinner and Harold was drawing the Little yacht slowly Inland once More when suddenly the string snapped and before he could realize what had happened a big wave and a Strong Breeze had carried the saucy Polly far beyond reach. A ooh Harold a cried Jack. Quot its gone our dear Little boat whatever shall we do a Quot Bow wow Quot said Rover and he gave Rover and the children. His big head a knowing shake As much As to say Quot a know quite Well what to do and what a More. I m going to do it a then with another deep reassuring Quot Bow wow a he plunged into the sea and was soon swimming in hot Pursuit of the saucy Polly. The children watched with breathless interest As they saw the dog reach the boat seize Ligand then turn and began to swim quickly Back to the Shore. How they cheered and encouraged him and when at last the boat was Laid safely at their feet they simply fell on his neck and hugged him All heedless of his dripping coat and of the Shower Baths which he Shook Over them. And this was not the Only occasion during that Holiday in which Rover proved himself a Gallant rescuer. One Day a Little girl was playing on the rocks when she suddenly slipped and fell into deep water and the Brave dog almost before anyone had realized the Accident swam to the child s Rescue and brought her safely to Shore very Little Tho worse for her wetting. And then of course Rover was made More of than Ever acid became the spoiled pet of All the children. They Don t do it. We have All read that in South America and Africa Coco Anuta Are secured by men who go into the forests and throw stones at the monkeys in the Trees. The monkeys got mad and pick the nuts and hurl them Down. We Are now told that nothing of the sort Over occur. Tho coconuts Arp got by men climbing the Trees and the men May. Be in Tho Forest for Days and not see a Monkey. _ about the Only thing we can believe about the Monkey is that he is a great joker when in his Cage in the zoo and. That if he can grab a boys Straw hat that boy is cure to go Home bareheaded. If there was any Way that he could hire out to a circus head be the Star performer of All. Well named 8moky City. Pittsburg the second City in size in Pennsylvania which was named in Honor of the prime minister of England after port Duquesne built on spot by the French had Quot been captured by the English in 1758, derived the name of. Smoky City from tie immense consumption of soft Coal due to the great Iron and steel industries cantere d there. It is told in the old Days that a traveler to the West when he passed through Pittsburg supposed that he had gone through a Long Tunnel in the alleghenies. There was much Relief from the Smoky conditions for a period when natural . Was used in the City furnaces but the Lack of Supply in so great abundance of its use in place of soft Coal led to a return to former conditions and now the name Smoky City adheres More firmly than Ever to the place. The smile busted. Teachers Freddy you must not laugh out loud like that in the schoolroom. Ltd a a Freddy i did t mean to do it. I was smiling when All of a sudden the a mile busted. Powered with Beauty and Talent miss Mary Mannering is now starring in a glorious she is soon to commence a Long engagement at Dalys theater new York. Laugh with out knowing Why successful comedian s idea As to the average audience. David Montgomery of Montgomery amp Stone says that three fourths of a shows Success is due to the laughs it contains. A a poor show in every other Way often will win Success if it has plenty of Good Tolces and amusing situations a a he says. A the same show with its other features improved and the laughs eliminated often will fail miserably. A the Best scenes Are accidental. I was sitting in my dressing room in a new York theater Quot said the comedian a when i noticed a cock Roach crawling along the wainscoting. All at once it occurred to me that it would be a Good idea to put that cock Roach. In the englishman a soup when it came time for me to serve him in the first act of the a red a few weeks later i got the idea that it would be a Good scheme to crush the cock Roach under spy foot after removing him from the soup and now that faithful insect is a nightly Martyr to the cause of no Joy Bells in this. There has been controversy concerning the authority of Blanche Walsh a play a the straight it was written by Clyde Fitch especially for miss Walsh but it has been suggested in Many quarters that Theodore Kremer had a hand in it. This same suggestion has come up before in connection with some of or. Fitch s plays and though it is not complimentary to him he has never before a written directly on the Why discuss it a writes or. Fitch in a personal letter. A i can to see that it admits of discussion. The information and direct statements that Theodore Kremer has written one or any of my plays or collaborated with me in any Way Are false and unfounded. A the straight Road was written by me As were All the plays signed by my name. A wherever i have collaborated the collaborators name has appeared with my own on the Bill of the play. I imagine Bome Friendly press agent is having his Little joke at or. Kremers a disposing of Mansfield a plays. Although no disposition As yet has been made of the scenery and effects of the Many productions made in the last ten years by the late Richard Mansfield his widow has arranged with a firm of play brokers for the Stock company rights of Many of the plays in which the noted actor played the Stellar roles. These plays include a Ivan the terrible Quot a the Scarlet letter a Quot or. Jekyll and or. Hyde a a a parisian Romance a Quot the misanthrope a a Nero a a Napoleon Quot and Don it has been decided that a Beau Brummel a one of the most successful plays in the Mansfield repertory will not be leased for Stock performances. It was in this play that the actor was appearing at the time of his marriage and As a matter of sentiment mrs. Mansfield will not agree to have the play included among those rented out to Stock organizations.,High Praise for actor. Italian critic declares Ermete Novella Quot stands a translation from la proc Lucia did Brescia a ted aug. 26, says that the eminent italian actor Ermete Novella who shortly will begin a so Ason of 12 weeks under the Shubert management in new York was Given Quot a Public exhibition of the great affection and esteem in which he is held a at a reception held recently at the Teatro social. He appeared in the character of Louis Xii a and according to la pro Vincia i Brescia he was greeted with Quot Long and enthusiastic we a a get from the italian critics opinion of Novellin a work in this character Quot Ermete Novella makes of Louis i. A marvelous creation depicting a figure bigoted blood thirsty striving to prolong an unworthy life in a manner powerful and dramatic. This characterization of Ermete Novell is Well known at the social. It must be admitted that no other actor can compare with him in this part All Are inferior to this versatile Genius who stands alone the Only one of his about stage Folk. By arrangement with Charles Froh Man miss Nance of Neil s manager Charles Dillingham has secured the Pinero pipe a this House in order a for the use of his Star. Miss of Neil will play the part of the wife Nina in which miss Illington was seen to such advantage last season. William Courtney has been engaged As leading Man for miss Clara blood Good who will make another attempt to awaken interesting the Fitch play a the truth a in which she was seen Here last. Season and in which miss Marie tempest has been so pronounce Day successful in London. Burr it Mclntosh an actor who Haa played Many important roles in the past. Including Taffy in a Trilby a to Vernon the Blacksmith. In Quot in Miz Zoura a a David Bingley in a the governor of Kentucky a and he title role in a pud do head Wilson a has returned to the stage. During his retirement he has been interested in Art photography but now is appearing in vaudeville in a a a play let entitled a the colonel a a Christmas Quot hip hip Hurrah a is the title selected by Joe Weber for the new musical piece in which he will begin the season at his new York music Hall Early in october. Maude Adams plans. Charles Frohman has arranged a Busy year for his favorite Star. Miss Maude Adams. Beginning the latter part of this month she will undertake another tour in a Peter pan a going As far South As new Orleans. Then she returns to new York for her annual engagement presenting the Barrie fantasy during Christmas and new years weeks. On Jan. 6 miss Adams will appear in a Quality Street a and a week later will be seen for the first time in the new poetical play from the French a Les Buff on a which 1 to be called a the Oak which held deed to ground on which it stood. Admirer of the Noble tree at Athens ga., insures it against ruthless destruction by Man. A land owning tree in a sense All Trees Are land owning Trees in that they possess the ground on which they stand but probably the Only tree in the world possessing a deed to itself is one of the interesting and historic relics of Athens a. This magnificent Oak stands in cob him the fashionable residential District of Athens and it is ranked above the common Trees of the world. It stands straighter and holds it head More proudly than the Trees around it seeming to realize that it is a property Holder and cannot be touched against its will that is if the conditions of the deed Are carried out. The tree is tall and symmetrical its great limbs Are shaped As if by the hands of an artist and under its Shade several generations have sheltered themselves from the heat of distorted playfully in frolic and amusement while lovers have found it an inviting spot to enjoy their Moonlight strolls. Recently George Foster Peabody a new York philanthropist erected a substantial Iron Chain Fence around the sturdy old Oak. He was familiar with its history and said that he hoped the provisions of the deed would never be violated. The records at the county courthouse show that in the Early part of the eighteenth Century col. W. H. Jackson a son of gov. James Jackson and father of chief Justice James Jackson of the Georgia supreme court owned the land upon which this tree stood. From his Early childhood col. Jackson had watched the tree grow and he grew to love it As much As he would a human being. Its juju Riant foliage had often protected him from the Sun and the rain and from its branches he had taken eggs from the nests of the feathered songsters. In manhood col. Jackson saw his favorite tree standing in its magnificent proportions and he was pained to think that after his death it might fall into the hands of those who might destroy it. Believing that the Only Way to save the tree from the a. Of the woodsman was to. Deed it to itself he sought Legal advice and ascertained that such a deed would be binding and would prove a safeguard against its destruction. Col. Jackson went to the courthouse and had Tho deed recorded in the Cleint s of Loco. It reads "1. W. H. Jackson of the county of Clarke of the first part and the Oak tree giving location of the second part witness eth Quot that the said w. H. Jackson for and in consideration of the great affection which he bears said tree and his great desire that said tree be protected for All time has conveyed and by these presents does hereby convey unto said Oak tree entire Possession of itself and All land within eight feet of it on All Athens was then a struggling Village and the Oak tree was nearly two Noble Oak which owns land on which it stands. Miles from the buildings of the state University the Only buildings of much consequence. Streets had not been Laid out to any extent and when Tho work of Street making for Tho new educational Center began ran his lines so As to place the tree in the Center of Dearing Street. Tho land around the tree of tilde of the eight feet to which it holds title was sold to different parties but the wishes of col. Jackson As expressed in his deed were scrupulously respected. Unmolested in the Possession of its landed interests the old tree has stood for More than a Century and with the Best possible care taken of it by the City guardians and citizens it gives Promise to rounding out Many years yet. Has i ja�3 consolidated Stock Exchange of new York makes a move. Classical piece of architecture Cost with the ground Over a million dollars a House. Warming in Prospect. New York City has Many Stock exchanges namely the Stock Exchange the Cotton Exchange the produce Exchange the Coffee Exchange the maritime Exchange and the consolidated Stock Exchange. This last named business organization is the last to get into Large and modern quarters and it is1 with a Good Deal of Pride that the members of this Exchange Are looking Forward to the coming House warming when the building will be formally dedicated. The old quarters had been occupied for 20, years and was far from suitable for the present needs. The new building is advantageously located in the heart of the financial District within one Block of the new York Stock Cotton and produce exchanges. The site was purchased at a Cost of �z870,000, or $72.50 a Square foot and is said to have considerably increased in value owing to other important building operations in the Vicinity. It contains 12,000 Square feet. The building has been in process of construction for some months the Corner Stone having been Laid with appropriate cd re monies last january 21. It was erected at a coat of $300,000. It is classic in style the Broad Street front showing a Row of ionic columns and is Limestone on a base of Granite and surmounted by a dome. The Board room is about five feet a above the a Broad Street level Steps leading from the sidewalk Ali along that Side of the building to three Large entrances. Practically the whole of the Broad Street front Back of the columns is one immense window giving with the Side windows and a skylight in the dome an abundance of Light. The trading floor about 95 by 82 feet gives increased space to badly needed to accommodate the increasing business and the Many new members who Are replacing those less Active. There will be 16 trading posts for Railroad and Industrial stocks besides a Post for Loans of Call and time Money the mining Stock department and the wheat pit. The system of Call numbers consisting of a set of nearly 500 transparent numbers for the More Active members behind which lights of different colors indicate whenever members Are called at their telephones of the main floor or Beaver Street Entrance is elevate on the southerly Wall. An electric clock of White Marble surmount this Annunciator Board. The timepiece is unique and said to be the Only one of its kind in any Exchange. It strikes automatically the opening hour ten o clock and signals again at a Quarter after two the recognized limit of time for the delivery of stocks and at three o clock it sounds the closing Gong followed by a vibrating Bell which rings for 15 seconds. The Rostrum for the chairman is of Ehst India mahogany and has been greatly admired As an unusually Fine specimen of this Wood because of its color and training. The Telephone spaces Are mainly on the South Side of the room. Long distance Telephone Booths a smoking room and a Branch office of the Clearing House Are on the East Side. The visitors gallery is on the same Side and on the same floor As the executive officers while on the fourth floor Are Tho Board of governors room and committee rooms. The Clearing House has ample accommodations on the second floor of the office portion of the building. According to the Book. A would you mind letting your husband accompany me to the train a queried mrs. Neighbors. Quot my husband is Laid up with a sprained ankle you i would be Only too glad to accommodate you a replied mrs Homer Quot but the Bible forbids Quot the Bible forbids it a echoed the astonished mrs. Neighbors. A Why what in the world do you mean Quot a Well Quot answered mrs. Homer a you know it says it is not Good for a Man to be a
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