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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives May 15 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - May 15, 1909, Galveston, Texas A a a a a x for a Quad Tab of a g Century the opera $ pfc ass has worked g in the internet of the sea wait City t a a a a ,.�- a. ? i the sea Waw the i s Grade raising and \ a the opera a amp ass f % wily i make Gai ves $ i ton the sodth�?T8 x j largest Best City t i and port. A i. ,7 Quot a a a 187�. V. A cry ii Vest a May 15, 1909. Vol. Xxx no. 44. Miss Marjorie Wood js2 f advice a silo is a to i Iii Ftp re amp Iii by a ii its is Ltd. Otsy in 0ififer<ts�� a a a a a a j whiff ii by w / pm we yep it4 ��4 s hmm w0 a it pm s a k a so. A it re a v a r a a Ltd 4 Ltd can a a a a a a a it jux 05 i Quot a quota who is playing Lucille with Henry. E. Dixey in the big comedy drama Success Quot Mary Jane spa a at the Chicago opera House in Chicago. Actors in roles of w0iv1en men who Wear skirts on the stage now rare feminine impersonal ton common years ago. It is interesting to note that in the evolution of the stage the Art of feminine impersonation As distinguished nowadays by such performers As lot Lynne Girardot and Julian Bisinte is nearly obsolete. Nowadays one can count upon has lingers the men of the stage who play in anything but a spirit of the most. Grotesque buffoonery whereas in the elizabethan Days of a few centuries Back every1 woman a part was placed by a Man or boy. So the salaries Quot Aro High and the plaudits loud for the handful of men whose Art enables them to impersonate women in a More or less serious Strain. Girardot was the shining feature of Quot Charlies a aunt a that farce which has withstood Many years of Laird travelling and has become 1n its Way a theatrical classic. Of course there Are plenty of come dunns to Day who dress up in skirts and cavort about in musical comedy but these must not to considered in the a analysis of the present status of the feminine ioipersonator., the Russell Brothers Eddie Foy Harry Bulger and similar players who dress in mock women a attire in order to in Creasi the of their a. Peara cd May lift classed in this respect with the performers who Wear balloon Iro Bors v coi Hedy hats or Scarlet whiskers. Y Many have tried but1 Only a few have succeeded in winning distinction in the work of playing women s roles. Thirty or forty years Back these impersonators Woro quite common and most of them so uninviting in their efforts that the act Wab almost Blac kitted i y managers. To Day Only a few Are Given the Opportunity at All and of those such a Small number have succeeded that it May to said there Are fewer successful women impersonators now than there Are in any other Standard theatrical specially. Elton go has triumphed Over circumstances which would seem to inhibit Success in this Field a. It. Almost in inverse ratio to the pass impersonation the Art of playing menus roles by women has gradually ,. Advanced until managers consider with Little misgivings 1 the idea of using an accomplished woman in a male role. Sarali Bernhardt loves to play Striplings has. Appeared As Hamlet and threatens to give Maude Adams was delightful in a a Peter Pari a 1 a a la alg on Quot and a a the jesters a in male costume. Henrietta Crosman shines in portraying Young monks parts in the romantic drama and miss Mabel Hackney recently seen in vaudeville with Laurence Irving was an embodiment of Grace adolescent masculine a harm and vigor As a Young Ragamuffin poet. In same class with eggs Story of stage debut of Rose Stahl got one of biggest laughs of her career. Rose Stahl who would not be Rose Stahl without the funny View she takes of everything makes a Good Story of her first experience on the stage a i had been in Possession of the mysterious Bug which directs your thoughts stage Ward from 16 to1 20 tor some time Quot she says. A after talking to every one of. The Ushers at the local opera House and finally getting introduced to the manager i succeeded in securing an interview with the Man Ager of a travelling company and was engaged for a Small part a Smalt part it. Was at that. You must understand that for spine time i had been a distributing my hitherto unexploited histrionic Talent upon the natives of our Village so that i was something of a local Genius and in consequence when it was found out that i was to appear in a real Phil the town elite gathered at the Temple Quot of mirth to give me a fitting ovation. Quot i had just two lines to say and after five minutes of rehearsal the evening of the performance the stage manager told me to my great Delight that i was a up in the part a and in fact that i was letter perfect. One of my lines read a May am the master is coining in this comprising my duty in the of Trot act and in the. Second i was expected to declaim with Fine oratorical effect in response to a Cue from another actress the words a missus those last eggs we got from the grocer s were simply All would have been Well but in toy excitement i forgot this line and it had to to repeated to to from Trio wings to loudly that the whole House heard it then from the omnipresent gallery was shouted mind a Kiddo. They be got nothing on you.�?T. A Well i got one of the biggest laughs i Ever have secured to All my stage career and although i remained with that company All season they never got Over kidding me about that a egg gossip of the stage. Quot an englishman a House Quot is to go on tour. A. A. Enrico Caruso Jhana sailed for Europe and intend to take a Long rest Florence Roberts has had a successful Beason in �?othe1 How be of bondage in Canada. ,.� Grace Van Studdiford will continue her tour in Quot the Golden Butterfly until the Middle of june. A do Annunzio a new tragic play. Quot Phe dra a did not score a Success when presented in Milan. A there Are Over 50 in tho East of a a peer gent a the famous Ibsen play which is produced so successfully this season by Louis James and his notable company. A shirtwaist luncheon this is the season when the needlework girl thinks of the newest wrinkles in shirtwaist. A women of a club that meets once a week to sew were the recipients recently of invitations like the1 following a a come to an informal luncheon on tuesday and Wear your latest shirtwaist bring your world Quot the girls expected something new and they were not disappointed. The color scheme was Pink which always seems the. Proper thing for Young girls for whom we always expect things to be a Coleur de a Long stemmed Pink Carnation was Laid at each place and this Dainty menu was served nothing new about it Only it just seemed to be the Rig it thing Cream of Tomato soup. Cold veal loaf garnished with radishes and cucumbers. French a Fried potatoes. Fruit salad Cream cheese and wafers. Cherry sherbet with Pink frosted cakes. Pink and White bonbons., Coffee. With the dessert Walnut shaped Bonbon boxes were brought in on a tray. When opened some contained the following Bright conundrums the answers pertaining to a shirtwaist what does the pug fast give his antagonist answer a cuff. What does Hymen say to the shirtwaist girl answer my. Yoke is easy. When does the president give a deciding vote answer when there is a tie. What is the prettiest thing in a shirtwaist answer the girl who wears it. Why is a Sawmill wheel like the shirtwaist girl answer because they both Wear belts. The girl who answered All five was Given a pair of scissors in a Case. After the repast a doll was Given each girl Quot to be dressed with materials furnished by the hostess. The Waist part had to be a shirtwaist. It was a very Jolly party and the dolls went to a Mission school in Tennessee. Heart cd fates. A a lovers a Delight nectar was served in tall glasses. This was merely grape juice with plenty of cracked ice. Souvenir postcard luncheon. A girl of 16 planned and carried out this affair which was really delightful the scheme is adaptable to Church societies and club functions. In the invitations which were issued on postal the guests were requested to bring six of their most interesting cards and be prepared to Tell about them. Quot the table Centrepiece was a Ball of ferns in which were stuck wee so Lac flags of All nations. Each girl was Given a foreign postcard and told to pick out the Flag of the country from which it came and take her place nearest to that Flag. The girl who had a card from Bern took the German colors from the Ball Etc. Bonbon or nut holders were made by pasting paper cups on the Corners of postcards the guests name Wab also written across the card. The ice Cream was White with a stamp on one Corner the guest a initials being done with Small candies. Afterwards postal card stories were told and the Fine collection of the hostess was thoroughly enjoyed. An announcement party. This was Given in the evening and both men and women were asked. There were about 20 guests All Good friends so the affair was not at All stiff. The hostess passed cards tied a with True-lover�?T8 knots of Blue with Little blueprints snapshots of the Happy pair at the top. Trelow the word Quot Matr Liony Quot was printed in Blue and Gold letters. The game was to see How Many words proper Dafnes barred could to made in a half hour. Every one was surprised at the announcement which was told without any other explanation and the couple were overwhelmed with congratulations. Quot a a Quot a. At the conclusion of the word contest a Basket was passed containing tiny Bells wee slippers two rings two hearts envelopes containing a love message Etc. Thus partners were found by Matching these love tokens. Then to the music of Lohengrin a wedding March they went to the dining room where this Dainty repast was served creamed Chicken in heart shaped patties hot biscuit also heart shaped Ambrosia and Pink iced a Bird party. The hostess said a please come wearing something to represent a the dining room was Gay with Flowers and branches of fruit Trees in Blossom there were several Canary Birds in gilded cages and the Centrepiece was a Jar filled with Apple blossoms. Here Are some a of the Birds represented Blue Bird Bobolink bluejay Robin Blackbird yellow Hammer cuckoo Pheobe girl had that name Magpie Eagle Catbird Parrot cockatoo Redbird Etc. Pads and pencils were passed and. A very Jolly hour was spent after refreshments endear i ing to discover the Birds represented a the. Confections were tiny Candy eggs. V Quot a a a a sofa Pillow Shower. The Bride elect was one of a club of six. When she announced her engagement the others planned a sofa Pillow Shower. Each one selected a Pillow design with colors that harmonized. When All were finished the Bride was asked for a luncheon and found a Cushion on her chair. With each course the Cushion was changed until All five had been presented there being just five courses with this end in View. The Pillow designs were All worked on Burlap in the new stitches which Are so effective and quickly done. This is certainly a new idea in show ers and a most acceptable one. Madame Merhl new Waist line. The average height for the fashionable Waist line is three inches above the True one. This does not include the Empire line. Oak Leaf design of pebbles in stucco. 1 the fireplace is usually the dominant note in the living room of a Bungalow or summer cottage. It is planned to give an artistic effect and should always to in Harmony with the general character of the room. For a Small picturesque cottage of natural Wood with the living room done in soft Green finished Oak and natural color Burlap a Al replace of Gray stones would be very much in keeping. A novel and decorative touch might be Given it by the mosaic of pebbles done in an Oak Leaf design. This tho children can do. On a Rainy Day thrusting the coloured pebbles they have collected into tho edit stucco. 1 a a a i a it it k 1 a i the effective use of Creyonne As window drapery. Pretty Over curtains for service at bedroom windows Are Mado lined with cheese cloth in some tone which appears in the Creyonne pattern used Over ruffled Swiss or Muslin curtains these give the room a very Dressy appearance. For Small windows where two sets of curtains would look heavy curtains made of Dainty Spriggel Dimity such As used for summer gowns and costing from eight to fifteen cents a Yard make very desirable sunlight filters writes Bessie Blanchard in the Home Maga Zine. If a Choice delicate pattern of Dimity can he secured a bed spread with Valance and bolster Roll should be made of the material and one or All leaves of the screen filled with the same. The very cheap loosely Woven crash such As is used for dish towels makes very attractive curtains and bed spread when set together with cheap Torchon insertion or Fago ted together. If a special color scheme is to be carried out this crash and insertion combination is very effective since it can be successfully dyed by the Meriest Amateur. White or Cream coloured bed spreads. Are generally More satisfactory than coloured one especially if there is much colouring in Wall paper and draperies. Utility boxes Are now recognized As being Asci necessary As a Bureau in the House. The Moat expensive Are covered with leather and used in Hall or Library. The woman who is proficient in the delightful at of woodcarving has a Chest in her dining room for the Taro Linen. If she be a Bride she will have one enl her boudoir that will to lined with White Satin a and be Callejo her Quot Dower Box a holding the lingerie of her Trousseau. In Miladis bedroom the Box is covered with Creyonne Matching the other furnishings Ancl neatly lined wit i Cambric with a Sachet pad covering the Bottom. In this shirtwaist Are kept free from dust and wrinkles and if the room is Large enough there will be a shirt Box to hold the Dainty thin gowns that Are att to look unkempt if kept in a crowded clothes closet. If furnished with Springs in the lid a heavy to of Good size Berv sfas a bed when a thin mattress is placed Over the. Springs. Such a Couch covered with Corduroy or velour and supplied with a generous number of pretty cushions adds considerably to the furnishing of any room As Well As supplying a dust proof closet for Seldom worn clothing. Two shirtwaist boxes with cushions galore form an attractive cozy Corner in a girls room and if one has a tray fitted in Mado with tiny Bamboo rods faced together with Broad ribbons resting on brass screw eyes in each Corner ribbon stocks collars and belts can be kept with the waists. A shirtwaist Box will be found invaluable for keeping the Wash dresses of the Small daughter arid should be mounted on casters so it can be easily moved for the weekly sweeping. A Large packing Box having the cover hinged for a lid that will fit closely provides a desirable Chest for Winter clothing if carefully lined with tar. Paper throughout. Sacks made of several thicknesses of newspaper pasted together Are Moth proof for clothing provided the garments Are thoroughly brushed and shaken so no Moth eggs Are lodged in them. These sacks should be posted. Together not. Tied. With the extraordinary cheapness of material the Lack of a folding screen in one s bedroom is inexcusable especially if the morning Bath needs to be taken in one s room. Where two Are occupying the same room it insures a degree of privacy and in sickness is invaluable for softening the Light and shutting off draughts. If you can not afford to buy one of three leaves manufacture Ono yourself. Any one with two Inch strips of soft Wood four hinges bras headed tacks the necessary cloth and a degree of Quot gumption a Cali secure a something serviceable if not Boasi Alful. But with Quot Good common sense time and a Model to guide whether in the store window or a Magazine advertisement something artistic As Well as1 useful can be made at slight expense and the Comfort we ill be so great there will speedily be a screen in Overy bedroom in the House. In the latest Mode hat of Cherry coloured Straw lined with Black taffeta. Wreath of cherries and Crown of drawn net. The shawl. The shawl is coming into its own again. The fashion is not generally accredited to London but it is probable that the fact that Edward Vii. Revived his mothers custom of sending ouf half a Hundred Indian shawls for Christmas gifts among his friends has something to do with it. At present the shawl is being worn Highland fashion with tho right end thrown Over the left a shoulder perhaps tho most desirable material is real chinese crepe. It copies it a Many colors with heavy embroidery and a Trilck silk fringe. The Spanish shawl so popular at tho very first is idiot so much seen. Wonderful old shawls Are to be found to harmonize with any and every costume. The edges Aro always heavily fringed and there is usually a Border of Rich colors. They Are worn out driving in boxes at the theater and at afternoon affairs Over a tha smart one piece costume. ,
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