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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 19 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 19, 1909, Galveston, Texas I Pora of a a a Century the opera % s go ass ha8 worked a i in the inti�zre8t of i these Walvio thu amp a Wax Tel Grade raising and thu opera ,a88, i amp amp make Galveston the South s largest Best City and port. I established 1870.galveston, Texas saturday june in a loot. Vol. Xxx. No. 49. Youngest theatrical manager a a miss Gretchen Hartman conceded to be the Youngst theatrical manager in the world now playing Mary Jano with Henry f. Alxey in a Mary Jane s pay at the Chicago Opeifa House Chicago. Carle and College boys. Experience of comedian wet la students after he thought he. Had got ten Best of them. If Thero is one place in which Richard Carle the comedian likes to play its a College town. A Long ago he Learned How to get on with the students even when they a re inclined to be the most mischievous. He says a they make a Good audience to play to of they usually get every Point and besides they Ore not averse to testifying to their pleasure by Liberal plaudits. A it or. Carie bad be of his first Les sons in How to treat a College crowd a when he played in Quot the stories at a Madison la is. After the performance some one informed him that the boys from the University of Wisconsin had lined up outside and that they were going to Kidnap All the chorus girls arid carry them off to a feast that had been prepared at the biggest cafe in a town Carle at that time Stilt believed he could get the Best of the col la giant. Anyhow he. Found that by i taking the girls up through the. Illey he Tould get them out of the theater through a skylight then across half a dozen roofs to another building and i out Ori a Side Street. So he. Lined up nil the girls and had them taken out by the skylight route. Then he went balt and calmly finished taking off Bis make up and changing into his. Street attire. A Fly this time it was 11 45 of clock and All the College boys were still waiting outside. They had just been told that to la a girls had escaped and so when or. Carle came out walking slowly and majestically they pounced on him and before to realized it he a was doing a lock step along the main Street. Protests were of no Avail for a was one against i tall lion the boys took him Iri relays and they kept him marching for hours. Every now and then they would a Jass the cafe and some of the boys would go in and take a bite. But the tire was nothing to eat for the comedian. He in a the meantime was growing More and More angry. He managed finally to get the ear of a Pohleman and entered complain. V a i demand Protection a he said. Quot i am an actor.�?�. Then everybody laughed. The ringleader a among the College Hoys in a loud voice informed the policeman that or. Carle was a student who disappointed an discouraged because he had failed to pass an examination in analytical geometry had taken Poison to end his worries. A v Quot the doctor caught him in time Quot said the student Quot and he. Told us if we wanted to. Save him he be to keep him walking. So that s what he s doing the policeman laughed. ,. V Quot now son Quot he said a Tell the truth ainu to you a a Tud Entje �?~�?~no-1-�?� Carle started , when ii he Felt something kick him sharply in the shins. A yes a he howled. Arid they kept him marching for an other hour. Says theater makes minds stage determines destiny of nation and is not plate of amusement according to Shaw. A the theater is literally Rii aking the minds of our Urban populations to Day Quot says George Bernard. Shaw. A Luis a huge factory of sentiment of Cobai Acter of Points of Honor of Concep tons of conduct of everything that anally determines the destiny of a nation. And yet it to openly said that the theater is Only a place of amusement., it is nothing of the kind i theater is a place of culture a place where people learn How to think acs and feel More important than All the schools in Christen Doire. A. Healthy englishman amuses himself in the Field and in the society of. His friends the theater can offer nothing in the Way of am Semont to. Compete with these except vice and at that it cac easily. Be beaten by places that Art not a Heaters. Would any san trims Call the National gallery or the British museum a place of amusement it is True that these institutions Are commercial failures just As Westminster Abbey is a commercial failure. And i sincerely Hope that the National theater will be an equally Consul Cucui arid equally priceless commercial failure. It is with that View. In fact thut we Are asking for an endowment half a million for glimpses of stage Folk. Eva tar Guny will go to London for a vaudeville engagement opening August 2. She has a contract of four weeks highest palary it is stated Ever paid a comedienne in a Lott vict music loll. Wallace Munro for a number of years business manager for Louis James hag resigned and will manage Olga Noti Ursolo next season. A. The inner shrine a an Anonymous novel that is creating a Bens Etlou in the literary world is being dramatized for production by Klaw amp Erlanger and Joseph Brooks next . A Maclyn. Ai buckle ii original Quot county chairman a and at present touring in a Quot the round up Quot will appear As fighting Home a circus proprietor in a new play Quot the circus Man Quot next season. Loie Fuller a neuter of the Danco and lot a Ontic the Sensa-tion1 of Paris will tour America next season in. Six dances in eluding a Asa. Lone a a eurydice Quot arid Kellett Chambers the author of a an american widow Quot is the. Husband of Kate Carew the Well known new York artist journalist Ancl caricaturist. William a. Bra try is to produce a play by Thomas Buchanan the author of Grace Georges successful play a a woman a Lillian Kingsbury of Robert b. company will go into vaudeville next season in a burlesque on in the Mantell revival of the tragedy miss Kingsbury played the part of one of the witches. . Sothern and Julia Marlowe have again joined their forces temporarily at least and will be seen together in an elaborate revival of Quot Romeo and i time the Day of an entire family is often made or marred by breakfast table manners. If the atmosphere is disa Preable if even one person starts the Day snapping every one at the table is Apt to be disgruntled before the pineal is through. It should not be any harder to smile in the morning than at Midnight in deed the woman who has a lived through 18 hours of strenuous modern use would seemingly have More excuse for irritation at the end of it rather than at the Start. Yet strangely enough More people feel Cross at breakfast than at any other time. If one is such an incorrigible sleepy head. That the morning mariners suffer it is Wen for her to Hunt the cause. In a growing girl or boy this grossness May be due to not getting enough sleep for one s strength. If so parents should insist that the rest be taken at the other end of the Day. Early retiring is much better for a Young person than late rising. There is no worse discipline than to let children get up when it suits them. Laziness and indifference Are most often the cause of bad morning manners. Anything goes in the family. It is too much trouble to talk agreeably at breakfast so John buries himself in his paper and does not speak unless to score the Coffee or rank Toast and Mary with straggling locks and in Sloppy wrapper either sulks or nags. A. To Start the Day wrong with temper. Ruffled or feel rigs Hurt leaves a sting that cuts. If one cannot keep Sweet the Day a through it were better to choose a loss auspicious time for temper than Tny it breakfast table when All should be Bright and cheerful if Only to counteract the. Tendency to morning grossness which most of us feel. A the wife who wishes to be remembered pleasantly is As careful of her morning toilet and her morning manners As she is to appear her Best for. Dinner. If she can t be she had better have a offer in her room. The Man who does not wish to have his wife sigh with Relief when1 the door Ihas closed on him for downtown will take pains to be agreeable at the breakfast table. A lever let children get into the habit of whining at breakfast or. Of scolding because they will be late to school. Belated meals Are responsible for much morning misery it is hard to keep Good tempered if a train must be made on a jump or a Black Mark is feared. A set the breakfast hour Early enough that mad scrambles and consequent ill a mor can be avoided. See to it that every Orie is Down Ori time. One Mother broke it up breakfast table grossness by having a Fine for every one who Cameto the table scowling or who sulked or whined or scolded during the meal if you think that it makes Little difference How you act or look at breakfast try coming downstairs singing and Happy some Rainy Day. When the Cook is late and the family dispositions Are Apt to to warped. Though a free Row. Is going on when your cheerful face is first seen things will quickly Cairn Down under your smiling presence. Ribbon is always Moro used. In summer than on Winter hats and there is every Prospect that the huge bows which last season often formed the Only trimming for an Ordinary hat will again be popular. For making these bows materials by the Yard Are preferable to ribbons As they Kiriake More Graceful loops. A a thin Light make of Supply taffeta or Messaline is the favorite material for simple hats while More elaborate ones have bows of lace or tulle bordered with Satin or soit Pompadour Silks and gauges. The material is Cut on the crops in bands measuring from eight to ten inches in Width and is bordered with a double fold in which Milliner s wire is inserted. Often this Border is of a different color Eyen of different material. Thus Gauze bows Are Given either in the same or a contrasting color. A. In making a Bow study the shape Ottlie hat and decide whether it is to be Flat or outstanding. This can Best be decided from the style of the other trimming. Measure the length for the first Loop double Over twist a heavy Patent leather thread around the neck of the Loop to hold it in place before making the next Loop or loops. When the Bow is finished All the loops Are wound firmly together and the windings Are covered with soft folds of the material. A if the wire is not run in before the Bow is started As is the Case if the Edge s Are bound it is inserted in the Middle of each Loop Aud caught with a few slip stitches. A there is such an Art in tying a Graceful Bow that the beginner should never Experiment on Good materials. Pieces of soft cheesecloth wired Are excellent for practice and. Old Bowa can be ripped pressed and tied As nearly As is a they were be fofe1possible it is Well for the girl who intends to go in for trimming her a a it Iata a Hor own girdles to Trike a few lessons in bowl from a professional. Even with careful instruction she May never acquire the Knack that seems to be inborn but her bows will not look hopelessly homemade. A the chief requisite for the beginner is to know what kind she wishes to tie fashions in bows change As they do in everything else one season they Are. Alsatian again the loops stand out in sickle shape or Are compacted into huge rosettes. It is too soon to say just what order of How will , either for hats or sashes tie coming wide awake girl who must do her own work will make a tour of the fashionable shops and study the latest thing. She will decide on the kind she wishes to copy and note pot Only the number of loops and ends but their length and general direction. Care of the hair. In the care of the hair if it is found that the growth is very dry and the hair inclined to split a Little Olive Oil rubbed Well into the Scalp will Correct the trouble v for hair that is too oily an application should be made morning and night of Jamaica rum in which a co Lecynth Apple has been soaking for eight Days. \ three a a St ies that v find a a Vor in Park effective embroider for summer parasol on the left is an attractive evening gown made on a French design. The Middle figure shows an effective two piece suit of Pongee. On the Reg tit is a Model for a stylish costume for a All. 0 so tache Motif embellished with French dots half of Motif. Be of the dainties accessories of the Coronation braid is to be sewn the summer wardrobe is the sunshade. A parasol boasts More Virtues than. The eminently practical one of shading the eyes from the impertinent a it is of the Sun it gives an air of smartness to the summer girl. The display of sunshades in the shops is As attractive As it is varied and Many out the models shows designs of this years the most effective of the parasols for ail around use Are the embroidered woman who is Clever with her Needle v May transform a Plain unassuming Linen sunshade into a Chic embroidered affair that might have come straight from Paris on the latest Steamer. A sunshade of White Linen with one of the new Square. Light Wood handles May be purchased and the above design half of which is Given applied to each of the sections As shown in the sketch. The design May be traced on the parasol with Carbon paper., it is then worked out in Coronation braid French knots and Satin stitch in floss embroidery silk. Quot pretty silk Waist. Blouse of silk made with tucks headed by Fago Ting and trimmed Yoke fashioned with a heavy Cord Long close fitting sleeves Are encircled with tucks headed by the Fago Ting and Are., finished at the Riata with ruffles of tulle or late. On in the space Between the double lines. This outlines the Flowers leaves arid stems and forms an inner line on each Flower Petal. A Small White French knots Are worked Between the two rows of braid. The petals Are filled in lightly with Long Satin stitches of irregular lengths with delicate Pink floss. The effect of the Glossy texture of the Aille is extremely pretty. A a i the Center of the Flower is composed of one Large yellow Dot surrounded by tiny Rose coloured French knots. The Stem and leaves Are of the Coronation braid and the Lajter Are filled in with Pale Green floss. The color scheme is charmingly Dainty and. Would a Molze with almost any Coa tume. A i a a a sunshade decorated in this Way would be an attractive addition to the Trousseau or to the outfit for College commencement festivities. It would be highly appreciated As a graduation gift or wedding present and is equally suited to town Quot and country use. Fabrics of silk and Wool latest decree of fag Lon has Over shadowed everything previously �0 Vogue. There Are More silk and Wool materials put on the counters each week. New ones that were kept until late in the season have been shown to the Public. These Are made up into coat suits or one piece frocks and Are often striped. Some of the colors come with Plain surface for the skirt and a striped surface for the coat. Silk and Wool Engaline is possibly the favorite of them All. The corded fabrics Are in the height of fashion. The idea even runs into Shantung and Pongee. There seems no end a to the latter weave. It overspread everything else. Just Why is hard to say for it is rather rag like when made up and cannot be depended on for Graceful lines. Some of the weaves Are delightful for Bouse frocks and As material has practically no weight it Kiriakes a most comfortable frock for this hot climate. A one of the latest weaves in it has a Diagonal Cord through it it is very wide and heavy much like the Styll Ahl Serge we have worn All Winter
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