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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - March 6, 1909, Galveston, Texas I for a a car Tbs opa Century the opera s grass has worked t in the interest of the sea Wai amp City. A a. I i the sea wait in the ? s Grade raising and a the opera ,a8s, i we pfc 5iake a Ives x ton the South s 4 largest Best City i and port. I s a a a a a a. Stab shed 1879. / Galveston Texas. Saturday March 6, 1909. Vol. Xxx. No. 34. The walking costume illustrated is both Assefu and smart these Lutlo Quito Plain and la Cut a comfortable walking length. A great advantage in the coat is that it is. High in the neck and fastens Over at the left Side in a Point nine Small buttons put closely together form the fastening. The entire coat is tight fitting a fur neck let adds a finish. Hat of soft Felt trimmed a with velvet and quills. Materials required 8 Yards cloth 48 inches wide 19 buttons. 5 Yards coat lining. A. The simple but effective Blouse la composed of lace and spotted not. For the Yoke and Collar the net is tucked horizontally and is edged with lace a Medah Lons. Which Are also taken in rows Down the. Front of Blouse then net is finely tucked in Between them. Three frills of lace form the sleeves. Materials required 1% Yard net 42 inches wide 2 Yards of medallions 6 Yards of lace for sleeves. A a. A the next shows a useful indoor dress that would look Well made up in Royal Blue Cashmere the a Kurt ,1a tight fitting round the hips and just full enough at the foot to hang gracefully. A Row of passement Erie forms the trimming. The Over bodice is Slit up at a Ach Side of Back and front also on the sleeve a passement Erie completely. Edges it and covered buttons add to the trimming. Vul pure lace Forfar the Yoke and tight sleeves of under blips. Materials required 7 Yards Cashmere 46 inches wide. 2% Yards lace. 2 dozen buttons 9 Yards passement Erie. A a . Idea for Short curtains. Decorative scheme that is proving. Helpful to a degree. There is a fashion in decoration that a should be helpful to the woman who must fit Short curtains to new win Dowa. This is the idea of having deep decorative Borders on fabrics of solid color. Quot separate Borders can to bought at the Large shops with surprising ease by the woman who knows How to Root out the artistic thing. They do not come for curtains As a Rule but they serve admirably. The foundation color s usually deep tinted although Bome. Good a an be got with the foundation in natural crash tones. The color note is intended of course to harmonize with the room in which it is placed. The Border May be fastened on by a double Row of stitching close together Over which Are big stitches with coarse thread of the foundation color sewed As Bagdad strips Are bowed. A a. Some people omit the stitching a sing Only this coarse sowing. Turban note Quot the round crowned turban in Straw is a distinct fax Prato for Early Spring. Satin trimming shirred Over cords la a favored decoration on the newest turban. Tho Ull Flower Model lends itself nost successfully to Tho Large turban shape. A a Flat crowned turban in rough Black Straw of unusual height is bound round Vyth a narrow Black velvet Ondong Inone huge Rosette. A the narrow stiff Quill in pairs divides honors with the tight bin of of Small roses a a Middle front decoration for the Straw turban. 1 Small turbans fitting very Low on the head Are draped with Black lace veils separate tunic a Blessing. Can be used to advantage in altering old fashioned frock. Clever women Havie found out that a separate tunic made of another material than the gown and draped Over it is an excellent method of altering an old fashioned frock. There Are some skirts that Are too Short to be lifted up even for two inches on the bodice to give the Empire effect and they Are too much out of style to Wear As they Are. If the skirt and bodice Aro put together by their linings and two or three folds of self coloured material neatly draped around the Waist line in order to make it invisible the foundation work is finished. The tunic May be made of net Chiffon cloth bands of net and embroidered Satin or All Over Laco edged with fur or Gold balloons. This is Cut with a seam Down the Mac role of Tho Back and neatly draped three inches above the wal3t line headed with folds of the material or a piece of the trimming used Elca tunic drops from bust to Knees and gives the exact line that it needs this smart frocks. A a new head dre8sing, Cross bar muslims again in . La considerable rejoicing that the Dainty Cross bar muslims Are being used More and More for Milady a lingerie. A the heavy thread in the weave lengthens the life of the garments wonderfully. Garments made of this outwear Tose made of Nain Sook or other Plain sheer material. R coloured embroidery on Towel. There in a Strong revival of coloured embroidery on v Linen towering. Dull Blue Boft Browns a Luik and. Faded Green initials Are now seen on hand soon a towels. Thebe letters Are worked in the Middle of tile end of the Towel and can easily be done at Home by even the beginner in embroidery. Simple greek coiffure of paste mounts de on a liver. Embroidery i general. Some very exquisite Centrepieces Aro being made in a combination of stitches. The use of Coronation braid intermingled with solid. Embroidery and French knots is Rich in effect. One Edge shows a Row of heavy Stem stitch just inside of the buttonhole finish and Oiher buttonhole Edge is finished in Long uneven scallops with a second Row exactly like it a half Inch fun. The for in. A a. 1 White suede loves. White suede is the favorite evening Glove. 1 c la of you want to Lead a slaves life Start out by singing your baby to sleep every night. Many comp do this because they like to do it. It a pretty picture to see the. Young Mother crooning her first baby to sleep and one can a madly blame her for giving Way to the fascination and Charm of these Idle moments when the baby drops off to sleep to the sound of Hla mothers soft voice. But amp life of martyrdom is certain to follow ouch indulgences and when baby grows older and is perfectly Able to sleep without accompaniment to refuses to do so and demands to be Sung to and talked to and crooned to and sometimes gets so interested and excited that he stays awake just to hear the a Rand finish of the Story. And meanwhile the evening is rapidly passing and any pleasure it held Indore is losing its value. Provided a Mother. Is certain her baby 1b not sick she should put. The child to bed and leave it not taking it up to induce it to sleep. She should avoid sitting in the same room and. If baby never knows any other Way than this of passing into Slumberland it will make no unnecessary demands. It is better for a Newborn baby to sleep in it i Bassinet. For one thing curtains May be fitted to Shade its eyes and a Bassinet is Apt to be warmer than a crib besides giving the child More support at the sides. And by the Way a Good Bassinet May be made from a Large Oval clothes Basket. If a crib is used the sides should be carefully lined to keep off the draught. It is most important that the baby a bed be properly aired after it has been slept in. But it is also important to have the bed clothes War before the baby is Laid Between them to sleep. As soon As the Babyish taken from the room the bed clothes should. Be stripped from the mattress and with the mattress Well aired at the open windows for an hour or More. When the child is put to bed if the weather 1b cold the sheets should be warmed before the fire. If this is done there is no reason for the child being placed Between blankets. Blankets used in this Way Are. Not Apt to be a Ireby and Sweet As they should. Tempting a child to eat in he guardians of a finnic by child 1 know that meal time is often More than a matter of table setting and food buying. Theorists say Quot make a child eat a a but prothers know that this is often impossible until the Little one is reduced to sickness. It will be found easier to tempt the fitful appetite rather than to scold or punish. Delicate children can often be coaxed into a Hearty meal when Force work would mean a scene. Make the. Meal a. Play time. Serve bread and butter Cut into thin slices and piled up log Cabin Wise into a Bouse and pretend the child is an ogre to eat it. Up. Name dishes for different rhymes As Jack Horner a pie for hollowed out Roll cooked like Croutons and filled with the nourishing poached eggs. Potatoes can be folded into the form of a Wall with an egg perched on top to represent humpty dumpty the child will quickly eat up Tho. Egg to prevent a the great a. Boiled Rice can be folded into snowballs floating Island can have All sorts of delightful fancies Woven about it vegetables can be Clit into Odd shapes and nourishing Quot custards if put in individual holds of animals will be eaten without a protest beef juice usually causes a struggle but if the child pretends he is Jack the slant killer hurrying to get rid of the delicious juice lest the giant think it a the blood of an englishman a it is swallowed without a murmur. Trio game becomes of interest to Mother a Well As child As the necessity to invent new stories and fresh Fomas to tempt Tho Little one to eat demands ingenuity. Insensibly the child Learna to eat so that later the practice can be discontinued. A trouble yes but not half to troublesome As to bit up half the night with a child Cross from Back of food or As to see dear ones dwindling from insufficient nourishment that a Little Effort could Supply. Pianto for children. Many children when quite Young get interested in their school botany and nature study and want to have Flowers of their own. It is foot lbs to give them expensive plants. They May Tiro of them at any moment or forget them and let them die. They can have just As much fun with a homely Sweet potato or a handful of Mustard seed with the added pleasure of a a trying an take an Ordinary quart Jar and a Sweet potato of sufficient size that it will hot go More than part Way into the Jar. Put enough water in to cover the Bottoms end of. The. Potato and keep the water at this height. Roots Tsvili come out at the Bottom and Green shoots at the top and presently there will be a pretty. Vine hanging out from the Jar. A the Mustard seed in pretty too and takes up Lens room put an old sponge to n Saucer make it thoroughly moist and Sprinkle it with a handful of Mustard need. Keep it wet Tho seed will come out All Green and will look like some fresh growing Ball. Do not use a Flower pot Saucer. The infill nature comes through that to Taco table or whatever the a a Plant is placed upon. A Means Sim mais one of the new Small bats in Violet velvet with full Crown and band of Jet cabochons at one Side. A picturesque hat in a a Taupe Felt with glaces Batin Btl Nib und Lareo faded Pink Rose with a Cluster of leaves. New dresses show coat effects. Artificial bouquets Are a fad. Hat brims a re narrowing for daytime Wear. Latest handbags a re patterned after mail bags. A a a crows wings trim some of the fully Felt hats. Dark colors oms Nate in the Spring suggestions. ,. Some Tara like ornaments Are mounted on Combs. A great Many Border linens appear on the counters. Violets and Gardenias Are among the favorite Flowers. / fancy hosiery grows still More wonderful every Day. Gimpes Are now made of Cambric As Well As of net. R Side closing in skirts a. Marked feature of the new skirts is the shifted a oblation of the closing. They almost invariably fasten on the left Side of the Back though the bodices continue to close in the Center. Violets to be modish. Parisian millinery already indicates the trend of fashion. The millinery now in process of creation and the models in Paris indicate that there will be a. Large Field of Choice in shapes sizes Heights and materials and. That there will be less excuse than Ever for Matron or maid Rich or poor to go unbecoming by hatted the coming Spring. In Flowers no Lene than in hats will numberless varieties be used by smart milliners. The Lovely Violet in All its a hades will once More be placed to the fore and in such various forms can it be presented that to is Safe to predict that it will assume its place As a favorite with Well dressed women. From the fat double Violet in Batin or velvet to the single tremulous purple Flower nodding on its threadlike stalk As it grows wild in the Fields the product of the Handiwork of the French ,-.All sorts will be seen a it z a a no a Domestic product equals the Fine French violets so natural Are. Lio latter that on almost leans to inhale their fragrance. Always Are these done in the single Flowers. Of course some of the velvet Garden violets also come from France but the thicker Clum sier Flowers Are also made Here. Quo lilacs in White and their own Lavender hues and in yellow As Well will be used with roses and violets. Wistaria is again to be much used and Fine Wistaria in natural tones is one of the most artistic p of Sable trimmings for Large Flat hats. Fine Wistaria blooms Are expensive the cheap should never under any circumstances be used. They Are made in All colors. Hoses As usual will be used galore and pansies too in wonderful new tones will be seen. The Directoire a godsend. Allows for effective display on comparatively Small outlay. To the superficial observed the Directoire gown seems costly but girls who seek ways to dress themselves Well for the least possible outlay pronounce the Directoire a godsend. A it afro a Satin Princess slip of Apricot or Salmon Pink or a delicate Shad of Blu and yellow and Bee what you can do Quot said a Clever girl recently. Quot put Over the lining a Blue tulle or Chiffon and the shimmering effect is likened to Moonlight. Add pearls of crystals to the Corsage and the result is a Doucet gown at a Broadway Price. Blok lace White lace and Cream lace All look Well Over the Satin. With a few accessories the effect is varied for every occasion. No girl can get on without Bix evening gowns. Four May be made 1 with. One Well fitted lining and with thought bestowed on the outer Poi tons. Two others May be combined with Empire dinner or reception gowns a with yokes Therio answer for the tuft Ernon As Well As for Tho dance or the play. With every gown the up to Date girl has hex hair ornaments and her gloves and slip per. These trifles now count More for the Well got up woman than the Mere gown does. To be harmonious Down to Tho last thread ,1b our in Blouse design. May be. Made in. Various Waya to suit individual tastes. Embroider these Little sprays for handkerchief carriers in solid stitch. They May also be used an Corset Covera or on any article where a Dainty Little Tomich is needed. The shirred sleeves. In this Day of Mousque Tarp Slee Yea it 1b a problem How. To make them to that they will look shirred and yet be quite secure. Furthermore when they Are made of Wash net or other washable fabrics it is almost impossible to launder them if they a re made in the usual Way. One Clever woman ban found that the inside seam of the sleeve May be made like a. French seam through which a tape May be run. The tape should be a Little longer than the sleeve �8 when pulled out to its a full length. The seam for the second drawstring May be taken up on the outer Side of the sleeve and through this also a tape May be run. When the dress is worn the str lug May be drawn up to the armhole until the sleeve is the Correct length and then the Cord May be tied up inside. When it is time to them the strings May by untied the sleeves pulled out to shelf Fuli length and the work thus made easy. Button trimming. Buttons were attractively conspicuous on a Gray ottoman silk gown noted in. The foyer. Formed of one breadth of White silk seemed the skirt drawn about the slim figure to Button at one bide of the Back under Large Flat buttons covered with Violet velvet a wide Sash. Of Violet silk circled the a Waist at the Normal line Knotting at the opposite Side of the Back falling in Long heavily fringed ends the fringe showed nine or ten inches of netted heading. Over the shoulders shaping a Square Back and front of the bodice Over a tulle Che Misette Werp bands of silk dotted with buttons and pointed with a Paris letter to Vogue. This Blouse May be made of Tho same material As dress silk the same color As skirt or fancy Blouse material. The Yoke and tight Flat Long under sleeves Are of lucked net1 and Lnater ton deep tucks Are carried Over the shoulders and the sleeves Are also deeply tucked they Are finished at elbows with lace frills. Velvet outlines the Yoke and silk covered buttons trim the front. A materials a required 2 Yards 40 inches wide i Yard tucked net 18 inches wide 8 buttons and Yard. Velvet on Cross rinse lace in milk. When washing lace never rinse it in Blue water with the idea of improving its color. Real lace should be finally rinsed in skim milk which will give it a soit. Creamy color. New trimmings. Friary. Of the new trimmings consist of Harrow bands of bin. White material embroidered in White Flowers., mingled with a few Dresden tints. This being new. It is quite expensive. There is a chinese embroidery for White Waist trimming that id peculiarly pretty yet not a delicate pattern. The Flower design is padded while the leaves Are filled in with machine stitches i. Coarse floss almost a heavy As the finest so tache. The patterns Are picturesque and the materials Are suitable for combining with linens and Vav hate Madras. These Era Broide Ries Are All White and would be pretty As a trimming upon a one piece Linen suit they have the appearance of durability. The coloured laces pre Leas popular than other kinds but still new Pat i terns Are introduced in con suction with coloured All overs a he they will be used As finishing to Ctina to bet dress that borrows tint Ano Spangle for effect
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