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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1907, Page 2

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 29, 1907, Galveston, Texas Pm Quot r ten r of Tel hair proper grooming essential to its welfare. Nothing Tenda More appearance than Wella Rangod and Well kept jrossos1-. Wash log and brushing. Woli groomed hair always makes one la old next and fresh Anil if the hair is kept Fluffy and Glossy a Long Stop is Nigado. Toward an attractive up in Arauco. Very few Puoplo realize Liow Delicato even the Moat tenderly cared for half May be. They Evon a handle it Rou Lily Brush it the wrong Way to make it fluff and leave it in a tangle at night to break with every restless movement. When taking tha Lmar Down at a night it should always be brushed out smooth the Scalp brushed for it Roe or four minutes Aind the liar loosely braided. Tills brushing takes the dust out of the hair and stimulates the circulation in the Scalp. It is impossible to have healthy and Beautiful hair unless the Scalp is free from dust and Dandruff brushing land washing will remove both. It is a mistake to Wash the hair too often. Once a month if dry twice if inclined to be oily together with Lior Lough brushing should lie sufficient. To clean the hair thoroughly it Init by be washed in soft water rain a water if practical if hot then City water softened with Borax an Excel Lieut shampoo for liar that needs a a thorough. Cleaning. Is compounded i of one ounce of shaved Ivory soap one a ounce of Borax two tablespoonfuls of a alcohol the beaten Yolk of one egg Ono pint of warm water. Keep tight ily corked. After rubbing the Scalp a and hair thoroughly with the Bham poo it should be rinsed with Clear a soft warm water and then with Clear cold water and thoroughly dried either in the Sun or by ,a the thorough rinsing of the hair is most essential As the hair does not a a breathe a properly if the Scalp is clogged with any soap Etc. If the hair is at All inclined to be oily it must be rinsed three times first with almost hot water then with0 warm and lastly with very cold this will leave the a hair in an absolutely clean and Normal keys always Handy. Pocket that May easily. Be Quot made from Odds and ends. A pocket such As this to hold one a or More keys is very useful the size would of course be varied the key or keys it is intended for. It May he made in suede silk or sateen. Our Model is in Gray silk a embroidered with shades of Pink the key in Gold color. The tops of Long kid or suede gloves May be utilized for such a lit for the Eye glasses. Capital Tittle present is this pretty a sport scion Casc. This Case makes a capital Little present. It is use fill and pretty at the same Timo and can be made at next to no Cost. It la intended for folders Cut two pieces of thin. Card just Over two and one Liaf inches Long and Ono and three quarters Inch wide cover with suede or bilk Etab Roiderer in silk with the Little design shown. To Transfer the design Trace it then rub the Back of the tracing paper closely Over with a soft Black Lead Pencil or a cake of Jack Riciki wipe Over lightly with a piece of rag to remove any Loose dust pin Over the material to be worked then work Over the outline of design with a hard Pencil distinct tracing should then be left after having worked the embroidery Strain it by pinning until the cloth is quite dry place this Over one Sido of the card line with a piece of Wash leather. The Back of the Case should be covered in the same by but Plain silk or suede is used. Seam the two pieces together by their a Juges then finish with a Small silk Ebro. The top of Guede gloves come in very handily for making Tittle articles of this kind 1 soft colors Are popular. Tie pocket As this one Side embroidered the other loft Plain each piece should to lined with of Muslin then Jornod up an Lynnor lining of Wash leather or silk being joined and slipped inside. The top is attached to a Metal clasp with Ball fastenings these clasps can he bought at most fancy work shops and need Only to be just sewn to top of pocket or a bag maker would fix a Metal top for a Small sum. A White Costi Mes Notino much in evidence this season. It a cannot be truthfully said that White Ever really loses its popularity for it is always attractive in the summer time but it cannot be denied that it has lost something of its prestige this season. Rajah tailored suits in White Are smart and it still leads for evening Wear but for tailored Linen suits arid Denil dress there is decided preference for the soft Una egress Ivy colors with White in reservation for decorative purposes. A Gingham make pretty Nior Ning frocks usually made up with Bias bands and piping of White or. Color and. Always rather severely. For general afternoon Wear lawns and. Mulls Are brought into service where some thing More Dressy than the tailored Linen is desired. Handkerchief Linen is one of the most satisfactory materials for afternoon costumes and the texture need not be too Fine. It has excellent wearing qualities launders Well and is soft firm and. Graceful gowns Are made As elaborate or As simple As one desires and still remain effective. A charming Model in walk ing. Length had. A slightly gored skirt with a nine Inch flounce around Tho Bottom. This flounce was finished around the Bottom with three narrow lace edged ruffles and was attached to the skirt with a band of Valenciennes to Section. The Blouse Little dutch neck outlined with a band of insertion wider than that which headed the flounce and below this the Linen was finely tucked to form a Yoke effect straight across from shoulder a to a shoulder. There was a simple design in hand embroidery Quot below Tho Yoke which was further carried out. In the sleeves and a shaped Girdle of tin cloth that was also embroidered a antique Laca and filet nets. Antique lace and Illet nets Are extensively used being made attractive by the addition of embroidery. This embroidery la effective on antique lace by a going Over certain prominent designs in the pattern. On Tho net it la achieved either by darning or by twisting heavy patterns in Quot Over and Over stitches with Chenille a heavy silly or even worsted combing Oil with silk. Of these motifs of chrysanthemums carnations on five pointed starlike Floral figures Are a favourites a and thread designs Are especially Good a just now. I Woven persian belts. Persian belts Woven into Beautiful colourings to match Tho exquisite beaded pocketbook and vanity bags so fashionable Are among the most Beautiful novelties exhibited for Wear with Dressy frocks. These belts also re. Fleet the Quot porcelain effects of the Immens o hatpins so much used As trimmings. One is allowed the widest latitude in the Width of the Girdle very narrow As Well of extra piety wide effects being worn. The first essential is that it must fit Weil the figure then fancy can run riot in the matter of material and decorations. A a dress accessories. Bordered foulard Marquisette voiles and All thin silk muslims and Ninos lend a. Themselves readily to helping anyone with a medium amount of ability to Kuril really fashionable frock. Contrasting hems a Are easily added to materials not supplied with Borders with excellent a effects and with possibilities of. Obtaining great results at Little Cost. A r two fashionable a gowns the gown on the standing figure is of Champagne cold red Tussay silk. The skirt is slightly gathered at the top and finished at the Bottom with a wide band of the material above which Are rows of Light Blue panne. The taller is of filet Guipre and appears to extend Over the front of the Corsage. The Corsage is finished around the neck with a band of the Blue panne Tho ends crossed in front and ornamented with the passement Erie motifs and tassels. The Che Misette lace and Girdle is of the Blue panne fastened in front with a skirt of the other costume is of striped Mouss Ellne voile made with groups of plaits in the Middle of the front and Back and finished at the Bottom with a flounce set on in blocks in front the Bolero something new and very complicated is of Cerise silk. It forms straps at the Bottom which pass through slits Cut in the material. The sleeves Are Cut with the Bolero and form front underneath motifs of velvet and embroidery. They Are sly shed open on the outside where they a re bordered with Little plaiting of Linen on Mouss Ellne de some. They Are fun i tied at the Bottom with plaits and strap the latter ornamented with tassels As Are those on the Bolero. The double shawl Collar is rimmed with a strap of the material which is ornamented with embroidery and edged with velvet the Che Misette is of Linon or mousse line de some tucked crosswise in the Middle the tucks opening omit of each Side. The Girdle is of taffeta. A a for reduction of. Flesh. Exercise that will bring about desired symmetry. Massage can be of great use in the reduction of the Abdomen and hips. The exercise about to be described is highly recommended by one who has had much experience in giving and directing exercises for Fleshy reduction and the improvement of bodily symmetry. Tietti Jire ginning it one should be Quot careful to get used to it gradually As it puts a great Strain upon the Muscles and is Apt. To make Orfe quite lame the same As the first horseback ride. _ one should be extended upon the floor supporting oneself by one hand while the other is placed upon the hip. While holding this position raise the body gradually from the floor until the whole weight is supported by the. Hands and feet. It is easy to get the body from the floor As far As the Knes but to bring it up to the full extent just described is not easy at first. It should be tried first on one Side and. Alien on the other. A Good exercise for the reduction of the Abdomen is that of throw amp a the hands above the head with the Palms outward the arms extended and the body thrown Back As much As possible and then bending Forward at the Waist keeping the Knees straight arid trying to touch the floor with the fingers. It is difficult to do without bending the Knees. The following exercise is much a easier and is effective. One. Lies extended full length upon the floor with the feet together and the arms folded upon the breast. Raise first one leg stiffly extended and then the other. This will strengthen the Muscles of Tho lower extremities. The third movement which is simple is to bring the legs kept closely together into a position As nearly As possible at right angles with the body. It takes some time to describe these exercises but after they have been Learned it will not take Long to do them each should be repeated a certain number of times Dally. The great Point in order to attain beneficial results is to be faithful in keeping them up about new bits. The bits of the season one pauses to contemplate Blit to pause too Long is to become bewildered by the variety and Winso meness of the designs and styles offered. A narrow Belt of Black Patent leather clasped with a modest Pearl or brass buckle is quite As modish As the wider and More expensive Belt of Seal equipped with Gelci buckle Korthe wide steel studded Belt of Black elastic the adoption of which by smax to dressers promises to insure an elastic Belt furore by the time summer arrives. Walking suits of Linen. I. Checks and stripes. Although Many fancy suiting Are being used there is. No doubt what Ever that Plain colourings in the tailor made gowns hold the Lead. In fancy effects checks predominate the Gray and White and Black and White stripes and checks being in the Lead. Made very attractive in All kinds of designs. A attractive walking suits Are developed in striped linens a novel effect being produced when the stripes run around. This. Is Only permissible a fun the stripes Are inconspicuous preferably of two or three tones rather than a mixture of colors. The skirt is then kilted the narrow plaits Are More effective and if one wishes the latest thing the Chat jacket or Blouse will be of Aplaon color Matching the Shade most prominent in the plaid. An attractive plaid in a Blue and., Green in which the two Colora shaded and melted into each Fother imperceptibly was the foundation of a recent importation. The plaits in the skirt All turned toward the front which was formed of a Box Plait very narrow at the top and the coat was a Jaunty Little affair of dark Blue Anci Green changeable cloth made Ira Eton form with epaulettes revers and Collar All Cut in one and forming a narrow Yoke piece to which the Blouse material was gathered. The Eton fastened Down the front with Cord and loops and buttons and the Bottom was finished with a shaped piece which like the Yoke and front piece was piped with Blue silk and machine stitched. The Girdle of Blue silk to match the piping was drawn through an Oval shaped buckle of Dull Gold. Are Easi to copy season s hats a Boon to Amateur milliners fashionable headgear can be made and trimmed at Home and look As Well As the High priced Nany and varied Are the shapes amp Iid styles of the fashionable headgear 6f the season that it is often a perplexing problem to determine which is most becoming and although most of the Model hats on View at the exclusive milliners Are extremely High in Price a great Many of the smartest shapes could be easily copied at Home if one has any skill As an Amateur Milliner for instance one of the most desirable shapes is on the wide brimmed a never failing source of amusement toy Young children is a Good sized Noah s Ark. Tell Tho Story of the flood and give a Little history of the animals their Homes and habits. Then at the end pair the animals and put them away in Trie Ark. It is the exceptional child who does not enjoy music and Tho earlier Tho a singing habit is cultivated the better. Teach the Good old hymns which will never be forgotten. Tho melodies Learned on sunday afternoon will Echo through the busiest Day and soothe Tho darkest hour in the years to come. So few parents Stop to think that it is in the earliest years that the memories Are being made which will be most vivid in the later Days of their children a lives. One Mother of bound sense and farsightedness in bringing up her children makes it a Rule to permit each child a turn in planning the sunday night luncheon giving the order on saturday so ample preparations May be Trade. Answer to correspondents for the Bride elect. I am soon to be married and Tho serving of refreshments is one thing that bothers me this is a Small town and too far away from the cities to obtain any extras. I should prefer a morning wedding but there is not room enough to Seal All the guests for a a there any other form of serving suit Able for a morning affair if so Oliai would it be called what served and How a sunny dress accessories. New accessories of heavy lace and ribbon which will make a Plain Waist look Dressy. The tunic in evidence. The tunic or in provincial Tenns Quot the Over skirt is in evidence in a Good Many of the new costumes., one of its latest phases is with a Long Point at the front and draped High at. The Back. This saves the figure from the effect of being Cut in two which results from a round double skirt. Mushroom hat for general Wear. Sailor order except that the brim of this new Model is not even All around but is quite Short in front and rather wider at the left Side than on the rights the brim thus being quite Broad across the front but Shorter from front to Back. This shape has a wide rather Low Crown and presents very few difficulties to the Home Milliner As the trimming is very simple. Most of the Model hats in this shape were in rough Straw either in Black natural Straw color or the Darker a Burnt Quot or a a onion shades and were generally smoothly faced to within a half Inch or so of the Edge with taffeta silk. Few women realize How last -. Season s hats can be a brought up to Date by being re blocked and reshaped. Very often expensive Straw hats become very Limp and a shapeless after being subjected to a few weeks Quot Wear and Are then discarded As quite useless. However if sent to an establishment where such work is done these discarded hats can be stiffened and reshaped to look like new at an expenditure of 75 cents or a Dollar. As the majority of the new hats show a Short brim in front some of these made Over shapes Are simply turned Hind part before As it were and the Short Back Sailor of a season or so ago is now re blocked to show the drooping or mushroom brim with the wide part across the Back and the Short brim in front. The illustration show one of these mushroom hats this Model being rather Small and designed for Street Wear. It was in a a onion color which is a Yellowish Shade of Light Brown. The inside of the brim showed an Inch wide band facing of Black moire the Crown also being folded about with Black. Moire ribbon which crossed in the Back arid was slipped through Blits in the Straw tying in a Bow Over the hair. Two Large Gilt Ball hat pins were thrust through the Black ribbon in front and on Erich Side was placed a Large White Coque Feather plume backed by a Black Wing. Such a hat would be smart looking with almost any kind of a Street gown or suit and would be much More durable for general Wear than a Llo Wor a trimmed hat. Certainly you can have the morning ceremony and refreshments All right a too. Do. Not try to seat the guests Ai the table. Have Coffee sandwiches olives salted nuts Chicken patties or croquettes a salad ice Cream Ana wedding Calce. Giving a dinner. When giving a dinner for about ten guests should the menu be served on individual dishes or on the Large Din Ner plate should platters be used for meats and carving done at the table or should All be served from the Kitchen is the salad a separate course Abbie. For the sunday afternoon. Fewer children in sunday school. There has been a marked falling off in the sunday school attendance in new York City in the last five years. Easy to make Day the children Viii f look Forward to much depends upon How sunday is observed whether a child looks Forward with pleasure or dread to the seventh Day it should be such a dear Happy time that the Little ones Welcome its Advent with Delight. In the first place after the usual duties Are attended to and Church services Over there should be an hour in the afternoon More if the time can be Given that belongs to Tho children alone. It May mean giving up a Nap a walk or a Call but do it faithfully then use a part of. This time for holding a Little a court of each child to Tell Airtie troubles and grievances of the week condole when necessary and smooth out knotty problems in the fairest manner possible. After things have been satisfactorily adjusted have a chapter in some interesting Book known As the a sunday books and never used on any other Day. To induce Bible Reading let each child spell his name with verses from this holy Book making acrostics and memorizing those Especial verses. Illuminating favorite texts with a Box of water colors is another sunday pleasure. Tho Correct Way to Berve a dinner is to begin with a soup then if an informal affair the Host May carve tha roast Chicken or Turkey. The potatoes and other vegetables Are passed each one serving himself. The plates Are removed and the salad is a separate course with wafers or choose straws the dessert follows with Coffee. Salad is often served at evening parties accompanied by sandwiched. Mat amb Merri. Care of House plants. A simple Way to prepare fertilizer is to perforate the Bottom of an old two quart pail put in droppings from Hen Roost or barnyard and cover with water. Place pall on Block in larger pail and when percolated dilute with two thirds water. If a larger Quantity is desired prepare the same As an old time Ash barrel for leaching in making soft soap a dressing twice a week will increase the size and depth of color of the Flowers both in window and Garden culture. Skirt Borders. Among the fashionable lines most insisted upon Are skirt Borders and those varying from Tho narrow hems to skirt facing3 that extend up Over one third the distance from hem to Belt Are having an immense Vogue. Pelissey in simple design garment for baby girl to be made of washing material. The Pelissey illustrated in this number is intended for making up in washing materials such As Cottons pique muslims and silk but Trio pattern is equally suitable for woolens if preferred. Our Model is in pique and of course is unlined the Pelissey Iti self has sleeves and fastens Down the Center front. The capes Are made up separately from the Pelissey tha edges Are piped and trimmed with s frill of embroidery Tho two capes an joined at the neck and fasten in foul with a Hook and Eye. Bonnet of White silk trimmed with. Lace ribbon arid a Small Ostrich tip if liked the Bonnet might he in pique to match the Pelissey. Material required three Yards 2s inches wide and about tight Yard. Trimming
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