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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - November 30, 1907, Galveston, Texas To por a of a it Century the opera Gir ass Bas worked in orb into rest of Bea Wall City. 9 Frisz i the sea Wall the Grade raising Alib. The opera Glass who 35�zake Galveston the soutep8 largest Best City and port. T a. A a a. A a a la a established 1879 Galveston. Texas. Saturday nov. To. 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 19 a modern Knight. Tho Dravo struggle of Little Jack and How he won out. There Woro three of them and they wore ail Little Barbara Quot Jack and ted. Quot the big big baby the middling sized baby and the wee woe baby Quot papa ubed to Call them. Ted Tho we wee baby assumed quite awful airs even Barbara stood aghast at them As for patient Little Jack he gave in without a struggle an outward struggle i mean. He was the bravest Little Chap you Ever saw. With his great serious Brown eyes he took in the situation and accepted it in the funniest Wisest Way. He even tried to pet and pacify. Barbara Ned wondered that she should expect papa to carry her upstairs or should ask Mamma to Rock her to sleep. He loved daddy and Mommy too Well to bother them and ted took a great Deal of their time. Now because Jack was such a Little gentleman he had a Good Many hard tilings to Bear. He web oftener asked saw a Lovely Robin redbreast. To Quot give he never made a fuss As Barbara did so it was easier to ask him to be unselfish. His turn for Quot goodies came last a because you know Barbara was a girl and ted a Jack smiled Down his personal inclinations took what came his Way and was loved by a very one for his. Beautiful disposition. People loved him but they did not Tell him so half often enough so How would he know now when he Wixs three a terrible calamity befell him his Mother was taken ill and it Wab decided that one of the. Children should be sent away to visit aunt Maragret Barbara stamped her feet and howled so dismally at the Mere idea that she should go that Teddy joined in and for an hour there was a scene. Jack blood looking on silent and fearful. It ended As he. Knew it would end he the a Little Middle one had to take what the others would not Havo and go to aunt Margaret. Away he wont away from the Mother to adored and Tho Home that was so sweetly familiar to his Loyal childish heart. Aunt Margaret saw the struggle on Tho Bravo Little face beside her. Sho had no children and so perhaps had time to notice Toro the children of other mothers. Sho was too also to pretend to buy Jack s Smullo with Candy or toys but All Tho Way on Tho train she told him splendid stories of i Roos who were great because they there unselfish and True hearted. And by the time they reached their journeys end Jack forgot much of his suffering and began to wonder if he tried very hard if he too could to a hero some Day a Knight of Little than go one night when aunt Margaret was putting him in bed Sho said Quot see what a great Fine bed for one Little boy to lie in Quot Jack gulped remembering his own tiny crib. A a did did you Ever notice my my Mother s bed Quot to whispered. Quoth b most a mile. Big. It can hold daddy Mommy Barbara ted and me mornings that Mommy feels Well you Darling Quot cried aun Margaret a what would t i give to have you for my own to keep forever a a the thought made Jack half sick. To Law awake for a full hour cold with fear that aunt Margaret might insist upon keeping him away from the scenes for which to was yearning the next morning he was in the stable with Uncle Tom. Quot i say Jack a said his Uncle Quot come own up now you Haven t anything Home As Fine As this big live horse have you Quot a maybe not so Fine to look at a smiled Jack Quot but i do i d rather have my Jack nag rocking horse that my Mommy gave Uncle Tom looked sharply at the boy and there was an expression on the Stern Little face that touched the Many a heart. From that moment he ceased teasing. Quot i Tell you what a he said in a new voice Quot when you Are ten years old you shall have a Pony of your own. It will not be As Nice As Jack nag nothing Ever will be my boy but you will enjoy it by that Quot thank you Quot smiled Jack in his old Wise Way and he began to love Uncle Tom As he had never expected to do before. Spring came Early that year while Jack was visiting and for the first time in his life he saw a Lovely Robin redbreast. It was hopping on the Green Lawn and making a vivid picture. Jack was taken quite out of himself. Quot look auntie Quot he cried. Quot there a a Birdie with a red shirt on i never saw such a pretty Bird a it is a Robin Darling a answered aunt Margaret. A you do not have Many in the Jack gave a Start. Had he wronged his Home by the admission hib Small face grew troubled. A a we we have sparrows a he flashed out suddenly a and you know. Aunt Margaret that it was a Sparrow who killed the Robin in the Story. I gues3 Robins must be bad even if they Are pretty for i m sure Tho sparrows would not kill them for aunt Margaret just hugged him then and said that she would always like sparrows better because Jack was their friend., a week later. A letter came saying that Jack must come Home. They could do without him no longer. Of How he thrilled and dimpled. His aunt and Uncle hated to give him up but they smiled at his Joy. A have i been a Good boy a he asked the night before to went. Quot More than Good a said his Uncle a a you re a perfect Little gentleman and and a Trump Quot a you Haven to seen me cry have you a he asked his aunt anxiously. A no you dear child Quot she said nestling him closer. A you Are a Brave Well a with a relieved sigh Quot i am glad of it. It would have been Bolm poll to tvo had dust in my eyes a Good Many times and sometimes i was a Arnld you might think i was crying Quot. Uncle Tom Rose at this and came Over to Tho Little night Robed figure Quot Shako hands old Man Quot he cried. A a you re the kind that make heroes of. There a a Bright new Dollar and when you go Home i Hope All be As proud As we Are of the Little Middle one Quot a Washington Star the electrified envelope it will cause Tho Balah cod walking stick to move. Have a care that you try in dry weather. Take a walking stick will follow card. Sheet of thin paper and rub it with a Brush in one hand in a Little while it will become charged with electricity and will stick As though glued to your to your clothes without your being Able to shake it off. Now a Lect Fly a Sheet of thicker Sapor or a postal card and you will perceive As in the Case of sealing Wax Glass Sulphur or resin that it will attract Light bodies such As scraps of Cork or Little balls of elder pith. Balance a walking stick on the Back of a. Chair and you May safely Lay a Wager that you will cause it to fall off without touching it or even blowing pm it and without interfering with the chair. First dry your cardboard Well before an open lire then rub it energetically on your sleeve and present it to Ono of Tho extremities of Tho Cane. The walking stick will follow the card As though the latter were a Magnet until its equilibrium is upset and it will Straightway Tumble Oil the chair As you prophesied. Instead of a walking Cane,1 you May balance a Al skiing Rod on Tho Back of a chair or one of those Long bamboos that Are occasionally used As handles for Feather dusters. Both will follow the electrified card and the latter especially makes an effective Experiment that is clearly visible to everybody experiments Minnie Maddern Fiske a owl. a a a amp in a a Well known to american theater goers. Sheehan s a ups and Downs. First attempt of Well known Tenor in grand opera. Joseph Sheehan the Well known Tenor was in new York recently recruiting a grand opera company. Among others Sheehan engaged William Wolf. Quot Joe Quot said Wolf one Day shortly after a when i discovered you and got you a Job ten years ago i never thought you would be hiring until three years ago Wolf was a member of the Savage companies. He Sang for a number of years in the old Castle Square organization in the Spring of 1897 Savage needed a Tenor. Wolf heard a performance of Quot Pinafore Quot in Philadelphia and singled out Sheehan As a promising Tenor. That Friday Sheehan was Given the Tenor score in a Ca Velleria a with instruct. Tips to be ready for. A performance in Washington monday Light he had never Sung in grand opera and he confesses now to being badly frightened. 1 Ltd i went on at the Lafayette Square theater Quot said Sheehan a and during the opera i had a scene with Wolf,1 where i was supposed to give him his Cue note. I missed it about an octave. Wolf found a his Way about somehow and we got through the scene. Quot a was i awfully bad Billie a i whispered to him. Quot you were Rotten a he told me out of the Corner of his Mouth. A i was dressing in the Lafayette on the basement to floor and t fainted dead away when i got to the foot i of the . Nerve that won jobs. About stage Folk. Clyde Fitch is now at work on his first musical libretto. It is to be called miss Fluffy ruffles Quot and when it is completed Charles. Freliman will Star miss Hattie Williams in it. George Broadhurst author of a the Man of the hour a has gone to his Winter Home in Florida to Complete the manuscript of a new play he is writing for n. C. Goodwin. Burney Gerard and Harry von tii Zer Are to write the Book lyrics and music for a two act musical comedy entitled Quot town talk or the big Ray Comstock and r. H. Burnside will produce a the Yankee girl a a new musical comedy in december. The music was written by Gustav Kerker. A miss Maxine Elliott has arrived in now York to prepare for a season in under the Greenwood tree a a comedy in which she has been unsuccessfully appearing in London. Miss May Robson recently made her metropolitan debut As a Star at new York As aunt Mary in Quot the Jet Sjuve. Nation of aunt Mary a which was dramatized for her. From the novel of the same name by mias Anne Garner the author. Stories of players who Are now a Quot Quot. Well known. Quot to have nerve is an expression so often used in the derogatory sense that few realize How much the Possession of nerve has had to do with the Success of Many players. I Here is no More gearing incident of nerve than that exhibited by Ada Lewis when she first made up her. Mind to adopt a dramatic career. Miss Lewis presented herself at the Baldwin theater san Francisco and asked for a position. When she received the reply Quot All full a instead of going Hogue she went to the Side of the stage where some extra girls were waiting to rehearse. When the girls shouted a Hurrah Quot she also shouted when they ran she ran and in fact did whatever these girls did remaining throughout the rehearsal. At night she appeared for the performance and As miss Lewis said a the manager allowed me to say undoubtedly believing that such colossal nerve should be May Irwin has often Given evidence of possessing mias Irwin was at one time desirous of asking an important favor from Richard Croker lie a being the Only one who could Grant it. She unfortunately knew no on Ltd who knew or. Croker so she decided to Call him on the Telephone. She told him she had a letter to him and wanted to know when she could present it. He told her he would see her Uius following morning. Now that Sho had the appointment she was at a loss what to do As she had a a ribbed Quot and did not have any letter. Somehow she managed to get the letter and Cha favor As Well. Becoming desperate after asking for work and being turned away from Ninny Heaters Edgar Selwyn resorted to nerve. He Learned that William Gillette a company had not been completed although the stage manager had told him a nothing doing when he went to the theater. So to decided to Call on or. Gillette. To sent up his card and wrote Quot important on it. Or. Gillette sent for him to come up and was much taken Back when he found what or. Selwyn wanted. However he gave the actor a card to Tho stage manager which or. Selwyn presented with a lordly air. He got Tho Job and from that time he has had no trouble in getting a position. _ i by telling the stage manager that he i knew a Pinafore a Frank Daniels got his first Chance tin the stage. After the performance Frank Daniels heard the stage manager speaking of trouble. Thinking that he might be so designated he overheard the manager saying a that Little fellow Over there knew the opera can to sing a note of it. Said lie had been on the stage never saw a somehow the comedian managed to Uoo on. It 1 men pm c for High Collar easy to make your own pattern at Home. Some imp6rtant Points to keep in mind and the rest is easy be careful not to let the material pucker. To Cut a High standing Collar without a pattern or rather to make your own pattern take the exact measure of your neck top and Bottom. Jot Down on paper then draw a pattern like the illustration Given. If the Collar fastens in the Middle of the Back then the Middle of the front is on a straight fold. One important Point to re Mem. Ijeh a a �t4nd\��j Cohn Cir Ltd t Ber is to have the Collar As straight As possible that is not to have too curved edges. The More circular a Collar is in Cut the thicker and larger the Throat looks. See to it that the neck line of the Waist is High which in itself will help in having a straight Collar. The height or Tho Collar front and Back is not decided on usually making it a half Inch or More higher at the Back Mark the height for the front on Tho Edge of the Puper which represents the fold of the material then measure across the Bottom Edge the number of inches for half of the neck measure and make a Dot. Measure straight up from thib Dot from one Liaf to one Inch and put a Mark there. Draw a Lino slightly curved from this Mark to the Bottom Edge of the paper in Tho Middle of the front. This will give the lower Edge of the Collar. Measure up in the Middle of Tho Back from the height it is to be in the Back put a Dot there then measure from the Dot marking the height in the Middle of the front to the Quot height Quot Point in the Middle of Tho Back and put a Dot where Tho right size for the top of the Collar comes. Connect the top and Bottom in Tho Middle Back by a straight Lino then draw a line curving slightly like Tho Bottom on connecting the two Points at the top. This can be Cut out and used As a pattern. This pattern does not allow for any lapping so if the Waist buttons half the Width of the hem must be allowed beyond the Middle of the Back. Cut the cloth out exactly As Tho pattern was made putting the Middle of the front of Tho pattern on a straight fold of the goods and allow Suli Clent for seams All around Square off the Corners turn right Side out and use an Ivory stiletto to get the Corners Well in shape. Holding the Waist wrong Side next to you. Pin the Middle of the Waist to the Middle of the Collar then pin the Collar and Waist together at the ends and Baste carefully together the stitch on the machine after which the seam should be clipped nearly to the stitching at intervals All the Way. The neck of the dress is quite curved and this clipping makes it set better then the wrong Side of the Collar is clipped on the Edge basted and hemmed Down. Care must be taken not to pucker the material at All. Many women have been obliged or have preferred to replace Long bilk gloves not by a new pair but by Short ones which they sew to the perfectly Good arms of the old ones. This seam however makes an unsightly line which immediately proclaims Economy to All the world. One Clever woman crocheted instead of sewing the parts together. The crocheted band was in a pretty pattern and of silk to match the gloves in Shade was an ornament in place of blemish and for months her friends haunted the stores in a vain search for a counterpart. Not Only does the crocheting improve the appearance of the old gloves but it also lengthens them and relieves that distressingly a a Short feeling often present in inexpensive kinds. Darker blouses Are modish. Change in style that has much to recommend it. There Are innovations in the province of the ready made Blouse this season. Heretofore it has been possible to buy White blouses of silk Satin crepe Chiffon or lace in almost any degree of elegance but the dark Blouse has usually been of Tho simplest sort clinging to shirtwaist lines or departing from them with unsatisfactory results. The woman who wanted a truly smart dark Blouse for Wear with a trotting frock was obliged to have it made and even then More often failed than not. For some time past the heavy durable Chiffon known As Chiffon cloth has been first favorite for the costume Blouse being sheer enough for com fort in our overheated buildings offering possibilities of dainties a and dres siness yet practical for All that. Dyed be Tbs and laces also claimed attention As Blouse materials and after them came the soft Silks an crepes. This fall Blouse makers who Supply the ready made models have been inspired to offer to their Trade blouses of Chiffon cloth thin voile net am lace in dark colors blues. greens. Blacks made after the fashion of the lingerie blouses without Bones or fitted lining. The Shear dark stuff is Laid Over a White Chiffon or Musselino or in some instances a sheer India bilk and affords All the Comfort of the unlined lingerie Blouse while echoing the color of the costume and looking warmer than the Blouse of Batiste or mull. In the richest materials. Afternoon and reception frocks Aro truly gorgeous. For afternoon and reception frocks fur plays an important part while Liberty Satin and velvet Are favorite fabrics. A very charming and characteristic coat of Black caracal is sketched by our artist. It is worn with a skirt of soft purple Liberty Satin and a purple Chiffon and Satin Blouse Tho Waistcoat consists of Pale Tan cloth worked in shades of purple Peacock Blue and Rose while the revers and neck let Are of Ermine. A touch of embroidery finishes the sleeve under the cuff of Ermine. Charming la the dark purple Felt hat with its. Thick inching of Black Satin ribbon and waving Paradis plumes
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