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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives May 4 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - May 4, 1907, Galveston, Texas Itotia Toborg Library �3 ok>0<>c�&<><xx><kx><>0�?~. Act a pm a of of the 8ba Watlet 1fhe3 o�z1adb Zaiq Ejgil air a the Opsa g i ass i t1akx5 tax Vic to a the a ova a q lab Bot Bug so a kist aha pos. I i i i i it Ltd it a established 1879 / a a. A a Galveston Texas saturday May 4, 1907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 41 <33 on f he. Toast of tie. A ame1icam misskmm1y by William t. Ellis tho distinguished american journalist is travel inc around his world Foi to hts Piir Poso of investigating the american foremen mi3- Flonary from a purely disinterested secular and non sector an standpoint illustrated with drawings and from photographs. The religious Romance of transformed Hawaii. In Quot Quot Quot. A Quot. A _ copyright Liy Jono Pii b. Bowl in o 1honolulu t. Ii. A a a Para Riiho of natural Beauty Hawaii is of internat to Trio tourists but to Hie student of religious social and political questions its greatest importance Ilea in the swiftness of its transition from a Navajo Community bound by tho practice of human sacrifice and the Allied and greater curse of 1 Trio taboo into a self governing orderly and prosperous Community admitted into tho sisterhood of the american Union within 75 years after the time it began to emerge from rank barbarism. A Complete product of missions. Ana widely Herald sad completed product of missions Hawaii has Long been. Advertised by missionary workers. It Lias been said a times without number that this is one of the few places on the Globe where the missionaries finished their ask leaving. To support and direct themselves As a Christian nation the people whom Little More than a generation before of they had found naked Savages. For in 518 g 3 the american Board formally a withdrew from the Siam Vaidian islands which it had entered in 1820. Are the missionaries rafters there broadly stated is one Side of. Tho situation. On the other hand it has been charged by innumerable persons and Job locations that while tho missionaries to Hawaii poised Trio benighted native to mansions in the. Sides they at the same time quietly took Possession of the natives earthly real estate. That the whole Island even since it has become a territory. Is the private graft of the missionaries and their sons is an accusation familiar to almost everybody. 4 Haw allans still worshipping devils. Even More Servo is to my in ind was the charge made by prof. William t. Brigham director of the famous. Bishop museum of polynesian objects. In Honolulu. Prof. Brigham has spent a lifetime in the study of South Soals land history manners and customs. He declared to to that the work of the christianization arid civilization of the hawaiian people has been Quot altogether superficial and that if the Whites were to move out to Morrow the native would be found restoring his old altars and worship the very next Day. As proof of this lie said that he had recently found a native judge in one of the Honolulu courts i think to Bald a United states Courtr wore help ing at an old native altar in one. Of the Remote parts of tho Island of Oahu. Within o Stone s throw of the Bishop museum where to were talking wag a broken Down altar which at tho time of the political overthrow in 1893, was reestablished along with a Recrudescence of idolatry throughout the islands. Within three months to further said in the City of Honolulu itself a native priest had alien dead while conducting Heathen Ritea Bofro tho altar. The worshippers tearful that the doll would catch them also quickly bundled tip the appliances of idol worship and carried them to a prof. Brigham for they said to would know what to do with the Devil hotter than any other Man of their acquaintance. Obo Oklah and the Haystack. It before getting Down tho conclusions of a first hand investigation of religious and social conditions on these islands which investigation has included interviews with thoroughly in formed representatives of All parties and a study of a great mass of documentary evidence available Only Here it is need scary to Tell tho Story of obo Oklah and of the islands As the missionaries found them. The Sandwich islands As the hawaiian group Woro named by their discoverer capt. Cook wore populated by a race of Remote aryan origin who in tho sixth Century before had been driven North from tho samoan islands Over thousands of Miles of Bea in canoes of their own making. As late As tho thirteenth Century they maintained relations mostly warlike with the Puoplo of the Southern polynesian archipelago. They never practice cannibalism though human sacrifice was Ono of their religious rites they were a race of unusual vigor longevity and comeliness Ali eur skill in handicraft is attested by the marvelous Feather cloaks once worn by hawaiian Royalty and now the almost priceless Possession of a few museum. Such was tho Stock from which came the 14-year-old boy bearing the euphonious name of obo Oklah who in 1809, waa found weeping on the doorstops of Yale a College. He had fled from Hawaii having seen his parents slain before his eyes in a civil War and had made his Way to America in one of the new England ships which then plied All Waters. His thirst for knowledge and religion attracted widespread attention. Samuel j. Mills a i Young Man who had come to. New Haven from Williams College was especially interested in this latest Quot Man from Macedonia a and to took obo Oklah. To his own Home at Horringford. Mills was a missionary enthusiast. He was tho prime mover in the Little band of Williams students who had Devoter themselves to the cause of foreign missions and whose historic prayer meeting in 1806, under a Williamstown Haystack. Is regarded As the beginning of the american foreign Mission Enterprise which to Day embraces practically All Christian churches in the land and has made the american missionary a conspicuous figure on All the continents and islands of the Earth out of that Haystack meeting the site is now marked by a Monument grew the american Board then representing both Congre rationalists and presbyterians. Obo Oldahm a pleadings pointed to Hawaii As the first stronghold of name mentioned in song. It was taboo for a woman to eat with her husband. It was taboo and death for a Man to enter his Canoe on any Day named As sacred by the priest. So ran the endless system of oppressions despite which the race continued Hardy and numerous and against which the nation arose while the missionary ship Thaddeus was in route to the islands. Ripe Tor a new religion having spurned the old the natives gave eager Welcome to the missionaries. The King and the chiefs were tho first pupils reversing the common experience which is that christianity works from the Bottom upward. Within three months the King is said to have been Able to read English. The new England Devotion to education spurred the missionaries on. So that within two years the native speech had been reduced to writing and a spelling Book printed in it. Within four years the chiefs formally agreed to recognize the Christian Sabbath and to adopt the ten commandments As the basis of government they also prohibited the practice of native Quot women a swimming out to i it incoming ships for immoral purposes. A shaping a nations future. Extraordinary Success attended the efforts of the missionaries. That Gen the night schools Are one or All d department of the work of almost every religious Agency to be found hero including tho buddhists. Naturally the printing press has been used from the beginning and the oldest up Sliski periodical West of the Rockies is Quot the Friend Quot which is still published by the hawaiian Board tho Loival successor to the american Board. Savages turned missionaries. The Kanaka once missionary objects Are now missionary givers. They support Mission work among their own people and for 47 years have been generous givers to missionary work of the Gilbert islands and elsewhere in.1 polynesia. At least 20 native a Willians have gone out As missionaries. There Are now 75 ordained native a it sni stors on the islands. Tho theological Seminary for natives tho old Pii civic Institute is just now expanding so As to include in one organization the boards three schools which Imeln the new Era with an enrolment of More than 300 students. A the benefits to Hawaii from tho i missionary invasion May be summarised As follows the naked Savage was clothed. A reign of Law and Justice was established. People ceased to it vassals of a King and the Hinds instead of belonging entirely to the rulers were apportioned among Tjie inhabitants. Soil government was instituted. The hawaiian Tongue w3 reduced to writing and a system of education was introduced which today compares favourably with that of it he Mainland. The very land itself a a a Tare of vegetation was made to Bloom Iveth the verdant Beauty which evokes exclamations of Delight from every a traveler. A people without music of whom it was said so late As 1841, that a their efforts to sing illustrated piety Jather than Melody a have become Jamed musicians with a band touring Large cities of the continent. Tho a decline of the race has beef arrested. A Homes have been evolved where there was Little worthy of that name. The a spirit of chastity has been created a within a race to whom it was not instinctive. Seventy thousand natives have been enrolled in the membership of Christian churches. A people who Jess than a Century ago were benighted objects of Christian Benevolence have themselves freely sent and carried the gospel to other islands. In a word a future state of the american i a Union has been made out of the Sand a Wick islands. The old Kaw Aiah of Church where a Queens worshipped. Heathenism to to attacked by the new movement and the Young zealots who wore its real Leader. In 1819 a party of 23 persons seven of whom were wives and five children set Ball for tho Long journey around the Horn their departure being made the occasion for solemn celebrations in now England. They arrived at the end of Marob to learn that by a dramatic Cpl Fidenco unparalleled in religious history,.tho idols had been burned the altars and tho deadly taboo had been abolished and that conditions were most extraordinarily Ripe for missionary Effort the Romance of the South seas. Things had been in a bad Way in the hawaiian islands. Civil War had for centuries been a the Rule until Kamehameha the great a sort of Dusky Napoleon had consolidated the islands under Ono Rule. Vice at its worst Tjwan common and open. Two thirds of All the children born it is. Estimated were killed in infancy and aged parents Wero often burled alive. Human sacrifice was an essential part of the religious system. Stealing was a Fine Art oven Kings and chiefs kept servants for tho express purpose of committing theft. Gambling went on by wholesale. When food was plentiful the native would Gorge himself six or seven times a Day even rising in the night to eat. At other times he would eat but once a Day or go hungry altogether. A is clench they had none a no0 written language nor tho least Conception of any Mode of communicating thought but by Oral government web oppressive lands products and occupants All belonged to the chiefs and the icing. A system of taboo safeguarded the Power of these it was taboo and death for a common Man to let Hub Shadow fall upon a chief or to stand when the Kings bathing water waa cars rom by or i Erat lon of hawaiian s was practically conquered by them. Great revivals arose All Over the group hundreds and even thousands were baptised in a Day on. One occasion Titus Coon baptised 1,200 natives sprinkling them with a Brush. Not All held out however. Churches and schools were established. To it Vij first of the former was a grass building like the native huts. It was shortly replaced by an other of similar material which seated 4,000 persons when it burned the present Structure on Plain new England lines was built by devoted converts who quarried and carried the Voi Canio Stone and dived into the sea for the Coral with which to make Lime. In this Caw Jiahao Church which is How one of the sights of the City Many hawaiian Kings and Queens worshipped. A to education it is enough to say that All the schools and academies and colleges on tho islands had. Their origin with the churches. Conspicuous among these is the venerable Oahu College which in its Bishop museum perpetuates the memory of the last of the Royal line of Kameh amp Mea the great Punahoa College Enrols the students of the Best families of Hawaii. Of so High a Grade were the educational institutions established by the missionaries that californians Zgud to Send their children to Honolulu to be educated. English is now tho Only language taught to the Chlor Dren of this polyglot people and the percentage of illiteracy on the islands is said to be lower than in some parts of new England. Nothing is More marked about the present Day religious activity of the islands than the prominence Given to education. Industrial schools kindergarten and night schools Are too common to enumerate seminaries women theological schools cad what May be styled a academies Quot Aai Well As regular Block system. A a so the missus objects to Billy the Milkman calling on Yez Duran a work no hours a interrogated the Cook. ,&Quot replied the pretty laundress a but it s Little of care for her objections. Of Hov me own private signals to Quot invade a a Tyis listen. When out on the Root Awn the missus is about of hang out a red skirt Awn Thot Manes a danger Kapo away Quot a. A How Clever Quot Quot thin Whin she is about to go out soon of Liang out a Grane skirt. Thot Manes Como slow and a a Oyez Are a a Dawn thin Whin the missus is out Awn to lib track is Clear of hang Oil a White skirt Awn Billy rades a from around the Corner come it once. Ally a Well a a a Chicago daily news. Belated vindication. If there is one thing More than an other which from our childhood to have heard was grossly unwholesome and opposed to All medical advice that thing certainly was 1 Christmas pudding. Now it seems by the Best medical advice that to Call Christmas pudding wholesome is entirely a faint and approximate expression of la merits. Sleepy juror made trouble. A French barrister whose client had the misfortune to. Be found guilty appealed on the ground that during the trial a jury Man was asleep. The court Quot of cassation has held that the jury Man being asleep was technically not present during the hearing and has quashed the verdict and ordered a new trial. Two utter impossibilities. Palpably spurious is the claim of a Boston Man that he has discovered a method for producing an exact counterfeit of tho Best Grade of Maple sugar. It would be no More possible to counterfeit real Maple sugar than it would be to develop even1 a plausible imitation Ltd a Boston Man. Too much of a task. A London professor has been counting the germs that were picked up by a woman who dragged her skirt through tho Street. He found 16,500,-000 of them. We Are authorized however to say that he did not take tho trouble to name them All. In the right place. A London paper says that Quot successful people Are usually devoid of and it is the unsuccessful one who really need it to sweeten existence. I keep Dot Hallel la Rod but done to holler so loud Dat rest you ies disturbing de Quot a Ace. In the Ultra fashionable world where there limit to the Bank account and fancy and desire determine what shall be Worrich it is a Quot be an unusually extravagant season in the. Matter of dress for everything is specially designed or Quot specially created a and very few garments will bo1 permitted to play More than one part. This being True it will form a Strong Index As to what May be looked for among the women who Are not blessed with unlimited Means at their command but who must carefully count the Cost. Our Best advice to such is to have a few gowns but to have these As perfect in every detail As possible. It Lias been said and with much truth that the parts Rennes buy fewer new dresses in the year than tho women of any other nation but they take such infinite pains Over each individual Toilette that it represents perfection and is for that reason a Delight to the wearer and to the onlooker. Taffeta hat3 in tho Cabriolet form have had a revival and Are among the most popular in the East in fact it May be said to be the first favorite of the season and it is made in every possible color but always in a subdued Shade. This style of hat is Only suitable for afternoon a eur for visiting and for concerts Etc. It is essentially Quot Dressy Quot and should never a permitted to accompany a severe tailor made the hat crowns grow higher Day by Day Many of them Are exactly like Largo Jam pots but others retain the charming Ramballe outline Only that they Are higher and More aggressive than the crowns of last year. The mushroom shape seems to reign supreme and it looks exceedingly smart when arranged with a Largo puffed Crown of some soft material and trimmed with a single Feather which Sticks out at one Side in a manner which May truly be described As a Cheeky Quot there is a rage in Paris for these big single feathers and very often they arc beautifully shaded in tho most delicate colors. It is also fashionable to place group of Throop feathers directly in front of a High i crowned hat but these feathers Are not possessed of the same Chic As thou Singie plume the prevalence of the Pinafore bodice in the new fashions makes tho isaid fashions very suitable for adaptation to the Young folks who indeed tho Pinafore bodice. From the age of say tour to 18 or 19, can be confidently expected to look their Best in a dress of this kind. For the first named a Small Damsel the Mother May take As her Model our pictured frock where the Pinafore bodice is outlined with a stitched band of its own material or again of silk or velvet while the Che Misette and Little turn Down Collar or lace relieve its simplicity in the pretty eat Way and the Belt is specially becoming Tel the Little people who have not yet developed a Waist. This dress which us of course made All in one will1 Lejk equally Well in velvet or clot ii Gerge or Alpaca and might again be copied in the checked fabrics which Are quite a feature of the latest juvenile fashions in Rod and White for Quot example having a bordering band of red Glace and being finished Oil with a red leather Belt. Altogether the girls As Well As their ciders can make quite the Best of themselves this Spring for styles Are accommodating and tho most popular colors delicate Pink and Oid Roscor shades soft blues and the promised. Increasing popularity of White Aro Weil suited to a Youthful freshness of complexion. The mushroom hat too is a perfect Frame for Young faces either in its simplest aspect with just a two by of Satin ribbon to encircle tho Crown and finish in a Chou at one Side while tho other is occupied by a Bunch of Flowers or when again a full Crown of net is encircled by a Wreath of blossoms. Air those More elaborate and modes which introduce intricate embroideries shimmering Silver tissues and ribbons and far spreading plumes and Aigret Tes must of course be passed Over in the Choice of suitable attire for tho girls though in the. Case of evening or presentation gowns for those who will soon arrive at tho dignity of the twenties just a suggestion of Silver is not Only permissible but pretty

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