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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - March 19, 1910, Galveston, Texas I Eor a Quarter of a a Century the opera h 1 Glass has worked a i in the interest of Luti i Iff i the sea a Wai a City. A be a pc i Eia is. 1 the sea Wau w i Grade raising a cd t i the opera Civ a is t 1 will make �ai/v3�b 1 ton the Soto the a x t largest Best Sty t i and port. M a.�-�?. Established 1879. Galveston Texas saturday March �o9, 1910.a of Xxxi no. 46. French embroidery Here. Is a Bow knot design to be done in. French embroidery. To give a note of variety Valenciennes Lane a is combined with the Bheer material is Best for the Dainty lingerie Blouse Fine handkerchief Linen or Batiste being the Best the Bow knot is made of the lace which May be turned and twisted and the threads drawn up to fit the curves. French or German Valenciennes lace May be u8ed, As one fancies. It is better to sew on the lace Bow knot and then do a the embroidery which should be transferred to the mate a rial by. Means of. Carbon paper Light Blue is better than the dark colors As it does not Crock. If the material is sheer enough it May be placed Over the design on the Page and fastened Down with pins. The design. Then May be Drayon on with a Fine pointed Pencil. Tweed costume. This is a useful costume of heavy Tweed the skirt a a Plain Well Gorey shape stitched several times at the foot the coat la Semi fitting and has a paid cd Ciao pc with to lib seams each Side front to correspond they Are a wrapped and Cut in three Scallop it the tops a Button is sewn to the the. Embroidery. Is done entirely in French embroidery with seeding a in the Bow knot and some of a the Flower petals. Seeding gives a very Dainty touch in embroidery. It is merely Short even Back stitches placed at regular intervals. Succeeding lines have the Back or seed stitch Midway Between and an even distance below the weds of the preceding line. The stitches Are Laid alternately just As bricks Are Laid in a Wall. When the embroidery is finished Cut the cloth away under the Bow knot leaving enough to overhand Back. The tucks in the Blouse should be run in by hand the Back la made with a Box Plait and six Fine tucks on with Eph Sidon next week we shall give the design for the cuffs. The Collar is made of. Strips of hand tucking and lace. Point of each the seam at outside of sleeve is arranged to match velvet forms and rovers v hat of Felt a trimmed with ribbon velvet and quills a materials required seven Yards tweed.4d-inches wide 2 dozen buttons % Yard velvet 6v6 Yards for lining coat everyday hatpins. A for everyday Wear. Silver hatpins Are popular they Are in Many shades some having Long pentagonal or octagonal Heads,-1 others round. And Flat others in i ibid form Etc. Most attractive Are those with chased designs. Thero Are also Many of these Silver pins set. With stones round Jade Cornelian Coral and Lapis Lazuli settings being the. Most attractive. Among the handsomer pins there Are Beautiful jewelled Heads quite Large and. Many. Of them set with pearls or Pearl matrix surrounded by several rows of Bri Liatos. A Little Frook. A quaint Little frock that will to serviceable can be made from a remnant of Deml found no he stitched of the Embr amp dered Edge. This is placed at the hem of course and the top is gathered in a Mother Hubbard style into a Neckband Edge with a Little frill the sleeves Are in Bishop style Conj Ned with bands trimmed Tom atch the neck. Giving hat pins. A then giving hat pins for prizes or birthday gifts do not give . They Are How worn up pairs and it la Wiser to get two of a cheaper sort to an a Bingo expensive one with none to match it. Thia is particularly applicable to pie huge rhinestone pins Wiloh Are so fashionable. A a tie worn which go under a jumper la a Long narrow Brayant. Caught at the neck with an Orn Moeut. The untied ends being finished a tab pendants. A. Hints for hostess timely suggestions for those planning seasonable entertainments pertaining to easter. At this season of the year All our entertainments naturally partake of the up rfcs ill to dainties a that per Vades everything. As easter approaches it is most fitting to use the delicate colors which among artists Are known As pastel shades not forgetting yellow and White the True easter Coors. A a next to Christmas probably there Are More gifts Given at easter than at any other season for All classes and conditions of society celebrate the glorious eastertide. With a the Day but two weeks department for this and next week will to filled with All the easter hints obtainable. There Are always eggs emblematic of the new life the easter hares or As Little american children Call them Quot bunnies a and Flowers first last and always the a Best and a sweetest gift every year the shops show an alluring line of novelties for this glad season but there is one very attractive Symbol that is not seen As often As it should be. Viz the Chrysalis and Butterfly. Let me Tell you of a Beautiful Centrepiece for an easter table which May be utilized if desired for the giving of favors or to announce an engagement if Money does not Jeave to be considered use real easter lilies. In the Center of each a very Small gift May he concealed or the engagement ring placed. At the Cloge of the repast pass the Jar and request each guest to take one the Surprise comes when the favor la discovered. Artificial lilies May be made or purchased which serve Tho same purpose admirably. Another very effective table decoration is made by., using a Low bowl filled. With Spring. Sowers. Over which a number of artificial butterflies Are suspended. These Are made of the colors predominating in the Flowers. They Are Hung on very Fine threads of irregular lengths from a a hoop wound with ferns or Smilax fastened Over the table from the Light or. Coiling. These butterflies May be Mado at Home from tissue paper or they May be purchased at a japanese store or favor counter. A a a a cocoons made from tissue paper stuffed with Cotton Are appropriate receptacles for holding Small gifts or favors. The name card. May to attached to them with the following descriptive verse. From my Little Cradle take me i can to Wale unless you Walte me lift the covers that now bind to a \ Taka them Oft and you Hlll ind my. 8oms easter suggestions. For a children a party Bend the in. Citations enclosed in an egg Shell in a wee Basket just Large enough to hold it say a May i count on you for the party i am hatching for easter monday a have puzzles made from easter postcards Cut out by some Clever Hoy on a Jig saw each put up in an egg shaped Box made from cardboard marked with guests name. Children As Well As grown people have the Puzzle craze. For prizes have something symbolic of the season Thero is much from which to select at most All stores. Hang tip a Sheet after the manner of the old fashioned Donkey party draw a big Brown nest on it with o Crayon outlining carefully Tho Center of the nest give a each child a paper egg Cut a from. Some Bright color with child a name on Back for identification. Blindfold each in turn and see who comes nearest pinning egg to Middle of nest this Shemo is equally Good for a grown up Sierra instead of a single fancy Button As a finish to the front of a coat a Tassel More or less elaborate is often used. Bonnets for baby by Julia Bottomley. Nothing la quite to. Comfortable and nothing is prettier than the Little bonnets of velvet or silk or any similar fabric which Are worn by tiny girls flush with ribbon or silk introduced in the a take up is ubed for some very handsome ones. Then bonnets Are easily made As most of them Are built on the simple Stuart cup with the addition of ruffles Over the face and. At the neck where they form a protecting Cape. An elaborate Bonnet is shown in Fig. I made of silk and trimmed with a narrow braid. This has a double ruffle about the face and a double Cape and tie Jaf Broad soft ribbon. For the younger child a simple Cap is shown in Fig. 2. This 1b of embroidered Broadcloth Over a silk lining. A band of hand embroidery finished with a a Border of velvet com Pic to a this pretty piece of headgear ror the Babell soft mull ties May. He ubed when the. Embroidery applied is a mull or Batiste. But if it is silk or Lisle the body of the Bonnet ribbon ties Are required. / Jerown Cream Blue and White have proven Strong favourites for children sonnets As to color. Bright red is liked when the Little coat is. Of the same warm color. Nothing is prettier than Cream color or Brown. It is a simple matter to. Make these Little bonnets. All the Standard pattern houses furnish paper patterns by which to Cut them. By making them by hand and adding some hand embroidery they Are placed far above the1 commonplace machine made bonnets which one can buy ready made and Are not More expensive. When ugh hand made and hand embroidered bonnets Are sought at the shops it will be found that the Price is High and out of reach of the Little Mother who allows her Good judgment to control her purchases cd so nil so fashion on the left be a Lorig Cost of Oray Clohie trimmed with Darker Shade. A Moi braid Blok velvet. Toque vol the Gray Green and Black Augrette. A the second is a Blue Serge Tailo red suit with Collar and Button of Black Satin Large Black hat with Blue plumes. Tight skirt not Graceful mistake made in carrying the fashion of the moment to undue a length. A a grave protest should. Be Mado qua list the skirt that is narrow at its Best and tied in just above the Ankles at its worst. R it should be condemned and discarded by Ever woman who considers personal Comfort and a Graceful appearance. There is an Independent Quality of american women that refuses. To walk with Knees pressed together and a hampered japanese manner of taking tiny Steps. After Alt there is a great artistic de Light in a flowing skirt that follows in soft sinuous. Lines the motions of the figures. A a a a a a -. A a id Paris and London women have accepted the inhibition of easy Graceful motion but it is to be hoped that our fair ones will in some usual and Clever Way. Attain the Best of these suggestions and at the same time keep the senseless tyranny at Arm s length. Coat for Matron. The Loose Bishop sleeve is set to a turn Back cuff of cloth braided lightly at the. Edge the Collar being braided to match. Bonnet of Black Orl Nolarie trimmed with Ostrich tips and Black Satin rib Bon. Materials required three Yards cloth 48 Inchon wide 1 dozen Yards braid. Type of Spring millinery hat with High gathered Crown most elaborately and become ugly trimmed. 1 1 a a i. I among the Early Spring models is a comfortable hat be coning and Well fitting made with a High gathered Crown held out with an inner one of Hook Muslin and a fluted brim of soft moire. This does not hang around the face but is made double and has enough thickness to hold it in position. .1 about the High Crown is tied a wide Scarf of soft Satin ribbon. When Black is used for the hat then one of the new Light blues is used for the Scarf. Silver and Gold Gauze Are also tied around instead of ribbon and end in a Fine careless Bow in front. The expensive models show this hat with a Crown of lace Molt shot with Blue Pink and Green and lined with Chiffon or Gauze to match the color of the Scarf. This is made in Black face cloth and is a simple Jacque shape a style which matrons always find of useful. Of Craft cloth. The Portiero May be Mere play and altogether possible to the Meriest Amateur if some simple idea be carried out. Quot make it of arts and crafts cloth in a soft natural tone and after it is hemmed with silk to match it work a Row of simple Trees one above another Down the length of the banging along one of its Selvage. A not in elaborate embroidery but in the coarsest of Cross stitching done in worsted yarn and in a combination of Dusky Green and Blue shades each so Dull As to melt another. Again if a one toned curtain be desirable. Choose an Indian red Dun Brown or Blue and using the coarse worsted yarn Hemstitch a Broad hem along a very open. Line which you have drawn or overcast the hem in coarse Hemming stitches a Quarter of an Inch in. Length. One embossed ones own letter paper now the neat raised Monogram being pressed into the paper by Means Oti a celluloid Tablet and a Little roller. Any combination of three let i ters May be obtained in Tho celluloid 1 and it is the matter of a few moments to emboss a. Whole quirk of writing paper

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