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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 22 1907, Page 2

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 22, 1907, Galveston, Texas Romance of naval Craft. Tti�pya.tfg�, Nam Zed Rule for. J a a a a it a porno or of court a amp a a a / the Jubilee convention of the order of Bis to be held at Philadelphia Dur it ins the week beginning july 14 prom rises to be the biggest gathering of the members 6f the organization Ever before held and the Quaker City is making elaborate preparations for the Celebration. There Aie 1,050 lodges of the order in the United states and its possessions and from every one it is said have come intimations that representative delegations were to be pent so that it is estimated that fully 500,000 visitors will be present on the convention. In anticipation of their i coming the Philadelphia Lodge is plan Ning decorations and program on magnificent sepia. There is to be court of Honor which for extent and elaborate Ness of decoration will probably surpass anything of the kind Ever before attempted and the prominent feature of it All will be great sculptured elks the characteristic Emblem of the order. And outside the court of Honor there Are to. Be decorations which will put the City in gala attire. Hundreds of thousands of flags and Many hundreds of thousands of bunt. Ing and Streamer and a Many thousands of electric lights will make the business Section of the City a perfect fairyland of dazzling splendor. Among the striking designs of the decorations the elks head will be displayed in every conceivable environment artistic humorous and historic. Great in Conception and dazzling in effect As the decorations will be it is More that probable that the feature that. Will be remembered with the greatest Delight will be the music of convention week. In order to bring the Best instrumentalists to Philadelphia it is decided to offer a prize of $100 or More pieces that would come so the the musical Quot organizations that will take part in the massed Parade and concert will number some of the Lead ing bands in the country. It has been decided to have this great convention feature on wednesday july 17, the musicians to mass about noon after a Parade on Bro id Street. A the Star spangled Banner a a Onward Christian soldiers a and popular melodies will be rendered. In addition to the Cash consideration for appearing in this musical event a special prize of $300 will be Given. A from the opening Day of the weely. Until Trio delegates and friends leave Tho City will be in tie realm of Melody. A \ what is intended As the Climax of the convention week will to. Tho Parade on thursday july 18. It is impossible for the committee of arrangements to Tell How Many members will he in Tho procession but the marchers will number Hou Saidis. It will be a characteristic pageant threading its Way along Tho Boulevard of a City noted for the magnificence of its demonstrations. It will be kaleidoscopic unique and picturesque As Ivory delegation intends to present the lending \ feature of the City or town from which it comes. A a a Quot in the line which will move at Tho traditional hour of the order-1- of clock there will be floats depleting much of Tho tradition much that is humorous and Many things grotesque. Band there will be galore As Many a musical organizations will be in the a City for the Parade Day Only. There will be Gonfalon and flags that will make the procession a moving Forest. But Tho arts and sciences will likewise be Colorado elks will come As a state i body and will exploit the mining in a Lustres. They will bring a Carload of Burros and some pennsylvanians will be asked to take a ride upon the Quarter Jolt of one of the bucking Broncos. Mississippi s Cotton Fields will pass in panoramic View As the new Orleans elks vrho will come by boat will have a distinctive state exhibit. Cheater which declares that it has a claim upon William Penn prior to that of Philadelphia wiil show How the founder of the Commonwealth whom it Tho Chester men say was an Elk appeared when he landed. It is said that the Salt Lake delegation the men who started the boosters \ a 1 club movement will show what a real family of mormons looks like while California wiil depict the new sad Francisco. More than $20,000 will be Given out in Parade prizes and the Competition will be of a very varied character. A thin and cadaverous Elk is almost an anomaly but there Are said to be one or two around and the Jan who can establish his claim to being the leanest and Hungriest member of the order of big horns will be Given a purse upon which to grow there will be Competition fierce and fixated for the prize of the fattest Elk As his name is legion and he is said to live in every state and territory in the Union. A prize will go to the smallest and the tallest Elk. There will be $800 in three prizes to the lodges having the largest number of members in line while prizes awarded for the Best appearance a the Lodge having the greatest mileage in the journey to the convention City to the Lodge that brings the largest number of women for the Best float in line and for lodges that a appear in unique uniforms. Home lodges that is branches of the order coming from a Section com a prised in a radius of 75 Miles from Philadelphia will be Given an oppor Trinity to compete for $1,000 for bringing Large delegations and bringing the largest number of women friends. In addition to these gifts in Money offered by the committee special prizes for varied forms of Competition will be offered by friends of the order. The order of the elks was organized at new York in 1868 by members of the dramatic profession and was for purely social purpose. In 1878 a charter was obtained for the elks Mutual Benefit association a for the Relief of the sick and needy and the burial of the late years the organization has grown rapidly and now includes Many other professional and business a choosing of the Elk As the name and Emblem of the order was inspired by the description of that american animal As a Fleet of foot and timorous of wrongdoing avoiding ail combats except Iii lighting for the female and in defense of the Quot this description so pleased All of the actors that forthwith the order was formed and baptized the a benevolent and protective. Order of elks and the initials Are now made to read Best people on Earth. In 1883 a new ritual was adopted bringing virtual reorganization of the order. Although some changes have been made owing to the great growth of the order the ritual is very much As it was under the reorganized code. At first there was a disposition to confine Tho membership to actors and musicians but. The sentiment for this restriction was not Strong enough to prevail and candidates from outside circles soon began to apply for admission. In 1874 there were but two lodges in 1882 the number increased to 14, while there a re now More than 1,000 lodges and about a Quarter of a million members. Unlike nearly All of the secret societies Tho elks have no intermediary Bod Between the Home Lodge and the grand body but in. Many of the commonwealths state organizations have been formed and this will be one of the new attractions in a convention that is to be marked with Many history of a ship and a yacht called Dorothea v among the vessels assigned to the naval militia is a no with a history. that Many years ago when custom of the insurance underwriters to put up at auction ves Seis that had been Long? no i heard from a Young apprentice in Philadelphia happened to attend one of these auctions at whith a Large ship named the Dorothea Vas put up for Bale. I a \ the ve�st�l1 Lead taken aboard a very valuable cargo a which would go with tie ship to the successful bidder but the very fact that the property. Was to valuable ipad kept the underwriters from Selling the Craft until Long after it had become generally believed a that she was a total wreck a 1 consequently the auctioneer cried the Good ship Dorothea Many times without getting a bid. Finally to lib Young a apprentice jokingly bid five dollars As nobody would bid higher the vessel and her cargo were knocked Down to him. Imagine the astonishment of the maritime world when the Dorothea was reported sailing into Delaware Bay. The apprentice sold Juls prize for enough to Start him in business and for ye4rs the House thus formed was one of the leaders in Enterprise and resources Quot in the Quaker City. But at All times the head of the firm and his family successors made a Point of owning and operating a ship named the Dorothea which name also was Given the oldest daughter in each succeeding generation. Shortly before the Spanish War however the third head of the House was in failing health and the Only Hope of saving his life he advised was to live at sea. Accordingly he gave an order to the cramps for a Large and luxuriously appointed yacht to be called the Dorothea of course and no expense was spared in her construction and equipment unfortunately death came to the owner before his yacht was finally finished and the government paid a fancy Price for the Dorothea Early in 1808. With the close of the War there was no purely naval duty for which the Dorothea was fitted and yet the govern Merit did not wish to sell her because there was no possibility of getting a Price for her anything like what she had Cost. She was accordingly Laid up at the league Island Navy Yard until says the Chicago chronicle the Illinois naval reserves succeeded in convincing the Navy de apartment that they were entitled to her. Novelties in. White blames lonely Dougherty Island. Books of Autho resses. Best Sellers. Women writers of fiction in England have never been More conspicuously in the majority than at present. Quot not since Rousseau a and. Richardson a Bays a careful observer of. The situation a has the thought of a nation been shaped or at least reflected a by it s novels As it 1b in a recent list of the 12 Best Selling books in England not a single male author is represented.,fortunate. Cobble i had great a Luck in Wall Street. A Stone what did you do?.-Vcame out . Not Landing Ever made there and sighted Only twice in a Century. Which is the loneliest most desolate and most inaccessible Island on the face of the Globe Many people would doubtless plump for one of the. Crozet which were recently brought into notice owing to the wreck thereon of the norwegian exploring ship Catherine and the subsequent Rescue of the Castaway Crew by the Tura Kina a British Steamer dispatched from Cape town for the of a purpose. But hog Island the westernmost of the group and the one Whereon the wrecked men spent most of their time is by no Means an undesirable place of residence says persons weekly abounding As it does in hares and rabbits penguins albatrosses and sea elephant. Heard Island in the same seas is far More isolated As Well As More Barren but it possesses As does hog a shelter hut. For castaways and is visited by whalers occasionally. So too is South Georgia but it has no shelter hut and As it is right out of the track of shipping and one unlucky enough to by cast away thereon would stand a very poor Chance of Ever getting off alive a Bouvet Island in the same seas is visited even More rarely and on the last occasion when a ship touched there five corpses were found Frozen on the Beach grim mementos of some unrecorded tragedy of the sea. Possession Island in. Its turn is still lonelier and More inhospitable than Bouvet a but probably the Palm in this direction must be ascribed to Dougherty Island on which As far As is known no Landing has Eyer yet been effected. It has Only been sighted twice in a Century and is officially described in the admiralty sailing directions As a the. Moat Remote and isolate spot on there arc several novelties present id itis White Moused but Frost of Tho Jnore it adaptive of those new models show Dainty touches of Handiwork which Sreiy to give the Blouse its distinction. For Wear with tailored costumes a ample Little Dimity waists made to fasten Down the midd e of the front and with plenty of fullness achieved by the use of Fine hand run Turolis to Yoke depth Are very smart when worn with one of the detachable plaited frills. \. The first Blouse sketched shows tie introduction of color this Model having the Yoke in the. Bak and front embroidered it polka dots in graduated sizes the Yoke sections on each Side and the cuffs being scalloped and embroidered to match the second Blouse is intended for More Dressy occasions and is of Mer. Cerl Zed mull rather oddly Cut Abc fut the Yoke in Little Square tabs which Are finely Button holed Down Over an underpaid Section of Pale Pink mull. Cluny lace insertion and medallions and a design in hand embroidery were used As further trimming the Yoke being of Fine allover Valenciennes and Cluny beading. A the third Blouse pictured was of White Cross barred Batiste made with a strip of Fine Batiste embroidery this strip being edged with plaited frills of the Batiste and with Valenciennes lace. Most of these blouses Are worn with stiff turndown collars and Little lace or silk ties. Wine of mndeli0w one of the Best of All known tonics. Done to for the hair. Proper care of tresses that will be Well repaid. Done to forget to have the hair thoroughly Cut and singed every three months. It is not sufficient to have the Long hair clipped. But spa Cial attention should be paid to the weak new hairs that Spring up along the Central partings. Don t forget to Brush the hair for ten minutes every night with a whalebone bristle Brush. This May make the head a Little Stender at first but the tenderness soon wears off. Done to Wear pads or additional tails of hair and curls unless absolutely necessary. Anything that prevents Light and air getting to the roots of tie hair is extremely bad. Done to attempt to restore Gray or faded hair yourself. It is Best to leave it entirely alone. If. Dyeing is desirable have it done by skilled hands. A Don t have the combines of five or six years ago made up As hair changes so in color and texture that the Tail is sure not to match. Rather buy a new switch to a implement natures scanty jocks says Home Chat. Done to use cheap hairpins or Combs. Are so liable to drag and break the hair. A to cure cracked skin. Sometimes you will find an Over jealous housewife who has neglected her hands until the skin has cracked. Pure Mutton tallow May cure this but Mutton tallow does. Not agree with every skin and in that Case tie following pomade should be made up and rubbed Well into the skin two or three times a Day take one ounce of Cocoa butter and one ounce a of Sweet almonds one dram of oxide of Zinc one dram of Borax and six drops of Bergamot. Heat the Cocoa butter and Oil of almonds in a double boiler then add the oxide of Zinc and the Borax. Take Oft the fire and stir gently until it cools. And add the Oil of Bergamot. This is a very Healing pomade and in connection with the soon effect a cure. A. Too True. Dreamer do you Ever see pictures in the flames realist no but i see Coal Broadway Magazine. A Potpourri. A Potpourri requires careful mixing a no one scent predominating unduly the strongest being used in the smallest proportion. From your gardens you May gather As they Bloom roses violets Jasmine Geranium Verbena Sweet Lavender Lowers Lemon thyme Sweet Marjoram Rosemary Bay red pinks carnations dried Balm of Gilead mint Sweet scented Myrtle leaves Sage Syringa Flowers Woodruff Lemon Verbena tube roses honeysuckle and every other Flower or Leaf of lasting fragrance. The old fashioned cabbage Maidens Blush the damask and Moss roses Are the sweetest gather the roses on a sunny Day and pull the petals apart discarding All faded or. No play ones spread out on a tray of newspaper to dry in the Sun along with other fragrant Flowers herbs aromatic leaves and Lavender. When dry have some Bay Salt and place alternate layers of the Quot dried Flowers and leaves in a Jar strewing each layer with the a Salt this will. Form. The a a Stock of your Sweet. Pot arid add to it in due proportion powdered Orris Root gum Benzoin and any of the spices and essential oils and housekeeper. The Young married woman. Sometimes too Apt to confide others secrets to her husband. The Young married woman is very Apt to forget that she has no right to Tell her Liu Abmd the secrets of others. So she goes to him with the stories of her friends Griefs and Joys whispers them to him and he is a bit Apt to laugh and lit is just possible repeat them to Otlie a. This May not happen but it is very Apt to do so. When a girl is married she to a great extent loses her interest and sometimes loyalty to her girl friends. Then too Liat Harry or Tom says is bound to overshadow just what one Little woman would conclude and so the girl with confidences to give is not receiving what she thinks she is. The girl who thinks a she needs a confidante would be Wise to give a thought to this Side of the question before being too Liberal with her secrets. Pretty cushions. The prettiest of cushions can be made wih soft White goods embroidered with soft the cover sew Little silk medallions and work Daisy petals around the round a disk. The soft ribbons one eighth of an Inch wide in tie crepe effect Are Best for this purpose and it takes but comparatively Little work to make a very elaborate Cushion top. Coloured ribbons Are pretty and a huge Bunch of chrysanthemums can be worked on the top making each Flower a different color. A a i a novel coat summer Coats we must have nowadays however useless they May prove for warmth or service. The frenchies and most original one that has yet been shown is made an almost exact counterpart of one of Madam Butterfly a costumes but instead of soft Satin the dark Gray ground is of filmy Chiffon. This is fairly covered with an exquisite design in palest Gray embroidery. The gown Over which it is supposed to be worn is of Pale Gray Chiffon cloth Matching the embroidery. A a trimmed skirt trimmed skirts Are fashionable but the trimming is almost All about the end of the skirt in wide bands. If the material is heavy As Satin or silk then embroidery Jace or tulle forms the principal trimming but in Chiffon net and All the gauges a wide band of silk or Satin at t in feet headed by a. Narrow band further up on the skirt makes an attractive., finish besides protecting the sheer material to an enormous extent. Sometimes this band of silk or Satin is quite Plain and again it is embroidered or finished with scalloped edges and it May be the same Width All around or graduated toward the Back so As. To keep the top of the silk the same distance from the floor All around. This Plain band of silk or Satin is not restricted to the Chiffon and lace gowns but is also employed on afternoon dresses of cloth and voile. With or without alcohol it is a pleasant and healthful drink a Somo different ways of. Pc i a t paring it for us6. A i a t. I Tho Bright Golden dandelion blossoms not the Tootsi make an excellent tonic wine or cordial. A a choose them from a clean Plecq of grass rinse quickly to opel any insects the i cover with b Oil life water. La i this stand in a warm place but not to Cook fast for about Flo minutes to Winburt a Strong infusion. Now press hard to extract ail the juices. When strained and measured you. Must sweeten to taste it will take quite a Good Deal of sugar and add Brandy. Allow one pint of Brandy to every four Gallons of Tho dandelion syrup. Put it in Glass jars or bottles until fermentation ceases then re bottle and Seal. Wines it Are usually kept filled up As they a work Quot so that the fermenting material on the top can fall outside. When it. Has ceased working bottle it freshly and Seal it. A dandelion wine that has no spirit added and is not to fermented makes a very pleasant find healthful drink. Thib recipe was of nine d from a woman who makes it for customers in the suburbs. It is an old English recipe. She also makes line English Liim pudding and these Little sales add to her Small income obtained from keeping a Tollhouse. Take two heaping quarts of dandelion Flowers add four quarts of boiling water. Let stand for 21 hours. Strain and add three pounds of sugar and two Lemons sliced thin. Boll All for 15 minutes and bottle. If not desired very syrupy then scant the sugar allowance. An Orange could replace Tho Lemon if desired. This Job the. Easiest of the several recipes Given. A dandelion wine that has yeast added to it to Start fermentation also obtained in Pennsylvania is made from three quarts of dandelion blossoms three pounds of White sugar and one gallon of water and two oranges and two Lemons. Lilace the blossoms in an earthen Jar or deep bowl. Pour the water Over boiling hot. Let them stand uncovered. Next morning Strain and add the sugar and Boll this syrup for half an hour. Pare the Lemons and ort Ges very thin rejecting All Tho inner White portion. Bruise the pairings thoroughly and add to the above ingredients. When cooled until about lukewarm add one fourth. Of a yeast cake. Let All stand a week or ten Days to ferment Strain and then bottle. Do not Cork it tight until it has done working. The color is Light Amber. Cloth suit underskirt. With the same kind of skirt in Vogue that has been fashionable now for some three or four years Back the underskirt or lining in a cloth suit is generally made separate from the dress i itself. No skirts however Are lined with silk in. All the underskirt being matched save at the Belt and perhaps Down a few inches along the seams for the material is found to flare better if left Loose and then it is always better to have the added flounces of the lining outside the silk rather than under the hem of the pet it tic oat. Fete gown of Pink. On. Summer hats. The intermingling of Flowers in contrasting color is a charming treatment for summer hats when the colors Are chosen with discrimination. A dark Crimson roses Combine nicely with a few sprays of White Jasmine. Clusters of Gardenias look Well with neapolitan violets and another favorite combination is of hyacinths mixed with Amali Bunches of most roses and Pink taffeta coat braided with Pink and White silk and worn with a White embroidered mull dotted with Pink showing flounces of lace caught by Pink ribbon ,.and leaves. Pink Satin Girdle. Easily made skirts. Half the time May be saved and a much smoother fit be secured by first plaiting each Gore according to directions before sewing seams together. All plaits May be machine stitched excepting hip Gore where All the fitting should be done by simply lapping Plait on that. Seam. Paste Gores Only As far As hip length until fitting Job done., then sew seams on under Side from hip Down to do not press open but press in the Plait that comes on thai seam. There will be no puckers at seams and a full Plait skirt May be made in half the time it takes when first Tho Gores together and then plaiting in the old Way. Spots on books. Ink spots or writing May be removed from a Book by applying spirits of salts diluted with five or six times their bulk of water which May be washed off in two or three minutes with Clear water. A solution of oxalic citric or to italic acid will answer the same purpose As none of them will affect the printing. Grease spots May be removed by laying powdered pipe Clay on both sides of the paper and applying an Iron As hot As May be without scorching the paper. To is will also take grease spots from coloured leather bindings. Protect Ruga. 1 if one has not a room be apart for sewing and must use either dining or some other room which Hasa Rug Sheet and spread on the floor under the machine and around the Corner where sewing a few tacks will hold in place nicely to catch All the threads and pieces which cannot help falling. This easily can be lifted up in the evening and. Your Rug is Asi fresh and clean As when the sewing was commenced. A Frozen strawberries. Mash a quart of berries and add a1 syrup made by boiling a cup of sugar with half a pint of water for five minutes. Put in the juice of a Lemon and Strain. Freeze solid and a Mold turn out and Garnish with whole Bazar. Boil Gravy. In warm weather any gravies or soups that Are left from the preceding Day should be boiled up and poured into clean pans thib is particularly necessary where vegetables have been added to the preparation As it soon turns sour. In cooler weather every other Day will be often enough to warm up these things. 1 sew Short to Long gloves. To sew of abort silk gloves to Long gloves with fingers worn out Cut off lower part of Long gloves rip machine stitching on Short gloves and sew both together in team
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