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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 15 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 15, 1907, Galveston, Texas Rimon Borg Library 3 established 1879 Galveston Texas saturday june 15, 1907. It re vol. Xxviii. No. 47 a marked feature of the present season is the novelties which Are appearing in the realm of fashion. Conspicuous among these novelties May be mentioned the japanese outline of the bodice which is permitted to stamp its popularity upon the Blouse notably upon the lace Blouse which looks very Well indeed under such conditions. I would quote a capital example made in a combination of thick White Guipre striped with lines of Black velvet ribbon Over a line lace front and destined to be worn with a a Lino lace skirt bordered with coarse lace a very Good dress altogether. Besides this i. Would observe the a addition to the lace Blouse of Ordinary detail of braces of ribbon Short wide sleeves of Hebbon and a Belt with Sash ends of ribbon. Such a ribbon could be Chine with a Gatin a Border. This needs a slim figure for its Best Success and those who Are at All Stout should Trust themselves to the simpler belts of ribbon kid or a leather or striped Galon. This last is comparatively new and is to be met with the buckle covered to match. The elastic Belt continues to receive a it supporters and shines beneath the Ilni Weince of Gold and Silver. It May also be found faced with velvet and beaut tit a Gomer Only under one condition could i be induced to recognize its. Plausible charms. There Are some pretty new models in Glace Coats some taking the straight japanese outline and being covered with Silken braid others he ing in the pal tot shape with a Belt at the Waist and an embroidered Lawn Collar round the neck arid a few Black tassels on the front and the sleeves striking a decorative note. The most extravagant form of the Glace coat however is embroidered All Over with floss silk and bears a thickly netted Silken fringe All round it. The three Quarter Coats fitting Al Virost tightly and bearing no fullness in the Basque Are suggestive of the direct Ole period with their Large but tons and the sleeves full on the top but the absence of fullness on the skirt contradicts this impression to some extent. All the Best of the new skirts Are Cut on the Cross with a. Seam Down the Center and fitted tightly round Tho hips while their decoration is either braid or flatly stitched bands upon the hem and above it. Besides this the trimming of the hour is embroidery and our taste for it grows apace.1 it is the recognized fact in Europe that american women Aro the most extensive wearers and the keenest critics of the shirt Waist and for this reason they Are. Constantly of the Alert for new designs in that particular article of apparel. The tailor made shirt Waist like All made to measure garments distinguishable for its smartness of Cut and flt and More and More Are women appreciating this fact. The two Strong Points in favor of the shirt Waist Are Tho multitude of shades and designs and cloths in which it May be obtained and the comparative cheapness of this indispensable article of dress. Freshly laundries what looks fresher or More. Attractive than a Well made Well Flat Long Bhart Waist the shirt Waist worn by the lady to the right in our illustration above is made in the Gauze Cashmere which being pure Wool 1b absolutely in shrinkable other Good qualities of the goods and which should be sought1 for in a garment of this kind Are the smooth clean surfaces which Are retained even after much Wear and Many washings and the Happy Knack of neither creasing nor crushing. Thib Quality of Cashmere Cornea in Small checks and other neat effects which look so Well Voth a Jan coat and skirt costumes and which like so Many of the shirt waists is made with Ordinary Collar band although this May be changed to suit the individual taste. In Tho Central figure of the illustration is displayed a Waist made of Cotton material which is exceedingly smart in its effect. It is of White body ground patterned with Blue Stripe. Japleen is a new but very popular material for shirt waists. In fact it is so durable and so desirable from every standpoint of the shirt Waist requirement that it is being More and More used. Japleen is a material made of egyptian Cotton and silk and has a pretty Sll Lcy appearance which it retains to the last. One of those Jap Leen waists is sketched in our illustration and is the Ono to the extreme left. A Tho Shado is a delicate mauve with a Little Star shaped spot in Tho same color. I v Quot \ to a a Quot it Quot a fat f a h Ivis Well known actor who will soon fwd Ethel George a Ohan. I Evy divorced wife of work of lion Tamer. Trainers risk their lives in teaching animals to perform. The lion Trainer who risks his life in some trick does not receive the applause to which his work entitles him. The Public has become so accustomed to witnessing these daring exploits that the danger to the Trainer is discounted by the frequency with which these performances Are Given. The Trainer is tin peril every time he undertakes to make the Lions perform. How often a Trainer a been injured or maimed teaching Lions to understand and perform some especially difficult trick the Public never knows. There is scarcely one Trainer who is not scarred in a dozen places it is the satisfaction of having succeeded in some difficult task which recompense for the Trainer the same kind of satisfaction that a sculptor or Painter finds after months of efforts in completing a work of Art admired by connoisseurs a life s Effort As it a were. The Man who never missed a. Certain lion act because he said some Day the be eaten alive and. Hie was going to be on Hemd when the feast of the Lions took place would have another Quot Opportunity to indulge his craving were he to witness the performance of Uta Jor Crawford of col Mundyk a White City wild animal Arena especially that feature of his act where he feeds a lion with a piece of meat which he holds Between his Teeth a tug of War Between the Man and beast for the coveted Titbit. The Trainer permits the lion to take hold of one end of a strip of Tough meat and he places the other end in his Mouth. They pull against each other swaying backward and Forward. Each time the Trainer moves Forward the lion takes a firmer and Shorter hold until the animal s lips touch his when the Trainer lets go of the meat Success of Joe Weber. People and plays. Quot Cle Anatra in Judea a a one act play by Arthur Symons has been produced in London at the Bijou theater under he auspices of Tho English drama society. A fascinating Flora Quot is the latest new York production. It is a musical comedy by messes. R. N. Burnside Joseph w. Herbert and Gustave Kerker. The leading members of Tho cast Are miss Adele Ritchie and. Louis Harrison. Y a Arthur Bourchier has followed Otis skinners Leal by producing Henri Lavedan so the Duel in London. The fact that Richard Mansfield Haa released his entire company seems to indicate that he does not intend to return to Active work for a number of months probably pot until after the Christmas holidays. Comedian who has made musical comedies popular in America. Joe Weber is a native of new York City. His first appearance on Tho stage was at the age of eight years when he and Lew Fields ran away from Home and appeared in a song and dance turn at a Little theater just off the Bovery for the munificent sum of 50 cents each. This gave the Twe boys just the necessary courage to go ahead at their chosen profession and Day and night they were practising Jig Steps and dialect to flt themselves for the careers they had mapped out for a themselves even at that Early age. Before or. Weber was 20 years old he was a half partner in a theatrical Enterprise and before he was 28 was financially interested in and managed personally the affairs of no less than ten travelling companies. It was just 11 years ago that or. Weber conceived the idea of making the music Hall at Broadway and Twenty ninth Street. New York a great popular Home of the Best classes of theater goers who do not care to be annoyed with heavy plots and problem plays. He succeeded beyond the expectations of anyone. For 11 years there has been an uninterrupted series of great musical plays farce anti burlesque successes at what is now called Weber a theater and this is the Best evidence of the Wisdom and foresight of a Young Man who always knew of tsp what he wan Tea to do and never failed to fulfil the aim. This season or. Weber is doing More acting than he Ever has before for he has the leading part in a dream does t mind being a Mcdonald who makes an attractive boy is rather fond of appearing in masculine attire. A yes i like being a boy a she admits frankly a and if a woman wears menus clothes in the right clean spirit i certainly do not think that such apparel hurts her modesty or self respect. I just loved my boy in a Mexicana a and i liked the one in a the Toreador to Well that i cried the night i played the role for the last time. It was As a boy that i made my first real hit i was so shy about the costume that i insisted on pinning my cloak a so it covered my legs entirely. And by the Way a she wept on brightly a it was in Pittsburg i had my firs Star Opportunity i had a third part with Francis Wilson and was understudy form is Glaser. One night she was Iii and my Chance came i had such a bad Case of stage fright that i sing my Mouth opened but no voice came. \ when it was All Over or. Wilson said a Well Little girl you were pretty bad but you have it in you i know and who la Dve Vou another a i wonder How Many times my Little friends have read these words a consider the lilies a and then have Dono As Tho great teacher desired they should do. Over 1,800 years have passed since he bade his listeners to consider the lowly things made by his father and All through that Long space of time How few have been they who have really studied and loved the Wayside Flowers. Look at those Broad Spear shaped leaves of deep Glossy Green from which queer shaped hoods of stand up. Within these hoods lies hidden Ono of the most marvelous of our wild Flowers Tho Cuc Lcoo pint or a lords a lords and and ladies a of the Village boys and girls of England. The botanist Speaks of it As the arum. In the Center of the Hood stands a tall purple Finger which beckons to a Small Fly a Little creature whose tiny wings Are thickly covered with hairs. It May not see the beckoning Finger and therefore in addition the Flower sends out a smell like that of bad meat by which the Fly is attracted As fast As wings can beat to the open Hood. Entering he passed Down a narrow passage soon coming to a Barrier of Sharp bristles the Points of which Bend downwards. Through these he goes and finds himself at once in a spacious room along the floor of which is spread feast of Honey. He has an excellent meal and thinking he will pay a visit to his lad love living a Slort Way Down the Lane he climbs the Walls of the room and enters the narrow passage but to he cannot pass out for. Tho Way is barred by the Sharp ends of the bristles he passed so easily when he came in. He tries again and again to make Hia Way out but without Success and at last goes Down again into the room below where he indulges in another feast. Night comes on and snug and warm he dreams perhaps of the glorious Sunshine. Soon he is awakened by feeling something Quot like dry rain falling on him after a little1 time it ceases and then to sleep again he goes. Once More he is awakened tills time by the Sun shining through the Green windows of his room. He climbs again to the narrow passage and strange to say the Sharp bristles Are no longer there the Way is Clear and out into Tho Bright fresh May morning he flies. Resting on a grass Blade overhanging a Little Pool he catches sight of his reflection in Tho water and nearly tumbles in so changed is he. From Wing tip to Wing tip he is covered with yellow dust. Soon to becomes hungry again and remembering whence he obtained his last meal he flies straight to the beckoning linger of another Plant. Passing into the warm room to brushes off the yellow dust against the hairs which cover a lot of Little boxes that will Ono Day become first Green then red and in which will lie the Bright yellow seed. In Tho picture is shown How the Flowers look As they grow at the Bottom of the hedge. 1 have Alten Ono of the Flowers and removed a portion of it to show you the Little passage and the room in which our tiny Friend dined explains the writer in Tho quiver. Below the Sharp bristles Aro arranged a number of Small boxes with close fitting lids. These Are filled with the Golden dust. Kiselow those boxes there is a ring of hairs which protect another and larger ring of boxes lower Down what will some Day be the seed. The Little Plant desires that the yellow dust from another cuckoo pint shall fall upon the tiny hairs that cover their lids. The Flower provides a room several degrees warmer than the air outside also a Good meal and it keeps the Little Fly a prisoner until the yellow boxes have emptied themselves of their Golden dust then opens the door by causing the bristles to shrivel up and All this trouble and contrivance in order to obtain the Golden dust from the boxes of another Plant. Does not the lesson of Tho dear master come Homo with greater Force a they toil not neither do they spin a but think of the wonderful manner in which they so provide that their seeds shall be Strong and Good. The american Fleet. At the beginning of the Spanish american War the intelligence reached Cuba that seven lines of american were lying off key West there being five ships in every line. The spaniards jumped at the conclusion that since seven times five Are 36, there were 35 ships at Tho place. But there were really Only 21, As / a t \ \ ___st.__/ft-----------0 r a a a a it i / Al a a the ships in line. Shown in our illustration. Can any of our readers show the greatest number of straight lines that can be formed by these 21 men of War with five ships in every line the ships must of course to regarded As Mere Points. There Aro several ways of obtaining Tho maximum number of lines. An interesting Experiment. T will demonstrate How the Earth was formed from molten mass Here is an interesting Little Experiment showing How the Earth once a pour water into a Glass until it 1s one third full. Upon this pour slowly some thick i Oil to the depth of not quite one half Inch. Lastly pour in very gently a Small Quantity of water. You now have a layer of Oil Between two blankets of water. Insert a Rod in the Fewlass and stir rapidly in Small circles. Soon you will find that the Oil has gathered around the Rod in the form of a Ball and if you stir fast enough the Ball will flatten at the top and Bottom and bulge at the bides taking the shape of our Globe. The Ball of Oil. Great molten mass attained its present shape. Fact not fancy. A if you. Please May am a Bald Tho Gevant from Finland a the cats a nonsense Gertrude a returned the mistress of the House. A you mean Kittens. Cats done to have a was them chickens or Kittens that master brought Home last night Quot r a sch Ockenay of a a a. A a Well May am that a what Tho cat has companion
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