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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives May 14 1882, Page 3

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - May 14, 1882, Galveston, Texas \ a a \ Pavilion opera Glass. Foulk it Jacobs publishers. Omee 170market St. trim. Has a larger circulation than any other Sheet published in the City of Galveston grand free concert at the Pavilion next thursday and saturday nights. Amusements. To Day the grand Pic Nolc of the Galveston Cotton press employees protective and benevolent association. Phew will be bad at Schmidt a Garden. We have Given a detailed account of the object Attan leation nod attractions offered to Day Etc., Etc., by the association on our first Page read it and take it into Morrow night at the Tremont opera House the Galveston juvenile opera company will give a performance of Olivette that sparkling Tittle production of audran in Honorof the visiting delegates to the grand Lodge of i. O. B., which convenes Here this week. The performance we have every reason to believe will be very creditable As ill those interested have been hard at work perfecting themselves for weeks Back. We confidently look Forward to a big House and a pleasant entertainment. the cast Captain he Merrimac. Of the mar to War a a Cormorant . Arbuckle Valentine officer of Tbs Roussillon guard Bis Gregory Duke and heirs presumptive to the Weis Marve Jol. Local pluralist Seneschal to the countess and Malre of Perpignan Mamie Agullo Coquet get Foster brother to the Duke Des ilk and Henchman g. Levy ice tiv Jennie Eyth latent countess de Roussillon in love with Vales Tine a Fannie Lle Bennaka Olivette daughter of Benas Hal Marre Jol v in users wets velour due. a housekeeper Wlllie Labarthe lords ladies re wants s Vulors Etc. By a chorus of forty trained children by special request. Misses France Weis Aud Katie Gregory will sing the a a gobble boat and two songs out of patience. On a ref the 2bth hist., the Texas railway employees a Mutual Benefit association gives grand afternoon concert and evening Pic no at Schmidt a Garden. This association though yet scarcely 6 months old gives Promise that Whan it a grows up it will be a very Lively concern. Running and walking matches a tag of War and Many other novelties Are among the attractions offered and As the members composing the organization which is strictly a Home institution Are deservedly popular and the event a beneficial one it will do Tiht less prove s big Success. We will in our tuesdays or thursdays Issue give full particulars together with a Complete history of the association object statistics Etc. The Protection rowing club will hold their second annual regatta on wednesday Mav 24th, the occasion being the second anniversary of the birth of the organization. Handsome Prises will be contested far and awarded to the winners of four Wardd six cared a Ingle Shell and Skiff races. A Skiff race Between or. M. Utter Nan and de. Nelson for a very novel prize s. K. O. A the chs Tanee to be one mile and return will be one of the features of the Day. A great party of jokers congregate nightly at m. Samuel a Edgar store. Chaff cat so Daty Tony Sttne Tiona. I that hmm doer Ean Farad la repress a smile. Who a said a indians of a prof. Charles Gerhardt and mile. Roe Ettl whom a Romani bar with Plowy Aboc a a mum never Snow Herd on Quot the a a Nounou meeting a Gal Patien of1ra of toss. Lorger tics. An la Ltd Quot ids see singly mk�4 nest �04o son Days ado a amp two in Wilk tit a Dell a 0� what does How ads has he got a Noe it. i tobacco i an Indian Weed it a the Devil sows the seed. It drains your pocket scents your clothes and makes a Chimney of your nose. By an ice Cream Paet coins May come and coins May go but the car tickets remain for Ever. N. This is no stale news. They were seated on a Bench outside of Throp Avellon where they had been Seate Raour Long hours listening to the music on sunday last. A Augustus do you know Why you remix me of the chinese a a no Dearest Why a a because you wont he took car no. 59, Aud went right Home. Societies clubs or associations contemplating giving picnics or entertainments will and it to their interest to place themselves in communication with the Okha Glass. We wont say who it was but this is an a honest fact a a Man Wentin Fco a drug store on Market Street and asked for something to cure a headache. The druggist held a bottle of Hartshorn to his nose and he was nearly overpowered by its pungency. As soon As he recovered he began to rail at the druggist and threatened to punch his head. A but did no to it help your headache a asked a a help my headache a gasped the Mao. A a i Haven to any headache its my wife that got the of. Wheate the Voung Man who so smilingly Breaks off the Taffy with a Little Hatchet at Forbes confectionery store and who always asks us if we want our Straw Bow and Cream in one Laas requests us to state that he has Blind a Lidys Gold ring of antique design which the owner can recover by applying for and proving property. The r. S. H. Brigade have decided to Wear polka Dot dresses ditto hats and handkerchiefs with scoop bonnets to match at the Santa be Pic Nic. Of girls you i look to utterly Etc. A Mother May i go oat to bather a yet my Dearest daughter take your barring suit trader your Arm. But Don t go in the if your sweetheart is a Good dancer take her Over to the g. . E. And bus Pic Nic to Day. The prize is Worth trying for. If she Isnit take a noway. To she can learn. Its Paul Green is a fashionable color for buckets. You can always Tell the fastidious i Man by his sending Twenty seven cuffs and collars to the laundry accompany j led by a single shirt. A i want one of those Long Felt hats papa a said a pretty girl to her father. The indulgent father forked Over the j Money and her head now tills the Long Felt want. Our Little Bird hew in through the window yesterday and loudly berated i us for a seeming neglect in not Noti j cing that a Frank a Charley Ritter a right hand Man had been presented by a committee of Texas rangers after their banquet last week with a handsome watch and Chain As an appreciation on their part of the services rendered by him. Beg Pardon Frank but we did no to even notice Charleys Gold headed care As we thought that the big papers had said All. Of they re wide awake. A German paper says that a Young woman is like a letter not yet posted. The father of the Young woman has probably informed the German paper that it takes a Good Many Stamps to get her off. Itis asserted Over and Over that anxiety shortens life but when a Chap sees another fellow feeding his girl with sandwiches at a picnic is he going to sit Down and bid his soul be Calm not by a Boot Jaffek. Of breathe there one clerk of amp dry Good a Tore or seller of goods to aware classified dry or a Mart in the furnishing tet ailment galore Whoey or foils of remarking whenever you Bay anything else it if there be such a one let him come and be crowned. And be put in Between two aur Ferous Wing. A and when this has bean done let the trumpets All sound while an army of glad Parmett customers Stags Quot anything Etaf Bro. Watson of the Brenham Independent a love up a Mitiff and done to Oil forget it evening taper was in the City two or three rays the past week. Bro. W. A thinks 4yeve got a Well if running round in the 8tfn ail Day sitting up wording till 2 or 3 a. M. files and conciliating the a Fomous mobs Quito and the people with the news est Little a aet in the City is what he Calls a Pic Etc we have got one and a Union one at that. Keep tour fowl healthy and Skrl for or using Todd a toxic food feb poultry. To make hens Lay for curing roup canker and All serious poultry diseases for 8alk a it general Southern agts., 120 in onto Tiee St., near . Awo twas. The Price for an Ordinary residence window awning in from to Ifor doors from $7 to 112, without Frame to less. In ordering these awnings the measure is to be taken on the door or window frames not on the Brick work and in All cases Pleise state the shape of top of the window giving the height and Width is sufficient. The above prices include everything frames pulleys rope a Small Cleat to fasten rope on. And herein the City we put them up. I also make them mildew proof at an additional Cost of 40 cents each soliciting your esteemed orders i remain yours. John h. Repsdorph x it id cd c/2 o 55 o is a to a i o i b. L. Castleton. Proo Ramsex a part iii 11. Overture a a dido. 12. Grand International March Potpourri 13. Galop Turque. 14. Adelaide. 15. Polka ill Stair. Mere Dante. Beissig Polak Daniels. Beethoven. It. Behr or. J. P. Atm Mere a Road the t. A n. 0.,is again running regularly from Houston to new Orleans. The watery flood a a subsided now May the flood of mob Ness set in. A is Jence gives a bots a pole Yon ask question which admits of either an affirmative or a negative Dodrer dimes then should a alien Eek be consider As being applicable f As the French Iky k. S. V. A Jim James was responsible for at Iea Afferty deaths Bat timers Are lots. Hmm a. Ferwn a a a we u shake once More for the in line a paths save Sald to him lord a a a a a the Jar wet Asper. Dkl she Dot he was Only Rai Alicw s5bb.e��?~�1386�? arty Wpm a keeper xae w a work he id a maker named 0tno ener amp at of Issow. Us arts fiord Flowers a Scad a a a a had a sore a Short time Sgoz Dnn of our of none Portrie mad Mem so aae of Tan Man a Meh a Kotiw of Omar of form so s3 on Fife of a is a sets me presi Yum to i thais sell know where you eat fat on to a trifle Aea Reff a Quot ova Foar Ormah. who Keo Whitee Tetef a in of Fiona a hat minds Fettke de of a third flt and gute read a a Demon tiie to Biliti or the a re Tearsey a i tend Fig some a psf a a a Quot due Tern. We weft a ure Materanek might hay0tni a few Wemly Lam msdeu0 out a it Theta As Rio est a have Yim old j. P. Bobs Olli revolution 1u Cook Iliff i and Money do away with. No chopping Wood or carrying Coal. W if your Cook leave Yon Are Index Enaena a it Coski bakes boils and Broil without any trouble 1n foot it work alike a of at properly named a Mascot to a a Fuyou done to Crow who it Judy eur a of admission 50 cts. A Abidi for the Piru Cleof the sunds in the Garden Are Bow open and will be reserved Udo till thur by next. be add eased to the chairman of com it tsp to. . Association. And we Kei p on hand a full line of peed Hay Corn bran Oats Etc which we offer at lowest for Cash Ilii Genheimer building Galveston. 9wfot prices of tents see special list for Send or estimates. The Public is respectfully notified that i shall open on or about St a or. 15 to an elegant land first class artistic and fashionable a tailoring establishment on Market Street. Unser opera Shnte. Lovers of the newest and latest novelties in cents cloths and those desiring an artistic fit by an experienced Cutter should defer their non a Quot a orders until consulting me. Louis Gabert artistic tailor having come under the management of an experienced caterer is now open for the entertainment of a respected Public. The coolest and most romantic Besolt on Galveston Beach. Newly fitted up enlarged and strictly on the first class order. Best wines purest liquors choicest cigars and lunches at All hours polite and courteous attendants a feature. Fish chowder to Day. Every one invited Jam. Henders1cz, w. K. Hall. S. A. Of Stubton a a oo., druggists beg to notify their friends and the general Public thit they will open the commodious and enlarged store on the Comer of Market and Tremont streets under opera House on ten Retoy june let As the most elegantly and elaborately fitted up establishment of the kind in Texas with a new and Complete Floe of drugs chemicals fancy toilet articles soda Ana a lined Waters. Our prescription department will be a s social feature of our business and will be under the _ personal super Rialto of our or. E l. Ca8tlbton. Lalor a of. Deals Bufi in too Kino made Eltom Cotton seed. Insurance kerosene gasoline and All grades of illuminating oils. Lamps crockery Glass tin Wood and Willow Ware toys and notions for the million. Oil and gasoline stoves of All kinds and sizes. Goods delivered free to any part of the City. Oil cooking stoves they save time Chimney and stove pipe. Foot it work alike a of Arm. The Sto e is very Call and we will show a Rand afternoon by prof. Linden Bercus orchestra. A and be nuns Pio Nio under the auspice of the Texas railway employees Mutual Benefit association at Schmidt a Barden saturday Hay 20th, 1882. A five mile Heel and to walking match and a two mile running Matoh for which band Tia Prfu a will be awarded a the Totori. Besides procuring the proud distinction oct Champion will Besom of the numerous attraction offered extraordinary will be of flared to parents desiring to bring children and the committee win Lake a personal p Ida and interest in catering to their enjoyment. Am eat Aace Rae to two Dalian la a Waind fro a them anxious to enter for he Hsum which Ore pea to Olf you Are. For toll fart Iralane and Dot aim Aeo Foulk a Pacete Pavilion to Tobba Oliam off next Tow children half Price. Exchange billiard parlor Saloon will open june is Thoro Allily repainted Ana decor amp ted i under Ilia management of we. Firm and Jos. Keen an. /
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