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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - November 9, 1907, Galveston, Texas O o o o �>i>n>0 up a Ltd it a i of o o Cut Fob a a a a Rebr opa Century this a opera ,as3 has to arks m. A Smi inter but off a he 8ea Wam City. .0? a a fax a th0 Bra wait thx3 Babb hai8�no, and the opera a brass Wim make Galveston Tbs. South s i,arob8t, Buot City aha port. Established 1879 jdjr���3ifq� Sun Damme ice Jami iut Privi Joss Csoti of Plse a. ©1?�p� 4� a she a of a a Moi. Costly for fee Wom Jao we he us Ltd or Hajj Ltd Ftfe a of i Dir is of Galveston. Texas Sale Juday nov.�. 1907. Vol. Xxx. No. 16 copyright 11 07, by Tho Delineator n. Tothe charming Princess gown shown of Robo Petal Pink Cropo de Chino its Flnoy crinkled.buriat�,glistening beautifully under artificial Light looking at Tho finished gown no one would dream it was constructed Lof separate Waist and skirt a patterns. Yet it is a fact and each was carefully fitted to the Waistline before the two were United in Princess effect by in it Clr cling bands of Lade insertion and beading. A in the Model Fine Valene Lennes lace was used and. Beading of a heavier character was run through with Vel. Yet ribbon. Individual invention May iras Fly provide substitutes for these bands without increasing the Cost May oven decrease it by using up Decora i a i Wka pm a get Ltd is y i a r f Ltd a Art a intr Quot to p 1 v a it f of f if a a Quot t v k a 8 so 1 a it v. in Pink crepe de Tulve bits of material which May be on hand. Gathered strips of the crepe de Chin or of thin ribbon Matching it in color might be used to connect the lace bands in place of the velvet drawn beading. Fago Ting answers the same purpose done in rope silk the exact color of the gown and threaded a with Chenille or with narrow Silver ribbon. This latter would be particularly Protty upon Pale Green or yellow. \ new variation on the a Gotling stitch consists of loops of embroidery silk crocheted in simple Chain stitch into Tho edges of the lace or silk bands and caught together in the Middle. Crystal beads of tiny size Strung on a Strong thread May be used instead of Chain Salt Chang with Good effect either method is practicable for circular bands which gradually Widen As in neck and. Pro Jepa Yonce because Tho loops of one Row May to Mado a stitch or two longer than those of the adjoining Row into which they Are respectively. Caught. For Well rounded figures the lace and Bead Long May be inserted vertically instead of horizontally like the Model and finished top and Bottom in picket Points. The Bias folds on the skirt Are lined with Tarltan and Are stitched on along their upper Edge Only when making these folds Cut the lining less than half their depth and double the raw edges of to silk Over it in such a Way that they will be held by Tho is a Good lining because it Back of dress. Is soft and pliable qualities that count in skirt folds which should follow the constantly changing sweep of the the gown illustrated requires no lining. It May however be worn Over a Princess slip of mercerized mull or Organ die Matching the crepe do Chine in color and ruched at the foot the Cost of the material follows 13 yes. Of crepe do Chino at 59 cents?7.g7 2 yes. Of Tarltan at 8 cents ,1g 6 yes. Of velvet ribbon at c cents .86 h pc of Val. Lace at 90 cents.,. .15 5 yes. Of beading at is cents. .90 2 spools of a wins Slik at 9 Cento. Is Hook and eyes. .05 2 patterns 1379 and 1250at 15 cents. .30. $10.07 it a Home gown suggestions. A hand work is As extravagantly used As Ever upon Lionso gowns those for. Dinners and balls especially. A Pale flesh Pink 1b a Shade that rises into prominence in All kind of evening May trials satins crepes Silks and maus sellness the. Sheer fabrics holding their own As persistently As one might exp poet from their past popularity. Bro a Cades of exquisite Richness remain apart for. The matrons selection in All the new colors and tints As Well As in a sumptuous of Gold thread one of Copf Cery a red Gold which makes it possible to produce amp unique effect. The bodices Are to open Back and front by which Means Rich White laces Are used and upon. Thesle Ocsag Well which Havo Thor Var Pup a Leftt tag Jiom thou App panne velvets Are Aee i in d Ion facings on the Bottom of the Long Al torts and Borve also to Supply touch a a upon sleeves and bodices. Broadcloth much worn. A Broadcloth is used More this season Sor car Coats than Ever before being the most formidably rival of Craven Ette. Silk rubber and ral proof Satin. / a Natty Imodel in dust Gray Broadcloth in made with a foil Loose front and and Tho full sietes Are flu fed with deep cuffs bordered Wulc braid. pieces of the cloth Are at Scheb about the armhole and finished with braid and buttons Quot suggesting both a Ahou Der Yoke and the inevitable Jap Anaese sleeve effect. A de Ntah a a Debutante of no matter what fortunes does not affect such exceedingly costly furs As Sable and Ermine although she May if she choose indulge a fancy tor an endless variety of Coats Boas and muffs in Seal persian Paw and caracal foe runabout use and in White Fox and Chinchilla for the morning concerts and matinees or the afternoon teas where she watches her contemporaries make their Bow to society. In buying fur sets As in ordering a Quot fur jacket it is quite As necessary to study the figure and to remember that an exceedingly slender girl looks ridiculously overdressed with a stole that is too Jong and wide and a snuff of dowager proportions. Mou rifling Collar. Quot Quot a. Stylish Collar to Wear with a mourning gown has Many of the Fea Twe of the fashionable Stock and tie patterns so much in Vogue for use with the find shirt Waist. The High line a Foliar is made a Felth a turnover Flap the depth of the Stock and the front is embroidered with four Prim Black dots on each aide. The Jabot portion is plaited to fan shape with the Middle double Plait embroidered in Black dots. I a it a i i i Stylea in Small hats. Toques and turbans of fur Antic feathers Are the Only Small hats a a sin played and Chinchilla Sable and Lont Mink or soft Light Baum. Marten Are the furs used in these Chic chapeaux. A Vogue. A a footlight favorite plans plays in White House. Fro Hunan would stage special productions for president and Cabinet. Charles Froh Raan to make arrangements or y the most eminent american actors Onder his do rec Ion May give a series of monthly performances at the White House in1 one act plays by the Foremost american authors. For the president and his Cabinet to give recognition in this manner to those a Torfe who have Ach love d preeminence in their profession and to the authors who would be invited to produce the1 plays would in or. Froh Many a opinion be better than a com Edle Frank aise for the of dramatic Art. Maude Adais John Drew Ethel Barrymore William Gillette William Crane and William col her Are actors whom would present in plays by authors of the rank of William Gillette Augustus Thomas and Clyde Fitch. A with arrangements perfected for. Such performances or. Frohman would bring his companies from new work without with any engagements playing in Washington Heaters. Plans would be so drawn Liat the plays could be put on in the East room of the White House without much stage setting. Instead of scenery curtains of different colors would be used and lights employed to that negative tone would to achieved which could be used to represent anything a a Quot a a Light comedy. Prof. Bran apr Matthews the spelling Reform advocate was ridiculing Ai Columbia High sounding names for commonplace thing a tons Oral parlor for Barber shop funeral director for undertaker and so Quot on. Two tsp Riili. A it Quot a a a what a yet son . Smith asked the first 1 a he son the stage the other an Ewe red. A a �?~prlvln1 a stage do you mean a Quot drive no a stage7 nonsense Willie la an actor. He s a Light a Light comedia a what part does he play a a file play a silent part behind a bulb Jolt Curtalti-.l.tl�,-his Morith in Hole fool not a can dle and when Al a a ssh we Tiv blow it pla.v8 and players Louis. Mann is about to teak a Short tour in vaudeville version of a fall on account of in which he and miss Clara Lupman starred jointly Ena Weare ago Long runs in same role. People never tire of some actors in favorite plays. Although Rose Stahl has or olay ing Patricia Quot Obrien in a the i torus lady a for Over three years it will be a Long time before the Public tires of seeing this actress in the role. In connection with the Long run of this play it less interesting to note that the Only up Lect of the original costume remaining to Day is the Star . She has had none Black skirts and a Niece of the original one is sew cd. Into the flounce of each new skirt \ yet Tuery Are those who say players re no i amp wipers Vitious. A \ Ros Melville has played the title. Roe Jor a Sia Hopkins for nine years and says she will play it until she retires from the stage an interesting fact is , although miss Melville Novor has appeared on Broadway she has made from $40,000 to $50,000 every year. A a a. Quot in one Way Prissy has been my greatest Fortuna. In other ways a curse a says Louise Closser who first came into prominence in. Cly de Fitch endeavoured to. Write a part around miss Closser on Prissy lines when he wrote a the straight Road a but the part was not nearly As Clever As the one written by Bernard Shaw Phoebe Davies and Quot Way Down East have been inseparable for so Many years that miss Davies is looking Forward to a new play in which w. A. Brady will present her this coming season. Rose stamp a laugh. Stahl of a the chorus lady a a has a laugh before which All worldly care Fly away. It is a Tonto to hear it of rope tie stage and a grief Balshor at Otje fire a tires a /. / a Al a a Minneapolis recently Shis was called from her writing desk in her rooms at the West hotel to answer a . Hello is this Tho-choru8 lady Quot asked the Volck Quot yes a replied miss Stahl laughing. A who Jiro you a a a Quot Novar mind who i am. We hard never Jnet although 1 Hope to. By Pra so a some Day. Sgt. Plain,1, Man who Hai heard Thot Lush of the Asife and Vav to a it till of is Thermo Quot it a thank you. Are acclimated. The native women of Ecuador Are so used to Strong heat and Light that Tiey eve ii do their spinning oat of doom a Tho biasing Sun. a very practical bag for holding knitting is shown Here it May be made of Art Linen a lilt velvet or cloth with lining appropriate to the outside material. The piece that forms the bag is Cut 12 inches Long and 13 inches deep turn the two horizontal ends Over to form a hem in which run two strips of whalebone they keep the Edge straight and can be Bent open at will. Bind the edges i ith ribbon and ornament the outside with straps of silk or ribbon and sprays of Holly berries and leaves worked in Satin stitch with embroidery silk. Cut two circles of Tho material for the ends tack them Over buckram and line with silk then bind the edges they should be four inches in diameter. Seam the circles in the end of Case leaving about three inches at the top unsealed. Sew two straps of ribbon on the. Top for handles and if a extra fastening is desired a Loop might be sewn in the Center of one Edge of opening and a Button on the other. For the youngsters warm hugging garments of Gray Squirrel have tiny fur toques and russian Caps. Wee lads and lassies in the Gret Chen shops Are rigging themselves out to masquerade As Teddy bears in warm hugging Coats of Gray Squirrel with tiny toques of fur and russian ends of fierce aspect. Gray Kelmmer cloth is lined with White fur to snuggle baby buntings in. Truly wind resisting top Coats for the. Pet youngsters Are genuine Moleskin some of. Which Cost several Gold Pic Ces at the furriers but fond mothers knowing How Gretchen grow Are willing to fruit up with Moleskin cloth of which a really Nice coat trimmed with silk braid May be had for $10 anywhere. The furry Bearskin Coats for toddlers Are As popular As Ever. One shown was of real White Bear skin thick and Long hatred which was rather heavy for toddling and yet the suggest sort of a wrap for Riding out Ini a per White Bearskin cloth coat is decidedly cute. It is trimmed with claws and Heads of funny animals that look like the Teddy bears in a picture Book. White leggings accompany this garment and a peaked. Teddy Cap with quaint ears is designed especially for it. A. Quot the Pussy cat is the rival of the Teddy costume and is equally Realis. Tic while practical. The Pussy cat or As some Call it the baby Bunting Oji tilt for cold Days for youngsters under five years is fashioned in Toto of Rabbit sons the real White Jack Rabbit of the Plains and a few Are shown of the big Gray Rabbit. The fur May be taken for thick Ermine. A Pussy cat Box coat is double breasted and buttoned on a Flap under in front. The White fur Collar turns up if necessary to protect the ears. At the Throat a quaint cats head made of White and Black fur with whiskers and cats eyes hides the big Hook to Hook Over. Little cat head and paws applied a a a dig rent .wayj8. To decor ate. A another Novelty is a brer Fox coat this of course is of the rare White Fox with pointed nose head paws and Long Brush and is intended for the prize baby of a magnate. A red brer Fox coat is lined with White silk and the foxy eyes look from Heads on each shoulder while the tails hang Down behind the pointed Hood. Thrifty folks who do not live in the cold prefer Astrachan Bearskin and Broadcloth. Bewitching arrays of these fur trimmed and braid trimmed ready to Wear Are ready to be seen at the department stores All that a Caby. Or toddler could think of la shown in cold weather things. A Butterfly decoration the imitation if not the real in soot is High in favor just at this moment. New fall hats. Quot Felts play a distinguished part in the new Model those with stitched velvet linings and deep bordering of the same being usually selected for the smartest hats. Fashions in colors for linings have undergone successive changes this season. At first it was Black that had the running then a Brilliant Shade of deep Violet lately a vivid Green has been adopted a which in Vomm few cases applied to the Dew Felt so map a a costly. Those of a dark Gray drab and Brownish Hue. As a Rule the lining is mostly of a lighter color or Shade than the hat. Probably milliners next season Wiir not confine themselves As they have done this season to a special color for linings. Carefully thought out mar Mon los will be More fancied than daring contrasts. The season seems a Little late perhaps to talk of butterflies but at present the artificial insect if not Tho real is in High favor for various decorative purposes. A few years ago impossible creatures of Gigantic proportions served As Light shades upon lamps crepe paper monstrosities but the Butterfly craze of to Day is of a More realistic nature. For luncheons charming paper butterflies of yellow tins eled Are to be had. These May be scattered Over Tho table or perched on the Floral Centrepiece. For a yellow luncheon this idea is a very pretty one. So much for the paper Butterfly. But the real Butterfly preserved in marvelous fashion is to figure largely in the seasons fashions. Tho craze for butterflies upon hats is obtaining largely in London where rare specimens Are used with Beautiful effect. It is impossible to imitate the. Gorgeous colouring and varying hues of the metallic wings of the South american electric Blue Butterfly or the Exquel blot Java specimens in Black and yellow a on hats these butterflies Are mounted on tulle and rare Moths Are used in the same Way. On gowns both the real and embroidered butterflies Are used on Chiffon or net foundations. Another Butterfly Novelty just coming into Vogue in this part of the country is a medallion or locket showing portions of the Butterfly wings under Glass just As Clover leaves and such things have previously been worn. The iridescent hues of Tho wings so preserved Are extremely Beautiful in their Gold settings and sometime very Small butterflies the whole in. Sects a background composed of a a log of a Large Button Fly. As pendants fobs and lockets these Butterfly charms Promise to at it Tain considerable Vogue. Cloth suit embroidered on Tho front and sleeves with coarse Gray silk match cd by the buttons and loops. The front of the coat finishes with Tho lower buttons. Vest of Pearl Gray with to Silver buttons
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