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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 22 1907, Page 3

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 22, 1907, Galveston, Texas Of a rant no Tutt Ai International arbitration by president Charles f. Thwing i of Western Reserve University. N training mean tha College promotes the cause of International arbitration. One characteristic Mark of the educated Man is self restraint. Self restraint is Moro than a function of the will. It represents repression at one Point in order to gain Force in another. The Man of self restraint is the Man who Best can arbitrate. A a second characteristic of the educated Man is a comprehensiveness of intellectual vision and understanding. The a association of Fellows with each other is one source of such trailing. Men of diverse origin geographic Domestic pecuniary and social to mingle. Certain studies especially promote such intellectual comprehensiveness. This is one of the Superb results of the study of history. If history be interpreted As a record of events the Bro record disciplines intellectual breadth of mind. If history be interpreted As a record of certain relations cause and results it trains the highest forces of mind. The Man of comprehensive mind is the Man who declines to accept his own judgment or his own interpretation As the Only interpretation. He knows there Are other judgments and other interpretations. These his moral impulse prompts him to learn. Such learning represents intellectual comprehensiveness. Breadth of understanding promotes arbitration. The College therefore training men of self restraint and of comprehensiveness promotes our great cause of International arbitration. By sir Robert Ball r. R. A. Professor of astronomy Capier Luffe Una verify. The eyes of the scientific world Are looking to the United states for a solution of the great problems of astronomical science but no one can safely Prophesy How soon they. Will be solved notwithstanding the tremendous strides Forward that have been made during the last few years. A there is no question whate Veras to the supremacy of american workers in this America has outstripped the world in every department of. Astronomical research wresting from Europe All the Laurel that were formerly hers. We have in All Europe no very great telescopes or other astronomical apparatus none that can compare with what you have in America. Here you have every possible advantage. Millionaires have Given their Money for the erection of magnificent observatories that surpass anything the world Lias Ever before had. The largest and finest telescopes in the world Are in America.1 a More Mian this some of the most Brilliant astronomers the world has Ever known Are studying the heavens nightly in this country. You. Have in the. Middle West and West what in England is exceptional As atmosphere suited to astronomical research. Prof William h. Pickering of the Harvard Observatory Lias probably done the most notable work of All living american astronomers. He is an astronomical Genius. It is Plain therefore that the Many problems with which astronomical science is concerned have the Best Prospect of speedy solution in the United states for you have the tools and the men who know How to use the question of the habitability of Mars and other planets May be answered sooner than we expect for. Atmospheric conditions in Soihet of the planets Are such that something like human life is at least possible. We Are Only at. The beginning of the science of meteorology and astronomical science inuit be summoned to its Aid to help solve Many of its problems. The discovery of new comets and planets is the solution of the Broad astronomical question a what fills the interplanetary spaces a and hardly a week passes that there does not come from some american Observatory the announcement of some new discovery of this kind. A a a a. How soon it will be before we know that there Are other a sentient beings planets is one of the most interesting problems to the Lay mind and none can say How soon we shall have proof of such beings. It will then be another problem perhaps for the electricians to enter into communication with those other thinking creatures. Ism timing of fetus of women a cities by miss Grace m. Burt Secretary Newton my is federa Loii of women a a clubs it the growth of the club movement among women has follow de closely the psycho logical processes in the Early Days of clubs they Wero organized simply for self improvement and self culture but gradually the members have realized greater possibilities and have reached Forth the helping hand for those less fortunate than themselves later civic problems have presented themselves and now even National ones and the women Aro taking an Active intelligent interest in them. Such things would have been impossible for the majority without the earlier training of the clubs. In the True club ability has recognition rather than wealth. A. Woman is Seldom chosen As chief executive merely on account of social position or abundant Means but for her Power of leadership. Thus there has been a leveling of class distinctions and the woman of simple tastes and limited Means works on committees Side by Side with the society woman of ample a Fortune. Re formerly the greater part of a woman a activity outside of her Home was restricted to her. Own Church and sometimes her daughters were even forbidden to associate with girls from other churches. In the club where protestant Catli Olic and jew work Side by Side the broadening effect is Felt arid As a result a More tolerant spirit is abroad in the and. Athe study club still offers Opportunity for culture while the Large lecture club has opened to women of limited Means Fine lectures and educational advantages which they could not otherwise afford. The College girl just returned Home finds in them a congenial outlet for. Her activities and latent Powers. Quot a a. A thus in looking at the results of the club movement As a whole we see that the Radii is of woman a sphere is no longer limited to the constant Quantity of her Home and her Church but it has become a variable Ever approaching Infinity As its limit. To the True club woman nothing that needs to be done is too trivial or too gain her attention. A in a Utara of Law submarine Iwin Aatif in lion ago by John p. Holland. Inventor of the. Holland Type of submarines. Here is a great future for the submarine. At Best it is now but in file initial stage of development. I am now hard at work on plans which. I am designing for one of a Speed of 30 knots an hour one that is to be 1q0 feet in length with a beam of ten feet and which i believe can maintain Pace with any Fleet and accompany it across any Ocean. This vessel will be propelled by gasoline and will be intended for work on the High seas and for coast defense., it is Safe to say that when the first submarine torpedo boat goes into action she will bring us face to face with the most puzzling problem Ever met in warfare. She will present the unique spectacle when used in attack of amp weapon against which there is no defense. You can pit sword against sword Rifle against Rifle Cannon against Cannon ironclad against ironclad. You can Send torpedo boats against torpedo boats and destroyers against destroyers. But you can Send nothing against the submarine boat not even itself. You cannot Light submarines with submarines. The fanciful descriptions of the submarine Battle of the future have one defect. You cannot see under water hence you cannot fight under water hence you cannot defend yourself against an attack under water except by running away. If you cannot run away you areal posed. Wharves shipping at Anchor the buildings in seaport towns cannot run away. Therefore the sending of a submarine against them Means their inevitable destruction. No As nearly As the hurrian mind can now discern the submarine boat is indeed a weapon against which no Means that we possess at pres int can prevail. She can pass by anything above or beneath the Waves destroy wharves and shipping and warships at will throw shells into the Eity when suitably armed and then make her Way out again to sea. She can lie for Days at the Bottom of the Harbor leaving Only when she has used up All her stored Power except what is required to carry her Back to the open where she can come to the surface a Mere speck on the water and renew her Power. She would never have to expose herself for More than a second at a time during All her work of destruction in the Harbor. This would be when she would Rise to discharge her gun at the Eity the recoil of the Gim would Send her Down again and out of sight. The Chance of hitting her would be one in a million even if the Harbor were a floating Battery which it would not be very Long while the submarine was at work. Her torpedoes she could discharge without coming to the surface at All. Of by i of. Chas. of Chicago .2 a a d people Are temperamentally orthodox o r Heterodox in their beliefs but the danger with the orthodox Man is that when he changes his mind he is sure to. Land in some other orthodoxy. A Man who has dropped the orthodoxy relating to the belief in future happiness will Start in talking about single tar at a funeral if asked to speak a few words of Comfort. The Heterodox Man is always outside the Camp and As the saying is he is against the government. But regardless of our temperament it is our business to be evolutionists. It is salutary to make an examination of self before declaiming against an old orthodoxy to see if our enthusiasm has not landed us into a new one. We May find a taint of something we attack in others Only along another line. A. The orthodoxy of religion is known by Devotion. A the orthodoxy of politics is expressed in loyalty. The orthodoxy of the economic system is known by class consciousness. The Ordinary person cannot give a reason for his Devotion to a religious belief. He is orthodox in it that Sall. He thinks lie believes in the Church Dogma but he is Sinji ply devotedly biased. In social life the orthodoxy of fashion prevails. Shop girls must dress As the Leisure class dictate regardless of the conveniences and com-1 forts of her. Work and station. Why should not a Man go to a dinner in his shirt sleeves a instead of a claw Hammer if he is More comfortable that Way?., its the orthodoxy of conventionality that we All subscribe to. Imagine a Man asking How one could feel like a gentleman if lie had erred As to the sort of Necktie he hear much a of the orthodoxy of Liberty. Toni Paine and others led us All astray. They thundered that Man must. Be a free agent and that was True Liberty. We have been crying this in an orthodox fashion Ever since. Think of that sort of Liberty that leaves a Man on the verge of starvation a free agent to barter away his life and services by contract. The orthodoxy of the old English Law too that we stand by so staunchly. Why that old Law has always come tagging after an Industrial Teyo Lution. Socialists done to escape their orthodoxy. How Many go about with of Carl Marx declaring it their Bible when they done to know any More about it than the other Bible. Examine yourself. Let us who really believe in the brotherhood of Man keep our minds open that we May grow with the movement and then the movement will grow. Amm Ratts 8>latrra in to mattion by Amelia Rives. We americans Are we fearless enough Arentt we afraid of something after All ? we Are afraid of ourselves of each other. How few of us dare to live out our primitive instincts to test the True ideals of a life it seems to me that to find the supreme Laws the big statutes of the moral code that is to Sav the spiritual order of our live a we roust test the Validity of. Conventions. As a matter of fact we Are actually afraid of being without them we cling to them like life belts in the big sea of experience instead of striking out and learning to Swain Fer ourselves to make our bodies work for the spirit. Courage la Aith in the great spirit that Tan do no evil endurance to suffer realizing that the Light of the spirit is discovered Only when it is most needed in darkness the the supreme Laws the big statutes of the moral code. It is very sad that we must suffer so much to arrive at a spiritual knowledge but it does not last. We must not evade any Shadow of experience even the vague panic of the senses for when we Are confronted with Awe of something we do not understand it leaves us in a Richer state of knowledge. A of a amp to Tow iteration a it a on a Rcd a by Thomas a. Edison. He majority of wage earners do not make up their minds where they Are going to spend their vacation until the last minute a a and then they Rush off to some summer resort and plunge into the Gay ties and frivolities of Tho place with great siesta. \ what is the result Why they return to their work Morfa exhausted than Ever and with their vitality we seed instead of strengthened. They ate tired and ill natured for several weeks after they get Back for they realize they have really not had a Good time. It is like the dark Brown taste of the morning after. J take the clerk. He is cooped up in a store the year around meets every manner of human being and has to Cater to All their tastes. At the end of the year he is certainly tired and his brain needs a rest. The country is the place for this Young Man. To Bli Ould go where he can get away from everything that suggests the City to him. He should go where he1 can have fresh eggs fresh milk fresh air fresh scenes. How should get next to nature and stay there every minute of his limited Holiday. When this Young Man returns to the City he is tanned and Strong. His exhausted strength is restored and his mind is freshened. Iio has led a wholesome clean restful life and his Reward in improved health and renewed Energy. He is invigorated for another years struggle to gain a living. On the other hand take the Farmer. He should visit the City. To should go to a place like new York where he can see Tatj tall buildings visit the places of interest like the statue of Liberty. Madison Square Garden and Grants Tomb. The Farmer should also visit Coney Island. He should take in All the show places and have a Lively old time. Then when he returns to his Rural Home to will have memories that will enliven his thoughts the whole year yes for years to come if he does it have an Opportunity to see the City again. More important than All is the vacation of the shop girl and the girl who is compelled to work in a Stuffy sewing room of some factory All Day. These plucky Young women certainly should give careful thought to How they intend to spend their vacations for they have great need of Good health. Shun the summer resorts i say Totle use Young women go to the country and take the rest cure for your tired nerves. Take a Stock of Light novels with you and spend your time out in the Hammock or lying on. The Lawn Reading. Take Long Sun Baths. For exercise take walks through the Fields and if there is a Lake near by go rowing. Of course it All depends upon the environments and surroundings of every person a to what kind of a vacation is suitable.1 but there Are very few who do not need absolute rest and they can get it in the country. I would suggest As a vacation for the business Man who has been under constant mental Strain for a year that he take up some line of sport that he is interested in. Golf baseball boxing any of these sports will distract his mind from business worries for in a few minutes the Man forgets everything but the sport he is engaged in. Every business Man should have a Hobby. A Man who has a Hobby to ride is. Fortunate for it will relieve his mind of worry always and give him the needed rest. A i Ira ais in by mrs. Ellen h. Richards i instructor in sanitary chemistry Massachusetts Institute of technology it is impossible to Point out any single cure All for the unsatisfactory conditions that exist in our Domestic service. Our whole method of living has changed so a much that to must regard As antiquated and unserviceable the present system of Domestic service which was adequate for the household of half a Century or More ago. Shelter for the servants of the household is one of the great problems of to Day. There is an increasingly unhappy contrast to be noted of the servants quarters with the living apartments of the rest of the household. Therefore the problem of Domestic service is largely architectural. Improvement must be made in providing shelter for the servants and the term a a shelter includes much More than Bare housing. The of brants must have some place beside the Kitchen in which to receive their guests and the sleeping accommodations must be More sanitary and comfortable. A a a it is True that these architectural additions will add to the Cost of building but such increased Cost is. Part of each Advance in civilized living. The Householder will be called upon to use More intelligence in household Economy and in the distribution of space. If the servant has a room for social entertainment she might not be insistent on the exclusive occupancy of the Kitchen. The mistress complains that the Cook wants to be alone in the Kitchen while at work but the Cook May retort that she is denied the use of any room but the Kitchen. Mistress and servant while having different Points of View yet possess similar social needs. The Lone servant in a household must suffer greatly from tier position and the Only apparent Means at present by which this hardship May be mitigated is by providing accommodation for her to receive and guests with proper Freedom. Of course there Are servants to whom it would be unwise to permit this Freedom of Independence and it is this consideration which has suggested the plan of abolishing Many of the conditions of the present system. It is believed that most of the servants of the household might have certain hours of attendance and that there should be established the Standard of a Days work at the end of which the servants might go to their Homes. This would approach the general Industrial system under which the Artisan is called in to his Days work and goes Home when it is completed. A. It might be planned so that the servant could live in a clubhouse or similar dwelling in some Central location and could go to and from their work. This change might even involve some alteration in the present hours of meals. Some classes of servants necessarily will always live in the House but these might be of so careful selection that they could be on something like a footing of Equality with the members of the household
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