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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives May 14 1882, Page 2

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - May 14, 1882, Galveston, Texas Paid Fli a Nam of tabs. F from the fund of the association towards defraying the expenses of interment. The same being applicable tithe Witeof a member when in needy circumstances. In the All important matter of health the association has been peculiarly fortunate and right Here we express the Hope that this condition May Long prevail As very Little sickness and no deaths have Ever since their organization cast a gloom Over them by its dread presence. Their condition therefore both physically and financially is of the very soundest and As they Are composed of staunch and hard working Materia ,.they really have As one of their number informs us a no time to become to Day has been set aside by them for their first annual Pic Nic at Sohol dts a Garden and which will no doubt be a very pleasurable affair. The committee composed of messes. F. Schwalm m. Donohoe l. Mott Geo. A. Ryder h. Belke. S. F. Jeene f. D. Mitchell with h. K. Jaques Secretary have been indefatigable in their efforts to make the event a Success of a Brilliant nature and with Good masks and the attractions in the Way of go As you Preses races Swift jumping sack a Racas a Harp shooting etc., to say Rothong of the ten handsome Aud costly in left offered for the victors the Best lady paneer single and mar the pre idiot association a of Hope to Tut our prediction will prove True stat. Chg a Pforr Wuh farm at their on Church Street be and finito Street Star state big has co. No. 3, at nine of clock this morning and proceed in a body beaded by a band of music to Toodie Patete a a rat rats mar omens Are f. Schwalm president j. Lang first Tyiee preside it a. Young second vice president b. K. Jaques Secretary . Met cell treasurer and doctor As physio Taeao the . ii ii 1 him Nasht Imp a a cosy panes Ouer eur for toe Viete the Best lady pincers single and m ried the most to Buir a Hunan i prettiest Little baby a. We pred a grand Bromm for the Assoc in to straight in the face. A been Down to the meeting love bad a very exciting session wanted to elect me to go Sobreh Hahn As a Delegate but mud Mem i Little Tootsey Wootsey alone Solon. No her Hubby loves Bis Little wife too much to go away from did she Rush up to lanky and throw her arms around Bis neck and Call him her a own True and devoted Lite husband a and Call him pet Uphee ? that a what he counted on Bat Ohye gods poor left looking at him severely with weeping eyes that seemed to Pierce him through and through she answered him. A to you horrid Monitor Tou deceitful villain a and she looked at him so Bard Tea poor lanky even wished himself at the Bottom of the Artesian Well. A a this from Yon i you Teu a retd who has sworn to Honor and cherish in and Here followed More cry. A for heavens Sake my Darling what we at do you mean a whispered Wick for he saw that to weaken was worse than Folly and As a drowning Man grasps at a Straw so did he still cherish the Hope that she a fed not know his secret. His were Short lived a i sap up pose you too a a in the Tow own last night i do on to know what it me a ans but sup be one Yoo of had a Fine to inc a she sobbed. A a a Pon my would i done to understand All this a said Boas White As a Sheet a there must be some Ter Olbie its taste this was too much for a feminine nature to Bear. A a a there Mast must there a said she firing up. A a maybe this will enlighten you a and she hem up to poor lanky the identical note which he bed indicted to a a Deer old Jack a and which he in hit haste had substituted Tor the meeting to time. We draw the curtain. He saw a a Jack next Day and a towed a solemn oath by a the a a makings at the Golf City press that he would never no never impose on toe fire company again. A Mai vet to wife Virgal Liyung on at de beginning of de blending season Yon know Dey comes for dirty Miles around und if Day gee Vilkins pants owling up a Tami Day holds off und Waits for a of Gage but it his wants re Down Dey goes right Back Home and put in de crop. Ennik of it my front. Met de derm Ometer pants you cab Tell exactly a fun to put in cab huge seed und a got cum Dyloe sir Tetter As Mitau agn anac beef be Van de Vedder gets so cold add vet Dot de pants tees up under your arms you can sew buttons de front und Vear dem As a when Holt Enstein finished Hie yarn concerning Tho pantaloons the noun Tryman Sniad Aud turned abruptly on Bis Bill left the store. A did you see de Vay Dot Man acted Berman said howl Lacon angrily. Yte for replied theim. A veil it shut shows Dot de More Yov try to help some Peoples atom de More you done to get any tanks for it. Aminem beak Toad tar. Tetele in try Matina and Omaha no Nul . Comm Ercul Cal cola thoroughly and practically taught. My la Cunt Sam a. The democratic state convention meets Here at the Pavilion in a Ulys did no to we Tell you so out a a Crank worked wonder. Its a Good thing for Galveston. Therefore do wer Jolee. Therefore should we �3 ditto. A ten Little Riidu amp so wee a Winner. The Pav Joir Oram amp los will henceforth be issued every tuesday thursday and sunday. The regular summer even Cooke its Nave now comment will a be continued nightly Edne Ethys. Day and night sessions. No vacations. For to premiums awarded to j. B. Mitchell. At artent of above earned College for practical pen Anat Lahip at it Arltol state fair. Austin october last to prof. E. E. Mia Hui county fair. Kanauer october 18. 187v, on penatly plan for jilt of teen. Largest work and specimen writing. Prof. Scherrer waa also awarded drat Premium on pen drawing at Austin state fair last october Alao practical instruction to hand writing and telegraphy. Send for circulars to b. Al 8chbrreb, president Box 11�, Galveston Texas. The Moat veatral location and the Moat Tommo Danua Best lighted and ventilated Rooma in the City a. D. Holmes Odd fuds Hall Bifid Long Market idler Bros. Iso Arket St. My hatters and seats for Anta. Satisfaction As to prices and fit Guaran teed. A a vow Iii w g quot wjr4mttosll Etc sep dealer in ladles gentle men a amp children a shoes a full line of lad Lead Slipper and Gen Tab Low Cut Boea at the Moat reasonable prices 8ervicbable, 8tyli8h and a Krasle <30008 Only. 163 Post office Street. 3 doors from 23d St., Galveston Texas Ajo it sements. Special announcement a Mai feet Avreet Clothier was busily Eug aged scolding his clerk for not Poi Rhiddie lot of cheap Egery was in to show Esse when stoop shouldered countryman entered the store and inquired sve you got any jeans Pante heps certainly my Ofseni replied Hoflen run Over to Stoml dts a Garden Bye grand inauguration every living on Resane Basa on Gil Veston Island i icing to i Andrj a f a. �?T4 i res and by the snap us wants to the on Galveston a Upland. Never mind Bow we got in but we got it. To this Man who Tasso very enthusiastic Over a a Galveston Island a we a Ltd Call for Short lanky. One bight very recently waa Tedin have a night off with the boys Tegt did not know How to arrange til Vert hip better half becoming St Picior. He thai and to sight Tor a Long time could arrive at no satisfactory Way a arranging things to Anit him final to however he consulted Soam friends of Bis in the press gang new an apparently easy Way out of toe dilemma was hit upon for Blank was Bav is night o and on the morn log following the it in a dra Iblas Hll upon. A appeared in a a meeting that evening for the purpose �&im3a8kss5 ton to be held at Brenham on a Bertaln Day. Lanky Loti in Tygh old humor at Tbs result of wit he thou Frt bit splendid scheming and to celebrate the event a dec feta i. Up hog to to dinner but dined in town and concluded to write to Bis wife enclosing the notice of toe a meeting a and state that he would he bom till Vsner later tie then sat Down Abd wrote to of Friend whom he wished Toa compan the boys As follows a dear old Jaci a meet sad As Flatos Lse Edgar store at nine pc look this evening a crowd of is Are in for a. Time this evening we Are going to take in toe town have fined h web the old Winsa. Huge too a a thy Toig seemed Soma Andlous and at the whine appointed the boys met lanky was it Ami too a bad a time of Abbot 8 very Row Herant and wooo they went Soa a bad a time of about 8 a. M. Slinky appeared at his Home win a roil of prob meet in is band and entered Bis wife a room where he fou Softie partner of i bosom sob sober up Sod be steady and la pm her a out detox get of y phew How it blow a Pat sunday. H Cuba red a tee tos ngh. End big crowd too la toe Beech Ime a Doyz a the concert the two Bathe no Cigar store m. It j. Tiersma Aud in proprietors towed us this week a Tettey from ban not euro request big them tos Ewd samples of Tbs or Powter brands of dare Froid Ohleh to select an order stat tag thac attention had been eard Glass. Amp the Opaka a part ii 6. Overture a bks Elf of 7. A the past end present a patriotic 8. from a a patience 9. Cornet Solo a Dudu Reigst Mir in d. W. Douglass. 10. Springs approach song without . Boob for remainder of programme Sis next Page. F entity Tif goods in dotage und we defy Competition. I we sell anything und you done to like it Yon get your Money Back or not Eedeng else in Exchange you know. Van Yon a Fanner yes a i live up on bed River. Veil Den you need a Patr of pants like Deal and Haffan Teui poll pm out a sky Blue Paft from a pile or Clit Tow on Tho a to a a Fis 25 Graum Ripe Doe at la und Tell test de whole yearned you know. Tito took the pants loons to the examined to text a Tare of the Ciao and Toon shaking bar heed Kitota eighty. Said f there so much Cotto Jln them. Of course my frent Dep Vil Uhrink but wait und i Dell flu Home Ding. If Yte Owona a i torah Pete Imge id Outi mmadepeixim8lj for Pia Tetela. Dey Vas de Ormom Toke is hts und a Bles ipg toe Hwy Fyte dam. Do it Buknow was going to vet and cold Dot Regta Toto Ramrup Ned vault Vai slog to be dry und warm Dey Odaie Jet Down you know. Dree it wifi a go i Sells a Patent Delto a Man Vit was named trims my i Ever apoe Den he makes Good Cope Ven de odor is. A a oms Bonus Coonc girl Lowa Szwet a Een iad Yoong Giri. May free summer concerts at the , -scnsrx>a.sr, use a in calling special attention to the above i take of evasion to inform a respected Public that i shall open in the Pavilion an elegantly fitted % strictly first class ladies and gentlemen a re8ta.tjra.lsrx rwiw�?Tlftt1 Eato Aige Baa a Learned article gum my Girla should be we cannot answer As to should Bedaar Tedham so is t. Ethe tuntion to Abo Tonea Lite Tel amok i Bor this week r Touval 8ft per sack. Bio Comite for ii Dpi. A to Flea 86o. Por a. R forge 00.-Fra g Amar for i 00. Tobacco Artom per in. A Al fio pet Day Tei. Age Ted Ali Ionuia frn4to, 80e. Per om0� k a Voil a apply of family a to Evem Magoo tha feed Liba Ritall and St who female quot Stetos a a Oolite to stored fume the any Market 8lf Tot. Loto Afi Qto out sme. During my recent visit in the Northern cities i have made it toy special business to carefully note the manner Wiloh has placed our Northern people in the front rank in conducting a. Popular resort and with the experience thus gained. I will guarantee to furnish my patrons with a cuisine that shall stand second to none in the country. Having provided my Wolf with nil the improved Aggy Tara meet All the requirements of a first class restaurant i eau inaugurate the Peatee on tan Day May 7. And Rie attention of the Plhtte Rasa Otic two inv just. First grand annual Pic Nic of thu association at Schmidt s Garden a Trdat Ici. 14 l88a. X ten handsome and costly prizes a Patent j1 Kew Tea at Eft a a Fol Law Ted fifi Wilt be awarded by competent judges. Wiit a Eream a Jow Jassy Smi amp Tik site a a a a a Ito Yean of sea Doodt Eufe and to Behest of Date. Fuu Terttu Namath vat do a Otems Axt sunday. Cow ii bite free. Grandb Mdse xw�?5.mw. a to grip airy roftikf4 j 2>�dgatis of the s the a acts Ter a. A a a a a a a a a i a a r
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