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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - November 16, 1907, Galveston, Texas Impi it Al a a a a a a a o of a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a for a qty Ahter of a Century the opera i ass has work a in mtg interest of the sea Wau City. 9 the sea Wam the Grade raising and the opera Gilt ass win make Galveston the South s largest Best City and port. Al. A a established 1879 Galveston Texas saturday nov. 16. 1907. A vol. Xxix. No. 17 Lazy Dick. Quo got his Oll peso but he had Rea Lori to regret it. To had just cd to from Tho Golf links and he Flung he Musoli into Tho Hammock with a weary Yawn. Quot tired Quot asked Elsie in the Quot adoring Slater tone. Quot very dead boat in fact. Run upstairs and get my slippers there a a a what Quot a Book fell to Tho veranda floor with a thud As Susie sat erect lady was calmly eating buttered Toast and heeded him not. To took no out Ward notice beyond a shrug of his shoulders and brushed away the incident in preparation for a morning redo upon his wheel. It was to be a Long one Boho was delighted to find a. Plump Little bundle strapped to Hia Handlo bar. Lunch loomed up please Antly at midday when hot and dus it to to threw himself on the ground and opened Tho bundle he found therein his slippers with a line from Susle. A. A May these sandwiches prove Tough As Shioo , to fastened them up again and Boro them Back silently. The postman left them at the door Tho next Day in a Box. Another Day Dick kicked them from under the table where she placed them beside his chair. There was no hour of his life indoors which passed undaunted by Tho slippers. Even when the Tel lows went off camping for a week the slippers wore somehow smuggled in with the Luggage. A Dick grew sick of the very sight of them and tired o trying to keep his temper when Tho family smiled. Flung himself into the Hammock. And. Stared at him a did. I hear. You ask a girl to fun upstairs and get something for you a a sure my slippers. Elsie a a Brick. She knows her poor Little Bud is tired. Sitf s nicer than some people cousins for instance a a to glad in a hot your sister a re. Sorted Susie to fetch and carry. Done to you go Elsie a and picking up the fallen Book she held it fast fearing that she might yield to temptation and aim it straight at the lounging figure of Lazy Dick. A poor fellow a began Elsie a poor Grannie you Shane to go Elsie a if i have to Call aunt a my feet Are blistered a groaned dicer a and in be stumped each toe about a dozen times and a a a i will get your slippers a said sue with her head up and her nose in the air. She Rose from her chair and went toward the front door then she faced about and caught the occupant of the Hammock chuckling quietly Between the brotherly winks at Elsie. A i beg you to understand Dick Carlton that in a not Meek. If you let me got your slippers for you. You la some Day wish you had t. Ill give you a moment to a not for worlds miss Susan Bates my heart i should say my sole yearns after those slippers. I accept your kind offer thankful for this Brief respite of repose Quot and he rolled Over in pretended slumber while Suste went upstairs smiling with grim determination. She brought the slippers and Dick put them on with a murmured word of thanks. Then the subject was dropped and apparently not mornings Dick entered the dining room Tho saw a parcel addressed to him. Who Opo nod it in some haste and pleasant expectation to find it a his slippers to tossed them away Ami a a a a a Susio across Tho table but. The cure worked Well though the Battle was a silent one. The next time Dick came Home a dead beat Quot he crept up to his room for his slippers before he sought the Comfort of the Hammock. This was a % surrender which Susie accepted gracefully and from that Day the slippers ceased to appear at regular and irregular. Inter star., cold water music. How you can find the Melody that lurks in Glass of water. This is a very old amusement but Only those who have tried it know How much Melody May Lurk in a Glass of water. If you have eight thin tumblers of the same size and shape you can make a musical scale quite easily. Each Tumbler contains a certain amount of cold water More or less according to the volume of sound required this you May find out prac a to Callaby dipping your Finger in the water and drawing briskly round and round the Sharp outer rim of your Glass. This produces a musical note. The Fuller the Glass the deeper the note. The Swift motion of the Finger round the Edge produces a Vibra ton on the surface of the water particularly if Tho Edge is thin and clean Cut the glasses with graduated amounts of water might be placed a regular a scale order on a table covered with l oth cloth and table Felt. At each Glass put a performed with a goos ear for music and a steady Middle Finger which is the Best and strongest to use. Each Glass must be held firmly quite near the Bottom so As hot to mar the sound with the forefinger Tho thumb of the left hand. In this Way nil familiar airs May to produced Winton in to Iii a it it a is if of ii a.0�?T air Mger to comes from actor family. Won the overcoat. A a 8tory of the boyhood of gov. John a Johnson. Governor John a Johnson of Minnesota was employed As a clerk in a drug store in his youth. He Beca Pae so valuable that at the age of. 16 Horo celled As wages $75 a month. A he had his Mother and eight Brothers and bisters to support How Ever he denied himself everything except extreme necessities. He secured his first overcoat under rather Peculiar circumstances. It was. In the month of december and his employer1 noticed that the lad had no other Protection a Arnst the cold than a thin Aipa a coat. So Tho druggist offered him a Fine overcoat. Tho boy thanked him and said that he did not need it and if he did need one to could buy it. J. His employer looked at him Rother a curiously for a moment a i see a said the. Quot now you take this coat or ill Dos charge you. I guess you wont to Able to wander Down the Street and buy another Job he Quot concealed them. Joe came to school for the first time. In one hand he carried a Cap and in the other a Bunch of bananas. A you can to come in hero with the bananas a warned Tho teacher. A Joe went out in a few minutes a came Back a walking slowly and painfully. \ a a cwt Here did you put the bananas a asked the teacher. Quot of i hid Mem All right a gasped Joe Quot they re Safe inside of the Joys of Tho suburbanite Are a Fertile source of newspaper fun All Oyer the country for every City has its suburbs. Here is the Philadelphia inquirers Little fling a i see they have taken the seven Quot a. M. Train off this line. Do you miss it a asked one suburbanite of another Quot not so often a i used to when it was 1 a As a memorial to her husband mrs. Christopher h. T. Hawkins has Given $100,000 a for the a completion of tha West towers and Spires of Truro Cathedral England. William Colliery a parents and relatives Well known on stage. William Collier comes of a Well known theatrical family. Edmund Collier his father was a tragedian of note and Williams Mother whose stage name was Henrietta Engel was a Well known Premier dancer. J. W. Collier of the firm of Shook amp Collier who ran the Union Square Thea Ter in new York for Many years was Williams Uncle. His sister Helena Collier Garrick is now playing the part of the. Denver widow in a caught in the rain a and he has cousins galore in the profession. At an Early age after a tour with a juvenile Pinafore company or. Collier was a Call boy at Dalys theater in new York. After leaving Daly the present Charles Frohman a Star joined Darld Quot Henderson a extravaganza company and played for one summer at the Chicago opera House when he became one of the Fate a John russells comedians and appeared in a the City then he formed a partnership with Charles Reed and together they starred in a Thoss and. Hoss Quot a musical farce which was Collier s first attempt As a playwright and a successful one. At Tho end of a year Reed died and Collier continued with the play for two years More after which he let it out on Royalty and finally sold it. It is a singular fact that Collier never took the part of a Young Man until six or seven years ago. As an actor he reverses the usual order of things and grows younger As years pass by. After a Thoss and Hossy the High spots in his career Are a the Man from Mexico a a a emr. Smooth a which he wrote a Little Christopher a a Rqn the quiet Quot which was written by Augustus Thomas a. For Nat Goodwin but turned out to be one of Colliery a greatest successes a three years engagement with Weber and Fields then Quot the dictator a Richard Harding Davis his first venture under Charles Frohmann a management and to come Down to the present a caught in the rain a which he wrote in partnership with Grant Stewart. \ or. Collier has appeared for one season at the comedy theater in London where be was received with much favor and last summer he visited Australia playing a the dictator and a on the quiet not on the program. Behind the footlights. Miss Maude Adams has begun rehearsals of her new play a the jesters a which she will produce in now York following her reappearance at the Empire theater at Christmas time in a Peter Denman Thompson celebrated his seventy fifth birthday recently. Jerome k. Jerome arrived in new York and will Quot begin rehearsals immediately of his new play a Sylvia of Tho letters a in which mibs Grace George will have the principal part. He lira company miss George from town to town on her tour in. A cd Lvov Coros a rehearsing the new piece Between performances. A Sylvia of the letters will be seen in new York in november. Accident which befell Otis 8klnner several yearn ago. One night during the joint season of Edwin Booth and mme,.modjesks, j s9-90as had often happened a the merchant of Venice was the Bill relates George p. Gob Dale of. Detroit Otis Skinner was the Bassano. He had mounted a platform to choose one of the caskets provided by Portia a Long headed father. They were ranged on a table covered with heavy drapery. The table stood near the danger line at the Back of the platform. Bag Santor had worked through the business with the Gold and Silver caskets and was blowing through the Climax with the Leaden one. When he came to the line a a and hero choose i Joy be the consequences a and made a move to clutch the precious property the table legs went Over the precipice. Down tumbled the caskets Bassano and his treacherous table All in a Heap. The Dis arranged drapery disclosed to the Spect amp Toru the squalid fact that the platform was a dry goods packing Case with the legend a handle with care painted on it in Plain View. Modjeska Portia covered her face with her fan of Pink Ostrich feathers and Only her eyes were visible above the Edge thereof. She spoke a ooh love be moderate allay thy ecstacy Quot then came an overwhelming and awful season of dts it entangled himself and the supers re it built the Structure. That splendid audience never giggled. Good Breeding at three dollars a seat asserted itself and bravely re trained fro accentuating the misery of the Gallant Young Bassano. Mod Jeska in her assured greatness could afford to smile behind her pretty fan. The new Dodge. A nothing new he a said the great actress press agent. A fall our. Tricks Are old Are they Well do you Ever hear any More about an actress los in her diamonds a the reporter sneered a i confess a he said a that you really have dropped that advertising Dodge. We no longer hear i admit it of an actress losing her a but you do hear done to you a said the press agent a of actresses being arrested for exceeding the Speed limit in their 90-horse-Power automobiles and every time you hear that you say to yourself a gee she must be a great actress to be Able to afford a 90-horsepower cd. Ill have to go and see Quot so Tho is your new Dodge a said the reporter. Quot it is one of them a said the press agent j. Brandt Walker Tho Speculator who made ?3,000,000 on Wall Street in three months and 1b returning Home to Chicago with $6,500,000 in his clothes not to speak of 15,000 shares of Stock to is keeping to Scalp the Market with Hab no Lovo for the a nest of gamblers Quot known As Wall Street a year ago or. Walker was in Tho language of the Street a Down and out and about a million to the bad. Or. Walker is a splendid specimen of humanity physically. He is about 6 feet in his stockings Broad shouldered and deep chested. His hair and his close cropped Mustache Are tinged with Gray and he looks about 45. He has a Cool keen Brown Eye and a Frank smile. He dresses in the latest fashion and is not at All averse to attracting Public attention. He is particularly fond of a Dull Brown suit with a greenish Stripe and a Waistcoat of English flannel with a White silk Back and a tie of Lustrous Dull Gray silk pinned with a great White Pearl. Hia coat he discards in Tho office Chicago fab Hiou. His office is done in dark Reen with Green velvet carpet Green matting Walls japanese screens Oil paintings and numerous prints. On his desk Aro six telephones which Are ringing almost continually and across the room Aro three More. On the Center table a a Boi of cigars and numerous bottles and siphons. Or i Walker s father Edwin Walker of Chicago w attorney for the pm Cao Milwaukee amp st. Paul railway. Millionaire socialist William English Walling of Indianapolis who with his wife and his wife s sister Rose Strunsky and Kellogg Durland an american Friend of Walling was arrested and placed in jail in st Petersburg for a Short time recently because of their association with Meinberg of the finnish and progressive party is the son of Willoughby Walling former u. S. Consul in Edinburgh Scotland. He is a millionaire and an ardent socialist. Opposition to child labor in factories which he first took up made him acquainted with leading socialists who got him to share their Otylior views. Since his marriage to a russian he has devoted much time to studying conditions in Russia arid this was his. Third extended visit to st. Petersburg. Walling returned to Russia a Short time ago from Germany and France where he attended socialistic congresses. He is a Friend of Many leading revolutionists and was accused of having Given their pause financial fold although this charge was not the basis fit his arrest. Walling is a grandson of the late win. H. English who ran with Gen. Hancock on the democratic presidential ticket in 1880. Brady Quot gone broken John Green Brady three times governor of Alaska used to to the a tool of the corporations Quot and a accused of being in their pay. Those who believed the charges thought that he was amassing enormous wealth yet is practically bankrupt with not a Dollar to his name and he goes Back to his old Home in Sitka. A broke a As the miners say. He is 58 years old now and he is forced to begin life a anew youth health strength Money and. Friends Alt gone As a result of a disastrous investment. Brady is of a Longshoreman who lived in Abate front tenement near the foot of Roosevelt Street new York. When he reached his 8th birthday he had sold newspapers blackened shoes run errands carried satchels for travellers and picked up stink. He slept in packing cases and hallways and in a packing Case a policeman found him one night. Young Brady was shipped to Randall a Island and in the summer of 1859 he was one of a 27 orphans and homeless boys who were sent West by the children said society. When the company reached Tipton ind., John Green a lawyer picked Brady out and took him Home. Green wanted to make a lawyer of Brady. Brady wanted to be a minister. He worked himself through Yale and finally took a degree in divinity at the Union theological Seminary. In 1878 he went to Alaska As a missionary. / soon business began to demand attention in Alaska and the missionary Brady found himself trading at Sitka. He became. Manager of the Sitka trading co. By 1897 he was looked on As a fit Man for governor and president Mckinley appointed him. He was reappointed by or. Mckinley in 1900 and by president Roosevelt in 1905. In charges were filed against him. He. Was accused of doing improper things in the interest of corporations but was exonerated. Gov. Bradys friends advised him to resign after he was cleared and on feb. 14, 1906, his resignation was put in the hands of the president. Meanwhile gov. Brady has been interested in the plans of h. D. Reynolds of Boston for the development of Alaska and All of his Money has been invested in the Reynolds enterprises. On oct. 11 it was Arnot iced that the Reynolds Bank at Valdez had failed. The downfall of a. The cause of Brady s present difficulties. A Many sided new yorker step Lech be for women. A steeplechase for women held annually in Calcutta is believed to to the Only existing event of its kind. The course is two and a half Miles Long with Many mud fences and Tho prize consists of a handsome cup. Greenland a trial1 marriage. In parts of Greenland six months is the trial deadline husband and wife separating if the a two hearts two minds theory develops discord instead of Harmony. August been Jontz whose name has figured so frequently in the new York traction scandal is a Many sided Man. American representative of the rothschilds a firm which ranks High in the Public estimation of honesty As any in the world he is accused of Quot entering into an unlawful combination and conspiracy to manipulate a Public service corporation for i own ends. An ardent Churchman. Be has been condemned by his own Bishop for his connection with the state racing association which winks at the Law forbidding betting on races. He claims to be a Democrat and is said to have financed the Campaign of Alton b. Parker. The descendant of the famous Commodore Perry of Lake Erie Fame and of that other Commodore Perry who opened up Japan to the exploitation of the world or. Belmont is a business Man pure and simple with a taste for the excitement of horse racing. He inherited a Plethoria Fortune which he has added to considerably by Wall Street methods. He inherited also a family tree which is a so urea of envy to those who Are comparative Par venues in new York society. He is a 20 clubs a director of so Many banking and Industrial a corporations that he could not fall Oil half of them at a Pinch. To is a member of the aristocratic sons of tha revolution and occupies a a Box seat among the four Hundred. Al
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