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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Mar 13 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - March 13, 1909, Galveston, Texas % a a a a a a a x. A Fob a Quarter of a Century the opera Glass has worked in the interest of the sea v7ax.�, its. X ,1 t $ the sea Wax the a a t Grade raising and a the opera crass t will make Galves $ ton the South a x largest Best City t a nip port established 1879. Galveston Texa Day March 13, 190. Vol. Xxx. No. 35. Telling fortunes. Flow Domino of can to made to talk to you. Any the Dominos with their faces Down on the table shuffle them then draw one and see the number. A double six you will receive Money. Six of Tver going to place of amusement. A six four you will Hove six three you will ride in a coach coach. Six two you will receive a present ent. It a a. A six one you will perform kind acts. After All the Dominos have been a a drawn a a six Blanks you will suffer through ?. Double five you will soon move to an Thor House. ,. Five four a fortunate Purchase. Five three you will to visited by a two you will take a trip on the water. -. Five one a Romance. A double four you will drink. Ice Cream soda four three a false alarm at your House. ,. 1 four two be Yare of thieves and . A. Four on a trouble with friends. Four Blanks an angry Friend will writ the. A 7 v double three a sudden wedding. Three two you will lose Money. Three one a great discovery at hand. Double two you. Will be troubled by a rival. 1 two one you will soon receive some property. A a. Two Blanks you will receive Good tidings. A. Double one you will find something. A a one Blanks Success in your under a taking. A a double Blanks bad Luck. Can you 00 of Host draw a double Crescent with Ono 8tr of let of pen. Quot a at first sight it would seem impossible to draw this double Crescent figure with on Ontina Ous strike of the Pencil but it can be. Done As is clearly shown in the second lettered diagram. However in order to test your own ingenuity try the task first without looking at the solution. Then after you have tried and perhaps failed you. May look at the key to the problem and see that what you could not do of yourself was possible. As in most every other task in life that is carried to a. Successful finish you must get started right. Begin at the Point marked of and go in turn to do a do dec by go and Back again to your starting Point at f. It is easy when you know How. Learn the track and then tips your friends. Chimney fairies. It going too far. Quot yes a sighed the suburban Man who had just moved in a at the last place i had the prettiest Little a Firden that Ever bloomed until my neighbors Chickerin scratched the roots a Quot and did you kick a asked his new acquaintance. A a you bet i got a big tomcat that soon made mincemeat of a liis. a a. Quot v a. Quot what then a a a Why the next i knew he had bought a ferocious bulldog to watch for my tom.�?�. Quot him and did that end the trouble a a. Quot of no. I borrowed a Wolf from an animal trainer1 to kill the to bulldog a War to the knife eh.? Liat was to next chapter in the bitter feud a a there was hone. I heard that he was about to Purchase a Tiger to kill my Wolf and As i afford the Price of an elephant to kill his Tiger i thought it beat to All Day Long Ijen Griir lurching crouching Curling. From lie Chimney upward swirling. Funny vapor people wisps of steam my Sisters see they Are elves and gnomes to me. A up they come from boiler caverns \ where the pixies keep Ali eur taverns and serve water bubbling hot to the Wio Ompad dancing it some Are plump and humped of Back. Some Are. Shapeless As a sack. Some Are slender some Are wee All Are White As White can be. For a moment time they hover then Swift a the snowy Plover saddled Fot the fairy Queen gayly skyward they Careen with the West wind running races a Clouds they ride to far Oft places. A Oliero the Bea Folly Sun their Scales an Ltd the sad mor Malden Walls wondrous wondrous Distant places where is Beauty in All faces v and the sea sings fairy tales v All Day ionic leaping lurching crouching Curling \ from the Chimney upward swirling funny. Vapor people throng. Flowered Mou Biellie one of the new,.materials that Paris is Edn Dirig Over for evening Konti is a rather heavy Muff Eline covered with velvet Flowers. These. Are in the Emo color As the background but in a deeper or a lighter Shade of it Golden lilies Pink peach blossoms the Violet Iris and the huge Hydrangea Are used in design. The first now gowns of this fabric show it. As a drapery from shoulder to Knees and Over arms with a foundation of Silver Gauze or coloured Messalle or supple panne velvet. Pada for dining table after All there 1b really not better Protection to a Dirting table than the Asbestos pads. They come a in All sizes a a and once bought do not. Need renewing. Round or Square shape measuring 48 to 64 inches a pad will Cost $5 65 to 60 inches $5,50, and 61 to 66 inches $6. Leaves 12 inches wide or less a an. Be had for $1, and leaves Over this number of inches will Cost �z1.26. A a table to covered will be prepared to receive hot dishes upon any spot Over its entire surface. For marking sheets. An easy method of marking sheets is to set name or initial tape which Cap be purchased by Theroi arid sew the name on one of the hems at the left Corner. Telb is an inexpensive Way of marking articles to be sent to the laundry. The red or Blue letters do not fade and undoubtedly the embroidered letters Are Moro presentable thaa the Ink Launy Day Mark. V. A evening footwear. The latest fad for evening footwear is slippers of Gold or Sliver with flesh coloured silk stockings. Slippers to match the color of the gown Are still much worn with self tone silk stockings elaborately embroidered a a some be Jpn. Eyen Stidd with Jinjr pearls of Jet Bead s., Chiffon is deceptive. There is probably no More effective agent for producing the effect of a soft Clear skin than a sheer White Chiffon or Maline Neil worn beneath the usual face veil women who. Are conscious of a few wrinkles Are Tati Bijj note of this fact. Por allow set Oress a Are to sags w of ritzy of 4jf�i Conj of Raih Spiro. ,. V the Luciy possessor of a peach and Cream complexion need not bother her head about what she wears or what she eats but the Giri of Orange Hue must consider both dress and diet if she would not resemble an exhumed Mummy or a Lump of Saffron. The Sallow girl should look to her liver rather than to powder for lightening her complexion. A half Lemon in a Glass of water morning and evening and several quarts of Plain water Between will paint the Cheeks better than the Rouge pot coffe Emust be Cut off the Sallow girls list also should Strong Tea and too much chocolate. Rich foods too , and., above All hot breads should be shunned. Fruit in season and out is the Boon of the yellow hued. Stint on everything else before you Cut Down your allowance of oranges and App a a from the daily menu. The Only possible exp caption in the fruit line in a Meijy berries which Are often too acid and clog the intestines. A the woman with Olive complexion will find the narrow line of Black velvet ribbon that a now worn Jim the evening gowns a positive Bioti. The Black Well up against the a face the band should is worn High on the Throat tends to Whiten and Clear her skin and makes possible a Rock of a bad Gold beads should be Charity worn by the Sallow girl. Certain tones of Gold Are hideously unbecoming though the Pale Lemon tint is not put of the question. R one cannot Lay Down hard and fast rules As to. Color. To say tile is becoming does not mean Alice or porcelain tints nor does the same Shade of Blue look Well on every Sallow person. There is but one Way to definitely know what can be worn. Test it in every Light. A do not Trust own judgment bit have with you an unbiased Friend who is honest enough to say what she thinks. Let no Clever person tempt you by flattery into thinking you can Wear with impunity colors that would try a milk and Rose akin1. Club of thru at a a try to Fps event he Glt a Sar. A is the present fad of wearing extremely High collars will have a hurtful effect upon the flesh on the Throat unless special care is i vein to prevent it. Because through stoppage of circulation a condition brought about by High collars a permanent dark Mark comes and some remedy to obviate the trouble must be employed. It is not expected that a girl Wiir Lect a neck dressing that is a misfit but Sie May take the Happy medium of one that is not too close to her Throat. For example if 13 is the usual size it is the part of it Wisdom to take 13% when the height of the Linen is excessive. It is precisely the same theory that causes one to Wear longer boots when the Quot toes Are excessively pointed. In order to preserve its round less and softness the Throat must have some air and Freedom of movement As soon As the Collar is. Taken off at night or even at noon the Throat should be washed with. Warm water and soap. A then while it in still relaxed from the hot application the fingers May be dipped into cold Cream and rubbed vigorously Over the flesh where the Collar top rubs making the motion rotary. Necessarily More work will be required on this part of the Throat than at any other portion save just under the ears. This last is a place sometimes neglected because it. Does not show Mirror but in pointy of fact it in extremely conspicuous. After finishing the cold Cream application it is Well to mop the Throat with cold water to tighten the skin and prevent flab Biness. If a line has already appeared in the skin a whitening Cream to be substituted for the usual emollient is made from two of faces of strained Honey half an ounce of Glycerine. Half an ii be of rectified spirits one and i a half is of pure citric acid and three drops of essence of a filet. The Honey and Glycerine Are put into a cup and set into hot water Quot to warm they will mingle. The citric acid is dissolved in the spirits the Honey removed from heat and As soon As the mixture is Cool the spirit added. Api t he costume on the left is a useful dress for girl Frota 10 to 12 years. It in made up in Navy Blue Serge and hp.a Yoke and Pastron Cut in one and taken to the end of skirt and edged silk strap silk covered buttons Are taken. Down the Center of Yoke and Pastron As far As the Waist six Small tucks Are made where the material joins the Yoke. The sleeve is a Plain Bishop set to a cuff which is trimmed with a silk strap. A leather Waistband draws the dress in at the Waist. Materials required. C Yards Serge 46 inches wide 9 buttons i Yard Silki the coat is suitable for a girl from. 10 to 12 years. Dark red coating is used it fastens Down the front under a wide Box Plait which is trimmed with Black Cord and buttons the Collar and cuffs Are trimmed in the same Way. Hat of red Felt trimmed with plaid silk ribbon. Materials required 4 Yards coating 48 inclines wide. L dozen Yards braid 1 dozen buttons6 Yards lining. A it a. 1 at the Bottom is shown a smart dress for girl from 10 to 12 years. Saxe Blue Cashmere is chosen piece lace is used for the Yoke and Collar the bodice fastens at the left Side of front a strap of velvet edges the Yoke Bibo Down two tucks Are. Made on each shoulder. The sleeve is a Plain ,Mutton, trimmed at the wrist by a strap of velvet and borne buttons. The Skir Ihas a Box pm it each Side of front with smaller plaits turning from it a tuck is made at the foot All the Way round with the exception of the Center front. Materials required 7 Yards Cashmere 46 inches wide 14 buttons % Yard velvet. Striped Tweed is the material chosen for the costume in the right. The skirt is trimmed up the Center of front and round the foot by braid also braid covered buttons the bodice is also trimmed with braid and buttons piece lace is used for the Little Yoke and one tuck is made on each Side of Back and front. Materials required 6 Yards Tweed 4,6 inches wide 14 buttons 8 Yards braid % Yard lace. A / a walking costume there is no Light to cozy and comfortable to read by As a lamp. It gives a delightfully Hoiney air to the room arid most important of All it is the very debt thing for-,.the eyes. A table Well supplied with books arid magazines and in the Center a Bright cheery lamp Well shaded is a most inviting f8jglit of a Winters evening. Of course. The. Lamp must have a mat under it to b6 quite Complete. A a lamp mat that is both serviceable and pretty is a novel combination of brass and leather a sketch of such a mat is Given together with a pattern for one Quarter of it a nine Inch Square of 27-Gagoj brass lamp mat mounted of. Leather with one Quarter of pattern for the brass is required and a Circle of Leath 8.%.1inch, % la meter. A a v to Malte the mat Lay the piece of brass on a Flat wooden Board arid to a kit Down on each Corner lightly. Place the ice sign chosen in one Comer with a Pic be of Carbon paper under it. Track the design on the brass with a hard site up Lead Pencil. Trace on each Cor Ner until the Circle is Complete. With. The stippling tool outline the Lesii and then fill in the background As indicated on the pattern. The tool. With which to punch the holes is a Fine pointed awl and May be purchased for 15 cents f Cut out the brass Circle being care Ful to leave on the three Little tabs on each Quarter. Place the brass Over the leather the. Leather is three eighths of an Inch wider the brass All round Bend the brass tabs Back Over the leather and Pound them Down Flat this will hold the leather in place. If a polished surface is desired for the brass then it Sli Ould be polished before mounting it on the leather. Russian calf is the Best kind of leather and any desired color May be used. Gmar Green Vepe uan. Cloth would look Weli in this style the High Walsted skirt is Plaitt All the Way round the plaits turning towards the front in the Center of Back the Pilts Are much closer. The smartly Cut coat is tight fitting and. Has a Little Waistcoat of Cherie silk fastening Over to one Side in a Point. The fronts Are Sll Ghuy Cut away and Are trimmed with buttons and cords. A hat of Cedar Green stretched. Bilk trimmed with Brown silk and required 8�?T Yards 48 inches wide % Yard Chene silk a 1 dozen buttons 1% Yard Cord 4 Yards coat lining. Ornaments for Gray hair. Black and White Are two Coors that should to avoided. The Silver haired woman makes a mistake in wearing Black in her hair under the impression that it will bring out the color. The contrast is too startling and Black Deades the Luster. White darkens the Silver tones and is Apt to give the hair a greenish bue., the most becoming tone that can be used Quot is Silver though there Are certain shades of Turquoise Blue a that Are Lovely with it. For daytime or informal Wear bows or fillets of Silver Gauze Are charming while for evening a big Silver Flower or wreaths and garlands in Silver Oak leaves or Harrow Silver band will give the Silver haired woman a. Touch of distinction that no other colouring can. Side Combs for Gray hair Are most effective with Silver tops. Gold Combs rarely look Well though occasionally those studded with Turquoise Are becoming. Rhinestones or diamonds go particularly Well with Silvery hair but Are a More becoming when set in Silver or Platinum than in Gold. Shirred hats. / Reboux is showing shirred fits of Black velvet medium sized and worn Well Down Over the he had trimmed with two Long plumes. Tie turbans now. Are tiny and. Trimmed with one Gold or., Silver ornament. At thib famous shop. Is Lisp a Blue Beaver with one Small Bluebird on the Side. At Suzanne. Talbot a the same shirred hats Are shown and French hair which most Likely is identical with the american. Article is arranged to harmonize with the shape of every hat. For the turbans worn actually Over the eyes the hair is parted in the a Eddlo and arranged. Low at the Back
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