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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Mar 5 1910, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - March 5, 1910, Galveston, Texas Vojo. A Quarter of a i Century the opera ,a08 has worked in the interest of the 8bawam, City. A. Igi 11 i i in the sea wait i t3beb Grade raising and the opera cd Fass Wii i make Gaytos ton the 8outb�0 largest Best Cotta and port a a t s a a a 1. A a a a / a a. Established �?T1879. A a 1 j 1 Galveston Texas saturday March. 5,1910. Ypil., Xxxi. No. 44. In lace and Chiffon one. Of the most cd arming fashions of the season is the wearing Muff and stole set or the. Evening and at afternoon receptions and Musicales. A the Seta made entirely of a fur Are Beautiful but the pelts that Are appropriate for these occasions Are so costly1 that they Are Miles beyond the average income. A a a quite As smart As the fur sets however Are those made of lace and. Chiffon with perhaps a bit of fur and clusters of Flowers. A these frilly affairs Are one of the picturesque and novel features of the season. One of the chief advantages is that they May be made at Home and Many Little bits of trimmings or fabrics taken from the piece bag or from an old garment May to used in their make up. R especially useful Are the old fashioned fur sets which Are Only slightly a worn. They May to out. Into strips make handbag of leftovers prettier and More lasting than. Any that one. Is Able to buy in the shops. The girl who has left Over from one of her frocks a four or five Inch strip of Gold to fescue or not such a was used in yokes this past season can turn it to account in an exquisite work bag. A make round Bottom five or six inches in diameter and cover it with Plain Blue Green or Lilac silk that has a a a satiny Bacon. Milto a bag. Seven inches deep and Long enough to go twice around the circumference of the Bottom. The top should be turned in for an Inch and a half and n half Inch casing stitched or Bolar stitched in. If pre a for Rod the bag May to lined with White China silk throughout. A the strip of Gold net la then sewed around the lower part of the bag. This should be about half Tho depth or wider if desired. The top May by scalloped but in an irregular waving line or Cut into Square tabs. The net is then darned in with different coloured embroidery silly or mercerized Cottons to give a solid darned surface. This stitchery May be straight around or in waving lines or follow the outline of top. If top is pointed it can be arranged in deep Points around entire must be taken that the order of colors is observed starting now groups of darning. In Nevi Bowa the newest spot for a Bow is at the a front of the bodice just below the Yoko. This is of n Dlf forent color Froin the frocks and is usually made of Liberty eaten. It is not full and a Loose but Long and trim. Tho loops and ends no Tho full Width of the rib Bon and Are Laid out in Fla lines these touch up not Only dress1 cos a i Jues for theater restaurants and in but they Are worn on simple Hoube crocks. The More vivid colors Are used to Alvo brilliancy it to simple Govans. Such As White Gray or Black. Among the colors Are Apple. Green Plum purple Parrot Green Turki zolbe Blue Geranium ted with rhinestone Center., a Bracelet hint now that women Are again wearing bracelets a word of warning As to their size May prove useful. Do not Wear a Bracelet that is too. Tight it affects the a circulation and Quot will Malte the nose red also the hand and Arm. Often a woman frequently make the mistake of wearing a ban Gle of childhood Long after her Arm has grown too Stout for it. A Bracelet that is too Large rubs on the wrist joints and May Bruise them. And. Combined with lace and Chiffon with Lovely results. Tho quaint old Tine Pelerine the Graceful Long stole the draped shoulder Cape and a Muff to match Are All Quot in Tho run hinge for this season. If no fur is available Marabou or Swan Down May be used. It is wonderfully Fluffy an becoming besides being inexpensive. The colors used in these Dainty affairs Are varied and Beautiful the preference being Given to the Lovely old tapestry colors. The fabric May match the fur or Marabou if desired but usually some pleasing contrast is More effective. Gold and it Sliver Are used to a great extent in these popular accessories. They Are especially liked for Quot linings either Plain or under Chiffon or. Fine lace. Some of the most luxurious of the furs for evening a such As Ermine and Sable have these \ Gold and Silver linings. Smart Little coat such q smart Little coat As this la sure to and favor with mothers who like to Sec their girls nicely dressed it May be made up in Serge or cloth of which the re Are innumerable pretty colors to be Bolec ted. The fastening Down Center front is by Hooks and Eye that Are invisible a deep killing is added to Tho sides and Back. A Wavy a pattern of narrow silk braid forms the trimming hat of Straw trimmed with ribbon. Materials required 2%,� Yards a 48 inches wide. Of unbleached Muslin. Very coarse open a unbleached Muslin will work out in Moat style lbs effect Abia russian with a Long Tuple. Crosb Salt Chemij in White. Or even in a a deeper Shade of Ciui the garment will prove unusual and a combination of the heaviest Ecru floss Ana a Fine White embroidery Cotton will give another and a Richer effect. A Here the. Skilled. Embroiderer a May work in Long and Short stitches to the Best of her ability and to her lasting satisfaction. 1 therein Little doubt As to the wearing Quality of this garment. The life of unbleached Muslin is Well known. In selecting the Quality that to be avoided is the very Ftp and heavy. Hints for hostess timely suggestions for those planning seasonable entertainments idea for a Kitchen Shower. At a Al Tckett Skower recently Glyen a recipe was brought with the article Given if it was a utensil requiring a Rule. For instance a set of Gem pans Ltd a Rule Long in favor with the girl who a contributed Ita mixing bowl had a cake recipe attached and some Scales were accompanied by an old fashioned Rule for Pound cake. The hostess had enclosed the paper for the recipes Wither invitations so All were uniform and Given to the Bride elect encased in a tooled leather Holder. As. The bridegroom wis to take his Bride to the far West one can imagine How much pleasure this Book would be in the Days to come. Bible characters. This contest submitted by an interested Reader of the. Department will be very Welcome to teachers and mothers for use on sunday. I. R was a skillful Carpenter. I lived quite near the water i had a wife and three Good sons but not a single daughter. 2. I had two wives and Ono i loved and. One i had to marry for when her father greeted to. And told me How to had treated to. I saw that he had cheated to a and so t had to Tarry. A a 8. A crowd Iliad gathered round and i stood on the ground. A i was so Short i see and so i simply climbed a tree. 4. One Day some children Liat Wero rude hockey and laughed at my Bare head when suddenly from out. The Wood. A they Learned Tho bears Wero not All /."dead. 5. A. X was a Philistine Strong in my might. Conceited and proud As could be. The foes of my nation were Plain in. A sight / a and i thought they would cowardly flee. So i challenged them All to fight me alone -. And i a strutted and swelled with la Dain a. But a boy came along witha Sling and d Stone and r found All my boasting was vain. I lived a Long and useful life. One Hundred years and.,Twenty More a i wearied grew of so much strife. And. Longed to have my wanderings a or. Tomy eyes but not my feet found rest upon the land that i loved Best. 7, my first husband fled from the land of. His birth because of a fam no in that part of the Earth. Lio died while in exile and courageously the. I took a Long journey and married again 8, i was a in Power and , especially Ono Man 1 i thought i had him Strung so High he could t get Down again. But All my planning Camo to naught. My schemes of hate were ended when i myself instead wag caught. And huns in air suspended. 9. When i. Was a boy and lived with the a King Al use meat nor wine a give us pulse to cat and water to drink said i. A and of cd la look Fine. They did a i said and that kind of 3read made four of a fairer and fatter. And when i grew old some Ahl Mals bold but that though is another matter. 10. A Quot my King had done a grievous wrong. And i was sent to blame him. I a Aid a Rlph Man stole a Lamb he wanted me to name him for crime so great he ought to die a a thou Art the guilty Man Quot said i. A a. A a a a a 11. A a. A i went after my wife and i could t get a a Quot Hervy a her father said he had married her bet ter.--, they a were philistines All an a i hated them so i wanted to punish their land with woe. So i hunted up foxes and found Many a a. Score. A. And i wished in my heart i had several. A a a More a. A 1 tied brands to their tails and Early one morn. I set them on Firo to run Loose in their a Corn. A r a. A 1?.- a Prophet of the lord Wab i and warned the people round me they hearkened not but. Angry wore and caught and smote and bound me in prison court and loathsome pit a a and sunken in Tho mire they could not still my Earnest Volco a Wilch told of judgment dire. .13. A a a a a there were taxes to pay and what could i say no use to refuse and i , i went to the sea / called a Ash unto me and he give the Money to do it a 14. A a a my father was a noted Man. And i a a honoured son i riches had and Power and Fame before life s Sands Wero run. I built a Kuuse All Bright with Gold i was Wise in earthly Loro. But when to had married Many wives t. Knew a a photo lot Moro. A 4 y. A a 15. Tvs wrong to Tell of my Good deeds. But then they were Many 1.made a things for those who had t any. I worked by hard Livni Ade me i11f. I had to lie and then St. Peter came and raised me Jup v and i went to work again. A. ,. V 1g. When i was sent to Tell some men a what wore the master s wishes my heart wjth1 waywardness waa torn i ran away to weep and mourn and landed amongst the fishes. I preached so Long one summer night. Sleep overcame Ai Young Man quite. And out the window and on his head. To fell and was picked up for dead z hurried Down to him and then i brought him Back to life again. Do you than i that checked what i had a to say a i talked right on till Brealy of Day. 1 18. To reach the shining Heights of Fame some men. Aro always striving i reached it easily enough just by my style of driving. I was a priest in the House of the lord i heartily tried to obey All his word. But i allowed my sons very wicked to a. Grow Vav because i Neer said to Themi a Why do a to Sot a a answers to Bible Chaha Teirs. 1. A Noah. 2. Jacob. A zaccheus. 4. Elisha. A b. Goliath. 6. Moses. .7, Ruth v 8. Raman s. Daniel 10. Nathan., 11. Stnson. 12. Jeremiah. 13. Peter. H it Solomon. 15. Dorcas. If. Jonah. 17. Paul. 18. Jehu. 19. Ell. Madame Merrt. Design embroidery quite a bulb Lyle Little design this but very effective for Orna menting , Small Book covers Etc the Flowers and Lenver Are worked in Long stitches. With a single knot stitch in the Center of the Flowers the Bird la in Satin St Ioctl thai Tallis and the outlined letter in. Cord log Bitch. Two or three shades of Gray with White Lor the breast will be needed for the Bird the Flowers might be in two shades Blue with yellow centers the i leaves and stalks in three shades Green. A to Transfer a design make a tracing of the pattern rub a soft Black Lead Pencil Over the Back place this Black Side Down on. The material pig together so that they do not Blip and go Over the outline with a hard Penol or a hone knitting pin this leaves. Clear pattern on material. Two useful Coats the coat is an Inverness and could be made in cloth Serge or Tweed lined or not As preferred. It is very plainly made having Only stitching As a finish at the edges. The fronts Are. Double breasted buttons covered in the material form the fastenings. To in of Black pan trimmed with a Rosette of Gold tissue and two pheasants feathers. Materials required four and one. Half Yards 48 inches wide Isle buttons four Yards of silly. For lining Tho Waist. To match cloth dress. This simple bodice is made with two tucks1 on each shoulder. And lightly braided at the edges the prettily shaped Yoke is of coarse fillet net to match color of material it is braided at the edges. Cuffs Are made of the net set to material bands at the Elbow to which the sleeve is gathered. Buttons and braid loops form further trimming. Materials required 1% a Ard cloth 46 inches wid one dozen buttons one braid. On the right to show a very used motor a coat made a in heavy blanked Serge with a panel Down both bad and front set on with a wide wrapped seam the fastening is at the left Slid of front. Tho Collar is made so that ill can turn up or Down and the sleeve Are set to wide turn Back cuffs so pop it ular just now. Motor Bonnet of gauged silly to match color of coat. Materials required _ six Yards. 40 inches wide one dozen buttons three Yards Viyella for lining to Waist Cushion and is lightly overcast when it is in place or can. Be joined by tiny. Buttonhole loops on one Edgo and Jato Button on the lower Side of the cover across one end. Such a Cushion is More distinctive than the covers that lace on yet washes almost As easily. The insertion at the sides should match the lace inset. At top and Bottom. Makes Dainty hat Brush one with Plain Back without Orna it mentation Best to b<9 pitted Louie cover. For Ono of the dainties hat brushes you can imagine select a Plain Back of irreproachable shape and no Orna mentation whatever and with Good a White bristles. Before covering Tho wooden Back it May be very lightly rubbed with a Flo ban Paperi to roughen Tho surface so that the glue will hold. A a Low for Tho French Louis cover. This is made of corded silk of a deep Cream embroidered slightly with rib Bon work in an Oblong medallion Dor sign. The silk is so Cut As to entirely cover the wooden Back except on the bristle Side and when the paste 1b applied to Tho silk care should be taken that it does not touch that part beneath Tho ribbon medallion nor the top of Tho Brush but Only along Tho Edge of the silk. Do not turn in Tho Edge but after the glue is dry a paste Over it a a Arrow Gold Laco balloon. To be a French As possible in effect the creamy tone of Tho Oills should to soft and old the Rococo embroidery of Flowers should be soft in tone and the balloon of a More Bronzo colouring. Designed for toilet table Pincushion of the latest design formed of mattress shaped cushions prettily decorated. A Pincushion that is Dainty yet ser a Vic Pablo is. One of the mattress shaped cushions four an a half inches wide by six inches Long. This is stuffed a with Wool or bran and covered with Satin or satine if Cost is an item. It the outer cover is made from two pieces of heavy Linen with a narrow he stitched hem running entirely around it. The pieces finished fit easily on. The top a and Bottom of the inner parts of the Linen Are then decorated with tiny squares of fillet or Cluny lace with a design of Leavett cd scrolls in eaten stitch and eyelet embroidery spreading around each bit of lace i he Section intended for the top has a More elaborate design than the Bottom piece. 1 the upper and lower Section Are joined by lace insertion just the Width of the sides of the Pincushion. This is overcast to the edges All around. Oua end its ult open to slip in the fringe on frocks. Tiny Cotton fringes in Cream or White Are to be used upon some of the Novelty Cottons. And linens for summer frocks. They Are. Those identical ones that come for bedroom up Biol a a the finest qualities among them Are quite delicate a enough to use on Linen scrims and Hope backings some of the fringe measuring but a a scant Inch in depth is Woven of White and Blue Cotton in a pattern which runs along the a Imp Quot which holds it in place. In other the Fringo remains uncut each thread being a Loop. The French have used these fringes for several seasons just As they Havo used the tiny silk Quality in Chiffon and White Radium silk. A a veil Novelty. ,. Have you seen some of the new veils that Are being worn with the smart Cavalier hats they May easily be called freakish As the meshes of fillet net have huge Flowers end butterflies in self colors. Those of Black Are Best style though there la a new tan veil with big figures that is liked by the a conservative. A
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