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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 22 1907, Page 4

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 22, 1907, Galveston, Texas Health motes for june. My to a i,h�s7p a Quot Quot a5lp a rip my if Ili Spring Catarrh is a Well defined Spring disease. The usual symptom s Are Given above. A bottle of Peru a taken in time will promptly Arret the course of the disease known As Spring Catarrh. Paint buying made Safe White Lead and Eira eed Oil need no argument no advertising to maintain them selves As the Best and most economical paint yet known to Man. been for the buyer to be always sure of the purity of the White Lead and Oil. We hive registered the Trade Mark of the dutch boy Pointer to be the final proof of Quality genuineness and purity to paint buyers everywhere. Whei this Trade Mark appears on the leg you can be Sura that the contents is pure White Lead made by the old dutch process. Send for Book. Quot a to a on Pant Quot rim a Olu Omo inform. Ion on Tho paint Aub oct. Iron upon Roqu oat. National Lead company a the Filou incr Catiti it a Nea Tyty you new Yorr Boston Biff Ftp. Ol0tejn3, Tinct Natl of Linao by. Xon a. Delphta John to bowl. Bros. Co. Pitta Burgh Gattoni mad a Oil tio i to Oon Vinoo 1.won Jan that tax. Tine Antiseptic will f improve her health i a and do All to claim 1 Lor it. To will Tond Hor. Absolutely ire a Largo trial i Box of Fovtino. With Book of instructions Salt to Genuino testimonials. Send Jour Hano Anil address on a postal card. Pm Tiwe i of Lonnies and heals us Zoua to m a Brano affections such As nasal Catarrh Pello Catarrh and inflammation caused by feminine us sore eyes Soro Throat and. Mouth by direct local treatment Power Over these troubles is extraordinary and gives immediate Relief. Thousands of women Are using and Roo a of mending it every Day. Co cents at l drunk Sta or by mall. Kem omber however i it costs you nothing to tity it. Chs u. Paxton co., Boston Moliis. Abundant hair a rows out of Foote pliable Fleshy Ici Job Ftp Beadi Bave tight dry till a cup. Barrys a a Trico herons Tuott Rihei a tarred Scalpi. It a my of them a Tbs. Sim at Good food rebuild tie body. A to cents nop in Tojo at a tiny dru8yrftm. Or by Roal Poat paid. Jbv Koi a �5 co. 45 a Ion st. . Del a no do of this paper do pc Iii Julow siring to buy any thin advertised it us columns should insist upon having what they ask for refusing All substitutes or imitations. Table delicacies recipes recommended by Good Cooks. Fruit punch a pleasant mixture for warm afternoons utilizing left Over meat to revive Crisp nees of cereals. A fruit can grated pineapple one half dozen oranges one half dozen Lemons Strain the juice of the oranges and Lemons add the pineapple sweeten to taste. Ice to chill a then pour into a punch bowl a and serve la glasses. Left Over a cupful of cold meat boiled is better than roasted or mod and some Broth or Gravy. Gut the meat in dices place in the Broth on Tho stove to heat. Take flour shortening and baking powder As for Rich biscuit mix and Roll out cutting into rounds rather thinner than for biscuit. Cut out the Center of every other round use a Napkin ring for this moisten the top of a whole one with a Little water and place one of the rings upon it All with the hot meat and set in a hot oven to a portion of the Gravy to pour Over them when done. If you have no Gravy to begin with put the my at on to Boll a few minutes in water Well seasoned with Pepper and Salt with a Small spoonful of butter then thicken slightly before dipping into the Little patties. If carefully and daintily baked these Are attractive and appetizing. Make cereals cereals lose their crispness put them on the Radiator in the original paper pack age for an hour or so. The heat is sufficient to make them As Crisp As when fresh and saves Gas necessary for heating the oven. The flavor is not injured if the packages Are left on the Radiator Over night but improved by the gentle heat. Crackers that Haye lost their freshness also can be made Crisp and delicious in this simple Way. Bread in few pieces of bread chopped with the meat and potatoes in making hash lends a pleasing variety. _ Boston. and one half tumblers of sugar one and one half tumblers of flour one half Tumbler cornstarch one half Tumbler butter three fourths Tumbler milk Yolks of eight or nine eggs two Teaspoons baking powder. Flavor with Orange extract. Bake in deep Patty tins. Make frosting from Yolks of two eggs with sugar beaten into which add grated Orange Peel. Put veal in dripping of frying your breaded veal chops in the Ordinary Way put them in a dripping pan with a Little lard or butter and bake in the oven. Uses for Green peppers. Egg salad served in Green Pepper cups is most attractive. The eggs of course should be Chat pred and one end of the Pepper Cut off to make Trio cup stand firmly on the plate. Another use for peppers is placing them in Grapefruit glasses deeply sunk in crushed ice. Care should be taken to select peppers with stems and these form handles to the lids of the Poppers which when lifted disclose an Oyster or Clam cocktail within. The seeds must be removed leaving considerable space for the cock tall. Sarcasm. The Hatchet faced female surveyed the tramp at her Back door then she sniffed the air suspiciously. A you want something to eat a she sheered. Quot i smell liquor a Quot Hainet got any on Quot strange. I detect a distinct odor of Quot ainu to got a drop a Tho tramp protested. A Are you sure you Haven to a bottle concealed in your pocket a Quot a take me word for i had id oblige yer and produce. I never Wiz stingy at sharing de thereupon he faded away gracefully. Black itching spots on face. Physician called it eczema in worst form patient despaired of cure Cut Cura remedies cured her. Quot about four years ago i was a afflicted with Black splotches All Over my face and a few covering my body which produced a severe itching irritation and which caused me a great Deal of suffering to such an extent that i was forced to Call in two of the leading physicians of. After a thorough examination of the dreaded complaint they announced it to be skin eczema in a he worst form. Their treatment did me no Good. Finally i became despondent and decided to discontinue their services. My husband purchased a single set of the Cut Cura remedies which entirely stopped the breaking out. I continued the use of the Cut Cura remedies for six months and after that every splotch was entirely gone. I have not Felt a symptom of the eczema since which was three years ago. Mrs. Lizzie e. Sledge 540 Jones ave., Selma ala., oct. 28,1905.�?� when duty is Clear to put ones self questions about it is to suffer Hugo. Quaker wit. A Quaker Riding in a Carriage with a fashionable woman decked with a profusion of jewelry As a substitute perhaps for her scant Ness of clothes heard her complaining of the cold. Shivering in her lace Bonnet and shawl sees it exclaimed a what shall i do to get warm a a i really done to know a replied the Quaker solemnly Quot unless thou put on another Magazine. _. $100 Reward. $100. Tho readers of thl paper will to pleased to Loam that Tubero la at least one dreaded disease that a Cloaca has been Able to euro in amp a its stages and that s Catarrh. Halls Catarrh cure is Tho Only Post Leo euro now known to Hoino decal fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dts Aeo requires a constitutional Trca Mont. Halls Catarrh cure is taken in Toru ally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the Edstom thereby destroying Tho foundation of Tho do season and giving Trio Patmont strength by building up Tho Constitution and assist ing nature in doing its world. Tho proprietors Havo so much Faith in its cur Tolvo Powers that Thoy offer one Hundred dollars for any Cabo thru it Falls to euro. Bond for list of f. J. Ruener amp co., Toledo o. Bold by All druggist 75o. Tako Halls family pills for constipation. Campaign against rats. The French admiralty is Quot preparing a Campaign against the rats which swarm in seaport towns and undoubtedly spread the infection of various devastating diseases in their passage from one country to another on Board ship. It is announced that it will soon to compulsory for every vessel entering a franch Harbor from certain other ports to have All its rats exterminated. Do you itch in so you know the sensation is not an agreeable one and. Hard to cure unless the proper remedy is used. Hunts cure is the King of All skin remedies. It cures promptly any itching trouble known. No matter the name or place. One application relieves one Box is absolutely guaranteed to cure. Man is not the creature of circumstances circumstances Are the creatures of . Quot alcohol .3 per cent. A veg enable preparation Foras imitating a Zefi Jock and Rheuia Ting Ute Stoma its and Bowlson Carpio by 1 311 for infants and children. . promotes and Nollier Norm Cral. Not narcotic. A try let of folder amp Jia Epka cd Jib Soma Ifo Delu sols Sims cited film std Gett third sir a . Ape Teci remedy for constipation Soui stomach diarrhoea Worms convulsions feverish Ness and Rossof sleep. Facsimile. Signature of new York. Exact copy of wrapper. Tin Lini toy hot always laughs bears the signature is8 Over Tsi Iff fears Cro the a Antaun company. New York atty e a Vil we Mumm. No Friend in need could be More Welcome to a sick woman than a Medicine that will relieve her suffering build up her strength and to her Cheeks their lost Bloom. Cardui has done this for thousands of sick miserable women. Composed of it ingredients with special curative action on the womanly organs goes to the seat of your trouble and is sure to do you Good. J. F. Stone of Lawrence kas., writes a my wife suffered for 10 years from female troubles and was Given up to die but took Cardui and now she is in Good $1. Write us a letter write today for a free copy of valuable 64 Page illustrated Book for women. If you need medical advice describe your symptoms stating age. And reply will be sent in Plain sealed envelope. Address ladies advisory the Chattanooga Medicine co., Chattanooga Tenn. Angel parfait. A. Place Over the a Small Saucepan one half cupful each of water and sugar stir until the sugar dissolves then boil without stirring until it threads. Meanwhile beat until stiff and dry the Whites of three eggs and add to them slowly the hot syrup after it has been taken from the fro for about half a minute. Beat Well and flavor with Vanilla. Put into a Mold and pack at once in ice. And Salt for Abolt four hours. Stuffed celery. Take Good sized but tender stalks of celery Cut them in six Inch lengths and stuff them with a paste composed of some tasty cheese that has been creamed and to which some chopped mits and a Little Worcestershire sauce have been added. As a variation the Worcestershire sauce is sometimes omitted and the paste is made by the addition of a Little Mayonnaise. To make this dish almost any kind of creamy cheese from a Good american to a Parmesan May be used. To make Mutton ettes. Cut from a. Leg of Mutton slices half ail Inch thick. On each slice Lay to generous spoonful of stuffing made with bread a crumbs beaten egg butter Salt and Pepper Roll up slices pin with toothpicks to keep dressing in put a Little water and butter in halting pan. Put in Mutton ettes and bake in hot oven three quarters of an hour. Baste often. When done place on hot Platter thicken. The Gravy pour Over the meat. Garnish with Parsley and serve. Strawberry nectar. To one quart of mashed strawberries add the juice of one Lemon two Tablespoons of. Orange juice and three pints of water. Let it stand three hours then Strain upon three quarters of a Pound of powdered sugar and stir until dissolved. Serve ice cold. A a. Coffee bags. Get oho Yard of cheesecloth fold to make it double then sew in squares to make Little bags to put your Coffee in. Every morning take a fresh one and this keeps the Coffee pot Nice and clean your Coffee always Nice and Clear ready to serve at wants Tail Structure. An Effort is being made to get the worlds tallest building for Pittsburg. Application has been made for a Structure which will have 40 stories and will Tower 700 feet above the sidewalk. This is 42 feet higher thai a Structure now under Way in new York. Under the Microscope. The Best microscopes magnify about 16,000 times and make a tiny pile of flour look like a pile of stones the Plain Plucker. If a Burn or a Bruise afflicts you rub. It on rub it on. Then before you scarcely know it All the trouble will be gone. For an aching joint or muscle do the same. It extracts All pains and poisons plucks the stings and heals the lightning Oil does it. Goodness outranks Babcock. My Moseis Standard tor 4b years leaves no Oak Eiro cts oup6s isl Ibuos Uko quinine pleasant to Toko children like ii. 1bli Seldom Falls to make permanent cure. My a guaranteed under food and drugs act of june fever8 30, 190b. At your druggists or sent prepaid on receipt of or co. 50c and Arthur Peter amp Mats. Louisville by. Crescent Antiseptic greatest healer known to science. Non poisonous non Lori Tatlong. Allays inflammation and stops pain from any cause. As Strong As Tarball a acid and As harmless As Sweet milk. Cures Burns instantly curs old and chronic sores cures sores and inflammation from any cause on Man or beast. For fowls surfs cholera sore head and roup. Satisfaction positively guaranteed. B Oral Abigill dealers. Mind by cake sent chemical. Co. It. Worth. To duo. saw discover Al a Stoa i Quick Rol Lefand cures worst Cotsos. Book of testimonials and Lod Tiye Trca Mont f111211 or. Ii. sons. Box it. Atlanta a. Defiance a old her Farei makes laundry work a pm Castro. 10 of. Pite �0o a12 a a your liver is the cause of most common family complaints such As headache bilious Ness diarrhoea sick stomach indigestion1, Colic constipation Etc. A a always keep Thedford a Black draught upon the shelf As it is Best to take these family ills at the beginning and drive them out before they become serious. Thebe Okby a is the old reliable popular Southern vegetable liver remedy that you have always used and should continue to use. It is made from natures Laboratory of herbs and roots is perfectly harmless never disappoints. Ask for Thedford a. At dealers 25c. I pm a a a a not partial to nursing. Not Long ago a Young irishman was seeking work in Western Illinois and among those to whom he applied was a Farmer near Cairo thei Farmer was attracted by the celts Frank cheery manner and while he was not in need of help he asked after a pause a can you Cradle a Quot Cradle a repeated the irishman. A sure i can but sir who added persuasively Quot be give me a Job out of dures a a a Harper s weekly. If it Falls the monay s yours. Thousands of boxes of Hunts cure Are being sold by the Southern druggists daily for the simple reason Taftt people Are rapidly finding out that it is the Best cute for any itching disease Ever discovered. The first application relieves and one Box positively guaranteed to cure any one a generous mind does not feel As belonging to itself alone but to the a whole human race. We Are bom to serve Vojir. . S. Smiles. On the honeymoon. A a so you were Well pleased with the train on which you took your wedding trip a said the. Bosom Friend. Quot was it an accommodation train a a the Young Man s face beamed with Delight. Quot i should say it was an accommodation train a he confided a Why the Porter put the Light out every time to reached a tunnel.�?�. Ladies can Wear shoes 1 one size smaller after using Allens foot ease. A certain cure for swollen sweating hot aching feet. At All druggists 25e. Accept no Bubb Tiute. Trial package free. Address a. S. Olmsted Leroy n. Y. Suppose any Man shall despise me. Let him look to that himself. But i will look to this that i be not discovered doing or saying anything deserving of Aurelius. Sirs. Twin slow a soothing syrup for children teething softens the Guras reduces inflammation allays path cures wind Collo. 25ca Bottlo. Wisely and slow they stumble that run am this is what is being done on South Texas land or. Chas. F. Simmons has Cut up his ranch of 95,000 acres and is Selling truck and fruit farms of from 10 acres to 640 acres including two town1 lots for $210. Payable $10 a month without interest. The Hon. Joseph daily of Chillicothe 111., who owns thousands of acres in the Illinois com Belt Days a i am one of the heaviest taxpayers on farm lands in Mason and Tazewell counties Illinois and i have been familiar with the conditions around san Antonia for 12 years. Any Thrifty Farmer can get Rich and make More Money off of this cheap land acre for acre than any land in the state of. Illinois that Sens from $150 to $>225 per investigate this before the land is All sold. For full particulars and Beautiful views of the ranch write r or. Chas. F. Sofja amp i qts 215 Alamo Plaza san Antonio Texas. Beau so of those ugly Sra Lei Gray hairs. Uso a la Creole hair restorer., Price $1.00, retail
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