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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - May 25, 1907, Galveston, Texas Established 1879galveston, Texas saturday May 2o, �o907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 44 -___,.�? 01 tie f Mil. Of the. K2 i Meiichi miss Somei by William t. Ellis Tho american journal let in travelling around the world for the purpose of investigating Tho american foreign missionary Irona purely secular and Nori sectarian standpoint. Illustrated with drawings and from photographs. Copyright 1800, by Josoph a bowl a Tokyo Japan that Many or most. Japan so Christiana say no More foreign missionaries Avo wanted in Japan and that numbers of the strongest missionary Isadora agree with them at least to Tho extent of saying that no new. Forces should be sent out for Tho present la the rather sensational conclusion to which i Havo been forced after six weeks study of Tho missionary situation Here. A grave crisis confronts the missions in Japan. How serious it is the Church people in America have no Conception. That an open rupture Between the missions and the japanese churches. Has been narrowly averted and is still a dangerous possibility is freely admitted on All sides. The Gravity of the situation is recognized by everybody concerned. It affects present religious conditions in the Empire but More important still it has a bearing upon the future of curl Bulan. Missions in almost every country in the world. The. Questions that Are up for settlement Here and now will constitute a precedent for All other Mission lands. The very magnitude of the crisis has sobered All parties concerned so that the bitterness and hostilities which marked the earlier stages of the controversy Are passing away and on every Side the extreme views Are being modified. Japanese churches assert themselves. The present tense situation has its tap Root in the spirit of japanese nationalism. This people is exceedingly sensitive and proud. It resents with bitterness and sarcasm being called a a a Heathen nation and thus being classed with the natives of Africa and the South sea islands. Equally is it averse to remaining under foreign control and Tutelage in its religious life. which caused the abolition of extra territorial political rights to foreigners and which to this Day leads the japanese Prin Stilto speak of the foreign communities As Quot former settlements Quot is keenly alive to what is Felt to lie an attitude of dista spoke out so promptly and loudly that All barriers to Tho creation of one. Methodist Church in Japan Havo been removed. The protestant episcopal Cli urch and Tho Church of England Havo likewise joined forces Here. Thero is Little doubt that this union1 movement will continue the Congre Atio lists and the presbyterians coalescing at an Early Date. Many predict a speeds Union of All native churches into one japanese Christian Church certainly it is the consensus of opinion that the minute denominational and sectarian divisions of american Christendom cannot be perpetuated Here. The present enrolled membership of the protestant churches of Japan by the Way is about,55,000, the past year showing an apparent decrease a through an error it is claimed in the statistics. Long before the churches of american got together in. New York in the inter Church conference on federation there existed a soundly established Federal organization Here Quot the standing committee of cooperating missions a which has effected several practical results including the production of. A common hymn Book for All the japanese churches. A a a a where the conflict comes. The paradoxical statement is True broadly speaking that while the relations Between the individual missionary and the individual japanese Christian have been cordial the relations Between the missions and the native churches have been strained. The Crux of the a a a Stion has been a the control of the forces and the funds. The missionary and Hla personal helpers have worked in and for the local congregations but the latter have had no control Over them. The missionary is entirely outside the jurisdiction of the native Church. He works when and where and How he pleases or As his Mission directs. So too the evangelists employed by the missionary Are governed in the matter missionaries on a Holiday. Superiority on Tho part of Tho Mission ario3. A. Underlying Tho problem also is the a ingrained and ineradicable Anglo Saxon senso of Superior Ltd to other races. I myself have soon Ono Pluto warrant Tho belief that there is ground for the japanese sensitiveness on this bub oct. Not All., missionaries conduct Thom solves toward the Japan so preachers and christians As toward a Man a brother and an of ill. Such Mon Are few but they should be called Homo. Their usefulness hero is ended if it Over existed. To this attitude on the part of certain foreigners May to traced the ecclesiastical inconsiderate Ness not to say hostility of the japanese. Missionaries not a few know As Well As the native pm ministry what it is to have their feelings Hurt. Church Union ahead of Homeland. The upshot of the matter Hab. Heen Tho growth of self governing japanese Denoil nations. The a largest of these is a the Church of Jesus Christ in Japan a which includes All the presbyterian Anil reformed bodies there Quot Are Here none of Tho presbyterian that exist in America. Next in Bize comes the a a Kublal a or congregational Church be with whom will shortly to included the United Brethren and methodist protestants. The japanese methodist bodies North South and canadians have been week a ing consolidation. At first the mis Sion hoards across the water a which Are interposed obstacles to this Union. Objected but the japanese Metho of Valiry and labor entirely by the missionary. When it has chanced that one of these evangelists has received a larger salary than the regular pastor of Tho Church itself there Bias naturally been feeling. A it must be remembered that1 the missionary in Japan is not a pastor. To has no congregational duties and such As ordinarily Are borne by a preacher in America every Corier Gatlon has its own native pastor and officers. These May consult with the missionary but he cannot a a Bossy them the preaching missionary a work is evangelistic he pioneers christianity into new places. In. This a he is assisted by evangelists who work under his personal Money however is in the missionary a control. Not All the churches by any Means Are self supporting. They must look to America and England for help. With the control of the Money has gone to a greater or less degree a Vot co in the direction of the work. Right Here comes the rub. The japanese want to control the Money an4 in Bonie cases the missionary too. The talk is All of Quot cooperation a is not a cooperation in which the missionary plays Almoner. In fact since the japanese churches have their own Mission boards they feeler at least an outspoken Wing of them feel that the latter should have the entire administration of Mission methods and Motiey with of course the full counsel of the Havo gone practically thus far. The Quot Kum Iain Aro practically Independent. The american Board makes to them an annual Grant of Money for a specific term of years at the end of which time it is presumed the churches will have become self supporting. The entire independency movement faces toward the Day when the japanese churches will be a self governing self supporting and the missionaries of the american Board very generally yield themselves to the counsel of their japanese associates. One Man told me the other Day that in Council with the native pastors they had assigned him his work for the coming year. He says that he finds this relation perfectly satisfactory and that the attitude of the japanese is in no Wise dictatorial but that All Are together seeking the one end of the works welfare. The Japan Type of christianity. All this is no Mere racial jealousy. It goes deep. Are the japanese qualified for ecclesiastical self government As they have proved their fitness for political self government Akin to this is the consideration whether a Mission land is forever to remain a Mission land nurtured by outside agencies. The native Church in Japan covers the . It has Many self supporting congregations and powerful leaders not a few. It is said that in Remote government schools where there was not a single Christian the students Are nevertheless divided into Uemura and Ebana Camps a these latter being the names of the preachers who Are the leaders of two parties in the churches whose vigorous newspaper controversies Are Fra Miliar to a wide constituency. The japanese Church has an established foreign Mission work of its own in. Formosa and Korea. I have been at pains to inquire As to the character of japanese christians. On All sides i hear that the intelligent Devotion of japanese christians to the Central truths of christianity is unquestioned. Whatever the outcome of the present controversy the native Church will remain Loyal to the teachings which it has had from the missionaries. I personally have seen congregations of christians Here of several denominational names whose Devotion and sincerity was apparent to any observer. A Riper or More saintly character it would be hard to find than one old Blind Man with whom i talked who has been through Long persecution for the Sake of his Faith. Undoubtedly too christianity has come to have a recognized place in the life of the nation. It is a Factor in the present thought and development of Japan which no japanese Leader pretends to ignore. Broadly Spe Alvung there is now no hostility to christianity yet i yesterday saw one of the old edict beards which 50 Yoars ago decorated the highways threatening with death any one accepting christianity or harbouring a Christian. All of the Many japanese writers and teachers with whom i have thus far talked freely comic Ede at least an important place in Japan a future to christianity while Christian authors like Matsumura confidently declare that it is bound to Swallow up buddhism and shintoism. Japanese christians Are beginning to have their own schools and orphanages supported by themselves As Well As their own religious Book s and periodicals. Why no More missionaries. The foregoing is an Endeavor to give a Clear glimpse of a situation that seems to be understood very slightly in America. Back Here one hears echoes of fervid reports of Quot Japan a religious Awakening a and a Japan s plea for Oyer these i have seen old missionaries shake their Heads. At the recent meeting of the Council of missions of the presbyterian and reformed churches which struggled with the present burning issues it was declared openly that no More new missionaries should be sent Here until the present problematic situation ha3 been adjusted. It May be that Sopie men already Here will have to return Home. To a Mere observer it appears reasonable that a a Man who has been in Japan Many years without having Learned the language or acquired the japanese viewpoint or attained sympathetic and fraternal relations with the native christians should consider himself called to some More congenial Field of labor. A repent Issue of Quot Mission news Quot a monthly published in Kobe in Tho interests of the Ameri can Board Mission contained these striking sentences Quot the time for a extra territorial christianity in Japan is rapidly drawing to an end if it is not already passed. Missions and missionaries Are being tested. They have accomplished a mighty work in the past and it is in their Power to do oven greater work in the present and immediate future. Will they meet the test and Rise to the Opportunity that is theirs a on this last Point the japanese Are quite insistent. They say the new Day de maids a new kind of help from America. Instead of men to do preaching and teaching for which some assert there Are now sufficient qualified japanese they want Mon of the character and calibre of president Charles Cuthbert Hall of Union Seminary new York who made a pronounced impression during his recent visit to Japan. They want statesmanlike leaders men of Large culture great learning and Broad sympathies. The Best that America has in the Way of teachers and pastors May profitably be sent to Japan to Lead her native leaders and inspire her native inspired. In the meantime the majority of missionaries As Well As Many japanese declare that Japan still needs the missionaries. The native Church is not Strong enough either in men or Money to go it alone. Japanese preachers from outlying parts of the Empire say frankly that this whole uproar is a Tokyo product and they hint at the ambition of certain Tokyo leaders to control the japanese Church. An English missionary toil me that the control of funds could not. Be turned Over to japanese until the latter As a nation have Learned new ideas of trusteeship. He cited the Case of a treasurer who used Trust funds to pay his fathers debts saying naively that his obligations to his father took precedence to All other obligations. On the other hand some missionaries assert that such charges Are the Mere race prejudice of the White Man. Out of the confusion of hundreds of conflicting opinions upon this All absorbing topic of japanese ecclesiastical Independence i live gathered at least one conviction namely that so Long As the present state of uncertainty and turmoil exists the american Cess onary organizations would do we of to Send no More Young preachers t Japan although the Field for a ordained teachers is Large. be one another. Isnit it the open secret a Little children love be one another a it is the Universal Law. It is the Law of heaven it is the Only Law that will make the Earth like Paradise. A Little children love be one another a neither King nor peasant neither High nor Low neither Rich nor poor Only one great human family with one great human heart yearning warmly Over the being it created with the one great Law pulsing through its arteries a a Little children. Of my Little children love be one another a a Grace Keon. His 53-year-old coat. John p. Ledyard of Clinton township Wayne county Pennsylvania is wearing an overcoat the. Wool of which was pulled from the pelts of the sheep carded and spun and the cloth was Cut and the garment made 53 it ars ago by his Mother the i coat is without a rent or break and i 3 perfect As when made with the exception of showing a slight fad ing with age. Memory of players. A value of enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm really Means Possession by a god. The to Ait itself belongs to what we Call our better selves. And whether it is an elevated and Noble excitement in Pursuit of some object or the ardent response to some High pleasure which has kindled the imagination the a effect is the same the uplifting of human nature. Men and dead leaves. You know the Fine picture of Homer of the dead leaves which fall to make place for the Young buds. It 1b As True of men As of Trees we have our time and pass away. Behind our vanished youth germinates the youth of others. Our children a destiny ought not to be dulled by Wyit there has been in. Ours. They Are All prominent. Dispatches Tell of a Georgia citizen found dead in the Woods with his Faith Hill but apparently not prominent dog watching the body. Problem to find the prominent citizen who did it a Charlotte n. A observer. Origin Ofosurname.�?� the term surname is supposed by some to be derived from the French sur Nom meaning Quot Over name a tie cause a persons family name was formerly written above instead of after the baptismal name. The pleasure haters a Good Many people go through this life As if they were trying to punish themselves for a grudge they had brought along from some former existence two instances actors performed wonderful feats. There have been remarkable feats of memory performed by members of the theatrical profession. Mrs. W. J. Jones one of Tho oldest actresses in the United states tells of an experience she once had she arrived in a town where she was to become the leading woman of a Stock company one saturday evening. In the meantime she had been preparing herself for the role of Pauline in Quot the lady of Lyons a when to her horror she discovered that she was to make her first appearance As Juliana in a the honeymoon a a part she never had read. All she could do was to sit Down and learn the role which was a Long and difficult Quot one but in spite of the fact that she had Only two Days to study it she went through the part successfully on monday evening John Mccullough was a Quick study and once when Edgar l. Davenport was Tagen ill with rheumatism and could not play Mccullough was called to take his place. He sat up All night Learned the words and the following a night gave a. Creditable performance. Comedian hoodwink. Doctor Kendall writes manager. Quaint comedian tells of experience Iii a Minnesota town. Ezra Kendall keeps his manager Harry Askin informed thoroughly about the tour of Quot swell elegant from Rochester minn., famed for its surgical sanitarium he writes. A your troupe certainly made a ten strike at Rochester where a mixed audience of medical men and Quot moneyed patients dissected every Point. A the Boom at Rochester is of course due to the popularity of appendicitis and As soon As. That ceases to be a fashionable pm Plant the fraternity will have to popularize some other pain or take up farming again. A fall the hotels and boarding houses were filled Here so i said to the Hack Man a drive me some place where i can get room to he says a a right ill drive to the. Stable i says a what for Ahe says a to. then my heart started. Beating again. A Quot at one place i asked the lady of the House if she had Aii empty room. She said she had one that was almost empty and showed me a room in which there were three barrels and a crate of Lemons she said she could have them removed it they would be in Raymond Hitchcock saves cab hire by enlisting services of physician. Raymond Hitchcock Tho comedian who is now on a starring tour through the West in the Richard Harding Davis musical play a a Yankee tourist a was invited As the guest of Honor at Tho country club about Ilvo Miles outs do of san Francisco recently after Tho performance. As or. Hitchcock knew from previous experiences that a Cabman would ask a Fortune to carry him out to the club he looked up the address of a physician near the theater and after the close of the show he went around and rang the by Ell. The doctor opened the door personally and Hitchcock said a doctor you re wanted immediately out near the country club. Can you come right away a a Quot certainly sri just step inside a moment while i phone for my Auto. Well be there it was a Good five Miles to the country club just beyond stood a Custer of suburban Homes. A the yellow House on the left there Quot said Hitchcock As he got out of the machine. A by the Way i forgot to ask you the amount of your Quot four dollars Quot said the doctor. The comedian peeled off four one Dollar Bills and passed them to Tho doctor. It a a that will be Alii thank you doctor. None of those pirate Hackman would take me out her for less than $15.�?� superstition of English players. They were rehearsing a new play in London and every one was nervous for the first night was close at hand. The play was a tragedy yet at its end the dying heroine As Tho curtain descended said a three Beers those words concluded the play. Yet they were entirely out of keeping. The concluding words should have been a i die but since i Havo saved you i die Happy a or something to that effect. A dramatic critic to the business asked How it was that the tragedy ended with a three Beers please Quot and the stage manager said a superstition. It is always thought bad Luck in rehearsals of now plays to speak the last sentence before the. Opening night he who has the last sentence to speak substitutes Somo meaningless phrase for it. If he dared to speak the True phrase the Prospect of the play would be thought doomed. Quot some playwrights wont Elsa write the last line of the play. They whisper it to the assembled company on its first Reading and from that Day till the actual production the Lino is never again
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