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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives May 8 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - May 8, 1909, Galveston, Texas A oae Botwe i eff it a a Jambe of a i of ass has works f in the Ino Hist of we City. I f the sea fax a the Grade amp rising and the opera i ass will make Galveston the South so largest Best City ? and port. I 1---------------�?�?��?� a. / Vagai Eston Texas sat or May 8,1909. Vol. Xxx. No. 43. Amusing game for youths. Details of in interesting pay Elmo that can be played indoors or on 1 tho Lawn. Mark off on tho playground a diagram like the illustration shown Here with making it of any size to suit the desire of the players the Center Square surrounded by the spaces 1, 2, 3, 4, Iri tho White House. The spaces marked off at the Corners of the outer Square Are Trio Points where the players stand. The Kamo is played by any number of persons each having Flat blocks of Wood or Stone on which Are written one on each ill names of All the presidents of the United states and with each name the number of years he served. The blocks should be apportioned As evenly As possible among tho players. A at the beginning of the game the blocks Are All placed face downward and the players select them at random in turn. The player having George Washington Block plays first and the object is to throw the Blok into the White House in the Center if a Block lands in the White House it scores As Many Points for tho player by Thero Are years marked on the Block but if it lands in one of the four spaces around the White House it takes off from the players score As Many Points As the i Jumber on the diagram for president game. Place it lands in. A Block that does not reach the White House or any of the four spaces around it does not count a anything a any number of Points a May be agreed upon for the game and the blocks May be redistributed if desired. A v a boy had travelled before. A Ralph was crossing the Ocean on a big Leper last year and was having to Beautiful time learning All about Quot Ropos and tilings and ships upon the but All of a sudden Ono Fine Day the boat stopped in mid Ocean. Of Courso every one was much surprised and excited and began asking a a what a tho Mattor what has happened Quot but Jralph who was used to travelling and had been All the Way across tho american continent was perfectly Sereno and said calmly to the troubled passenger Quot of you worry at All its probably a cow on the track a a american horses in South America. Tamos it. Keeno and b. Haggle recently sold in Buenos Ayres 75 thoroughbreds from their racing and Breeding farms in tho United states. Tjie Fla lob Woro Only fairly successful be Causo american horses w pro Uto Vious by unknown there. Squares made of matches. How a trick that at first Semmoun usually hard can easily be accomplished. With 24 matches disposed As in Fig. 1, form nine squares. The prob. Flag. 1.�?the nine squares. Lem Here is to Redice tho number of squares to two Only by the removal of eight matches. Fig. 2 shows How this is accomplished. As the figure left forms the plan required for., the Puzzle previously de popular matinee idol i Jiff 9�s��s� Fig., 2s�?two squares left. Scribed of the Lake. Island and Bridge the latter May conveniently follow in demonstration. Dainty Little girl Mascot. Pretty Margaret Hall occupies that distinguished position in the Maine legislature. Kittle miss Margaret Hall aged seven the daughter of representative Willis it a. Hall of Caribou is the Mascot of Tito Maine legislature says the Boston Globe. Of the Many boys and girls that flit in and out of the big Stone building where Stern lawmakers Are Busy framing the statutes she is the. Most observed. Partly from her always Radiant smile her cute sayings arid her rollicking disposition. Miss Margaret does nothing all1 Day but enjoy in this pastime she finds plenty of people to assist her. Now and then some legislator in a Leisure moment will sit Down and Tell the Bright eyed Little miss Quot some Story or anecdote that seems to Delight Here heart when the men go to this big Hall for their first meeting they reach into a Little Box arid take out a slip of paper with a number on it. It is the number of the desk they Are to occupy during the a legislative session. When it came representative Halls turn to take a number out of the Box for Liis seat lie let Margaret draw it for him and As it accidentally happened she picked out Ono of the Best in tho Hall. All the other men saw her As she a on her Papas shoulder and it made Thern Smilo and clap. Their hands. A she has already made the acquaintance of Many of the lawmakers and Public officials about the state Trouso and they look for her coming regularly As one of the Welcome events of tho Day. In tho state House there is an elevator and the Man who runs it was formerly a Soldier in the civil War. He is very fond of Little girls and he has told her a number of. Thrilling tales about the War. Flock to Brittany Pardon ceremonies participated in by the peasants form Moat impressive spectacle. A Pardon ill Brittan Bogenb with vespers on tho evening before tho feast pilgrims arrive. For that and sleep in. Trio Church the Chapel and under the Hedges. They Chat hymns till they sine themselves to sleep. The first mass is said at 3 a. My a and when All the pilgrims have received holy communion they depart. An Ordinary visitor arriving soy at 10 a. M. Will hardly. See a single Pilgrim in the Church. , says the Rosary Magazine take part in tho afternoon procession and buy memorials and pictures at the stall. One of the most largely attended Pard Odb and a very representative affair in its character is that of Auray which is situated in Morbihan on the Southern coast of Brittany. Here gather All whom the intercession of St. Anne d Auray has saved from some peril. Those was have been saved from Shipwreck carry portions of the wrecked vessel others carry the shroud that had been prepared for Thorn the it late carry on. Their shoulders tho Cal Echos which have Ocomo useless to them while still others carry the Ropo or ladder by which they escaped from the flames. A sometimes and in some places there Isi. An evening profession carrying lighted candles la some there is a Bonfire lighted by the Quot figure of an Angel that descends from the Chapel or Church spire. Occasionally there Are games in the afternoon and dancing but usually All is quiet and a the people disperse after the afternoon a by the sea the arrival of the boats with Maidens in Wanito and banners is a pretty sight at one Pardon the sailors proceed barefooted in performance of a vow made when delivered in a storm. Hope is often carried so far As to be ridiculous. A a a Fiz if. If it. I. A mis. Dustin Farnum who is playing to e title role in a Cameo Kirby a by Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Ilson now running at the Studebaker theater Chicago. Plays with Short lives. Negro 1 first night also the last for these two productions Short run of Quot father and if americans producing manager Ever collaborate on a secret history of the stage they can interpolate a mighty interesting chapter on the plays that have died a premature death. A. A a Walter n. Lawrence for instance might contribute a paragraph on a the coming of mrs. Patrick a which Hail its premiere in new York a year ago last fall. Just before the first was set the stage hands went out on a strike As All the critics in town were present and a Large Quot audience had been gathered the management decided that the performance e Trust be Given. The. Stage manager corralled a few tramps from the Street Ait asked for volunteers from the company. By the hardest kind of work the curtain was sent up Rnea Rio an hour late. The audience was Tirril of waiting and received the act coldly. Again there was a wild Rush to get up the. Second act. The wait before the second act was exactly three quarters of an hour. This act had gone beautifully at rehearsals but the audience was As restless As the company a Quot was nervous and the curtain went. Down in silence. After another dreary wait the third act was disclosed. Many of the audience had left the theater by that time and the players began to bungle their lines and stage business As a result what had looked an almost certain Success during rehearsals became a hopeless failure on the opening night/.,\ another play that was grilled the first night was a farce called a the Man. On the Case also produced in now York last year. For to acts the comedy went beautifully. The last act depended on a stage effects a rain and wind storm that had never failed to work like a clock at every rehearsal. On the opening night the machinery refused to Avo rec. Forked lightning was supposed to play up and. Down and across the Back drop. The lightning appeared on the drop and then stuck., lightning. Is supposed to be fast but this lightning never budged. It just stayed there Ini ghastly forked streaks. The rain refused to fall so that the mechanical effects which tho downpour in front should have screened from the View of. The avid hence were pitiable apparent. A i. To give the impression that hats were being blown off by the wind the stage manager fastened strings to them so that they might be jerked off and hurtled across the stage. They were jerked off in proper manner but without the Protection of the falling Sheet of water every one in the audience could see. The. Strings and the people out in front howled with laughter. That last act killed the farce. One of the plays to receive tho attention of Charles Frohman. Early in the coming fall will be Quot the hardest Moon a by Augustus Thomas. A. But he could a pull a boat Quot and did after actor Irwin had con. Tracked blisters. A while Thomas Irwin who appears in a tho kentuckian a was on a trip South he decided one Day to Call upon an old. Friend whom he had met while visiting in Jacksonville some years ago. Going Down to the levee lie inquired from an old negro whom he met if he knew the whereabouts of col. Cassie Many a Plantation. A Yas Sah a said the negro a a bout seven Miles up de a How do you get there a said Reid. A a reckon you lab to take a a nah right a said Irwin a get me one and you go along i tic me arid show me the place and ill give you $2.�?� a fall right Sah a said the negro and he led Irwin to where he could rent a Small boat. Before getting into the boat Irwin turned to the negro and asked him if he could Row. A no Sah i can t Irwin was somewhat put out with the Prospect of a seven mile Row up River but decided to try it. All went Well for about four or five minutes when his wind gave out he was. Tired and his hands All blistered. A Well Well go Over to the Shore and see if i can to find someone to do it id give $5 to have some one pull Titis rest of the a pull de boat a said the negro Quot Why i Kin do Dat if dates All you a a fall i want Why i wanted you to do that at first Quot and you said you could riot.�?�. A. A Quot a scud me Mistach i did under stand you. A i thought you wanted me to Roah like a lion.�?T�?T., Law est m the sketch on the left shows a useful ought flt Trig coat suitable to to Mado up in or coating. Braid and buttons form the trimming they Are arranged Down Center of front round the foot also a few inches higher up and Edge tie sleeves at wrist and revers. Hat of soft drawn silk trimmed with required 5 Yards 46 inches wide 2 dozen Yards braid 2va dozen buttons 4 Yards lining. The Secotte illustration is Attiat of a Loose Graceful coat Sergo or Cashmere it is lined through with silk he color of material. The turn Down Collar has a Plain hem at a the Edge and has slits Cut and Button holed and tied in a Loose knot in front attached to the ends tassels Are also tho sleeve required6 Yards 46,inches wide 4 tassels 2% Yards ribbon 10 Yards silk for lining. Work of the Wise hostess gossip of the footlights. Rosalind Coghlan is an expert yacht woman and has won Many races with her own cat boat. A now play dealing with High finance in will Street was produced lately in Buffalo 1 called Quot the cats .paw.�?�. When Guy Gates Post finishes his season in a paid in full to will be starred Ini a comedy called Quot the Robert i i. Davis author of a the family a is to write another play for Henry Miller to be called a the Edward 13. Rice has a new. Spectacle called a the Duchess of . Jarrett who plays one of the principal roles in Quot the travelling Salesman a was formerly a civil Engineer in Railroad employ. Charles Purcell has succeeded Hubert Wilke in Quot the Golden Lionel e. Lawrence has secured the Road rights to play. Quot this Prince Chap Quot and will make a tour of the South under his own management Charles Dillingham has started rehearsals of a new musical comedy Quot the Candy shop a by George. V. Hobart and John l. Golden which he will produce in Chicago soon. Study and close application of Little things has put her in proud position. A hostess whose Little dinners or luncheons Are never Long or expensive but described at All times As perfection with delicious surprises included that do not interfere wit the nights Good rest declares that these gastronomical achievements Are often suggested to her merely by seeing the ingredients in juxtaposition. This May happen through the carelessness a of the Butcher boy or the grocery Man both having returned with a a forgotten articles that have been thrown without intent for such effect upon the same this Way a most delectable combination of oysters and Maccaroni occurred which was tempered by cheese and paprika and some shredded Green peppers. Another time a stuffing for peppers ensued for which the secret has never been told. Another invention is a salad of chopped celery to which grape fruit Orange and nuts Are added and Over this a French dressing with tarragon vinegar aided by chopped onion and a wee hit of sugar. An accompaniment to this salad is a cheese souffle done in tiny balls arranged in a Pyramid on toasted biscuits. Paprika is plentifully sprinkled Over All to give a snap but not bring tears a Cayenne would. Tho Puritan Collar. The High stiff Linen Collar has had its Day and with summer shirt waists will be worn soft stocks or the Cool pretty turned Down collars in dutch or Puritan style. Are very easy to make and As the distinction of handmade neckwear is always recognized a Supply of turned Down collars should be made up at Home. Fine Linen Lawn is the proper material to use and the Collar May be worked with heavy White dots a Dainty Scal loping finishing the a age or it May be trimmed with Cluny or Torchon lace. Sometimes there is merely a narrow lace Edge with a Little embroidered pattern above. Other pretty collars show an Edge of the lace with a narrow insertion running around an Inch above. Dressy bows of White net to make a Bow which is very Dressy to Wear with a Linen Waist select a pretty piece of White net and Cut a strip one half Yard Long and six inches it on All sides and trim the two a Short ends with narrow lab ruffle gather it through the Center and form three gathered loops on each Side of the Central line making them in graduate Depths the Central ones smallest Balrig the ends out straight with the third Loop. Tea gown. An exec dangly simple but effective style is illustrated Here. Tie gown is in old Rose Cashmere and has a Yoke and sleeve bands of braided velvet. The gown is set to the yoke1 without any fullness it Falls straight to the foot where it is Cut rather full. Materials required six Yards 48 inches wide 1 Yard velvet. The popular foulard., at the showing of gowns that a Quin made for Spring half of the frocks Wera in foulard. These Wero All of different styles. Made on different Plains to suit morning and afternoon occasions. This looks As though this charming fabric would have an immense revival this year. Quot. The shops Are showing tho material in double arid single Width there is the French twill and the Satin finish both will be to this material silk Cash Mere for House Gonna will be in first style and in great favor. It comes in the new tones of Corinth canard florentine Lichen and Ivory. The Cabriolet. A novel piece of headgear is the Cabriolet with one string Only and that a Long one capable of being wound around the neck and left to flow Down the Back
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