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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1907, Page 4

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 29, 1907, Galveston, Texas Is often prevented by of. William Pink pills. Takon when Tho first warning symptoms Aro noticed much Noodle too suffering May be saved. Are Yon troubled with pallor loss of spirits Waves of heat passing Over Tho body shortness of breath after alight exertion a Penoliar skipping of the1 heart beat Popr digestion cold of Tromp Tiea or a feeling of weight and fullness do not Malto Tho mistake of thinking that those Aro diseases in themselves and to satisfied with temporary Relief. Liia in Tho Way Tho nerves give warning that they breaking it simply Means Tomt Tho blood Ima Beo Omo impure and cannot carry enough nourishment to Tho nerves to keep them healthy and Ablo to do their work. Rest Alono will sometimes give Tho needed Relief. Tho Tonio treatment by Quot or. Williams Pink pills however prevents Tho final breakdown of Tho Norvea. A irad Tho Moro serious diseases Wiloh follow because Tho pills fact Ali hotly non the impure blood making it Rich Rod and pure. Mrs. 13. O. Bradley of 108 Parsella Avenue Roche Ter n. Y., says a i was never very Hoaltlin and Somo years ago when in a run Down Condi ,. Tion i suffered a nervous Shock caused by a misfortune to a Friend. It won so great that i was unfitted for work. A i waa just weak Low spirited and nervous. I could hardly walk and could not Bear Tho least noise. My appetite was poor and i did not Caro for food. I sleep Wal and once for two weeks got scarcely on hours Bleep. I had severe headaches most of tie Timo and pains in the Back and spine. A a i was treated by two doctors being Owider the care of to no of them for six months. I got no Relief and then decided to try or. Williams Pink pills. I 60011 began to feel better and Tho improvement was general. My Appetito became Hearty and my sleep better. The headaches and also the pains in my Back. A few More boxes entirely cured me and i was Alile to go Back to. Work Felt splendid and As though. I had never been sick.�?�. Or. Williams Pink pills Are invaluable in such diseases As rheumatism aftereffects of the grip and fevers non Raugia st. It Vitus dance and even partial paralysis and locomotor ataxia. Or. Williams Pink pills Aro sold by nil druggists or will to sent postpaid on receipt of Price 50 cents per Box six boxes for $3.50, by the or. Williama Medicine company Schenectady n. A a no grandchildren or a property owner in Kingston a London suburb has posted a not co that Quot no grandchildren or cat a will to allowed on his premises. Verse Worth Reading. A game for two. Lot us play that Tho world is Bright a it it us play that the Day is fair. Let us play that there-1�-no bite and that kindness la everywhere lot us play that i am a boy and that you Are a laughing maid that beyond us is Only Joy we May journey to unafraid. Let us play that the things denied Are the things which we do not crave a lot us play that our path is wide and that roses beside it wave a let us play that what we May claim la All we Caro to possess let us play that life la a Gam for a prize which is happiness. Let us play that the Day in Long that won to passed where misfortune hides to get us play that my arms Are Strong and that Siee in your breast abides let us play that i am a boy and that you Are a laughing maid that beyond us is Only Joy. We May journey to unafraid. A. E. I Colbor. Shi headache positively cored by these Little pills. They also Rohero did Tress Tram Nett nov a perfect ram Nat Issac drowsiness. Bad taste in Tho Mouth. Coat a Tongue Palatn lid bid torpid Uvea. Thoy a Regul amp Tomo Cowell. Purely vege Tamo. Shall Pill Small dose Small Price Genuina must Bear Fao Sunila signature a in i Nodi Ratcli is avoid by All druggists on a positive guarantee to cure Tetter a eczema itch of All Kari cells skin. Eruptions Rehg worm Dew Poison Why chapped face and hands Plumi plea Dandruff Andall Scalp tra Tiboca corns bunions sore Ana sweaty Fettet Csolty everywhere two Tel Zudy 50cand $1 of bottle. Do snot stain Grewo or Blister ii led direct on receipt of or cd. R Medicine co., Psi Texsie. A a prompts people Tobe dishonest. If y6u want a a quare Deil that will save you Money fend Dia-bppointml&ijrop�sapf9? and pos Toffic written on it and we will Sendyk a cd Tolci shies free telling How easily you can buy from us on easy monthly payments a Standard High Grade visible typewriter at less the Low Grade Price an improved Edison phonograph with 2,000 Gold moulded records a Home soda foun a Tain and Many other articles ajl valuable a Erv Ceable instructive entertaining incl in Dolit a we ency co. Bic 2118 the mph ply kill la a Cir nne and will not Oil or anything mrs a the far off Call. If out beyond Tho City a farthest Edge. There were no roads that led through sleepy town v no it yen do to blow through any. Thorny lib Udre no pathways Over Haz it Muff it l Downs i might not when the Day begins be sad Tecau Fly i toil among the Money mad. If out beyond the Dent ant Hill there Lay no Valley graced by any winding a Tram and if no Ulm White steeples far away full Fco it Mark the spot3 where drowsy Hamlet dream r could perhaps at midday be Content where striving millions at their Taska arc Bent. If far away from noise and strife and car no buds to swell on waiting Trees a. No mating Birds to spill upon the air Tho liquid sweetness of their melodies i might at Sunset be Serene and proud because a few had soon melt in the crowd Chicago record Herald. Fate. It. Had to be. We had to meet. It is too late. You can to Retreat you had to smile. I had to Bow it was not strange you must allow. You had to Stop. I had to speak. No explanations need to seek s. A twas Fate 1t to had to Blush. I had to talk. You had to nod. We hid to walk. You had to hear. I had to Tell. A its torts the goddess weaves her spell and then at huge a it had to be. A tvs very simple now to Sec a twas fatal we had to ice unto the end. A single path we had to wend you cannot go another Way. The. Scheme ordained you must obey we must conform with the design j Trust be yours. You must be mine. A thai in Fate a town topics. Darwinian. Big Flash eat the Little Fisli. Swimming in the sea. The Hawk will Chase the Chicken and devour it with great glee. Dogs pursues the Rabbit and says ifs just in fun All creation tries to get a pmed feature on . And. Man despite his Wisdom. Keeps following the plan of his ancestral origin hand whips his fellow Man. Though peace that s Universal Oxild be a Joy profound Well have to Volute Soine More before it gets around. A a Washington Star. Song. Last pig tit i made a mimic grave deep in the Meadow grass a that Calm Retreat my spirits storm would pass my wearied vision sought Content where late had flamed the Sun. Night with d Mystic Wood wind theme. Her sympathy begun. But of How dim Are Sun and stars seen through a Mist of tears How Dull the Happy sounds of Earth \ to sorrow deafened ears love at that shrine three costly gifts i offer As to part. A withered Hope a Trust betrayed. And last a broken heart. A Mary Coles Carrington in Harper Magazine. / How it happened. My Uncle Jim he made , a twas full of thoughts Sublime. Its mighty echoes ought to reach the corridors of time. And Shako to Weir vast foundations Suro with its reverberant notes. And incidentally secure my Uncle Jim some votes. But Whon we stanch determined men heard what to had to teach a we found out also that the pen is nth Ghetler than Tho speech. For while to gazed with trusting Prid and craned our Royal necks the rated form amp a just outside. Was Busy. Writing checks. Behind the he. O masters say Vero shall i find a Healing for Cadi ill Nepenthe for Tho burdened mind a a a just just behind the Hill a masters where lies the port of dreams sacred and Sweet and still r Ger done with Glamour and a tilth gleams Quot just just behind the Hillh v Mattera the House of perfect peace where shall touch , hearing nyl thin Joys glad increase?�?1. A just just behind the Hlll of a Clinton Schollard in new York Nice to have Money. It is Nice to Havo Money. But better my a Honey,.,-to have it that no Money can buy the dimples that wimple upon the Sweet rivet a when Spring Rains the Rose from Tho Kyi a it is Nice to have Money but nicer my Honey. Quot a a a a a to a to what no Money can bring a the love and the glory of love s Golden Tho Friy of True love Ever sing it is Nice to Havo Money but Money s not ally for me Tho Spring Silver the Gold of the fall. A it a., r w a Baltimore Sun. Merry failures be a failure if you Trust a let ambition go to rust v. J hold that Fame a a foolish prude % Kat of husks for want of food Quot but remember this my son do not be a dismal pne be a merry failure let a troubles Only mirth beget. Take the Edge from fortunes wrong with the magic of a song. Folks will say observing you. I a Quot wish i were a failure too v. A new Orleans times Democrat. 86 Calls for stenographers bookkeepers and operators 81 filled is the unequalled record of the Tyler commercial College of Tyler Texas for the past sixty Days. Average salary $60 per month. Why should any Young Man or woman hesitate and say a i would a course of bookkeeping and shorthand or telegraphy and bookkeeping in the Tyler commercial College if i Only knew i could get a position when my course is what better guarantee could any one want than the above just so sure As you finish their courses just so sure will you to placed in a Good position Whei a you Catt Earit from two to three times your present salary. If you Hayens to from ?1q0 to 9150 to put into such an education borrow it Jou can pay it All Back in a few months and have left a practical education that will greatly enhance your earning capacity throughout life and one that will place you with successful business men and enable you to live a life Worth living. Hundreds of Young people have borrowed every cent of the Money on. Which to a course with us and there is not one of them to Day that regrets it. If you want to prepare to earn a Good salary Quot on a Safe proposition fill in and mail to the Tyler comin Ferial College Tyler Texas. Name. Address. But they had not. At a political meeting the chairman asked at the end of the candidate s speech whether Quot Anny Gintle Man has Anny question to ask a some one Rose and propounded an inquiry mildly critical of the prevailing political belief. A to Utujian behind raised a club and struck him to the floor. The chairman looked round and asked quietly a Danny other Gin Leman a question to ask a state of Ohio cite or Toledo i 7,uca8 Coutt. \ tawk j. Finne makes oath teat be is Benfor partner of Tho firm of f. J. Cuz Xot amp co., doing to Llacsa id the City of Toledo. County and Systo aforesaid and that Sal Durm will pay Tho bom of Oke Hundred dollars for each and every care of cat Barb that cannot be cared by Tho As amp of Ata t1tt17 car that. Vatai Iau Trask 3. Cheney. Sworn to before me and la my presence this Goth Day of do camber a. D., 1886. A a a. Gleason to a a 6eal _ Kotait Publio. Hahn of Catarrh care is taken internally and Acta directly on the blood and mucosa Aurioles of Tho Oyster of. Send for testimonials free. F. J. Cheney 6 co., Toledo o. 6oldby All druggists 75c. A Hall a family pills for constipation. Little cause for worry. More or less glittering balt held out to cow punchers. Over to the Salmon River Meadows country in Idaho ranged a wild and woolly Bunch of Long haired cow punchers whose knowledge of the world was confined mainly to trips after cattle into surrounding counties. Into Telb reckless but verdant Community there came the smooth tongued representative of a wild West show who hired several riders at a High salary to do a hair raising hot the chief feature being that they should appear to be thrown from their horses and dragged by the foot. After they had practice in a Corral tor a while one1 of them loosened himself and rising from the dirt dishevelled and dazed inquired a say mister ainu to this Ruther dangerous we might git Quot that Sall right Quot chirped the shows representative cheerfully. A your salary will go on just the Magazine. Thought child would die. Knotty Point to decide. Quot is a Goat a sheep a is a zoological question that the commissioners of this county live been called upon to decide officially. There has Long been a state Law providing that the county shall reimburse Farmers for sheep killed by dogs a. A Ilar Ward of Mifflin township Lias filed a claim for $e0.for Angara goats so destroyed a Columbus correspondence Pittsburg a a the armless Many Bald Quot it Wasny to Money he wanted but. Somebody to scratch his there Are Many with st cog arms and willing hands that have that same yearning. Hunts cure will make Back scratching or any other old scratch Long totally unnecessary. It knocks out any itching sensation that Ever happened and it does it right now. One application relieves. Hiram a said mrs. Korn Kob to her husband who was Reading the weekly screech Quot they it say that Jones maa who hag taken the farm next to ours la mighty a i guess he is a replied Quot Parmer Korn Kob. Quot he knows four almanacs by a Milwaukee Sentinel a whole body covered with cuban itch a Cut Leura remedies cured at Cost of seventy five cents. A my Little boy when Only an infant of three months caught the cuban itch. Sores broke out from his head to the Bottom of his feet. He would itch and claw himself and cry All the time. He could not sleep Day or night and a Light dress is All he could Wear. I called one of our Best doctors to treat him but he seemed to get worse. He suffered so terribly that my Hub band said he believed he would have to die. I had almost Given up Hope when a lady Friend told me to try the Cuti Cura remedies. I used the Cuti Cura soap and applied the1 Cuti Cura ointment and he at once fell into a sleep and he slept with ease for the first time since two months. After three applications the sores began to dry up and in just two weeks from the Day i commenced to use the Cuti Cura remedies my baby was entirely Well. The treatment Only Cost me 75c, and i would have gladly paid ?100 if i could not have got it cheaper. I feel Safe in saying that the Cuti Cura remedies saved his life. He is now a boy of five years. Mrs. Zana Miller Union City r. P. No. 1, Branch co., mich., May 17, 1906.�?� Matisse ram m a a Mam a More potent remedy in the roots and herbs of the Field than was Over produced from drugs. In the g Ood old fashioned Days of our grandmothers few drugs were used in Midi Clineb and Lydia e. Pinkham of Lynn mass., in her study of roots and herbs and their Power Over disease discovered and gave to the women of the world a remedy for their Peculiar ills More potent and efficacious than any combination of1 drugs. Lydia e. Pink Alvi Lydi e Pink Ham a vegetable compound. Is an honest tried and Truo remedy of unquestionable therapeutic Valno. During its record 6f More than thirty years its Long list of actual cure3of those serious ills Peculiar t6 women entitles Lydia e. Pinch am a vegetable compound to the of aspect and Confidence of every fair minded person and a very think Ting woman. V a when Ronjen Are troubled with irregular or painful functions a weakness displacement ulceration or inflammation Backa Eho j flatulence general debility indigestion or nervous prostration they t should Retti Ember there is Ono tried and Truo remedy Lydia e. Panli i Hamas vegetable compound. G no other remedy in Tjio country has such a record of cures of female ills.,and thousands of women residing in every Parton Tho United states Bear willing testimony to the wonderful virtue of Lydia e. Pint j hauls vegetable compound and what it has done for them. Mrs. Pin Cham invites All so Csc women to write her for advice. Slio hns j guided thousands to health. For Twenty five years she has been advising sick women free of charge. She is the daughter in Law of Lydia e. Pin3r i v Ham and As her assistant for years before her decease advised under her j immediate direction. Address Lynn mass. Ambiguous. At the death of a much loved pastor some years ago the vestry of a prominent new York Church resolved to place a Tablet to his memory in the Vestibule of the Church tells Harper s weekly. In due time the Tablet appeared in its place where it suit remains. It has caused not a few smiles for after reciting a list of the Ionnes. Pastors. Virtues and la Bors it closes with the quotation a a new the people of god have a test its value. Simmons liver purifier is the most valuable remedy i Ever tried for constipation and disordered liver. It. Does its work thoroughly but does not Gripe like most Rem Dies of its. Character. I certainly recommend it whenever the Opportunity occurs. W. M. Tomlinson Oswego Kansas. Price 25c. Blood by seas and Catarrh is not merely a inflammation of the tissues of tie Heaxt anal t croat As the symptoms of ringing noises in tie ears mucous dropping Back into the Throat continual hawking and spitting Etc., would seem to indicate it is a blood disease in which the entire circulation and the greater part of the system Are involved. Catarrh �o3 due to tie presence of a a Scesa of uric acid in the blood. The liver kidneys and bowels frequently become torpid and Dull in their action and instead of carrying Oil the refuse and waste of the body leave it to sour and form uric acid i i the system this is taken up by the blood and through its circulation distributed to All parts of the system. These impurities in the blood irritate and in Ilamo the different membranes and tissues of the body and the contracting Quot of a cold will Start the secretions and other disgusting and disagreeable symptoms of Catarrh. Astlin blood goes to All parts of the body the catarrhal Poison affects All parts of the system. The head has a Tigmo a fun feeling nose continually stopped up pains above the eyes slight fever comes and goes the stomach is upset and the entire system disordered Raff _ t affected by this disease. It is a waste off 7? a a anac Sid Havo time to try to cure Catarrh wit i a been Norco. I tried everything washes inhalations Etc. Snell grated. Iet�s., Ani does not reach the blood and can therefore could Oey a Little Impero moment do nothing wore than temporarily Elzeva to a a hot what a Tsao and the discomfort of the trouble. To Cura tails was Bix years Aeo Aud i am Catarrh permanently the blood Srmst to Catarrh i in a blood Soaso and thoroughly purified and the system cleansed a us a a a a a a of All poisons and at the same Timo strengthened and built up. Nothing canal is it s. S. S. For this purpose. It attacks the disease at its head goes Down to the Teiry Bottom of the trouble and snakes a completo and lasting cure s. S. S. Removes every particle of the catarrhal Poison from Tho blood making this vital Stream pure Frentiu and i Ealther. Then the inflamed non branes begin to heal the head is loosened and cleared the Hawling and spitting East every symptom disappears the Constitution is built up and Vigoren Bialla restored. S. S. S. Also tones up the stomach and digestion Andes Tasa o Fine tonic to the entire system. If you Are suffering with Catarrh Zegiri tha use of s. S. S. And write us a statement of your Case and our physicians trial Send you literature about Catarrh and give you special Mical add cd without charge v s. S. for Sale at All first class drug stores it y co Atlanta is know Thero �o3 nothing on Oarth. Botter for the blood than 8. St s. Nobody Thinka More of s. S. S. Than i do. 2�, a a a son. A i it apr or hich. Purely vegetable this is so. To wish to state in As Plain and vigorous Way swords can express. It that Hunts cure will positively quickly arid permanently cure any form of itching skin disease known. One Box is guaranteed to cure. Qipei a application 1 affords Relief a paper palls far. Milk. Paper pails lire the latest sanitary delivery of pure milk in ii Ondon and other Large English towns. They Are used Only once. They Are made of pulp and Are sterilized by a heat of boo degrees fahren Helt has English. Mme. Modjeska for 25 years was a household name among theater goers yet now that she is writing her memoirs she says she finds it necessary to go Back to her native polish and rely upon the services of a translator to remake her Book into evening Post a a 96, acres in . Of lost a it by it part of a pm so Texas of on the Pula ret. Important of mothers. So mine carefully Cymry bottle of Castoria inca found ears remedy for inf outs and children mid see that it a. Bears the signature of in Flo for Over 30 kind Yon have alms bought. Twenty Ohe Yards of sausage. A in the rivalry to make the big Gest sausage some wonderful specimens Are being produced by germans Ini Pennsylvania the latest record breaker is the work of Jacob Quot Ackerman of Limeport. It is 64 feet eight inches Long. A scientific Miracle is what is sold of Tho Good barrys trl Copher Oua does for thousands. By a scientific Miracle we main the1 curing of Dandruff and the growing of. Luxuriant hair. 50 cents per bottle at your druggists or by soil postpaid. Barclay amp co., 45 sane Street a. A is. Hot shot Friy the men a vspakibg7 Cardiff Vav ales �?~recent-1y, Bliss stated that a by de a 1 blushes a Are caused by the knowledge of the kind of Man she 1b going to owing articles to fam Yout drag st Ana mix Frell in a bottle Al ounce a flip to find tincture of Tina no one Ouno Eliof Rosenc compound a Atka Liaf i Quot Plait of Sherry a wine Quot in Tespo Piaf a i Joses before Mells and at Bod time in water. A lawsuit is Tbs thief of time and Money.,. I its a Hustler. Hunts lightning Oil is up and doing All the time. It cures your aches pains cuts Burns and bruises while you sleep. Rub it Little on your misery arid feel it German warships hidden. Every time the Kaiser visits Dantsi a says it a London mall correspondent All warship a in the Barbor Are towed to a position. In which he can see them. dance und All non our diseases by or. Kane e great nerve be Torer. Send for i ree t2.du trial bottle and treatise. T r. R. H. Kline. A. 031 arc i st. Puii Ludelphia order to size Ufa the average Man correctly tit his estimate of himself wild Knock 4ff 50 per cent it of a. A Quot he a win lox sooth Inar syrup for children Teeth Losa often tie of fun Reade is Taft Matlon Allan Spain . The Solmn a is ranch located 36 Miles South of san Antonio fins been divided into farms and is now being sold to. Settlers. You have what is probably the last Opportunity to secure a farm of from 1ft acres to 64�s acres including two lots in town for ?210, payable 510 a month without interest this land will double in value in a Short time. Such an offer has never before been made and May never boat again As Good land is getting scarcer All the time. Write for literature and views of the ranch. Or. Chas. F. Sisw0i\ss, 215 a Lamo Plaza san Antonio Mejias. Crescent Antiseptic greatest Heater known to science. A it non poisonous non Irelta Tibig allays inflammation and step s pain from any cause. As Strong As carbolic acid and As harmless is tree a milk Burns instantly cures old and chronic sores cures sores f and inflammation Froin any cause on Man or beat. For fowls a sure. Ujj cholera sore he Oil. And four. A satisfaction positively guarantee i first i llt8 i paler. Met cd by oti so it full Micai co. It. Worth pc teat a to la a in Natoro sllei�?T8 f of Nisi a Corlan curo iqra Tirad Fiat Vlf filing of a. Do not accept a a tote. It a Eray Box. For and darts a a Oka surf ?. doododo00000000 00hood so Cis scatter with one hand gather with . A a t the Purov Sattal in it a i Gay mild Safe tar Iii or cd none meat Thos to Vianit Aiyin should write at one6for.tre&iiql Purdy Home treat Lac a f sealed Booklet Quot a new life sent on Rezaei i. A fit or. Purdy suite of 614 Fannin st., hou8ton, Tex. I Taco Rapson a Eye water Stii \ a Aiau a Ian a Khanam Mccane s detect Hoiu Toa Texas operates competent detective in the a Quot Vrr Itten opine Odd in Cuc it it movable Maui. At by w. N. U., Houston no. 26, Jooa ibo of Trio to ugly Selz Zlya Bra a hairs. Uso Price. , retail
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