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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 29, 1907, Galveston, Texas My a a exr Auteri Ltd a ate my the a Ebua a amp Abo was womb to to a into Bjo st 037 to feb Aba v7�?m, ce2tt. Cut a Coo of it it of it to it it a too it it Eoo 1 i a he Aba t7ai�, Sud x a bad Raiff Hoo acid g the opera i ask ? Vii Xref 13 ainu Oas tag x tox3 the South d a i a gust Boot Casto a a0x> Poe Las. I i i i i established 1879 Galveston Texas saturday june 29, 1907. / vol. Xxviii. No. 49 o a a�11 s Cracker. The explosion that wound up the fourth of july Colo buntion on Cooney Inland. Two Mammoth firecrackers stood in the window of Casey s grocery. They wore 12 inches Long and proportion atoll thick for a month before the fourth of july these Gigantic indicators of enthusiasm had stood in the window like British soldiers on dress Parade while a predatory spider Hung a filmy Ham moult Between them1 and calmly killed his buzzing victims Over two powder mines. The firecrackers wore the admiration and lib envy of All the boys in Cooney Island. It was Seldom that a Youthful nose was not flattened against the window pane in ardent covetousness. But the Price demanded by Casey for the thurid Crews was prohibitive so far As the boys were concerned and there was not one of them patriotic or courageous enough to invest 25 cents in a single ecstatic explosion. A said Mickey finn timidly one evening when he had been sent by his Mother to get a Quarter of a Pound of Tea and half a Pound of pork a emr. Casey i suppose now that Whin wan of Thim big Fellows want off it wild blow the stars a out of the sky Quot his mind filled with. Blissful thoughts of mighty explosions. Casey stopped measuring out a half pint of new Orleans molasses raised a Monitor Finger and replied quota Micky my boy. Id be afeard to Tell you what would happen if i stood wan of Thim big Fellows qut on the sidewalk and touched the Stem wid the lighted end of a five cent Olga a. The noise would be terrible terrible my son. A would make your head ring Elko an Anvil and you would a see Sparks like fireflies. It. it blow the House Down a asked the boy in an awed whisper. A no i done to think said Casey. A it might Shako the Chilly Down and break All the Glass in the in ardent covetousness. Winds in Small pie cob and. There would to paper in the streets As would fill an empty barrel of flour. Of but Thim big Fellows is mighty powerful Micky mighty pow Ofui. They use them in China to kill murderers and robbers. They put wan of Thim big firecrackers Bechunn the Teeth of a murderer and make him Light the fuse old his own hand and blow his own head off. Thim chinese is mighty Crool Mickey mighty this vivid description inflamed mickeys desire which was Casey a motive in telling it for the incident occurred on the Evo of the fourth and Casey was afraid that the big firecrackers would to carried Over the National Holiday arid remain a loss on lilo hands. In order to deepen the impression already made upon the boy Casey per omitted him to handle one of the twins. The boys eyes had widened to their utmost capacity when he was outside the window but now that he could feel the red jacket his hands trembled with the eagerness of Possession and he would have Given ten years of his life to own it. A take it along old you Mickey a said Casey cajoling by. A Thim crackers were made in Chow Chow in China for the Cooney Island Trade and i want to get rid of Thim i have on hand before i Send another order to wan lung the a but i have no Money a said Mickey sorrowfully. A my father is going to give me three Bunches of Little firecrackers and a Pinwheel but i know he buy wan of Thim big firecrackers for Weil a continued Casey a you come Down Here to Morrow morning a and carry in a half ton of Coal for me and ill give you the big the next morning Mickey was Busy for two hours carrying Chestnut Coal in a Nail Keg and dumping it in Casey a cellar. Just after noon with a smile covered with coals dust and a bosom full of chuckles he received his prize. No grass grew under his Bare feet As he ran homeward the precious powder mine clasped to his bosom holding the big firecracker aloft is he darted through the Kitchen door he exclaimed Quot Mother i have it ainu to it a Beauty a a Well i done to see anything about it to be making a fuss Over a said mrs finn who like most mothers had no love for Quot fireworks. A now done to be bringing it nearer to me As Mickey ran toward her. A i done to want to be blown into the Middle of next week. Throw the dirty thing away in a afe ered of a me life while you have it in your hands now done to be going near the stove old. It Arrah be Little spa Peen will be take it off the stove take it off Afore be blow the roof off the House a and the frightened woman ran into the bedroom and peered through the Keyhole. With the recklessness of boyhood Mickey exclaimed As he lit a match and reduced his Mother to hysterics by pretending to Light the firecracker Stem a a you need t be afe ered Mother. Ill nip it out Afore it goes in this simple fashion the afternoon of the fourth passed away in the finn household varied by the boy with occasional visits to the neighbors a a a Horn he threw into a panic of a fear by pretending to Light the big explosive. Mrs. Murphy and her three children were gathered around the Kitchen table when Mickey placed the lighted Mammoth in the Middle of the of Tho boys went head first through the window while mrs Murphy tried to crawl under the Kitchen stove., All this excitement afforded the boy a Good Deal of Delight but to reserved for the evening the culmination of his Joy. He intended to blow his father up Asho sat in his chair on the Back stoop. Mickey thought it would be an inspiring sight to witness his father flying across the Back Yard and blowing up the ground with his .nose.1 in order that he an audience appropriate to so great an occasion Mickey had spread the nows among All the boys of the neighbourhood and at nine of clock 60 boys sat on the Fence surrounding the Back Yard. Or. Finn tired of the excitement of the Day had fallen asleep in his rocking chair on the Back stoop when Mickey lit the Stem of the big Cracker and placed it carefully under his father s chair. ,. The Moon shone brightly illuminating Tho Grin on every Boyish face. Every ear was strained to catch the faint hissing of the fuse and every Eye intent upon the sleeping Man. The fuse burned itself out and the silence and suspense was deepening. Had fallen asleep. A minute passed and another unti Mickey could stand the Strain no longer. He reached Down and lifted the firecracker from beneath the chair. As he held it up in the Moonlight to examine it a Mosquito lit upon hot fathers nose and the old gentleman grabbing the firecracker from his son s hand he arose and holding it aloft he said a boys there will be explosion to night. In a sorry to disappoint you i was afe ered that Mickey Milit do some Harrum wid that big Cracker so Whin he Wasny to looking this afternoon 1 took the powder out of it and filled it wid Clay. So you see that the show is Over and be May As Well go horns and go to bed. There la be no Moro explosions Only what i give Mickey wid a Shingle Afore i turn in. Good night to be All. Come a around some other night Whin there is something 1 stars in a brews term a millions Edvard Abeles and Mary Ryan who Are playing the leading parts in a West res millions a a d novel a a for. Running at the Quot Brewst res a millions a a dramatic to Orion bpm Pular e colonial the a try. In Quot Chicago. V fashions for fourth of july coat. For men and boys Only thing for the National Holiday. Nearly Ella my face is my Fortune. Stellar Haven to you Ever had any More Money than you have now. First Money in California queer Early coinage a. O. Mills issued first papir Money. Coins in California till the fall of 185g were a queer Kettle of fish. More than-60 per cont. Of the Silver and at least 25 por cent of the Gold was foreign. Mor of the other Gold coins wore private coins. A Mollt amp coi. Got a permit from Tho government to Coin Gold. Their coinage was confined to ten and 20 cents and were stamped a Emo Felt amp a a we had ail kinds of doubloons and similar South and Central american coins. Of the smaller Gold coins the French 20-franc piece led All the others. The a English Guinea was fairly represented but it passed for Only its Faco value while the other Gold passed for More. The 20-franc piece a value $3.75, went at four dollars., there was a still greater discrepancy in the Silver coins a one franc piece went for 25 cents and the East Injia Rupee value 45 cents went tor 50 cents the five fraud piece one Dollar the French Sliver represented about 60 per cent of the Silver circulation. Grinan Silver thales Worth go cents. Went at one Dollar. Everything above 50 Cei its was one Dollar and everything above -25 cents was 60 Cei its. A French Bank in san Francisco was said to have got Rich shipping French Coin in Exchange for. Gold dust. United states Coin was scarcer until the mint was established., in a the fall of 1856 the Banks refused to take any foreign coins except at a heavy discount Tho result tyas7 that in a few months All foreign Coin disappeared. It proved a Bonanza for the Saloon people. They Tould give a drink for a Franey a while the Banks gave Only 12% cents. The Saloon people gathered them and Tho rupees in at old prices and sold to the Banks for Bullion and made a Good thing. But for a few years we suffered badly for Silver change. Even until 1856 Gold dust circulated to considerable extent in mining districts. But the Scales were always used there was no paper Money until d. O. Mills amp co. Issued their Gold notes about 1868. In getting change for an old Octagon $50, Gold often As Many As four or five nationalities would be represented in the change. Greenbacks were never recognized As Money Only As a commodity. Thoy were used for buying postage and Revenue Stamps. All mercantile Bill Heads and notes had the. Special contract enforcement for Gold. California even paid the claims of the Federal government in Gold. And it came in mighty Handy to Uncle Sam in 1862 and 1863 the old style californian still a has a inclining for the yellow stuff.�?1?. E. Magazine. A did no to always refuse i a a in re tried to discourage or Venlo from calling on you a snapped the Stern Parent a but the Young scamp refuses to be sat a Why father you do him an injustice a indignantly replied the dear City times. What to wants when a Man seeks your advice he generally wants your , lose by class distinctions. Maro Keavy says London Heaters Are Hurt by the aristocracy. I mar Mclaw the american theatrical manager. In an interview in London recently said that he thought the London theatrical season very Dull and uninteresting from an artistic standpoint. A the Heaters Are suffering for two causes a said or. Klaw. A one is that Rio Effort is made to get at the so called Middle class which is really Richer Here than in America the other is the prices charged for seats. I cannot see any reason in the world Why a Man should have to pay $2,62 for an orchestra1 stall when the Man behind him pays Only 62 cents. The former pays the extra two dollars for class distinction. This last kills anything theatrical unless it be grand opera. A in my opinion the London theatrical manager that would abolish the pit and,.fight it out giving half of his lower floor for two dollars and the other Foi one Dollar and then put the pit crowd in the Back part of the Balcony at 62 cents would eventually make a lot of Money. Of course the Pioneer would have trouble at the Start Anil great opposition. For Liat reason London should have an association of. Managers such As we have in new York which would get behind any Man who should by willing to try the Experiment for a year. A another thing which militates against the patronage of the general Public is the question of dress. Men come Home tired from business As they do in America if they and their wives have to dress for a play they patronize the theater As Seldom As possible. I believe a smaller proportionate Jumber of people in London go to the theater than in any other City in the Hitchcock and the cat. Remark called Forth by felines a me Ouwo a made a hit. A a gags Are an important item in the Stock in Trade of every comedian and a Good one is Quot sure to win a coveted laugh from the audience. Raymond Hitchcock claims that Tho Quality which catches the attention of an audience is the spontaneity of the Quot gag Quot and cites As an example an incident which recently occurred during an in gag Mentin a town not far from Denver. In telling the Story or. Hitchcock says a take an instance which occurred a few weeks ago. A cat strolled out to the Middle of the stage in the second act of a a Yankee it squatted right Down and looked at me. The audience littered and i turned around and saw the cat. A a a scat you a i yelled and clapped my hands but Kitty never moved. A some of my Best lines were to Fol Low and i realized the scene would be utterly spoiled but at that Point the cat came to my Rescue. She Quot opened her Mouth and said. A meow a h a we try voices at 11 of clock in Tho morning a i said. A get out you Are interfering with the a then i picked her up and carried her to the wings and the show went on. A now that a caught like blazes. But if it happened again it could not possibly have the same effect if i had a cat trained to come on every evening and meow the spontaneity would be himself. When his friends ask Ernest ,&Quot.an actor Why he does not leave the stage he replies a i am like the Young Man who was calling on Tho Only girl he Ever loved. Papa was becoming impatient at the lateness of the hour when he remarked i can to see Why that Young fellow who is calling on Minnie Hasni to sense enough to go Home. Its near a a the dear Little brother of the family just the came in heard his fathers remark and ventured some Light. Quot a he can t go father. Sisters sitting on a a in the Center of the stage. First actor in Georgia town a its a pity Ham Booth shot the fellow. The governor refuses to interfere and i suppose the poor boy will have to hang. Second actor yes but done to take it so to heart old Chap. The sheriff has promised to throw a spotlight on him just before the trap is sprung and he a perfectly . In real Money some of the Wise men of Broadway have been doing a Little figuring on the seasons income of the leading stars and Here is the result Richard Mansfield $100,000 David Warfield from a the music master a $100,000 John Drew Quot his House in order a $30,000 Sothern and Marlowe shakespearean repertoire $50,-000 each William Collier caught in the rain a $25,000 Robert Mantell $25,000 Frank Daniels $26,000 Montgomery and Stone $60,000 Between them Sam Bernard $25,000 Robert Edeson $30,000 Maxine Elliott $65,-000 Margaret Anglin $45,000 Hattie Williams $30,000 Rosa Stahl $25,000 Anna held $40,000 Viola Allen $35,000 Maud Adams $40,000, and Rose Melville $45,000. Cheap and Good filters. Easy to make at Home and will insure Puro water. As Elf client a filter As can possibly be secured May be made in a few minutes by anyone at Tho Cost of a few cents. Take a new Flower pot close Tho opening in Tho Bottom with a piece of sponge on top of which place a layer of smash stones previously Well cleaned. The layer should in about two inches deep Tho upper stones should be smaller. Next procure Somo freshly Burnt charcoal which has pot been kept in a Damp or ill aired place. Reduce this to a powder and mix it with twice its bulk of Sharp cleanly washed Sand. With this mixture fill Tho pot to within a few inches from the top cover it with another layer of Small stones and place a piece of flannel around the rim. The flannel should be Large enough to tie around the pot and also to leave a Little hollow in the Center. The charcoal should to Rone Wod about twice a month. In the Canning season. Gossip of the stage. W. S. Hart who played the role o�.1 the bad Cowboy Cash Hawkins in Quot the Squaw Man a in support of William Faversham will succeed Dustin Faub in the title role of a the next season will be the fifth of the dramatization of the Wister Belasco has obtained the dramatic rights to Thomas w. Lawson a Story a Friday the 13th,�?� and will produce the play next season in new York. Cardinal Points for Tho housewife to remember. The destruction of germs and the exclusion of air Are Tho principles upon which the Canning of fruit Are based. If these things Are properly done the fruit will keep indefinitely. Some substances require longer exposure to heat than others before All the germs Are destroyed. Others need Only be heated to Tho boiling Point and then to to boiled for a minute or two. Nearly All Small fruits Aro preserver by being thoroughly heated then canned. The larger kind require Moro time for the heat to penetrate every part. Some vegetables such As peas and Corn require a Long exposure to a it., Orange pudding. Soak one cup of bread crumbs in one half cup milk beat to a pulp mix with it the grated Rind of one half Orange and the juice of one or two if needed add Yolks of two eggs beaten a with Ono half cup sugar beat the Whites to a stiff froth and stir in lightly with a Knafo butter six custard or Earthern cups and fill half full. Bake in a moderate oven standing in water until custard is Sot. For a sauce beat one third cup butter to a Cream and gradually beat in one cup powdered sugar add Yolks of two eggs one at a time beat until Light add one Teaspoon of Vanilla extract or four Tablespoons of Orange juice. Warm one third cup Cream or milk and beat in slowly put in double boiler and Boll three minutes. Heat a ing the Cream prevents it from eur doing. Welsh Rarebit. While this is. A favorite preparation for the chafing dish it can be prepared just As Well in an Ordinary Saucepan or a double boiler. Melt one tablespoonful of butter. Stir into it a teaspoonful of cornstarch and when they Are thoroughly blended stir in slowly one half of a cupful of thin Cream Cook two minutes after the Cream is All Ini alien add half a Pound of mild cheese which has been Cut in Small pieces season with Salt paprika and Mustard. A serve As soon As the cheese is melted on rounds of toasted bread or Crisp Small crackers. Rich White sauce. / in a Small Saucepan put three tablespoonfuls of butter and As it melts work in smoothly an equal Quantity of flour. Mix together one cup of Cream and half a cup of milk and stir into the flour and butter. Add Only a Little of the liquid at a time so as1 to keep the mixture perfectly smooth. Add Salt and Pepper to taste. When flies come. To Quot prevent flies Fromi settling on picture frames and chandeliers boil three or four onions in a pint of water and apply the water with a soft Brush. In Many City Homes or where houses Are to be closed for Tho summer common unbleached cheesecloth is used to protect pictures and frames from files. Cut a piece of cloth Large enough to go All around the picture. Let the picture Faco Down on this put the cloth around and Baste up at the Back. A glazed Tarleton that is trans Parent makes a still better covering. Corn oysters. To the contents of a can of com add a cup off flour sifted with a teaspoonful of by King add a Little Salt and the beaten Yolks of two eggs. Beat the Whites stiff and add them to the mixture last. Drop and Cook on a griddle the same As griddle cakes. Serve with melted butter or Tartaro sauce. Fruit stains can easily be removed from the hands by holding Tho hands in the fumes of a Sulphur match or Over burning Sulphur
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