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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 22, 1907, Galveston, Texas Established 1879galveston, Texas Satin Day june 22, 1907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 48 novel fire screen made with Aid of Small clothes hor8e. White enamel the foundation Over which demo Raelona were made Cream coloured Satin can be used effectively. The accompanying sketch represents a Dainty Little Are screen that a was Mado with the Aid of a Small clothes horse. A. Two fold horse standing about three feet in height May with a Little trouble be transformed into a most decorative and useful article of furniture. The horse from which our sketch a was made had been painted All Over a with White enamel. And brass balls screwed into the top of each upright Plexco of Wood. Stretched tightly Over the Side bars were two pieces of Cream coloured Satin on which had been embroidered in Gold silk five Empire wreaths a Large one in the Center and Small wreaths at each Corner. This is Only one Way in which one of these useful Little screens can be made but the horse after once having been painted and ornamented with the Little brass balls lends itself to decoration in Many ways. Darker colors May perhaps be chosen and the Woodwork painted to match the color of the Wall paper of the room in which it is intended to be used. Draped with some Odd remnant of prettily coloured brocaded silk or Satin it will look wonderfully Well. Aby Way of variety also the material May be pleated Over the bars and the top of the upright pieces of Wood decorated with bows of ribbon. Three fold horses can of course a treated in the same manner and for those who have time to spare for the work the panels on each Side form a capital space on which pretty designs May be embroidered. Beyond the labor Little expense will to entailed in making one of these screens and As an article for Sale in a should fetch a Good Price or for a wedding present it would prove a very acceptable gift. A new neck bows. These Are the most evident features of Day neck dressing and Are easily made at Home in such manner that they can to laundered wet Holt to Trou ble a take an Oblong piece of handkerchief Linen he Mestl Tab it All around and Edgo with a a Lenc Lennes Lack. Make a Short strap with a Small Button at one Ond and a buttonhole at the other. 1 the Oblong of Unen is knife plaited and the strap is buttoned across the Contor the Button coming on the other Side then the Bastings of the plaits released and Beni into Butterfly shape. Sometimes two pieces of very sheer Lawn Are Mado in this Way and fastened together with a strap to give very Fluffy ends. Lace is made the same Way. Fine handkerchiefs can be Cut up and manipulated in similar ways. The or Gauze ruching a can to sewed together at the untrimmed edges caught with a strap and Presto there a a Bow. It wont Wash but it costs Little and looks . Undershirts Are growing More and More elaborate and Broad ribbon plays an important part in them. Many Are of Peau de suede with deep silk flounces while White Batiste pet a it Coats Are much trimmed with insertions of lace Ana minutely pleated Batiste and Mosseline do sole. Of v a. 1 for evening gone. Pompadour Silks make charming evening gowns under transparent Oyer skirts of Point Esprit net or spangled tulle. A a idea8 for the h08tes8. Novel musical and luncheon that to easily arranged. This pretty affair Wab Given for 36 guests. Six person. Were set at six Small tables while a stringed orchestra concealed on a Side porch played softly during the luncheon. In the Center of each table there was a Candle with Shade the color of the Rosea used at each plate. As befitting the month roses were used exclusively throughout the rooms. The menu was very simple but served so daintily. First canteloupe thoroughly iced clams sweetbreads grilled on Toast fingers a potato croquettes As Paragus Vlna Grette ices served in crepe paper Rose holders to match the decorations of each table. French Coffee roquefort cheese balls Bonbons Pistachio nuts and Creme do Menthe completed the repast. The place cards bore a musical quotation and the programme consisted of Soprano and baritone solos and a harpist All the performers were intimate friends of the hostess. Some of the especially Good quotations Are Given. They were written in fancy letters a a music exalts each Joy allays each grief.�?�, \ a there will we sit Are let the sounds of music break on Bur Quot and softly the delicate viol was heard like the murmur of love or the notes of a Quot we know they music made in a if music be the food of love play a. A air Herd a music in a there is music in All things if men had a. A Madame Terni to remove lines. The talkers wrinkles commence in and near the lower Cheek and run Down under the. Chin from Side to Side the straight up and Down lines furrowed in the brow denote sternness and Sharpness. Diagonal lines crisscrossed in the Middle of the brow mean Small frets and worries. The remedy for wrinkles is found in a cheerful disposition a watchfulness Over ones own face that it does no to crinkle into plantings and in gentle Massage with a Good skin food. It is the manipulation of the skin As much As the cosmetic itself that banishes the lines. Expert facial specialists who Massage the face arid use electricity do much toward blotting out lines. The whole process is rejuvenating and stimulating. Outdoor exercise restful refreshing sleep and nutritious food Are essential in the treatment of wrinkles Kitchen utensil. Fork spoon knife and can opener combined in one. Apparently inventors Are continually endeavouring to Combine in one articles which were formerly made in several distinct unit this is Par it pays to be right. Tic ulary the Case in regard to Kitchen utensils. A novel combo nation of this kind is shown in the illustration. In this device a st. Louis my a has succeeded in combining a Fork spoon a knife and can opener. At one end in the Fork at the other end the spoon knife and can opener. By thus com bling elite be four articles in one the economical a housewife can save expenses obtaining the four articles for the Cost of one. 1 it also a jeans less silverware to combined utensil requiring less cleaning than the four. For indoor gowns. For lnd9pr gowns or elaborate ted gowns the broken or primitive greek key pattern 18 much used As a trim ming.,.j, Western mining Man objected to fake piece of Ore. The handing of a genuine piece of Ore in place of a piece of Rock by two of the characters in Quot the three of us came about through a letter and i piece of Galena being sent manager Lawrence by a mine owner who after seeing the play during its run ill new a Ork Tad his sensibilities in Ore rudely shocked by the piece of Stone used in the play. He was c. C. Ruthrauff at Western mining Man at the time he wrote this letter. A a a there is one thing i think must Jar on the sensitive serves of every Western mining Man who sees your play. The unfortunate matter i refer to is where Steve after he has struck his Rich find hands the woman he is in love with a piece of new York Cobblestone As a Sample of the Ore and compels her to use her utmost efforts in a most embarrassing Way to cover it with both. Hands so As to hide the base det Cut Ion from the audience. A a while i Thlik you will agree with me that Many new yorkers do not know the diff Rente Between a new York Cobblestone and a piece of real Ore i have thought that in the interest of the Many Western people who go to see your play the leading actress might prefer to handle a genuine piece of property rather than a piece of new York Rock. A i am therefore taking the Liberty of sending you a piece of Galena from mines which will have the advantage of being recognized by mining men and of being appreciated by new yorkers if from no other than an educational standpoint. ,. Pastimes of players. Although players have a reputation for caring Only for the theater there Are Many who Long to get away from it As soon As they Are off the stage. For this reason Carlotta Ellison has Many friends who in no Way Are connected wit i the profession so that she can get away from the atmosphere of the theater. Many actresses Are interested in the races. Lillian Russ Ali is one of the most Santhus lastly and is getting together a stable of horses which she will race this season. A Short time ago she visited the Fayette county Stock Farmland it was by her special request that she was shown the old time favorite of the turf Imp Georgia Caine Seldom misses the racing season at Saratoga. Esble Millward candidly admits that she goes to the races and plays them. She says a in England All women Kne Jav it Wasny to. a tragedian fool judge with Quot my kingdom for a a a tall Long haired Man wearing a Long Fri Cut coat much worn at the edges acid a Quot stove pipe hat walked slowly from the hold Over As the name a Bill Jones was called by the City attorney in police court according to a Kansas City paper. A Bill Jones is Only my Nom de plume a he said in a deep Bass voice to judge Kyle. A i have my real Cognomen known for anything. For what would they say in London did they know i was in police court a a the charge against this Man is drunkenness a said the City attorney Quot but there seems to be no one Here to prosecute a nah that Means that i am to be set free. L Ain delighted to hear the Gladsome news truly it doth my heart Good.�?�, a. Quot say what a your business Quot inquired judge Kyle a that word a doth Isnit much used a tragedian sir tragedian a the tall Man a Why i have acted in All Tigreat dramas been worshipped by matinee girls and showed in All the Large cities of the world. Why i re member Ojie time when i was doing Hamlet tie audio a Hamlet a the judge asked. Quot then perhaps you Catt repeat the actor looked disgusted. The thought of such a Small favor seemed to displease Hijra. A can i repeat it a he asked Well just he straightened his coat and struck a dramatic pose. A a horse a he cried a a horse Niy kingdom for a Quot a shut up a the. Judge said sternly. A shut up. Man i asked you to quote from a Hamlet and you Spring that old Chestnut. There 13 no one to prosecute you or i would Fine you $25 for that. But i la give you just two hours to Loave a Bill Jones looked amazed then he turned suddenly and with Long strides left the. Courtroom. Vetera n actor has bad fall. M. Coulin a met with an Accident while rehearsing for a la me Gere Appari Voisy a Quot at the theater de Geneve in Geneya Switzerland the other Day while standing on a practicable he a lost his balance and fell on the floor of the stage straining his Arm and grazing his leg. He received medical attention As soon As possible but the performance in the evening had to be delayed until after the advertised a time. /. .4. A. A 1 True. Idle Folka have the inst Leisure. Sulking is Folly cheerful disposition valuable asset. Avoid appearance of pessimism and discontent and you will keep old friends and gather in new ones. I know a woman of charming personality and great tact says a fashion Leader. She makes few demands on people allowing her friends the privilege of their own opinions in other words minding her own business. 1 but there is one Quality that she does demand in her friends and that is a sunny disposition. A i want the people about to to be cheerful a says she. Quot i cannot Bear glum faces and sulky she is Sweet and Bright herself and diffuses an atmosphere that cannot but affect those with whom she comes in Contact. She is not physically robust and sometimes it requires great Effort to maintain her Bunny cheerfulness. It you have Ever lived with a peevish Pessimist you can appreciate what a Comfort the sunny person is one sour discontented face at the breakfast table can spoil the meal for every one. Very often people do hot feel in the mood to talk but at least they can look pleasant in their silence and refrain from disagreeable remarks. The girl who is tempered Over her. Work can count her Friend by the Cora other Quot girls Are glad to show her Little favors to help her with her work if she is rushed. They All Lilje her because she is never unkind or Sharp in her manner to them. I know that sometimes it is desperately hard to keep Back the Sharp retort that seems As though it must Force itself out. But if you can control yourself for just a minute or so the temptation will have passed and the Victory yours. As for the Silks they Are the most disagreeable of All forms of bad temper it is undignified to sulk no Ono is sorry for you every one is bored and will keep away from you As much As possible. And incidentally to sulk will Dray most unbecoming lines upon your face. A look pleasant a the photographers used to say when taking a photograph. It is a very Wise saying and one that every one of us might pin on our looking Glass. Done to go about All Day with a fancied or real grievance festering your heart and spoiling your face. Either forget it or go straight to the source of the bitterness and have it out. Explanation very often removes the cause which has sprung from misunderstanding. But no matter what you do done to act sulky and peevish. Be sunny if you possibly can a. Combination Sachet. Convenient Little receptacle for gloves ties and handkerchiefs. Quot a place for everything and everything in its place a la a motto Worth remembering and acting upon even in the Case of such matters As the arranging of those Small but All important dress accessories which Are so easily crushed and crumpled if they Are tossed carelessly into a drawer when not in use. In the accompanying illustration a useful combination Sachet May be seen arranged with new powder rag. Members of the gentler sex used to carry Small Chamois skin bags filled with Talcum powder concealed about their persons in various mysterious a bag was not at hand the knotted Corner of a handkerchief would do. The powder thus concealed in conjunction with the moist ened Corrier of a handkerchief was used to make an Impromptu toilet in cases where soap and water was not at hand and to restore the ravages of wind and dust. This apparatus now has been condemned As crude and bungle some the newest wrinkle is the i Quot papier Poudre Quot a French importation. It is Brittle Square of thin paper smooth on one Side and slightly roughened on the other which can be listed equally Well As a sponge powder puff or perfume bag. The slightly roughened Side acts As a sort of. Sandpaper cleaning the dust from the face while at the same time the scented rubbed on. The advantage of the papier Poudre is in the fact that it can be concealed anywhere in the Palm of the Glove under the Belt or folded in the handkerchief and in the hands of a skillful manipulator can to used without attracting the slightest attention by Means of Clever combination with 1, the handkerchief. Three separate divisions to hold gloves ties and handkerchiefs. A fourth pocket might easily be added for veils. The cover should be of soft silk tue Flatin used with fib ii stil Gil and Quot embroidered in front both on the Flap and on the Sachet itself with some Dainty Floral design. When u girl has a Flower name such As Rose Violet or Marguerite for instance the Sachet might be embroidered Witt the Flower to correspond. A Little pad filled with Sachet powder might Bis sewn in one of the pockets under the silk lining. Such a Case As this will be found specially useful when packing for a Days visit. Where trouble begins. People would have but few real troubles if they did no to try to act smart. Colonial lanterns a fad. Women have found something Quot old that is Quot new decorative Art. It is the colonial hand made lantern. This lantern is used in libraries literary Dens studies and for Hall lights. It 1b particularly becoming in american women inasmuch As it is a unique reflection of our Early history. Of course it is impossible to Acquard some genuine colonial lanterns but there Are not enough to go round and an aged Man in Clyde n. Y., who claims to be the oldest Active Metal worker in the United states is helping the fad Quot along by making skillful re it productions and even improving on the artistic Beauty of the original. His name is e. A hag son and several Chicago women have his lanterns made of tin perforated in wonderful design hanging in their Homes. Or. Hudson is 88 years old and has worked continuously at the Bench for 75 years he is the Only reviver of the colonial lantern and the reproductions that he turns out Are like those used in the time of Washington a facsimile of the lantern of Paul Revere Hung in the Tower of the old North Church on that notable night of april 18, 1776. The lanterns Are hand punched from the inside the Sharp edges on the out Side giving an Irr descent sparkle that rivals Cut Glass when the Candle is aflame. Baby a new coat to Lovely. Upon the Long baby cloak a la Mode hand embroidery is lavished evea More freely than upon the let to dresses and while this embroidery 1b still chiefly of the very Fine Babyish Quot character a certain boldness of effect which would not be considered Correct in the dress is often found la. The embroidery of the cloak. These cloaks Are made in various materials but the loveliest shown for the summer season Are it in lingerie stuffs or in silk the luge re material having of course a foundation of India silk falling quite separate from the cloak proper. T these cloaks of mull Batiste or finest Linon Are most delightful affairs so soft and Dainty and baby like with their lace frills and insertions their hand embroideries and their fluttering knots and ends of ribbon. Often one cloak will have several linings one of White and one of Pinlac or of Blue
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