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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Mar 26 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - March 26, 1910, Galveston, Texas Jar. A a a. I a pop a it Martka of a can Tojay the opera gi/a8s has worked Jbf the int a Stop Jhb 8ba Wax City. The ska was a a amp is Grade raise no and the Wolf or Hake a Aives ? ton a he Sot Jyh q largest Best a key Quot it and port f a i it established 1879.galveston, Texas saturday March. 26, 1910 vol. Xxxi. No. 47. Three costumes dress for girl of 14 to 16 years. Dressing gown. Coat for Day or evening Wear. 0rbss for girl of 14 to 16 Fine Serge in a deep. Shade of old. Rose is used for this simple dress. The bodice and gored skirt Are mounted in one the panel of front being carried up to the bust Over the Waistband the Collar and cuffs Are edged with the Vest and Collar hand also being of tucked silk. _ materials required five Yards 4g inches wide five eighth Yards silk 4% Yards lining sateen. A a dressing specially pretty gown is shown Here it May be made tip in Quot Cashmere nun s veiling Fine French flannel or Flannelette. The Empire bodice is tucked in front an trimmed with insertion the deep turnover Collar also being trimmed with insert Long and lace Chibis pleated at Center Back and each Side the front and it joins the bodice under a Sash that is fixed at top tinder a Diamond shaped buckle made of bilk Over cardboard the Long ends Are knotted twice and finish in loops. Of russian Green Diagonal Cheviot Quot was used in the making of a fashionable three Quarter length coat of the pal tot variety. There 1b no trimming save Black Crochet buttons and Collar and cuffs of Sable. Hlee water for babies. Oll one our of Well washed Tice in three fourths of a gallon of water in i Quantity is about three cupa. Strain of serve the Rice water in tie in the proportion of two thirds Rice water to one third cow s milk if the child. 1b feverish and cannot digest Nilk serve wee water alone sweetened or salted to taste above directions May be reduced or increased tie cording to need materials required six and one half Yards. 46 inches wide 2% Yards insertion,\2% Yards lace three Yards ribbon. Coat for Day or evening face doth of firm texture is the most suitable material for this coat the drawing. Gloeb the effect of Tho sleeves being Cut in with the coat but in reality they Are separate both Center Back and front Are slightly drawn in by a band of embroidery which in front end. Under the revers. These Are. Faced with Black silk which is smart with almost any color. A the sleeves Are trimmed with tassels. the opening at the sides Ore. Connected by cords and buttons. The coat is lined throughout with silk. A materials required four and one half Yards 52 inches wide 20 buttons about five Yards Cord nine Yards lining silk three quarters Yard silk for facing Revere four tassels. Mourning jewelry in Vogue must bar no mean s to too or Natty a an instance of proper thing to to worn. It is hard for quiet mourning to get Quot jewelry that suits her taste. Most of it Quot is too ornate or is be studded with pearls or shows too much of the Gold linings. . Collar that is being worn by. A girl in the deepest Crape is in particularly Good style. It is made of Onyx set in Gold but in such a Way that none of Tho shining Metal shows. The the Collar is groups of five Oval sections set horizontally one above the other Between Square upright sections deep enough to hold Tho Cross pins in place. The Hori Sintal parts Are pointed at each end and about the size of an Ordinary cuff pin. This Collar fits closely about the Throat and can be worn on the outside of the gown or on the Bare neck. In having ornament made to order the number of the Cross pins can to varied to suit the length of the neck a brocade Blouse. Now is the Elmo to use it if _ you have any. Tech piece of old brocade reposing in an old trunk. A can t you manage to have it match your velvet or Broadcloth. Skirt so that you May Wear it As Tho French do they cover it with Chiffon of the exact Shade or they bring it into Harmony with the skirt by the use of n varying no trimming is used no pleats Are present. The neck line la slightly Low Tho sleeves reach to the three Quarter Mark. Around the neck a and sleeve Edge there appears the Nieresta line of Plain velvet As a fun lbs. This is elegant simplicity and although Chiffon it is not easy to handle it will be found less difficult because of this lining of More heavy brocade. A dyeing Lacea. To. Color very delicate French lace which id usually Sill it May he stretched with thumbtacks upon a Board with a Dean White blotters beneath it and painted Oil paint made very thin. A this la done when laces ares tender that Quot they would not stand dipping and wringing. A Broad new varnish Brush is used for the painting of lace and the process is a most delicate one involving great care. J a ints for hostess timely suggestions Lor those platting seasonable entertainments just a Short time and Tho social world will resume the yaites supposed to have been in abeyance for 40 Days. After holy week comes a Brilliant array of parties for both old and Young which give Promise of being novel in Many respects. In the Home there Are Many ways of making the eastertide a Happy and memorable one especially where there Are children they always love anything out of the Ordinary and respond so genuinely to any extra Effort made in their behalf. 1 a charming easter monday is being planned by. A hostess who is famous for her delightful entertainments. The guests have been asked to come from a a three to five Quot and the dainties of easter Post cards conveyed the message. The cards Are so pretty this year with rabbits eggs and yellow Chicks with n suitable sentiment and a Placo for the written message. There Are just 20 children Between the Ages of eight and ten asked. On arriving they Are to be Given Tittle red White and yellow baskets and told to Hunt for eggs which Are to be hidden on the lower floor of the House. Bach egg is to be marked with the name of the Stilld so Only those marked with their own names Are to a be put in the baskets. This will make the Hunt Mare exciting and take a longer time. ,.v when All the eggs Are found there is to be an incline made from a couple of ironing boards and there is to be an egg rolling contest the names on them making it an easy matter to see who wins. Next for amusement of the Little guests there is to be a Basket of eggs All beautifully coloured brought in with big Kitchen spoons and two Largo baskets. These Are for an egg race to see who can pick up an egg carry it Over a Given space and place in the Basket Tho party. Being divided into two sides. Candy eggs Ore to be the prizes. If it should be a warm pleasant Day these pastimes May he played outdoors. Here is the menu which has been carefully thought out egg shaped sandwiches with Chicken filling hot chocolate with a marshmallow in each cup ice Cream in egg shaped holds in Pink Green and Brown to resemble the Gariy ,1 each in a nest of Span sugar. These nests May be obtained at All the Best Candy shops in fact of store has been taking Oil dare for several Days past for these pretty accessories to the easter table for either grown people or children to take Home a. Half the party for children there Are to to boxes filled with Tho tiniest of Candy eggs and on top of each Box there la to to a downy yellow Chick. And three in wee bowls standing erect in Glass Flower holders Are to be at each plate souvenirs for each guest. To hold the salted almonds the hostess has discovered at a paper Novelty shop the Dearest of Fluffy yellow Chicks standing up most lifelike with the paper cup concealed in the Back. A a a these Chicks will be most Welcome for Many. Have objected seriously to using the Little stuffed Chicks mid ducklings that were a really once the following menu is to be served grape fruit cocktails in the grape fruit half Shell Cream of celery soup with grated egg Yolk Over the top creamed Chicken in patties potato croquettes done just to a Golden yellow asparagus ups on Toast squares egg salad in nests of water Cress ice Cream in Small eggs in nests of yellow Candy. By the Way these nests come in three sizes so May be purchased to suit every pocket Book. The sweetmeats at this spread Are to be placed kumquats which carry oat the yellow color scheme and Are very delicious. Quot after the luncheon there is to be a paper Shower for the honoured guest. It is astonishing what a list of paper novelties May be found All useful. The very newest wrinkle is a set of paper labels for everything under the Sun All. Done up in a neat Case of paper. Glass trays with paper underneath instead of Creyonne Are attractive for Bummer cottages and Cost a Mere trifle compared to the others. Madame Merrl Cliff for skirt Waist Quot a an easter luncheon. A at a luncheon for a Bride elect to be Given von easter monday the color scheme is yellow and Wilto the True easter colors. For the Centrepiece a huge Bunch of glorious daffodils. Jet buttons Are Quot a favorite Mode of adding the invaluable touch of Black to a coloured garment. The new Felt hats Are. Lovely the Felt in Many cases being difficult to distinguish from cloth. The newest coiffure is Flat in front and piled Liea Vily Over the ears. It is called the Brittany. Many of Tho handsomest silk gauges have printed orders which work Well into the new. Draperies. Wide Wale Serfes and other coarse weaves Are. Worn by girl of More than the smooth cloths. The spherical Button in Gilt and also in Silver is appearing among the novelties in dress trimming. Blacic waists Are popular and Are shown in net Crape voile Messalle taffeta Noire and Satin. Sewing Board. A sewing Board to use in the Lap made of a Nice. Clean piece of White Pine by Poplar about ten inches wide by 18 or Long will be a help to tha woman who sews a great Deal. Round off the edges neatly. For Basting or cutting such a Board is most convenient it has an advantage Over d table top by 11 May be tilted at any desired Angle. Photograph Frame to Day we Are giving the design for the cuff of a. Shirt Waist. The work la done in French embroidery with a Bow knot of Valenciennes lace. Seeding is used in the Bow knot. Transfer the design to the Linen by Means of Light Blue Carbon paper. The cuff is attached to the sleeve by a Row of Tho lace. Color always in demand caring for hair ribbons just no More popular than eve Ivy on shirt waists and Linen and crash suits. Color on the shirt Waist is More pop alar this year than last. There Are frills turnover collars and cuffs of Blue and Pink Lawn on White or vice versa. a a smart looking Blouse of White my Prfu has Lengthwise turks with the front Laid in an inverted Box Plait. On each Side of this Plait was an Inch wide knife plaiting of old Blue Madras which was also used around top of Collar and to Edge cuffs. These touches of color Are even shown on the Linen and crash a suits. One of natural coloured Llen had a Vest of Pink net Over White Lawn while buttoned across it wore cords of twisted White Cotton with Small Pink buttons on each end. Other crash suits have Borders of color done in Oriental tones Ltd Cross Bitch. Where the mesh of the Linen is not sufficiently defined Canvas 1b-used for the embroidery and the threads later drawn out suede and steel. A Gray suede bag shaped like a Fleur de lis is most attractive in its unique Cut. Its mounting is steel Plain in design which does not interfere with the outlines of the bag and Tho beading differs from that usually seen. In that it is done with Large instead of Small beads. They measure about an eighth of an Inch in diameter and Are of Cut steel. They Are used to bring out a pattern on Tho bag and also to outline its edges and at the same time to sew the two sides of Tho bag together. Bead trimming. The girl who Hap now a Little Leisure which no one has Between october., and january might improve her gowns by making wonderful Bead trimming. This seems to be Tho fancy work of the Day. V it is the edition de luxe of aim plier embroidery. One gets coarse net in any color or Gold or Silver then buys boxes of coloured crystals and beads with a Good Sinany bugles thrown in and goes to work. One can Folio a design. Or by ring them on in a haphazard Washlo n. A Brown sweater. A one of the most fetching examples of the Long sweater coat is of leather coloured yarn made with cuffs and a. Turn Down Collar of Rich Green and ornamented with brass durable colors should Appeal to the Knitter whose desire is to make a garment not so perishable As the delicate White sweater. Quot a Vejby effective Frame for a photograph is shown here1 it has a foundation of bilk which in a the Model was very Pale Green. On this Are worked lines of Gold sequins crossed by Satin stitch in Blue ally to represent ribbon. The Little leaves that Are dotted about Are in Darker Green ribbon the opening for the photo is but Roui Raed by a pattern very elaborately worked in Gold tinsel thread the ombre Ldes a May be stretched a Over an old trame or Stout cardboard Cut to shape a thin layer of wadding under the a ibs will soften the effect a a in All pro ability the silk will get a Little up altered in working so that it will be Well to stretch it by pinning it right Side up Over a Damp cloth and leaving it Ini a warm place until the cloth la quite dry.1 braid and embroidery. Coarse Cotton embroidery appears intermingled with Many of. The braided designs upon heavy Linen frocks. Any Little open space in the braiding May be thus filled in with solid work of a color Matching either., background or braid and it will add. To the Richness of the general effect. Gray Chiffon drapery. Each week finds it More fashionable to put a Loose drapery or smoked Gray Chiffon Over a coloured Satin gown. This drapery May be in the form of a tunic or in one of the popular decollete Coats that do not meet in front but drop from shoulder to Knees. Use of rolling pin Damp cloth Ani various Little attentions will. Preserve them. Ribbons will a last longer if they no cared for than if they Are carelessly tossed into the Bureau drawer. Ono Mother 1 know has Given liar Small daughter a set1 of toy rolling pins on which she expects the child to Roll Tho hair ribbons when they Are taken off. Light coloured ribbons will keep clean much longer if they Are Laid away in a Box the process of rolling or fold ing will keep the ribbons Freeh and they will pot require such. Frequent pressing <5vhon this becomes Neces Hnry place the ribbon Between cloths which have a been slightly dampened and then press with d warm Iron until the cloth is dry. Only a Good Quality of ribbon will stand pressing and although a Good Quality costs More in Tler beginning it is Worth Tho extra n Pney because it outwear the cheaper ribbon. Tho test for Quality is Tho test of Wear. Do not be deceived into thinking that a stiff heavy ribbon is of purer Quality than one of lightweight. In All probability the stiff ribbon has been adulterated and while it looks Well it first sight it will not Wear at All satisfactorily. Such ribbon Hab generally Heen weighted with artificial matter in the dyeing process in order that. It. May stand up St Lilly and to give the impression of heavy a lilt. Tho result is far from lasting. Quality in ribbons costs Money but in the end it in Worth the additional outlay. It is True a Economy to buy Good Quality. Evening Waist. Blouse of White tulle with Dollar Oto Gold Silver and silk embroidery ornamented with pastilles of Gold and Silver so tache. This Collar forms three deep Pointa i front two of which Are finished with tassels. The Blouse itself Tho sleeves and the Grimpe Are trimmed a to correspond. A pelts. The newest belts for shirt waists Are wider than have been worn and leather girdles Are much iii fashion for a Jong waisted person a Belt of. The material like the skirt is in good1 taste and for a Short Walsted woman a Belt to match the Waist looks better
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