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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives May 11 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - May 11, 1907, Galveston, Texas Established 1879galveston, Texas saturday May 1 1, 1907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 42 Crochet insertion design pretty work for the lei8ur� moments. Directions for making All kinds of ornamental work sult Ablo for Tho furniture by parlor1 or a a Boudol a. For the Largo g Clilan join in a ring 12 double crochets in Tho ring 7 Chain a double treble in Tho nearest double Crochet., a 3 Chain a double treble in th<5 next double Ero Clief. Repeat from into each of Tho other double crochets 3 Chain. Join to the fourth stitch of the 7 Chain. Two double crochets under the nearest Chain Loop 5 Chain 2 More double crochets under the same Loop 9 Chain turn Back Over the double crochets just made and work a double treble Over the Long stitch beyond turn again. And work 15 double crochets under the Chain Loop just made 2 double crochets under the next 3 Chain 5 Chain 2 More double Crochet Ridor the same Loop 9 Chain Bacic Over the stitches just made and catch to the sixth double Crochet of Tho previous loj counting from Center of sitar in double crochets under Tho 9 Chain and repeat from under each of Tho other loops round the Star. On aching the Long stitch at the com Menc Emerit of the Row work up the Side of it with double Crochet then 5 Chain to the sixth stitch of the ave Vious Loop and 9 double crochets under the last made Loop thus completing the Star. For the Middle Staiff Pic Chain join in a ring 8 double crochets with a Chain Between each into the ring g Chain 1 treble on the nearest double Crochet a a 3 Chain 1 treble on the next Doble Crochet repeat from All round the first 3 Chain counting As one treble. Two double crochets under the nearest Chain Loop 5 Chain 2 More double crochets under Tho same Loop repeat under each Loop All round. For the smallest Chain join in ring s double crochets with a Chain Between each in ring a double Crochet on each double Crochet in previous Row with 2 chains Between each 4 double crochets under each of the Chain loops the illustration will show How and where the stars Are connected. A when a sufficient number of stars have been joined work a Row of Chain from Point to Point on either Side of the stars and finish with a Ron of x treble 1 Chain. Coiffure of Many kinds styles that will , Oval or Long faces. There is no question but that a successful appearance depends More on the coiffure than any other detail of the toilet for the handsomest gown and the smartest hat wok fail to impress a beholder if the hair shows nog act Lack of style or is unbecoming by arranged while often the plainest frock or simplest Chapeau will pass unobserved if the hair is prettily dressed in becoming fas Hion. The very greatest care should be exorcised in choosing ones coiffure or a changing from one Mode to another indeed Tho safest plan is to try not one but Many styles of hairdressing until some Model entirely satisfactory la found and then this one should to worn regardless of changing fashions. Certain styles suit certain faces Ono arrangement being Tho More becoming to an Oval face and another to the round face hut then All Are. Not of Tho True types. Thero is Tho Short Oval Tho narrow Oval Oval inclining to plumpness and the Long Oval All of which Are modifications of the perfect Oval face. A equally numerous Are the different varieties of the round face. There is the so called perfect Type of round face that is neither too thin nor too fat the plump round face the Broad fat face and the very round Short face. Then there is Tho Sharp pointed face to be considered the one with a receding Chin and the Type possessing a very Large or aquiline nose so that it can to plainly seen that while certain directions May be followed with satisfactory results it is simply impossible to set Down any hard and fast rifles because so few women have features that come up to the Standard of perfection. For instance a perfect Type of round face May have the hair dressed High or Low but it the face is Short and round the High coiffure must he adopted. The fat round face too should Loolu Welt with High arrangement but the sides must to putted a Little or Tho result will be that the fat Cheeks appear a really fatter. A late fancy sent from Paris amp Large cloaks Are in order in the Gay capital. The. Ample enveloping cloaks of Tho Regency which were in Inch worn in Paris last summer Are again in order and Seemol eni Piro and wraps of shawl like draping Aro considered extrom oly Chic. Ono sees Louis Xiv and Directoire models and Thoro is a falling in a Loop and end at Fotio hot Tom of lowest Cape. The a closing is made with Brown silk braid and Small velvet covered buttons. The new lingerie hat. The new lingerie hat is shaped of tor the popular bowl a or mushroom Model. A most delectable Small affair hut unhappily not As universally becoming As the wide Ono of last year that was Nice on both Young and almost Young women although we did see it occasionally Inis worn by some who were in neither of these classes. The round bowl of these now models has a ribbon to iced about it perhaps drawn through the holes of embroidery and fastened at the Back with some ends to lie against Tho hair.1 just in front will be placed a huge Rose of a Pae yellow and have a lingerie hat that la Tho newest of the new. Host of fantastic Little wraps and Short Coats which will be worn Oyer sheer Tummer frocks and not Only Over the lingerie materials but Over chiffons sheer voiles and similar stuffs. White Chiffon Broadcloth was used in the construction of this Model and Brown velvet ribbon is drawn through Large buttonholes in the two upper capes the seasons sashes. Several novel kinds of sashes have appeared this Spring upon gowns designed for younger women. One of these ribbon Garni Tures made from opalescent moire with a narrow Black Edge had two line Black silk tassels dangling from the forked Points of Tho Quot Swallowtail Quot effect sin to which the ends were divided. Another Sash made for a charming biscuit coloured costume was likewise of moire ribbon in this Case Plain Black tied in a High How at the. Back the hems being finished with fran get still another was made of delicate Chine ribbon having an exquisitely variegated fringe harmonizing with Tho Floral colors of Tho Sash. Miss Florence Holbrook. F Vav 1 str Mem it % of i v a a r Kmim \ a a a v .1 \ a a �?~3 a i a it a a Svi she plays the leading Femaria role in a the time. Girl a now making a Long run in Chi Cap. The place and the mistaken for musician. A Long hair of Strong boy leads to complications. Maximus the great the 20-year-old russian Strong boy has had Many amusing and exciting experiences since he came to new York. He never fails to hear some remark about his a wonderful development whenever he goes on the Sheet. Max wears his hair very Long evidently believing in the Bible Story of Samson. One Day last week while a walking Down Broadway Max Felt a tug at his Arm and was confronted by a. Group of Earnest faced Young women who were gazing at his handsome face in mute adoration. A ooh won t you come to my House and help us out with a Musicale Quot cried one of the misses. A to the russian boy who understands Little English tills was All unintelligible but having All the native gallantry of his Raco he accompanied the girls without protest to the car and up to a mansion on the upper a West Side a Here the Strong boy was ushered into a room tilled with people and found himself introduced before he i now what had happened. Then his troubles began. His fair conductor escorted him to the open piano and indicated that he was to play. Asj lax does no to know Ono note from another this was a trifle embarrassing. A i no play that Quot he stuttered Blush ooh How stupid of me a she cried a you play the a cello or violin a and half dozen different musical instr despite the now scared Strong boys protests she passed him in turn some half dozen different musical in str. Ments. Finally after what seemed hours of misery to him to managed to explain that to was not a musician but Only a Strong Man and she allowed him to escape. Since then Maximus has fought shy of All Young and gushing females. A apples Cement Friendship. Opera Singer recalls gift presented Many years ago. Mme. Schumann Heink the famous contralto recently made a concert tour of the Western states. When she sans in Boise , a quaint Little dutchman who lived on his farm in that Sketlon of the country read of her wonderful voice and decided to go to Tow and hear the concert he fur ther determined to take a Box of his Best apples and if the contralto came up to the press reports to a a resent her with this Token of his appreciation. Needless to state he considered her Worth the present and the next morning drove up to her hotel. With the apples for which she thanked him profusely. After the concert in Portland Ore a Short time ago when the Singer was at the station waiting for her train a Little old Man with a frayed out Collar pushed his Way to rough the crowd and timidly approached her a you Haf sing Lovely to night Quot he said. A fund i hear you again to Morrow night mid Tacoma Quot a a it was the same Little dutchman of the apples a ind the Madam emitted a volume of German that staggered her English friends but seemed to Delight the music Loving Farmer from Idaho. As he boarded Tho train he carefully protected the Rose she had Given film from the crowding passengers a and looked the picture of Bliss and Contentment. Annie russells eminent relatives. They were observed passing through the crowd in the lobby of the grand opera House after a performance of a a Midsummer night s dream one night last week. She was Happy. He was smug and self satisfied. Quot Wasny to Annie Russell Lovely Quot she observed. A she is unusually Clever Isnit she a a Clever i should say she was a replied the other with unction a her whole family s a ooh inherit it Quot 6 a Well a retorted her companion with an air of much Wisdom a a it a rather strange you Haven t heard of the Russell family. Thero was her older brother sol. Smith Russell and her Beautiful elder Bister Lillian Russell and there a the Russell Brothers who have gone in for Irish comedy and Tommy Russell who played lord Fauntleroy and the Black sheep of the family a links Russell a prize fighter. Haven to you read in the papers about any of them a if she had she kept it to herself. Autograph letters from Charles Reade and a Storl a Bracelet worn by Laura Keene rings that once belonged to Charlotte Cushman and Adelajda Nellson. And sir Henry Irving a Watt Are among the articles to be sold sex the actors fair in new York next month. 1confections for Tea table dainties that will please afternoon callers. Many kinds of biscuit and cake and of course Jam Are served at this increasingly popular function. Since Tho custom of taking afternoon Tea is not Only Well established in this country but now in danger of becoming an untimely a feast it la astonishing to note the numerous Little dainties and extra trimmings which Are being served to pique and Delight the appetite. It is 110 a longer merely a cup of Tea find a slice of thin bread and butter that May to expected Between four and 5 110 of clock Jam has been added to the list and often hot scotch scones and English muffins. Besides the Tea a table proper Hern stands usually a sort of rack fable pyramidal in shape and having three shelves one above the other and round like plates. Each one is covered with attractive China holding some fascinating Bis i Cut or cake. Jam of one or two kinds.1 is suggested in Between them and after the hostess has ascertained a which Jam and biscuit her guest prefers she spreads it for him herself a before passing it on a Small plate. This Little attention appears very gracious. Among he biscuits those of a health food reputation Are often found and Jam a spread Over them to add r to their somewhat questionable nastiness. Other hostesses have line Small Flat wafers of whole wheat covered with chocolate in their own kitchens before serving. They Aro then above reproach to pass with Tea. The biscuit itself indigestible tins chocolate and nourishing. His covered with cheese on the contrary while highly agreeable to the taste Are avoided by those hyper careful about their diet. Strawberry Jam is undoubtedly the. Favorite for spreading on English mull los. Blackberry Jam or guava is chosen to spread on the ii Altaj food biscuits especially those made of Graham or whole wheat. Scotch scones Are spread Only through Tho Middle with fresh butter. These scones Are very similar to old fashioned soda biscuits and Are invariably served hot. In size they Are Little larger than a Quarter of a Dollar. The number that some people can make disappear is therefore readily countenanced. Wafer Toast finds a place at afternoon Tea. In making it the bread 1h Cut As thin As possible and it 1h then toasted until extremely Crisp. It is eaten dry or with Jam but it is never buttered. When cake appears it afternoon Tea the fashion rages for a Rich Pound cake showing through it Many Largo raisins. Europeans invariably refer to it As a american Plum cake and regard it As a specially of this country. In entertaining foreigners therefore it is perhaps the most acceptable cake to offer. T pretty Frame for photographs a Gold tinsel embroidery thread and Gold braid used. This is a very pretty Frame the Gold embroidered a lilt being most effective. The sketch shows just a Quarter of Tho Frame in its full size so that the silk should be Cut from this with one half Inch turnings at each Edge. A medium Shade of Olive Green is used for our Model and the simple embroidery pattern is worked with Gold tinsel embroidery thread and a tiny Little Gold braid which edges the opening and is put on in a waved line. Cut a Stout piece of cardboard the a shape shown but one half Inch smaller at each Edge than the silk also Cut a Hole in Tho Center snip the edges of a lilt cover the face of the card with a thin layer of wadding place a piece of Glass behind the opening fix it by Secco lne then fix the Back by Secco lne to the sides and upper Edge or else place tie photo in position then Secco lne the whole Edge of the Back. For 4he support take a double strip of paper cover with Daric Green paper and fix to the Center of Back. A strip of Black tape or elastic fixed to support and to Tho Back of Frame will prevent it slipping. Brown Serge walking dress. Blouse jacket and skirt of somewhat novel design. Cigar Brown Sergo is used for this dress. The skirt is a seven Gore pattern machine stitched several times it the foot. The Blouse jacket opens in front to show a White Vest that la hooked invisibly and has a line of knot at latches worked with Brown silk up each Side of the opening. The revers Are edged with plaited silk and the deep Waistband la fastened by ally covered buttons two one halt Inch tucks Are car ried from the Waist quite Over the shoulder each aide. The puffed loves have turn up cuff fit finished by plaited silk. Brown Chip hat trimmed with velvet and a Feather mount. Vogue of the picture hat. Model is 8ure to be worn this sea son with tub frock. As everything else in the realm of dress that has succeeded has widened its influence and scope of usefulness the picture hat which is this season for the first time worn with tub frocks that is the picture hat with waving plumes ospreys etc., As we think of it in the full Bense of Tho word. And this seasons models Are worn More to Tho Back of the Quot head than of Yore. It is a new feature to be noted in the smartest modes. The mushroom shape will grow in popularity a the warmer weather comes for while it answers every purpose of Beauty one of its Mala objects is also to afford Protection from the Sun. A delightful effect in. White Chip with an Edge of Black Vei vet has a Bow of the same very pretty. Fris trimmed with clusters if shaded Black and White Feath. Ers completing a Graceful Arch. Dresses for misses. Dresses for misses show no decided com nip of style. Pique Contin yes to he Nis popular As Linen. Deep collars Are noticed on the Little French and russian dresses that Are worn with the soft by Lupe. A pretty pique dress Hab Collar of embroidered eyelet work. Another pretty Model is of Linen with Fine open embroidery insertion net in the Pleat o Tho Little skirt. A More elaborate style had a round skirt with an Edge of handsome , three inches or More wide. Thai Waist was. Trimmed similarly
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