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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - November 23, 1907, Galveston, Texas 1noit�fa�rr ubry for a Quarter of a the opera gi/a3s has worked in 0ph� interest of the sea a Fahlin City. A a a to of a a a a a a a a a it a a a a a thu sea Waiuli the Grade raising and the opera q&a8s, will make Galveston the South s i/arge8t, Best City and port. La established 1879 Galveston. Texas. Saturday nov. 28. 1907. a . No. 18 i Sophie a. Nordhoff Jung. Me woman doctor a Ann Arnljot admits women and Tho woman a Hospital medical College of Chicago Many state universities California Michigan Iowa and a Many other excellent schools furnish a thorough medical training to. The woman of to Day. It was a proud moment when the Johns Hopkins threw open its doors to women. Many a Blessing was poured upon the Heads of our pioneers of 50 years ago. This country is called the Paradise of women and to can Well understand Why when we look around us and see the responsible and honorable positions which women fill in every state of the Union. They Are physicians and surgeons to hospitals and dispensaries Obstet roelans in Public hospitals and private charities. There is hardly a Well regulated insane Asylum without its woman physician. Get by Sophie a Nordhoff Jung. It a a women doctors who practice curing the Middle Ages How sovereigns of the past. Have endeavoured to suppress the woman physician struggles of pioneers in american Over 6,000 woman doctors now in this country Queen of Portugal an m. Div Oman a difficulty in entering foreign medical1 schools a her final Triumph. 1 y it copyright it by Joseph b. Bowles / or. Sophia a. Nor Cihiy june we a born in Germany. Desiring to study Medicine Ohe came to the United states and took a thorough course in in Quot Washington becoming a Post graduate student in Jqhn he pulls Hospital in Baltimore lib Ter Sho studied in the Pasteur Institute in la a Ria and was. An assistant in. The band Loe quo. Hospital. Froni there she went to Munich and became resident assistant physician at the Royial University Hospital for women returning to want in ton at the end of her st idles she soon took High rank among the physicians of that City a. The question whether a woman should be a physician finds its affirm a Tulve answer in the history of Mankind. From Olnie immemorial the Oare of Tho sick Lias been in the hands of women. To Day the Only civilized nation which still opposes Tho study of Medicine by women Germany could learn a valuable lesson by looking Back into its earlier history. In Julie dense forests of ancient Germania we see the priestess the Wise woman who Nof Only performed her Sacerdotal duties but acquired a valuable knowledge of medicinal herbs with which she heated the sick and the wounded. With Many of the ancient tribes the Arf of Healing was entirely in the hands of women who alone understood the preparation of salves and medicament and who transmitted this precious Art from generation to generation. Behind the rows of the fighting warriors of the huns and goths followed the women to care for the wounded. Priestess physician nurse was the same woman in scandinavian Lii Orturo tie Nylon is made in the eco a and sagas of Tho great merits Ancl achievements of women physicians according to Tho Stu Lang Saga ingegard daughter of Ingvar established the a for to Quot us Plettl for women. Not Only in the land of Tho Midnight Sun but likewise in the extreme South of Europe do to find Tho medical woman mentioned. In Olden times. To Hoar of women physicians and surgeons in the ninth and tenth centuries in the then arabian Spain. Tremor a a a his a Quot Des orients a tolls a of women studying Medicine at Tho. University of Cor Dbvid during the arabian reign in the twelfth Century a women a a distinguished themselves at the University of Salerno hot Only As. Student but As professors. Or. Anna. Manzolli held the chair of Anatomy at. That most famous of italian universities. Bologna a anatomical1 Wax models made by be own hands Are even today on exhibition in the museum of that University. When in 1847 Elizabeth Blackwell of new York commenced to study Medicino Sho was generally looked upon As a Freak. The difficulties she encountered would fill volumes. Not satisfied with Tho Honor of Pioneer in her native country this intrepid Young woman went to England and succeeded after patient struggle in opening the doors of British schools and hospitals to women in 18 50. Another american woman was the first to enter the of Paris or. Mary Putnam Jacob in 1868. Has the woman doctor been a Success let. The numbers answer thib question. In 1850 there were eight women doctors in this country. In 1900 our number had swelled to 0,000. Switzerland admits women to that study of Medicine on the same footing with men since 18g4. And Many responsible positions Are filled creditably by them especially n hospitals for obstetrics gynaecology and psycho. Atry. Since 186s women have studied in prance and especially in Paris. One Lias a feeling of Equality with the other sex in lecture Halls and hospitals of France More than in any other country the United states not excepted. Great Britain has eight medical schools four for women Only and four where both sexes Are admitted Dublin Belfast Cork and the University of Durham in Newcastle on Tyne. When Cork opened its Schobl fears were expressed that mixed classes of men and women would be disadvantageous and that the admission of women would interfere with the Good order and discipline of the school. Evidence on these Points was sought of Rifai teacher in the Dublin and Belfast schools where the Experiment of mixed classes had already been made. The following answers were received a having been asked to express our a Quot opinion on the subject of the Hospital education of women medical students we the under Sijo a having had some years experience wish to state that we have found no difficulties arise in teaching men and women this it As signed by 23 of the leading Dublin physicians and Belfast the from or. Whitla physician to Tho Royal infirmary a i must say that the fears you refer to were never for one Nio ment real Izez i never saw the Presente of ladles in my class give Rise to the least embarrassment or difficulty either with the patients male students or nurses and As for myself i would willingly have half my class made up of such. At the College we no difficulty whatever that i know of. I have had them there in my lecture room and their presence seemed if anything to produce a very Good effect upon discipline.�?�, the University of Edinburgh is the Only one guilty of a retrograde movement. After Jiva Long opened. Its doors to women in 1869 it closed them again in 1874 in a manner which reflects no credit upon that institution. It the whole world knows what a civilizing agent the medical Vodian has been to India. In 1869 the first Wom a wont out there to her. Medical Mission and la 1896>there were. 1,900 women working in 133 hospitals entirely managed by women. The num Ber of patients treated that year was 1,054,387. By this time that number Lias almost doubled. Italy admits women to its medical schools since 1876 and no distinction is made Asto sex. The Queen of Italy has a Quot woman doctor. Portugal a Queen studied Medicine in Paris and is the Only crowned head who bears Tho title of m. D. In her country women study with men on equal footing. Emperor Alexander ii., by an Mukase in 1872, allowed women to study Medicine in st Petersburg but an Othor Mukase in 1885 deprived them again of this privilege. Sync i that line. Numerous russian students have gone to Switzerland and Paris to study and returned to their own country to tract co. About six. Yers ago a special medical school for women was opened in st. Petersburg. I Scandinavia admits women to Tho study of Medicine without Reserve. In Holland women even hold professorships in universities. Catharina void Tussenbroek a Well known specialist in gynaecology is a member of the examining Board of the University of Leyden and students who take their degrees have to pass her. Examination in gynaecology. Austria has at last Ndel Tod women by a decree of september 3, 1900, a privilege for which they have been striving since 1878. Japan wishing to keep Pace with other civilized nations has established a woman a medical College at Tokio. The family Mitsui gave the extensive ground and the citizens of Tokio sub it scribed 120,000. Petite French actress a favorite in musical productions of the american stage for overal Olcott a bad bet. How the Young Man lost two wagers on the actor Chauncey Olcott is somewhat conscience stricken a a rather unusual thing for an actor and the cause of his remorse came about in this Way one afternoon while to was rehearsing his company in new York a Young Man whom be had noticed in conversation with two other Meu in front of the theater left his companions and crossing the Street Saidt a i beg your Pardon but Are you Chauncey Olcott Quot. A no a responded the comedian Quot a to his a. A Uthon i lose my bet a exclaimed the stranger darting in front of a car and rejoining his companions. Or. Olcott saw him band Tjio men a Bill and not wishing the stranger to Iosa his Money he started in Pursuit to explain but there was a crush of traffic at the moment and he lost sight of them. A an hour later or. Olcott seas walking up Broadway when the Sanie Young Man approached him with another Man. Quot a Are you Chauncey Olcott who asked. 1 a by it amp i am and i want to say that when i told yet us a Little while ago that i was not i did t know Souhad a bet on . A Well i la be Blower to exclaimed the stranger. A that s two Beta. In be lost on you this afternoon. I just bet Jim Here a five spot that you weren t Chauncey Olcott and i thought i had a cinch a and he turned and walked dejectedly away. An accommodating Indian. \ people and plays. Mile. Yvette Guilbert made her debut on the legit Matej stage a at the varieties Carlsr ,1 in a new comedy by Louis artus entitled Quot la amour in Charles rec hah will resume the Rolp of. Kearney in a the Rose of the ranch when the tour of that play begins. Or. Lchman originated the character Wien the play was first pro-1 diced. Mrs. Leslie Carter Bas added a la Tosca Quot to her repertory for this season. Miss Carlotta Nillson will appear in the. Course of the season in several one act plays written by herself. Donald Robertson has put in rehearsal for Early production at Chicago his own dramatization of Alexander Dumas a Tho Man in the Iron or. Robertson was successful in this play when he presented it 10 Myra ago. Was even willing to marry to get imposition As an e6cort. During the engagement of e. I. Sot Liem in Xian Don last Spring the act or received a number of letters requesting him to inaugurate the serve ice of professional Quot escorts a which had been in Vogue during the engage Piet at the Lyric theater in new York. The duty of these escorts was to take lonely ladles performance. The news of this i Nova Tiba had preceded or. Sothern Sar rival in London and among the numerous applications in the escort corps the following perhaps waa the most amusing. It was sent by an in Jdant belonging to a wealthy Bombay family. He wrote % a i am member of a tip top Indian fatally Well known in London Paris and new Quot York and am one of the net heirs. I have Good Talent for original literacy work of an imaginative i idealistic nature. Air interest Iii Phreno logical Cliart bears out my views. I am however willing to change my career for a More adv eur on Ono for my present occupation does not satisfy my artistic craving hence i apply to you. I will not Only undertake to. Act As an escorts bul take charge of your whole organza ton As Weh and altogether relieve you of All anxiety on that score and make it a great Success. I am on aged to a Young lady and if mar ried Man is supposed to be bettor fitted for escort duties i am read to Complete that position in a very Short Juliet a Choice. Why Sho decided she would go to Marysville Seminary. There Wasny to a great Deal to choose Between them. Marysville Seminary was located near the mountains Ell Otford Seminary was surrounded by Beautiful lakes. Eio be James was go ing to enter Marysville while Laura Kford was about to become a student a at Eliot Ford and Laura were Juliet a particular chums. Now which school should she attend Juliet had by no Means arrived at a solution of this important problem up to this afternoon when with heels impatiently drumming a Tattoo she awaited the coming of Elloso and Laura. The three were going to take one of their customary trips together a the last before school terms would begin. Moment after moment flew still there was no sign of either of her two friends. To pass away the time Juliet began to think again of the a Seminary Riddle a As she called it but even that she gave up in despair glancing anxiously at the clock a she said to herself a i suppose ill five to attend Marysville half the time and Eliot Ford the other was now beginning to feel a Little annoyed at the non arrival of the King and the robbers. Story of a persian ruler and Hia advisers. Warfield refuses a million. David Warfield it is said has declined a proposition of $1,000,000 for a. Contract covering ten years in or Jim Ley to make has latest try for the approval of theatre goers under the management of David Belasko who first introduced him to the Public in serious roles. This great sum was to be guaranteed by real estate values and the actor was to risk no capital in Tho venture it was said that Nixon Zimmerman the Philadelphia firm of theatrical managers approached him on Tfaye subject during the run of Quot the music master last february. Or. Warfield said such an offer was made by Felt. Ishman of Philadelphia but could. Not Sziy for whom he was acting. A a. Marysville had won. Eloise and Laura. All at once she leaped to her feet Cheeks glowing and eyes sparkling. A a that a exactly what ill do a she exclaimed excitedly. A if Eloise comes for by ill go to Marysville and if Laura 1b first Eliot Ford will be my meanwhile Eloise and Laura were a having Little troubles of their own. Both lines of trolleys which they used had stopped running for some cause or other.1 after waiting for some time Eloise determined to walk. Laura blood in front of her House for a Long time until an automobile belonging to one of her friends came by. The Friend offered to take Laura on her Way and she was soon comfortably seated in the Auto. Ellse and Laura ascended the front Steps of Juliet a House at the very same time. Just then As Fortune would have it Juliet s brother came out. Of the Side Gateway. A Quot hello a shouted Dick Quot what about that entertainment Laura a Laura stopped to Chat with Dick for a moment about the entertainment their society was to give in the Morrow. In the meantime Eloise was admitted by n6ra.�?Philadelphia North american. A certain persian King while travelling in disguise with but few attendants was waylaid by robbers who threatened to take not Only his goods but his life. Feeling Quot powerless to inwardly nude a vow that if god would soften the hearts of these ruffians and restore him to safety he would distribute All Tho Money in his Treasury to the needy of his realm. The robbers were frightened Oit and the King reached his Palace unharmed except for Tho loss of his purse that he carried in his Girdle. Desirous of keeping his vow he summoned Halfe officers and commanded m saw. I he wa6 waylaid by robbers. Them to distribute All his Gold to Tho poor. But the officers were miserly and fearing that they would come out Short in the end j tried to Urgo the King to a amp Ange his mind pointing out his Folly to him by saying the kingdom would be in valved in difficulties. Finding the King still Romal Ned firm they argued thus a Are we thy servants not in need of Aid As Well As the poor Why not give us thy Gold and thus fulfil thy vow a bewildered at their false logic and desirous of doing right he sent for the Wise Man of his King done and determined to abide by his decision. The Sage asked the King Quot of whom were you thinking when you made the vow the poor or the Public servants a 1 instantly the Monarch replied Quot of the a then a answered Tho Wise Man Quot it is to the poor you Are bound to distribute these funds for you Are really Cit fulfilling your vow unless you do that which you intended to when it was a a a. The King did As the Sage advised. A True Friend. When a girl could really die for. A Man he is in a novel. 4-year-old Elsie and her Little Friend Margery one morning were sitting in a Back Pew while the reverend father was Reading mass relates the Philadelphia record. They became restless and before Long were making considerable commotion. The pastor was somewhat annoyed and after service he walked Down the aisle and. Reprimanded the tots. The Little ones were so occupied that they did not notice the Good Man until he was standing beside them. A what Are you doing Here children a he commanded. A a a a a nothing father a came meekly Elslo. A a Tell me then what is nothing a asked the pastor. Elsie looked up seriously and after a moment s pause said Quot shut your eyes tight father and you la see Choice of two evils the oldest and Best known evil was Ever More supportable than one thai was new and . Good investment. Wesleyan in the Westminster Section of London have acquired property valued at about $1,-225,000 and through Good investment have paid Only about $300,000 for it Story of a big Newfoundland dog and Hia Litt e mistress. Helen a father owned a Beautiful Newfoundland dog and Helen and the Large shaggy animal were fast friends. One Day while the child was Down at the Shore playing with her Little friends and Hunting for shells she wandered farther than the had intended and before she was aware of it she was standing on a Cliff alone with the water surging All about her. Of it was so still and Helen was so alone that she tried to scream but her Throat was dry and no sound came. Then she Felt her head get Giddy and was falling into the water when she heard a shout and saw something splash through the water toward her. She fainted but her Friend the dog had found her and dragging her by the apron he lauded her on a Safe place. Of course Helen was dripping wet but otherwise she was unhurt thanks to Good Doggie who never left her Side until she was ready to join her a Little playmates on the Beach. Sometime after Helen a father grew ill and died and the Newfoundland was inconsolable. He followed the mourners to the churchyard and onco there he stretched his big body Over his masters grave and kept guard. The members of the family tried by every trick to entice him Home but the faithful Friend would not go. They brought him fetid. This too he refused and a few Days later Helen found him lying dead Over her fathers last resting place. The same old Mother. A now Jamie Quot said a school teacher Quot if there were Only one pie for dessert and. There were five of you children and papa and Mamma to Divide it among How Large a piece would you get a Quot one sixth a replied Jamie promptly a Quot but a there would be seven people there Jamie. Don t you know How Many to Loeb seven goes into one a Quot yes my and i know my Mother. Shed say she Wasny to hungry for pie that Day. Id get a companion. Spoke two languages. The other Day a vols tor surprised a distinguished professor who was saying to his baby Quot on by no by e Mussy tick his footy tootsies a just then he caught sight of the via tor blushed and muttered no no you must not expose you pedal extremities by extending them beyond the protective covering of the blankets or you will Lay your system open to attacks of catarrhal a
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