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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Mar 27 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - March 27, 1909, Galveston, Texas I a a a i por a of a i i Century the of Era g i has worked a f in the interest of f the sea waxy City. A a the sea Wam the t Grade raising and a the opera class Wii i make Gai Veston the South a largest Best City and port. A a a a a a a a. A. Established 1879. Quot a a Galveston Texas saturday March .27, 1909. A vol. Xxx. No. 37. Few a a wow a Jimmy did t hibernate. Amusing Story of a pet Bear and Halo coca pads. Mrs. 13. H. Baynes contributes in the St. Nicholas an entertaining article on q Bear cub which Sho kept at her Home before he was finally Given to the now York Zorio Gucal Garden. The article is called a tho frolics of my. Blacic Bear cub a a and to quote one of tho. Amusing i tune of this domesticated Haby Bear Jimmy who about the Yard and the farm much As a Newfoundland dog might. Jimmy did not appear again that a Day and alien the second and third Day passed and he did not show even the tip of his a nose at ills doorway a we thought that he had Bidden a a Adieu to the cold cruel world and had tucked himself snugly away to sleep a i until Winter Blumb Cring in tho open air Quot wears on her smiling. Faco a dream of Spring. It but this proved to be a mistake As to shall presently see. So me months before Quot Jimmy had appointed himself inspector in Schlei of All vehicles which stopped at our House. This habit dated from the Day on Thich he had disco yes de a Basket of a luncheon in the Back of a Carriage. He a had removed the cover and devoured the contents before the rightful owners were award of what was going on and from that Day Forward Quot Jimmy seemed to consider any conveyance drawn by horses to to worthy his careful personal attention. So it , that when he had been in Bis Dan for four Days presumably test asleep the Jingle of the milkman�?Ts1 Sleigh Bells was heard on the Croad leading to House and the Quot inspector poked his nose from Nader the Piazza. The Small matter of a Winter s sleep must not to allowed to interfere with business so he a it edged through the Snow and. Read died the Sleigh just As the owner went into uie House. Nothing could have been More to Jimmy a la Long than the can ctr fresh. Milk still slightly warm which 4>e found uncovered in the Sleigh. His head quickly disappeared in tie Mouth of the can and he was drink los at a great rate when the Milkman Lioi from the window rus lit d in Ward the Sleigh shouting a Chi Heli i Quot Jimmy pulled his head out with a Jerk overturned the can and the next instant 30 quarts of milk sneak wasted in the Snow. The Parachute Arrow. Toy that will of Joy to the , inventor with a keen desire a or a the a pleasure of boys and girls As a Well As a Conception of the advertising a Onder heart. Quot i wish i knew Quot said. Wonder heart Quot if Lens Chi begin to whisper prom treo to tree when suddenly tho Summor winds blow crisper if these we re growing old a. If those say soft two re gathering Gold. Our laps Are full As they will hold Alid now and alien a Lisper 1 Calls gleefully Ireum overhead a our petticoats Are turning red a Quot i want to know a said wonder heart Quot if the first bowl lakes shiver bit hcf6ro they flit out of their sky forever. If some look Down and sob too deep a while others laugh and take tho leap till nil come flocking White is sheep. On Mountain Field and River. / How it do they feel when first they Start a i wish i Jonew Quot said wonder heart a Nancy Byrd Turner in youths companion. 1.How to make a piano a fun for the boys and. Girls too. Fun for the for Wanton a better name we will Call this Little instrument a piano although it has no keyboard. If you have Ever heard and seen a hungarian band you must have observed that one of As the Plano looks when finished. For amusement and purposes. Advertising possibilities of his idea has a devised a. Parachute Arrow which cannot help but Appeal to the Young arid old alike pays popular mechanics. It is a combined Parachute and Arrow from a drawn Bow the Arrow take its flight up into the air until its Force a is spent then the Parachute opens the wooden figure of an aeronaut or any suitable article of an advertising or blk pay a weighty nature droids into Pool ton and descends gently to tho ground. Aside from the great amusement it otters is its advertising value. The moment it is seen it creates interest. Advertising can be printed on both the Parachute and the aeronaut. A prepare for the styx. When the great chinese mandarin goes Over the. Globe he is accompanied by fats stall his servants and his coffin. I Hung changes coffin followed him wherever he went. A the musicians was seated before a table on Wlinich. Lay. Something looking like a liar but horizontal and that he struck the by rings of this Harp with two Little hammers or drumsticks. This hungarian instrument is called a Cembalo and it sounds something ilke a Harp and something like a a Plano. A a piano to fact is simply a Harp or. Cembalo struck Wjt he hammers but the hammers Are moved by levers which terminate in the a keys while the a Ordinary Harp is not struck but is a plucked with Iho a Finger. Our Little a i Plano is just like a the hungarian Cembalo Torilyn smaller. To make it we must have first of All a inbox made of Thiol Hart Vaad but of fairly Good size. A common Cigar Box. Will do though it is hardly . 3hut a Large Cigar a boxy the size made to a hold 250 cigars is. Just the thing. The front of hox visually is made in two pieces of which the up per turns a paper hinge. Remove this Ilece tack the cover Down Man dnvekt.itheibpx.1 if it is a plan Box a without thei Loose front piece you will have to bore a number of holes in the Raides red a let out the sound. Drive a raw of tacks or. Small wire nails along each of the Long sides just under the a Bottom of the Box the a Toni. A prom each on one Side to the mall do recur opposite on the other Suffle a by retd As tightly As Sydn can a wire securing by twisting them around the nails. Slip a Small Square stick under All the wires Force it As far As you can toward one Iside of the Box Quot and secure it a if necessary by. A couple of nau8idflv,,>not through Buti beside it. Under each were put, Block of Wood Anu a arrange the blocks in a slanting in As in the picture,.so that wire left Between the Side and the Block shall gradually decrease As you. Go from tone end of the lion to Che Otherl Ilow i Luck the wires a Wmk your in ser Nail in of Fml that j our piano sadly needs a timing but you can. Easily time it Aljy moving the in Lacota under the wire. In general adj is Attlio Peor pies Home journal the chanter. The wire a is lib a Hugl Iier its pitch will a be and if you live eight wires turned to an octave a i is whiter keys on ithe piano the last will Imp a about Hak As Long As. The fire Fiji Woi Jold to exes bar half As Long if Al tie wines were Equa try tight but probably they were not a in who first place and a be sides moving. The blocks affects ithe tightness and therefore the pitch tor the note rises As the Strain 1s increased. However to Jiwu ear is Good you will Javo no do amp Ouli in tuning tho Little a piano in you play it two hammers with Heads made of Ltd re and handles of whip Leone steel wire tent Tang Needle elastic Wood or any Tang you Cui of prolong a note by hammering rape my cd alternately Vitili the two hammers a a a one string,1 As you Havo seen Iylo Elioue players do and produce Short twits by single blows. This octave of White key is enough for Al nolo tunes but you can extend it by crowding the Ulrea or using a larger boxy or two boxes. Or you can us 13 wires and time them to All the keys White and Black a of one octave. Instead of separate wires you May use one Long wire fastening the end to the first Nail on the left Side and passing the wire Over the i Box under the first and second Nail on the right again Over the Box under the second and third Nail on the left and a Tia. A a Beautiful heroine i a of �.itrisini.?11� a a Tom its j Vera Mccord i he is playing the role of heroine in the spectacular production a via wireless a a kit showing at the Chicago opera House at Chicago is one of the beauties of the stage. She played leading parts with Charles Hawtrey ii a year before acting in this country. She is Best known in the far West where it ship i play few in Stock. Story of has Kett or. Presented with Gem studded pin by Prince Consort mrs. James h. Haclett the Mother of the actor James k. Hackett always travels with her son. A my entire life has been devoted to , said recently. A i go about with Henf on ills trips through the country and sve carry our Home with us. That is the Way an actor must do done to you o perhaps not everybody knows that the James a Hackett of these Days is the son of . Hackett whose Falstaf gave film International Fame and who was the original rip Van Winkle. Mrs. Hackett tells i Little incident of one of her husbands trips to England when he played Quot rip Van Winkle Quot and a Monsieur Mallet before Queen Victoria and Consort in the Early 30�?Ti, the map Ridge of tho it the Queen had heard a much of or. Hackett a acting Quot .-paid.mrs. Hackett Quot and she expressed to Edward Everett her desire to Sheet him and to witness jets acting. Or. Everett accordingly introduced my husband to the Queen at her drawing room and a few nights later she and Tea Jirinec came to see him act. He was a playing rep Van Winkle then and it a was preceded by a Mons our Mallet a a littieitw6-Actpliijf. In Monsieur Mallet a amp a. It Lakott wore the decoration of the a legion of Llono and in. Some Way the pin we sch held it to his coat became loosened and the crass a fill to the floor. Immediately the Prince Rose in his b of and taking out has own Scarfpin a Mign Ilcent one c f rubies acid diamonds seam it by okie cof his Eiju Arriea around to the Ivings. With tie request that or a Hackett Adi. Cent it Nom him and net set Ito fasten the salaries in vaudeville. Bem Loffi the footlights. So Forth. A still simpler method. Is to wrap the. Wire very tightly1 around and around the whole Box in a spiral. In this Way you need Only two nails one for each end. S Cuyler Haa tongs 1b Kathryn Kidder a leading Maui. In Herbert sic Dong has been engage Fojt a role in a the majesty it of bjr.th.�?T. Vincent Serrano will play the Iead tos juvenile i�3e in Quot the sins of so r. A i a the muslc>puli3lflher of a the mar by widow score in Vienna is Eald to have made $76 5,000 profit from. The1 music. -. or Carl. Hoffman gave up a Lucra up practice in Seattle a reer. Just because he had a Good base voice. Quot Ben Hor a with a str Phi cast is to be produced. In the Large cities next year one engagement made for the company is Eleanor More Tel. It is announced that in her new play a what every woman knows a Maude Adams has beaten the record even of a Peter a v a a. T Edna Porter has recently been engaged for Rosabel Morrison s Quot Paul to company to understudy miss Morrison. Quot a in no other line is pay for equal ability higher. A in no other line of work is the pay higher than it is in vaudeville. Lillian Russell and Elsie Janis a re both reported to a have received 3,000 a week during Bridif engagements and there Are perhaps a a dozen persons. Who never appear for less than a third of he Saui and who have All the work they Desine q hese salaries Are of course paid lordly to the highest class of artists but there a re plenty of people who make $200 or ?300 a we and who How every Little open time. A Good sketch cleverly presented is $500 or. $600 a week and song and dance people frequently make a from $s0 to $100 apiece out of their acts. Strangely enough acrobats who require years of practice to perfect their feats Are among the poorest paid people in the a very fair two people acrobatic turn can be secured for $100, and even the Best ones a arts y Cost the management Over $500. Girl acts which require the -s�rylc6� of Liaf a dozen or More shapely females who can both sing Quot and dance life a usually put on by some of the big Pii officers like Joe. Hart or Lesso Lasky who pay All expenses connected with Thein and figure to make profit. Such acts. If successful often net the fair producers from $5,000 to ?10,00 4 season the girl who play in them receive from $20 to $30 a week. A a. Quot a Good a veritable Gold mine to its owner. W. H. Turphy and Blanche their a Cuba mime farce a from Uncle to Zaza Ifor. Nearly five years and it is stir is successful As Ever and there Are a number of sketches now being played which Are still older. Acrobatic and juggling turns remain a practically the a ame year after year although new Simas occasionally replace the old tie audience Little guesses the Atno unt of time and a tic Aace which it requires to get a talc a a of this class into shape for. Presentation to say nothing of the Dan Ger involved. A. Rome a. Dress of this description Nankin Blue Cashmere would look very Nice. The High waisted skirt is trimmed with Black silk cordon is put on in twists it also trims the material part of bodice. The Vest and sleeves Are of silk finely tucked. The Over sleeves Are Cut in with the material zouave materials required seven Yards Cashmere 46 inches wide a dozen Yards Cord 3% Yards it walking costume a a rough Tweed is employed for this costume tho skirt is trimmed at the foot by a. Six Inch band of velvet either Black or the predominating color in the wed might be used. The co at has a Waist Diat of velvet it is also used to Edge the revers and for the cuff and pockets a Button is covered and sewn on either bide of front. A. Hat of Felt trimmed with ribbon and Flowers. How he gained entree. Charles abbe who provides the comedy 1 a the Battle a is one of the comedians who \ Are Quot As funny off As his stories. Are unusually new and always Welcome. His reputation As a Story Teller is an open sesame on the tier of dressing rooms at the Savoy says the Mirror. He rapped at the door of miss Victor , a i Haye a Story a he said Dulcely and Ingrati tingly. Quot All right or. Abbe come in a the leading woman extended a gracious hand and proceeded with her Lef Eyebrow while her maid fastened her slippers. After a Long silence she turned from her Mirror and smiled. A a Liat a the Story or. Abbe a Quot i Haven t any Story i just wanted to get fashions in babies clothes styles closely follow those adopted by the grown ups. 1. Perhaps the Young Mother May think that when she comes to make clothes for her baby she won t have to worry her Lead very much As to what a the fashion of the Day. Perhaps she thinks that baby clothes Are always the same. If she does she is a very mistaken Little lady for. Clothes for the la test folks show from time to time Many of the innovations which make the garments for Gro in ups in the Mode. This. Is especially so this Spring. Even the. Long dresses for infants show the Princess and Empire lines and sleeves have diminished greatly in size the Vogue for hand mar Pickery ,1s also emphasized in baby clothes not Only is it used Obj the Little dresses but on the Long cloaks and the Duniy Little flannel wrappers arid sacques., a a ii goes without saying that if baby smother is the sensible Little woman that she is a note sure to be baby will have Iio frills and fur Belows on his clothes simplicity is the fashion to Day and baby clothes reflect the trend of the modes. Generally speaking thib distinction bet Wien baby s every Day. Clothes and. His dresses for bust Wear is. Merely in the Quality a of the fabric. is expected to look his finest his dresses of the sheer est of a Nain Sook la we or Long cloth and sometimes washable Cotton s Home companion. Morning glory of Gauze for hair. A As a rival to the cloth of with its beaded Center and the Black Gauze Rose with fits Gold rim comes the morning glory of Gauze this is to be worn in the hair As an ornament of the grecian knot. It is also to be used As the other Flowers Are in the front of the Corsage for All social and evening affairs. It is in perfect Colof Long and gives a charming touch to filmy gowns. Of White or Cream or Pale Blue. If a girl wonders just what Little new touch she would like to have she should get one of these Flowers. The morning glory goes with youth better than the Black or the Gold Rose. To end Magazine worry.�. One family has solved a Magazine controversy very cleverly. The men in the family complained that the women loaned or gave away the magazines before they had All finished with them. So this plan was devised As the men and women finish Reading a Magazine they put their. Initials on the first Page. When each pne has added his or hers to the Page that gives permission to loan or give the Book Wajs treatment of Cut Flowers. Simple methods by which freshness May be preserved. Few persons know that Violet carnations etc., after they. Are Cut require different care if they Are to be kept alive and fresh. Violets for in stance after being worn become soft and wilted. They May be made like new by. Clipping a Short the stems. And putting the Flowers into a., Glass wherein tho water reaches the blossoms. The bouquet should not. Be Cut apart. Over the Flowers and a Glass itself a piece of Wax Papec should be placed and twisted Down tightly and the whole set in the refrigerator or out of doors if the weather is not too cold a freezing. With this treatment the violets unless dead become fresh. ,.a girl who wears these Flowers fre-1 Quentlyn has adopted an even simpler method of freshening. For As soon is. She Talips i Hejri off she pm hinges the Heads into cold water a and then puts the Bunch Back in the Box in which it came covering tho Flowers with the. Wax paper always used As a lining. The Box is then put out on the window Sill and in the morning the Blossom k Are usually like new. F a a 1 a a Black Lake sashes. Now that sashes Are accepted the designers Are ingenious in their uses of new materials All kinds of ribbon have been employed and the latest. Thlhg1. Is Black lace edged with velvet., wide Chantilly lace is used because of its Graceful design and it looks Well Over other materials. It is even used overwrite Satin gowns and those of dui Pink and Blue. It is bordered with two Inch velvet ribbon or. Bound with. Piece velvet draped round the Ligure in folds then fastened at the Back in the Center or at the left Side under an antique buckle. From this float out two ends much wider at Bottom than top. A Home made Negligee. A girl can make an attractive neg i. Gee at. Home of crepe de Chine or polka Dot Pongee. The effect will be just As Good As Woi ild be obtained by paying a Large Price. For. A shop made article. A Young girl with taste made one recently. She chose a plea Dot ted Cream coloured Pongee silk. A Plain fitting Yoke for Back and Drorit was Cut double. From this the garment was accordion plaited stopping at ii Short Waist line i she bought a Bolt of Inch wide Valenciennes lace insertion for 60 cents. Thin was set in the silk in Many news before the material was accor Aion Iii red a witfg�fltte4, Collar extended Over
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