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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1907, Page 3

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 29, 1907, Galveston, Texas Utola ii att of ill s by a to Flor Warren author journalist and business Man Bostons e arc the Mast Law abiding Law Loving see fires pectin a. People in Trio world said an orator the other Day in new York if he rend Iii morning paper As he probably did he must have seen in the Cohin next to the report of his speech an account of mob Lav at the Polo grounds in Gotham after a baseball match. Ten thousand persons rushed upon the Field to attack Tho umpires who escaped violence Only because of . Pinkerton men be it observed a Drew revolvers on the crowd a fired in the so attracted the attention and support of the City police outside the grounds. This pleasing incident attracted but Little comment because it is not a novel. One of the most temperate newspapers in new York said a experience has taught the a empires to expect this treatment whenever the Homo club loses a dose game. The crowd was in no temper to accept decisions counter to its wishes no matter what the merits of the it does not appear that the orator was present on this charming occasion. It is not reported that the 10,000 ebullient persons who comprised half the crowd of the Day were immigrants newly landed. Immigrants have no yearnings for baseball. It is barely possible of course that the noisy and violent gentlemen May be a a assimilated citizens of the sort we hear so much about but there Are reasons for doubting this. Whoever a they were they would probably cheer oratory and applaud a Reform candidate and chuckle contentedly at All references to a the american fave of fair play a about which we also hear a great Deal. Are a a we More a Law abiding than the English the scottish the Iris lib the French the. German the Dane to lib swede the finn Aye or the japanese More a self respecting a a let not the tongues of orators boat the air to Liis vain purpose. Nor let us twiddle our thumbs around abstractions. The great bulk of our people share in common with the great bulk of All civilized Peoples the a Law abiding habit the respect for Law and for self. 1 but for All that we do not share in common with aliens the habit of enforcing our Laws in the quiet and Ordinary course of the Days doings. We manufacture More Haws than anybody else and have very effectually manufactured some Laws a which skilfully prevent us from carrying out others. The right of apr a peal should be sacred and Sac redly guarded but As commonly employed it is a trick to defeat Justice. And it commonly happens that the greater the scoundrel ism the greater is the delay in awarding its proper penalties. These things Are not so because the people have so willed it. We love theory and we love practice but practice is More troublesome than theory. And above All we dislike being reminded of these wee bit truths a a a tis Rorge a tis unpatriotic fit to a to % steeping of Usoro Moitt length new by a. T. Hardin. Asset Gene a manasier n. Y. Central Railroad. Tynt a ice submarine jts owl a m by Simon Lake Well known Marine Engineer and inventor. E dec e n t experiments have. Proved the Pretie ability of sending sub marines of the non diving Type unseen through narrow tortuous Pas Teigen right up to the docks of fortified basins while. Lookouts were being maintained. The submarine May carry mines and Plant them right under the guns of the a most powerful forts or. Ships. The latest method of applying the sighting a instrument makes it possible to run the vessel below the surface so that not a Ripple is seen even in. Smooth water. The sighting instrument without changing the level and Depths of the boat May be extended above a the surface and quickly withdrawn for the purpose of taking an observation. This May be accomplished in less than twp seconds. It would probably not be necessary to expose the sighting instrument More than once or twice for a few seconds duration while making r submerged at a a tack. A the Standard of requirements set up by the government in 1893 for guidance of submarine experiments was As follows first safety second facility and certainty of action when submerged third Speed when submerged fifth endurance both submerged and on the surface sixth offensive Power seventh stability and eighth visibility of object a to be attacked i / Ai there Are official records of 24 accidents to submarine vessels seven of which have been attended with fatal results�?117. Lives having been lost. In looking Over the list of accidents it is Plain that the greatest number of lives have been sacrificed by reason of four causes and taking these in the order of their fatal responsibility we have first Lack of longitudinal stability second carelessness third explosions and fourth collisions. V on looking Over the list of accidents it will be seen that the lives of the Crews of at least three French boats have probably been saved by the a prompt release of their drop Keels j and it is said that the French have generally adopted this feature in All their modern under water Craft. Cd e Jan pc of proposal Cleat wins by Frances g. Ingersoll. A shallow sentimentalist would want a a him to go Down upon his Knees if he ruined his last pair of trousers Tell her Sho is an a Angel a even if her a Glass shows her squint eyed and freckled and expect him to suggest a diet of Honey and Moonshine even if she knows there will be Only a butterly is crust. If she be cold blooded and calculating any proposal less formal than a certified Bank statement would be turned Down. But when a Man really gets Down to business and is. Ready to take the plunge he does not waste any time in stage setting or arranging spectacular adjuncts. That is if lie is a Man filled with Good re corpuscles after the original Adam for whom there exists one eve. That a the kind real girls like a fellow who mounts his Steed and leaps the a highest hedge in Pursuit of his Quarry who cannot be bowled put so often but that he will be up and again ready for another a try a who lows the girl he wants and does not fritter away his ammunition a on any feminine a decoys a who goes into the affair so Well fortified on Iii one a special so feminine requirements in a prospective husband that a he leaves her no loophole for a negative to Cra Al through. A it is not because they Haven to been proposed to that there Are so Many old maids a its because there Are so few men Worth saying a a yes to. I in safety of a a great train depends largely upon the locomotive Engineer in charge. Quot this fact is fully appreciated by Railroad companies As demonstrated by the Well established practice of working these men Short hours with frequent Days of entire cessation from work. The engineers who run the majority of the High Speed trains Are Seldom on their engines More than five consecutive hours and Many of them not More �1 than 12, and quite often not More than eight and they Sel Ltd Dom work More than four Days per week. Under to lib be conditions it is not conceived that a Man should become physically unfit for his duties. In addition they Are As a Rule the Best paid employees in the Road service. The men for these High class trains Are also selected with great care based upon ample experience and thorough qualifications for their particular duties and upon their Good personal habits As men and it May be safely stated that taken As a class they Are thoroughly efficient and conscientious in the discharge of their important duties and it is not frequent that one is found who feels any Way embarrassed or incompetent in performing the service. Most of them rather take Pride in the efficiency and thoroughness with which they can do it with the precision of a chronometer. It is True that the Engineer must watch his steam gauge air gauge and car Heater which is simply a part of his regular duty and the fundamental indicators of a and these details cannot be eliminated until some other device of locomotive is evolved. Observing his watch is also one of Liis indispensable duties in conjunction with running at specified speeds. If he be thoroughly informed of his duties reference to his time table is infrequent. If he complies with the rules a which he certainly does he reads his train orders in the presence of the operator who gives them to him. If he wishes to re read them he has other lights available on the engine than the Small lamp on top of the boiler intended for the illumination of his gauges. One who has Ridden often with expert engineers on High Speed trains has noticed the almost mechanical manner in which All of these observations Are made and the precision with which they do their stress or anxiety. If an injector does not work or any other part of the apparatus is not in proper order which would in any Way jeopardize the Safe handling of the train a it is the engineers duty to observe his first Rule and take the Safe course and if necessary Stop his train until a remedy is found. A violation of a Rule and the doing of something which an Engin Oman a own judgment and experience Tell him he should not do is not a permissible excuse. A a a Iff a i Mani age Tolj t nun try Sog ifs a tier Eity ung by Charles f. Elmer esq., member Massachusetts legislature. Ii chances of the so called a City bred boy for Success Are inferior to those of the boy brought up in the country. This was admittedly True in the Early Days of the Good natured controversy if i May term it such and i think it is truer to Day. Environment plays As great a part in the makeup of the mad did 30 years ago. A i 4. I he country boy is better equipped morally and physic ally for the contest of life than his City bred brother. The methodical life of tie country its Freedom from the unrest that Marks life in the City and the Rove Renee in which Tho country boy still holds that Are esteemed old fashioned perhaps Piave been dear to the new englander Are elements that assist wonderfully in preparing him for the fight of life. Compulsory education gives him the help that he lacked when i myself was a country boy. Now the boys must go to school till they Are 14. I never sow a school except on three occasions after i was 11 years of age. So the country boy of to Day has All the advantages of the rugged open life and he gets what we did no to the schooling. The country boy of to Day under these new conditions knows More at 14 than the country boy of 30 or 40 years ago did at 20. The country boy has ideals that the City boy has not. He has also the ability to apply himself to the task in hand. In Short because of his training he takes life More seriously. When he goes to work he is faithful and conscientious and thorough in the performance of his duties anti these things Are speedily recognized and advancement comes while the City bred boy still stays where stye a Lilit by Rev Francis Tiffany. So if it were possible to conceive of so infatuated a Little Acorn that on starting out in Spring to begin to grow it should deliberately say a now 1 mean to develop into a towering Oak but Frorer. Outset to end i wish it to be already understood that i will be indebted to nothing apart from my own innate Powers and will take the entire credit of the feat to myself a a Why what should it say of such an infatuated miniature Acorn of course that it was a Bora vegetable idiot. A of course no such presumptuous Acom As this was Ever yet lighted on by the most curious observer. Even if one such Ever existed it Kepi its monstrous conceit entirely to itself for fear of being ridiculed out of All respectable arboreal society. Alas it is reserved for human beings alone to produce Here and there specimens capable of such Pur Blind re Reancy of spirit. Who has not now and then fallen in with a person who ostentatiously and boastfully proclaims himself to the world a a wholly self made one but himself Ever had a hand in the making of his Fortune his health his knowledge his tastes his career the fundamental fallacy the debasing lie at the Root of every shape of Heerly individualistic selfishness is a desire to ignore or outright steam the merits of everybody and everything outside of self. In its dwarfing concentration of conceit it wants to be recognized,.applauded and set or its throne on the sole score of its own personal qualities a indebted to any extrinsic sources. Its own naked qualities Forsooth no Man on Earth was Ever yet respected honoured arid loved who did not perpetually and in a thousand pleasant ways remind others of a Host of other things which constitute his very atmosphere of environment. It is the Man or woman who the moment you meet either of them makes you think at the same time of the seashore and the Mountain top of the books and rare companions whose fragrance he incarnates of the country he has fought for the cause of humanity he has served the god he worships it is this Man of woman alone who is or can be loved or revered. In comparison with such a one the Heerly individualistic self Assentor is Felt to be a blight a mildew and a curse he is the mephistopheles who makes every Gene Ous warm blooded Margaret shiver to the marrow of her Bones. �0010� of Elf a Iott tatty of Liitt by mrs. Esther f. Boland. 1 first vice president woman a Charity club atom ran unit it by Hon Maud Pau nce Fote daughter of former English ambassador to Washington. The american woman is a remarkable creation i self reliant very capable fascinating adaptable and the Best of friends. In the Concrete she has accomplished wonderful charitable and National work. In the abstract she is perhaps Given to living a life of pleasure out of her Home making pleasure the business of life. The Radical development in social relations is that in America the men Are the slaves of the women while in England the women Are still the slaves of the men. Which of these forms of subservience tends to the greater happiness it is hard to define but a Little leeway on each Side would seem advisable. Happiness the most elusive of Jades comes from an inside track and not from the social whirl. Life is merely froth and Bubble two things Btu be. Kindness in another a trouble. A v a courage in your own. A a. Was written for the Anglo Saxon spirit if education or self culture is the aim of the club its members derive untold Benefit from the studies pursued therein. These studies Attorri the Welcome Opportunity for talking up brunches for which hitherto no timer has been found. They review forgotten facts or perchance supplement an imperfect Early education and the Middle aged woman discovers that she is not too old to learn that she May still enjoy a degree of intellectual life and by keep ing arrest of current thought make herself a More intelligent Mcm Bei of society better fitted to reach right conclusions and to acquit herself of Public duties which More and More arc devolving on women. By Means of club work the timid woman gains Confidence the intolerant one becomes less self asserting the snobbish one learns to estimate her wealth and social position at a truer value the educated one is led to extend to others the Benefit of her training and Best of All club women Are overcoming the tendency inherent in our sex of looking at things from the personal Point of View. The Mother of Young children ought not and indeed cannot be very a Active in. Club work but attendance at the meetings takes but Little time and affords her fresh food for thought and enables a her to go Home and a club her husband a As a witty divine expressed it which being interpreted Means of course that she shares with him the Good things which she heard at the club. Her mind is stimulated and she will be it a better a companion and guide for her children As they grow older besides being spared the humiliation of falling hopelessly behind them in mental ability. This May be regarded As one of the very Best results of participation in club work by mothers. There May be although the present writer never met one Somer women who neglect important duties for More attractive club work Bui those cases Are so exceptional As to have no bearing upon the influence which in the main is exerted upon womankind by their clubs. It is doubtless True that club studies Are not always As practical and thorough is might be desired and that Lack of experience in Public work has led to some mistakes yet careful observers already perceive a. Marked gain in these respects and considering the marvelous scope and magnitude of the movement the wonder is that so much Good and so Little harm has come of this modern Union of feminine forces. Certainly nothing More significant has come to pass in the. Whole history of civilization than the educational social and Industrial Progress of women during the last half Century of which Progress club organization is a conspicuous feature. Nothing essential to womanhood has been lost but artificial restrictions have been swept away thereby revealing unsuspected ability of a High order. Rejoicing then in what has been accomplished a let club women and All women in fact press Forward simply keeping in mind Frances Willard a Beautiful admonition a two manliness _ _ first afterwards what you Sefiye Imp of slogan by Mon Clayton Calt Eliop London. \ with what weapons have we Laid elegance Low with utilitarianism. Patent leather boots once so Universal Are giving Way to Stout Well made blacking shoes. Soft hats collars shirts Are seen on the men of Piccadilly Stout Ash Sticks hold a front place in shop windows. The Young Man in Oxford for example looks As if a sudden order to. Depart for the wildest of wild wests would not find him unprepared. His pipe is innocent of a. Silver band his boots Are Square Cut and excessively serviceable his general appearance leads one to suppose that he owns at least three acres and a cow. The chauffeur Lias overshadowed Piccadilly his neat appearance Ilia leather buttons the multitude of pockets in his capacious coat his leggings Cap and indeed every vestment of his calling love eaten away the heart of elegant Fri Peries. Yet whenever you find a fashion overwhelming the people you find also a strenuous Effort on the part of opposition. Never have Coats been so waisted top hats so shiny waistcoats so chastely coloured. With manners As with clothes there is a change we Are to become very clean Cut and Hearty in our speeches epigrams Are to be abolished Romance of open air is established tales of the Middle Ages take the. Place of Renaissance dipl Macies
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