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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - November 27, 1909, Galveston, Texas Roslou Borg lib Rivra s Ffora flu . Of a Century the opera f Glass has worked in the interest of the sea Wau a itt. The sea Wall Tab ? Grade raising and the opera class wild make Galveston the South a largest Best Dettt and port. T i established 1879.galveston. Texas saturday nov. 27, 1909. Yol. Xxxi. No. 20. Where ponies Are raised Small animals profitably bred on a Pennsylvania farm arc Worth a Dollar Pound Alvo weight. At the Little town of Knox lilo pa., i ran. Against so to speak a unique enter Primo under the name of tho Quot Village Pony farm a Bays a writer in Rural now yorker. It is owned by o couple of gentlemen in the town who Are engaged in other. Business but who. And their Quot farming profitable. They have about 150 acres of Hillside pasture land Only a Short distance from town. In the. Village they have their barns and considerable room is required for Ltd the ponies. I should a judge that As much is Given them As is usually allotted to a Hunter and Fisherman Billy went a Hunting on tho Hillside a amp re not a beast did Billy find though he looked everywhere Billy went Pryl shins but the Pond was dry not a single Flash a fought he though for hours did he try. Trick with buttoned Cord. A pet and a Pony. Full glazed horse but the storage capacity for Hay need not be so much. Sixty five ponies Ore now in the lot i do not know whether to Call it flock Herd of what and i Quot presume some More might be added in a usual season. It is now so dry that any amount of pasture would be Short. It is Only about two years since the business was begun in Earnest and it is needless to say that a Large proportion of the ponies have been purchased. Quite a number however have been bred and the Colts Are find ing a ready Sale some of them at Only a few weeks of age. In that Case they Are delivered to the purchasers Only. After they reach the ago of four months. These Colts sell if of Good form and marking at $70 to ?125. A Pony four years old was pointed out to me that 1b valued at $160, and a pair of smaller ones Well matched. Are valued at .$500. It requires.-. Little More to keep these ponies than it does to keep a Good sized dog i was told. No Grain is fed unless for be anal reasons and they eat but a moderate Aiho unt of Hay. Breeding ponies is a Little difficult and i judge that one should not count too Many chickens before hatching. The business at. Pjs ars. To. Beat the Pigeon scheme a fall a a tallow Quot but it requires a Good Deal of. Capital to Start it extensively. Tho pm Lea even the stallions Are kind i d the Little girl in the picture now two years old goes up and throws her arms around the neck of any of then. That pair of Black Pontes to which i alluded weighs about s00 pounds. They appear to be under three feet High. You see they Are Worth a Dollar a Pound live weight. Language of Flowers. A red clovers Industry. Daffodil chivalry. ,-1. Wiite a a Daisy innocence. Forget me not True love. Goldenrod encouragement. Honeysuckle Bond of love Quot hyacinth jealousy. Myrtle love. Pansy think of to. Pink pure affection. White Violet modesty. Blue Violet love. White Rose i am worthy of you. Hawthorne you Are my divinity. Illustrations an explanation showing How obstacle May be Rev moved without tearing paper. Cut a piece of heavy paper in the shape shown in Fig.-1 and make two cuts Down the Genter and a Slit As Long As the two cuts Are wide at a Point about one Inch below then. A string is put through the Slit the Long cuts and Back through the Slit and then a Button is fastened to each end. The Small Slit should not be so Large As the buttons. The trick is to remove the string. The solution Fig quite simple says popular mechanics. Fold the paper in the Middle and the part removing the string. Between the Long cuts will form a Loop. Bend this Loop Down and pass it through the Small Blit turn the paper around and it will appear As shown in Fig 2.one of the buttons May now be drawn through and the paper restored to its original shape. Learning to relax. ,. Have you Ever noticed How you urge a trolley or a train Onward when you Ara in a hurry do you realize when you Are driving the machinery Forward with every tension of. Your body your mind tells you that nothing you can do will hurry you to the destination and yet you sit at the Edge of the seat twist and turn draw All the Muscles into hard knots. The car does not go one Inch faster because of All this exhaust of vitality on your part. You might just As Well keep still. It is not easy., to do no but it is so sane and helpful when you make up your mind to do it. You arrive at the end of the journey just As quickly As though you had worn yourself out and you feel rested and willing to go of with the other hours. Strictly logical Quot what do you think of the Appeal courts sending Morse to the Penitentiary Ai a it was tho Only logical position the court could a in what Way a a to Send tho ice Man to the cooler. Poor spelling to common important Branch of education seems to be neglected in 8choola of to Day. V misspelling among the educated or the supposedly educated is apparently on the increase a thanks it May be to the passing of the a spelling Bee Quot and to the crowding of tho school cur Rlou Lum with a multitude of studies unknown and undreamed of by our sturdy ancestors and thank also perhaps to the present movement for phonetic spelling which the indolent Are tempted to interpret a Quot spelling As you please a it in a-statistical1 analysis of the spelling of his students prof. Wll Clafli b. Bailey of Yale makes some startling revelations., of 171.,-Essaya written by seniors and juniors Only 26 were orthography Caily Correct while 14 per cent contained each in or More misspelled words and one Hetero graphic Genlue achieved 31 a mistakes of this sort a a there Ware �?~�3 misspellings is All and six especially. Troublesome words were Quot separate a a superintendent a a governor a a committee Quot a a comptroller Quot and �?oprivilege/1 the inst Masr que Rading. As Prev allege prlvlllge.prlv-. Hedge privilege and Prev pledge. A a a a a certainly the later years of a course in a great University Are not the occasion for remedying the do Al clenches of elementary studies in the common schools. Ill fares the school to latest fads a prey where courses multiply and the three res dial y. M. C. A. In Germany and America. There Are 1,990 Young menus Chrls than associations in. Germany Only 1,639 in America yet where the German associations have but 117,000 members the american have 446,000. And German association property holdings have a value of $2,400,000, contrasted with a value of 140,000, 000 in America. A dinner favors. We Are never too old to Admire things freely and the hostess who desires to give favors has a wide selection from which to choose for almost any occasion a Clever person with deft angers can make charming cards and Bonbon boxes the latter May be round or Square six or eight sided heart or Diamond shaped recently i saw Dainty Pink Satin boxes Oval in shape the cover bearing a photograph on Satin of tho ship on which the guest of Honor at this dinner party was to Sali. For bridal affairs the Monogram of tho Happy Jar in Gold on White Satin Are very elegant they May contain wedding cake or Bonbons Small baskets of various styles Are Lovely used As put or sweetmeat holders sometimes an artificial or real Flower is tied to the handle for instance a Bunch of forget me not Ati a Farewell luncheon or pansies for a thoughts the wee Jardiniere in brass or China Are very popular for Favory containing one. Single Flower this Prim stiff style of decoration is very effective especially used with a round table each Jardiniere contributes to the Circle that is formed by one at each place. Many of the new place cards Are made to stand upright especially when a figure Motif is used and for some bridal or pre nuptial affairs Little dolls dressed As Bride and Groom and maids either form the Centrepiece under a suspended wedding Bell or there is a figure at each plate bearing the name card dealers furnish Bell shaped boxes for weddings. In fact nearly every design is obtainable or May be ordered. A list of wedding anniversaries. Every so often the query comes for the list of wedding celebrations it has been a year now since tho a list appeared and we reprint for the Benefit of the Many who ask for it. Wedding anniversaries. First year Cotton. Second year paper. Third year leather. Fifth year wooden. Seventh year wooden. Tenth year tin. A a a a twelfth year Siut and Flo Unen. Fifteenth year Crystal twentieth year China. Twenty fifth year Silver. Thirtieth year Pearl. Fortieth year year Golden. Seventy fifth year Diamond. Meaning of Rosemary. The correspondent who asks the meaning of the word a Rosemary Quot May be glad to know that tho word Means a fragrance a and i am Suro she will to Happy to have a copy of the dear Little verse let Given below which was written by Alice Fenn cof amp non the first birthday of a dear child whose mothers name was Mary. While it was hot written for publication,-1 feel that Ever Mother who has a a a Rosemary should have the winsome neb so Here they Are in our department although they do not come under the class of a novel entertainments a it would be most appropriate to read them at a a a Rosemary so birthday part to Rosemary. When the bleat Mother Mary in Nazereth far away worked for the Little Christ child by the Brook at Dawn of Day. She took his tiny garments \. And spread them in the Bun. Upon the plants of. Rosemary. And dried them one by one. The Dainty leaves were mindful of the Urien sheer and Whita and held it to the breezes. And spread it to the Light and log a Subtle fragrance. Was left upon the. Plant arid to this Day the Rosemary with spies is Ema Narit. Dear maid tour Mother Mary give you this name so Sweet. For in you the fragrant Rosemary. And the sunny child soul meet. Supper parties. The informal old fashioned supper party at which All the viands Art placed on the table is being revived especially for sunday evening. No servant need be in attendance perfect Freedom reigns each guest feels at Liberty to contribute his services toasting bread making some delicate concoction in the chafing dish mixing a salad or brewing the Coffee or Tea. These spreads May be before or after evening service or after the theater. A Mother can do More by having such affairs for her Young people at Home than by any amount of preaching or talking at club on a How to keep our Young people at homo.�?�. Meaning of foreign a words on menu j cards. Go Many Young correspondents have asked the meaning of foreign words on menu cards that i give a few and will give More some other time will All interested please Cut out and keep for future reference cafe Coffee. Dem Waese after dinner end of Coffee Frappe Semi or half Frozen. Fricassee Stew. From age choose. Glace cd Frozen. Cafe a Lalta Coffee with hot milk. Neuf Chatell a soft Swiss cheese. Parmesan an italian cheese. Timbales pie crust baked in a Mold. Croutons bread Fried in squares used for soup , garnishing Bouillon a Clear Broth usually of beef. A grating dishes baked prepared with menu Bill of fare. Puree intr Redenta rubbed through a Sieve usually tho Terra Given a thick strained soup a Quot Tutti fruit la various kinds of fruits chopped Tine. Consomme Clear soup. Just Gravy or juice of meats. Madame Merea autumn styles use. Of Gold lace. Gauzy a Gold lace is a favorite combination in the evening gown of diaphanous fabrics for the tiny sleeve and to Ker. Which the smartest mod Quot Els Hovy. A Black Liberty Satin Princess gown to finished is Ono of the seasons Best models. Frocks for child the. Sketches shown a Here give a Good idea of the latitude in autumn styles a yet there is no distinct fashion nor a distinct change in the Tilhou Ette of the fashionable woman As there was last year when , Directoire first Carnein. The Moyet age gown with the Long Cuirass Bod acc plaited skirt and tho Sash tied Over the Knees is unbecoming to almost every one yet it has been popular during the latter part of the summer. But few women who have seen it on others or who have worn these fish wife garments will care to try a now Experiment of tho same Ebert. The High Waist line is still found on Many of the Best models yet there heed be no particular Waist line at All for fashion permits the Waist line at the Normal place or a Low Louis Quinze pointed Belt line is also first coat which might to used for a maternity garment is of Black Satin cloth with a Large Watteau Plait in the Back and a blight gathering in front fastened with very Large Jet buttons. The Collar which is Albo of Satin edged with velvet and the Small White lace Jabot form part of the coat. A the second costume is a tailor made in Homespun of a greenish Gray. A be jacket Cornea a Little below the hip and models the figure without really fitting it. It is trimmed with bands of material stitched and ornamented with Large Button which like All the Best , a re of highly polished Wood inlaid with a greenish looking wooden Button Are quite tho rage and come in the most marvelous. Combination a both of color and polish. A the last figure is an afternoon dress of embroidered crepe de a Hino in Pale yellow. The Robe is a sell Flat Long Princess Andis draped about the Knees with a wide embroidered Sash. The Walter Raleigh coat which hangs from the shoulders is of Fine Gauze with Silver embroidery and an edging and Collar of Sable these extraordinary Coats Are a momentary. Freak of fashion and Are naturally not intended to give warmth but merely to enhance tho Cost and perhaps tho effect of tho costume. The figure on the left is a child s play frock of King s Blue Linen Over Glumpe of White Lawn. The figure on the right i a House frock for a child of embroidered heavy Linen edged with Blue band. Have taken to the Scarf accessory. Of Early victorian Days received with favor by the fashionable. One of the prettiest pieces of drapery that one can own this Winter is the Early victorian Scarf about three Yards Long made of Chiffon cloth on which Aro narrow bands of fur or Marabou. They Are a trifle Over a Yard wide. They Are worn across the shoulders and the ends drop Over tho arms. If one is tall it is riot amiss to have a Scarf the ends of which reach to the hem of the skirt.i1 for evening these Are made in vivid colors and for. Afternoons they Are in Black Taupo deep Violet and several shades of Gray. Ono of the most effective is of Black Chiffon cloth run with strips of Ermine. This is worn with a Princess gown of White Broadcloth and a poke Bonnet of Black velvet with Large Crown surrounded by upstanding Black tips. From the Back Are two streamers of Black velvet that fall to the floor. A older women and those in mourning will Wear the Long scarfs of Black Chiffon cloth banded with Black Lynx. Naturally these will hotbed worn Over Coats no matter How elaborate the latter May be. They used with one piece gown and would look absurd Over a skirt with a separate Blouse. There is not. Much danger however of the latter being adopted this year except for strictly informal Wear the White Blouse is confined this season within narrow limitations. This fact alone May somewhat reduce the exaggerated prices for also should go without saying that the Long sweeping scar should not be worn with a Small Jaunty hat. It needs a hat with a brim. It is not a in tho pictures with a russian Toque. First Aid to embroiderers a number of suggestions that hav amp it been proved to be essential to a Good work. Be careful in your Choice of Needles. Avoid one that is too Small for the1 thread wears it thin and toughens it. Mercerized Cottons can be used with an Ordinary Needle of tho right size a crewel Needle is Best for. Silk. In choosing a crewel Needle Toko those with Oval eyes and rather Short. They can be bought in mixed packages. Keep such a package in the work bag that you need not. Fall Back on the wrong kind of Emery is even More important in embroidery than in Ordinary sewing., a Sticky Needle makes Ono pull at tho work in a Way fatal to smoothness / a stiletto should form part of the equipment of every embroidery bag. Those of Ivory never rust the material. There is a new stiletto with a gauge that insures even sized holes. When doing a piece of work that will not Wash paste tissue paper Over the part that is finished and keep it rolled up with Trio embroidery inside a White apron and hands that Are frequently washed Are big helps in keeping work clean. Be careful in doing silk embroidery too near a window for out of doors where soot and dust blow on it. Wash a buttonhole Edge if possible before it 1b Cut out. It makes a firmer Edge and is less Apt to Ravel. In laundering coloured embroideries do if yourself unless your laundress not Only knows How but is willing to take time and trouble. Black moire hat. Parrots on umbrellas. One of the new fancies is to a fave a dark Green umbrella with a Long Black handle finished with a most Iii like Parrot. Ail the colors on the Bird Are perfect. It is already the trick among smartly dressed women to carry the handle upward so that the Bird seems to be sitting on the shoulder it is very difficult not to believe at a Short distance that the Bird is genuine. Quaint As the fancy la it is better than carrying a live marmoset lined with Black velvet. Or isl a Large Bunch of Violeta
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