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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Nov 2 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - November 2, 1907, Galveston, Texas It Osenberg Library 1 3pob. A fat Jarter of a Century the opera Glass has worked in the interest of the sea Wam City. >9 the sea Wall the Grade raising and the opera Glass will make Galveston the South a largest Best City and port. Established 1879galveston. Texas. Saturday nov. 2. 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 15 gossip of people and events gathered in Washington absence or Proa Dant Roosevelt in the Cane Brake and with Quot Poto Quot Trio Bull dog Sequr stored on surgeon general Rex eyes farm the White House grounds Liao not been left unguarded. A couple of bulls not Bull Down but real Bovino bulls a Hare taken upon themselves the tunic formerly so Well discharged a by a up Eton of seeing that the grounds Aro a profaned undesirable citizens Molly cuddles or milk sops since the president and Pete went away newspaper men 4 Molly cuddles and the criminal Rich have roamed Tho White House grounds with impunity. Undesirable citizens have shown a tendency to stand on Trio walks and Baric at the White House and neither a slippers Quot the six toed Cut Noi Quen tin Roosevelt a snakes have proved equal to the. Task of preserving Trio requisite Calm. A i How the two patriotic Bulla discovered the state of things and decided that 1t was up to them to. Rectify it will never be known. It is a fact it however that Early the other mom act of a a Drys May Embarrass Roosevelt a Congress at it the coming session a a prohibits. The manufacture and Sale of alcoholic liquors in tha District of Columbia As. Now soem3 probable. President Roosevelt will be in an embarrassing position Tho prohibitionists say Quot Between the Devil and the deep a. For tactical reasons a the prohibitionists will tack their Bill to an appropriation measure so As to assure its passage. When such an appropriation Bill comes before the president he will have to do cide first whether he can afford to jeopardize the interests of the Branch of the government Quot for which the. Appropriation is proposed by vetoing Tho whole Bill in order to get rid of the a liquor Devil he decides he cannot afford to interpose a veto he will have to decide whether he shall obey it and Irig they took up a position in front of the White House from which they could command both walks. The first trespasser to appear was an afro american named Charles Lancaster. It was still dark when he arrived and the Bull at Tho West Corner let him get a Little distance by before he made up his mind a an to Lancaster a undesirability. Then to discharged a a Bellow and advanced on the enemy head Down and Tail up Lancaster moved eastward with some haste and the Bull did likewise. At the East Corner the West bulls col Itcague came charging out with a few Savage remarks. Lancaster emerged from the East Gate about As conservatively As a shot departs from a gun and the two Bulla fortunately got jammed in the doorway. The afro Amei ican never stopped till he got to. The House of detention. Meanwhile the two bulls in Dong the Moll coddle crop a Little Short tired of the Job and wan Dora a to Iowa Circle where they were later Arr amp sted by a policeman and locked up. Furnish no wine to guests at the White House. There is no Power on Earth that can compel the. President to observe any Law. As All writs in the a District of Columbia run in his name it is obvious that he would not arrest himself for disregarding the Law. That he had disregarded it would be notice to All peace officers that he decided not to enforce. It against himself. A All presidents of the United states have at times set wine before their guests. Until Theodore Roosevelt became president the White Housie had a wine cellar and a dark room in the attic set aside As a a storeroom for liquors. He did away with them both. The cellar is now used for machinery Ana the dark room is a part of the quarters for the servants changed the faces of Empl Rose a and Why should not a woman live a Strong voice in saying whether such and such a Man should Rule the Republic of so and so capital gossips Assort Ali Codora Roo Boelt will keep his Promise not to run again for the presidency and. In that retirement he will be fulfilling not merely his Promise to the people but his pledge to his wife. Mrs. Roosevelt Lias Lii formed exceedingly close friends that her husband and Sho Long ago decided that purely As a family of far not a political Ono they and theirs would leave the White Houyao on march4, 1009. V it is said v that mrs. Roosevelt reluctantly Conson Tod to introduce her Young daughter Ether to Washington society probably in Christmas week of 1908. Mrs. Roosevelt Days the confidants Winter use at capital a to Active to women Ruh fascination of Washington of a place of residence especially to those who have tasted the delights of official life is once More illustrated by the announcement that mrs John e. Reyburn wife of the recently elected mayor of Philadelphia will continue her Homo at the National capital notwithstanding hot husband s position As the municipal chief of the City a of brotherly love. Quite another Type of woman seeking a residence in Washington As a Relief from a less satisfying City is mrs. Thoaas f. Ryan wife of new York s great fun Anchor who last season bought and furnished the former residence of the late mrs. Harriet land a Johnston with a a View to passing Lier Winters in Washington. Right in the heart of the smartest residence Quot Sec ton with representative and mrs. Pledge to wife keeps Teddy from third term is determined to shield Ethel publicity that came to Alice Roosevelt and she would prefer that the former girl Ait until the family should be established in private life. Still she realizes what it is. For a Young girl to make her social Bow in the White house7 and for that reason she will Grant to Ethel just three months As a social grown up. Mrs. Roosevelt from the first hour of the presidents incumbency has solicitous about Ita effect on her children. Often she has pleaded with persons not to spoil the children and has exerted All her influence to keep All their doings out of print. It is Likely miss Roosevelt will spend the two Yoars after she leaves Washington in travelling abroad and studying music and languages. She will not be 18 until the. Summer of 1909. Longworth As her immediate neighbors mrs. Ryan lives entirely apart from Tolje social world. Everybody or nearly everybody socially speaking called on mrs. Ryan of course but few persons got beyond the White and yellow Portal which is guarded by a Sphinx like Butler who a gently informs All Comers his mistress is Quot not at Quot within a week each person leaving a card receives one in return with the written message that mrs. Ryan regrets she is unable to receiver or make visits to the few who have been fortunate enough to make her. Acquaintance and win her Friendship mrs. Ryan i3 a gracious kindly woman of Strong personality interested in the affairs of the world so far As an intelligent appreciation of life Goeb but far removed from its frivolities. One of the beauties on the stage arond fee what is going on in new York City told in interesting manner v v a a. Is % # a a c / v �?�3 c it 4 in Psi in if tsp t \ Bear old age Well. Great players who have trod boards for Many years. Annie Yeanns who has been upon the stage for Quot is years has just left it for Good. The last part she played was that of a Grande Dame in a the hurdy gurdy girl a a musical comedy by Richard Carle who was not Horn at the time that mrs. Yeamans went upon the stage. Joseph Jefferson a Span of. Years touched both the theater of. To Day and the theater of the time of Edwin Forrest and Macready. Henry Irving whose life was a highly nervous one and who did a tremendous amount of work lived much longer in the exciting air. Of the theater than according to some of his medical friends it would be. Possible for him to have lived in a quieter atmosphere. A Thero was revived the other romantic society drama How strangely that descriptive phrase Falls upon modern ears a Jim the people who went to Bee it called it an old timer but the Man who created the part of. Capt. Redwood the Detec Tulve with the English accent and the habit of falling asleep All Over Tho place was e. M. Holland who is still acting. Although som plays have survived generation after generation of actors there Are on the other hand countless actors who Haxo. Survived countless plays., a \ Richard Mansfield was comparatively speaking a Young Man at the a time of his death and in this he differed from most of the other gig eat actors Colley cibber lived till he became senile. David Garrick passed the last years of his life in a Sylvan Retreat with his wife who never found her Ufa Long enough to permit her to master Tho English language. Gossip of the stage. Elsa Ryan has joined the company playing a the Belle of aalfred Sutrov a latest play a the Barrier Quot is reported to be a disappointment in London. _ a a a \ miss Flora Juliet Bowley leading woman with Robert Degon in a class mates a comes of a military family. Her father Freeman s. Bowley was a West Pointer and lived and died in the army. One Quot of her Brothers capt. Albeit j. Bowley is also a West Pointer and an Aid de Camp to Gen. Prant while her younger brother Freeman Bowley is a Cadet at West Point. Her father was the Quot author of several military novels. It 1 1,14 it .4�?T a a a a it i 5 a it Elf a a a Mansfield a car Purchase actor bought coach built for pres a Dent of Road a a. The Story of or Mansfield a Purchase of the Fine private car he had used for some time previous to his death never has been told. Until three years ago he had been hauled around the country in a can not in keeping with the a Gate receipts. He yearned for gaudier rolling Stock but never found the Opportunity to go shopping for it. While playing 111 Cincinnati his car was hauled every night out to Fern Back h suburb. One evening he a called at the. Station for his car in company with Clarence Horton an assistant general passenger agent of the big four and on the siding he beheld a magnificent new private car that made his look like an abandoned caboose he asked permission to inspect it and Horton conducted him through it. Quot in be Bee looking for just such a car a said or. Mansfield. Quot id like to buy this one.�?��?T., a a done to think its for Sale a explained Horton a. A the car is new and just it belongs to or. M. , president of the Road and he has not yet Ridden in / a see if you can to buy it for me a asked air. Mansfield. Or. Ingalls put what he. Believed to be a prohibitive Price on the car a $15,000. Quot and that must be paid on the spot, added with a Wink. Horton reported this conversation to or. Mans Fly old and Tho latter without comment wrote his Check for the amount. He left Cincinnati in the new car. A a a a a Brief and to the Point. Leo Dit Richstein who is starring this season in a before and after a holds something of a reputation As a Story Teller. Recently to submitted the following in a Quot shortest Short Story a Man suffering terribly with some internal upset leaves his Homo about three of clock in the morning and dashes for the Home of the near est physician. Running up the Steps he rings the Bell violently and after some moments have elapsed a head la thrust from an upper window and Tkv Vole of the doctor said a a a a Well \ a a nope came the answer a very it Tew York the a curb crowd is in rapidly dwindling and chaos reigns among the comparatively few brokers of the a a outside Market who congregate Quot on Broad Street these Days. At least 25 per cent of the men who were Selling unlisted stocks during the flush times have departed for More lucrative climes. Many have gone to the Western mining Camps and a few Piave obtained positions in mercantile houses. A Stock Exchange houses that had been paying their curb representatives $50 a week have reduced the salaries to $25, and the men Havo not objected being glad to get that sum. Only men on the curb Are making Money enough to live on. The veterans of the curb Are in a measure pleased by this gradual elimination a for it is taking from the Market what Are known As a Wildcat Quot traders Pien who come there to make Money any Way and with any Stock. These have been the first to go and conservative men do not mourn their departure. The effect of the Lack of business in the outside Market is pronounced in Many ways. The traders for in Gotham the greatest theatre City in world new York is the greatest theater City in the world its growth theatrically has been phenomenal since 1826, when the bowery theater was built in which went the Large audiences of those Days to hear Forrest the elder Booth Cha Riphen a Cushman and others Only a Little less in ability. Since then the theater Center by easy stages has gone up Broadway to about forty second Street with its arms reaching out into the other boroughs until now the City has 96 places of amusement filled with pleasure seekers during the season. A c a a Tlle new York with its 4500,000 of population has 96 places of amusement London with 6,500,000 in its metropolitan District has 78, and they each average1 a smaller attendance than do these in new York Anil during the season there is n Large proportion of new yorkers in their a stance in flush times smoked Perfec to cigars and bought the Best that Tho dealers in the financial. District had. Since the Slu hip in the Market started they have taken to pipes and now smoke a cheap mixture of tobacco it is Tho same with their luncheons. The High priced cafes have been deserted for cheap restaurant Tai formerly commissioner Bingham a guardians of the place were kept Busy preventing the brokers during the Dull periods Matching coins. Now they have nothing to do for Money is so scarce on the curb and in the pockets of the brokers that they Are not inclined to risk it. Again every baseball and football Gamo and horse Raco was made Tho excuse for a Bot. Now the handbook men who ripped Largo harvests have departed to other Fields and no betting of any consequence is indulged in. Telephones have recently been Given up by brokers and arbitrage wire have been Cut out of the offices of some of the largest brokers so that from the top to the Bottom from the employer to the messenger Bay there is sadness in Broad Street. A is Ting him daily in. His cell at the tombs mrs. A Plyn Nesbit thaw is the sole Comfort of Hei husband these Days. Deserted by her husbands friends and left alone in the hot months to carry cheer from the outside world to the Man whose love for her caused him to kill Stanford White the actress wife has been faithful and uncomplaining. Alone in her apartments in the Lor Aine the Young wife seems to have been a prisoner herself for her Only ventures out of doors have been to the Black prison where thaw sits planning when they will take a trip to Europe. Her visits must lift thaw into tche Erfyl he Pef ulna is for of All those connected with the Case he is the most certain of acquittal in the next trial. 1although this Strain of More than a year has told on the Beautiful Model. Dences. It theater for theater new York has More Money invested in buildings and fittings than London at the height of the new York amusement season there Are As Many As 114,000 porn oils in its place of Public amusement night they a Faro now rapidly approaching that condition since the Home coming season Lias set in and the number of strangers is increasing with the advancing autumn. The attendance is now growing from night to night and is particularly. Noticeable in the houses where Are the More successful plays. Then new yorkers Are natural theater attendants and Many of them Taka All of their relaxation in this manner. This is Rue of the Man with a Small salary As Well As of the Man of wealth and real sacrifices Are often made to save Money for theater tickets. Daily visits of wife sole comforts of thaw Evelyn thaw still retains the girlish appearance and almost childlike Demeanour. There Are times that she has entered the living tomb1 of her husband Pale and wan but the Clouds Dis. Appear before she reaches her husband. Her Mission there is to carry Sunshine. A while showing this Devotion to thaw the wife gained one distinction last summer. She was the Only wife of a millionaire who remained in hot new York while the summer sorts were open. Thaws buoyancy is remarkable. Far from fading and wasting away the prison officials say that he eats like a labourer and his Moody spells seem to have disappeared thaw for once seems to be pleased with the Legal arrangements and appears willing to leave his Case in Tho hands of attorneys. Famous political Center will soon disappear the passing of the fifth Avenue hotel will Mark the disappearance of the last of the City a hotels possessing a distinctively political atmosphere. The fifth Avenue hotel has been the Center of Republican activity in new York almost Ever since the party came into existence until the last Campaign the party Headquarters for the state was in the hotel arid during the years when Titomas c. Platt was the Boss he resided there. Now Platt Boss no longer has moved to an obscure Side Street and Only a few old time politicians Are to be met wandering through Tho corridors of the famous building on Madison Square. The Hoffman House once occupied a position in democratic politics similar to that of the fifth Avenue in re publican affairs but the old building has been replaced by a new one Mutt As the old leaders of democracy Havo been. About the Only prominent political figure at present closely identified with any metropolitan hotel is gov. Hughes who has announced that his Legal residence is the hotel Astor fronting on Broadway at Longacre Square. If the Hughes political Star rises As far As the governors admirers expect it May be that the new Astor will fall heir to the political glories of Tho old fifth Avenue. It la More probable however that the size of Tho great new establishments like Tho Astor and the varied interests entered in them will prevent them from boy coming famed especially for their �0� a tical pm Ortance
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