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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 12, 1909, Galveston, Texas Pora of a a Artel Ofa Century the opera f Ujj glva8s has worked a i in the interest of the sea wai4, i. The sea Waily the a Grade raising and a the opera ci/a89, f win make Gai Veston the South a largest Best City and port s a. A a _ a i _ i i. I 1 ii 1 Rii. Quot i a. .1 a.  �1 Quot Quot. 1 a a Quot 1 established 1879. A Gai Eston Texas saturday ��ne.12, 1��0��. A vol xxx no. 48 it beaded and embroidered shoe s and hosiery for the Trousseau. Dainty footwear is Over an important part of the a Trousseau of the Bride yet it has been Many a Day since the display of boots and slippers has been salaried to Lovely in color and design and so a altogether a fetching. To to truly modish one must have a pair of Shoeb or slippers for each gown Matching it in Colar. The wild extravagance As Well As the becoming smartness of this fashion is obvious. Of course a dozen or More pairs of the latest boots is beyond the average woman income so that the Dainty june Bride will probably Lyvo to Content herself with six a or Ell to different models. Footwear of Good Cut and material is expensive and the Bill for several pairs Jot shoes is alarmingly Large. It pays however to buy a Good Quality in footwear. A a woman vhf w u spend a Little time with new shoes giving them knowing Little touches May have the very smartest thing in footwear for about one halt or on Quarter the a Cost of the novelties in the shops. It is the. Beaded a embroidered face trimmed shoes and slippers that Cost. Perfectly Plain boots and slippers of Good Cut and material either Satin velvet or soft Lold May be purchased in different colors and the beads sown on by band. V. In beading slippers one must have All the knots in tha thread on the outside. They will not show and would Hurt the feet if they were . Several suggestions for beaded so Lepors Are shown in the sketch. In the up a left hand Corner is a wedding Slipper of i amp Bic a simplicity a it is of White Satin with a Row of pearls sewn around the top in a Small Bow Quot knot. A twp other wedding so Lepors Are illustrated one of soft White kid with whits Chiffon Chou and a pearls the other of gleaming White Satin ornamented with a tiny Cluster of Small White roses or lilies of the Falley and pearls of graduated sizes. A a a Dainty evening Slipper of White Satin has a Stdek Border of Turquoise beads. This May be worn with a it Blue or a White gown. The beads for any of the Slipper a Are from 5 to 25 cents a dozen. Two a Orr fetching boudoir mules Are shown in tho sketch one of Pale Green Batin embroidered in a Feather design in Silver threads and with a Silver ribbon Bow knot Rosette the other an attractive Little affair of Light Blue Linen embroidered in Pink rosebuds and Green leaves and finished at the top with two frills of French Val Cycle ones lace. In each pair of mules there is a bit of Bachet Between the lining and outside a Violet Rose or Orris being tho favourites. Women who have weak Ankles and need the support of a High Boot need not sigh for a Dainty appearance for some of the boots of Satin or velvet Ara quite As effective As the slippers. A Boot noted for its distinctive trim Ness is of White Satin laced with a wide Black ribbon a and. Ornamented with Black lace butterflies which maybe appliqued on. Another1 pleasing Boot of Turquoise Blue kid perfectly Plain with a glided Heel Quot May be Given added cd Iarj Jay a simple embroidery of three strands of Gold threads with Gold buttons and a Gold ribbon for lacing. A the Empire Boot in tho lower right hand Corner of the sketch is quite the latest wrinkle in footwear. The ties have a wee Ball fringe on the Edge and Jet beading on the toe. Three other slippers Are shown one of Gray suede for House Wear with a Copenhagen Blue Chiffon Rosette and Cut steel ornaments i and above this Model a reception Slipper of any color to match tho go in with a Darker or contrasting Heel it and beads to match the Heel. The remaining sketch is a a evening Slipper. Of Gold beaded with Emerald Lapis Lazuli and Topaz coi ored beads the Lapis Lazuli forming the dark Center of the design. There is1 a very pretty soft Black kid Slipper that comes for the very moderate sum of $1.50. It has a gracefully shaped Heel not exaggerated and is excellent for general Wear in the House. One May Bead the foe and instep strap with Small Jet or Gold beads and they will look for All the world like the six and seven Dollar slippers in the fashionable Boot shops. The hosiery is Quie As important As the footwear itself. Fashion Calls for stockings beautifully embroidered far like co webby bits of Silken loveliness As Beautiful and impractical As they Are extravagant in Price. They to Nav a however be embroidered at Home. A very Good pair of silk stockings May be purchased and the embroidery easily done using Plain solid embroidery stitch., any of the designs illustrated May by. Used on stockings to match the slippers the embroidery being done in Matching colors or prettily contrasting shades. A Dainty wedding stocking is sketched. It is of White silk embroidered la White with wee Pearl beads sewn through the Center a of the Bow knot a a a a a in Pink crystalline. Blouse of Pink crystalline forming wide a draped rovers bordered with bands of Liberty. The front and Long sleeves Are of Beautiful White Guipre the Yoke is tucked tulle. Mimico Erri a fad party. Spoon crazes and Monogram fan up i Melcs have been succeeded by a rational and useful mania for each person now has her own esp Cial Bol shy tho More practical the better. With this in mind a Young he Stesy sent out invitations asking each one to come prepared to Tell of her own particular fad if. Possible to Bringa specimen and be prepared to talk five minutes about it. A a a it was a very interesting afternoon. One lady had Sele Tecl plates for her specially and she brought a most Beautiful old Sevres piece that Wilt some Day be Worth a Kings Ranson. In her travels plates a re always her quest and her dining room testifies to her Success. Anniversary cups and saucers was one woman a fad As each wedding Day comes she adds an exquisite cup to her collection. They Are for after dinner Coffee and show off to advantage when she serves Black Coffee in the drawing room. A a prospective Bride adds a Towel to her Linen Chest every trip she takes these she monograms in the colors of her bedrooms to be. A dime Bank was the source of one guests financed with which to indulge her fad of teapots Many of these she bought at auction shops. Handkerchiefs was the pet Hobby a of a Dainty Little Maiden dressed in Blue and she had them from All Over the world besides Many find creations of her own fair hands. The intellectual girl confessed that books Ware her particular weakness and she has Many of them inscribed with the authors name also rare first editions and a splendid bookplate drawn by a famous Illustrator she was justly proud carvings was another fad and rare japanese and chinese pottery still another. Prints and engravings were the spa Cial love of a lady. What a nearly always wore Gray which exactly matched her Beautiful hair. All this led up to the fact that every one needed a Hobby something to add zest to ones journeys occupy tho mind and provide always a topic for entertaining conversation. \ a there was divinity fudge which is the very latest addition to the fudge family and All sorts of concoctions that made the Plain chocolate fudge of a Well ill say Quot my school Days a instead of How. Many years ago look like a Plain Little Quaker lady amid the new Fluffy masses filled with Mita and candied cherries. The making and Selling of fancy fudge has proved quite a financial attribute to one a a Guild that numbers a goodly array of South Side girls among its members. Byen grown ups enjoy Quot fudge parties As a can cheerfully testify. Any. Thing constructed upon a chafing dish brings with it an element of sociability and cheerfulness that is hard to attain in any other Way. Long life to it and its pretty schoolgirl champions. To find partners. Make balls of Cotton tie them with different coloured ribbons two of kind then give the two balls that a re alike to a Man. Have the men on one Side of a door or room separated by Portieles Over which there is a Grill or opening. The Man is to throw Over one Ball the girl who catches it be ing Hub partner. Another Way is to wrap a half of a quotation in one Ball and then match the quotation halves. Chafing dish fudge party. A bring your chafing dish and for two on saturday night at eight Quot this was the message four girls and four lads of congenial minds receive not Long ago. And what a Jolly Timp they had the helpful boys donned the aprons and the girls amid Munji merriment instructed them into the mysteries of fudge building. A red Geranium luncheon. The most stunning table imaginable is achieved when red geraniums Are Alsed exclusively As the decoration for the luncheon. They. Are available alike to both City and country hostesses As nearly every one has a bed of these Brilliant Garden Flowers and they Are usually at their brightest when other blossoms Are a a the Wane. Fill a Large Glass bowl with tho Scarlet posies using their own Rich leaves for the Green. Red candles in holders of Glass Scarlet paper Bonbon and nut boxes with ribbons of tho Sarnie Hue leading to the place cards which should be White with a red Geranium thrust through the Corner. The hostess should be gowned in White with red Belt Stock and slippers or the dress May be of red Muslin with White accessories. First serve a Cherry cocktail then Tomato Bouillon Salmon croquettes with Julienne potatoes beet salad and Raspberry sherbet tho cakes May be iced in red As there is a harmless fruit colouring a confectioner will make Cream patties to. Match in colouring if the order is Given a few Days ahead. Madame Merri. in Many Homes a Serviette has to last each person for a week or perhaps ode is allowed for breakfast and lunch another for dinner to Servo the week these Ofton become More soiled on the outside by handling than they do from use and a Little contrivance such As we show Here and which ,1s of French origin is very practical. It is made like a envelope of Fine Linen or Cambric to be Width that of a Serviette folded in three or four As preferred the depth to correspond the size must of course be regulated by the size of the Serviette it 1b intended to hold. The Edge is ornamented All round by a drawn thread hem one end is turned up to form a pocket the other which forms the Lap is worked with the Spray shown below in. Open Hole embroidery the Case is fastened by a Loop and Small Button under the hem. / a a a a. A washing Glove or handkerchief Case could be made on these lines and might be ornamented with the embroidery design either worked in open holes or la ramp lamp de Satin stitch. Dainty dazzling delicious such Are the creations which Dame fashion has introduced for the summer of 1909. To accommodate the clinging Slinky floppy styles now in Vogue materials Are All of a kind calculated to fall in soft folds and Drapo in folds known As a ocl amp Sulc a and which Are purely parisian. And As much Superior to classic folds As the. Smart Paris gown is to the cumbersome Toga writes Marie de montaigne sheer White embroidered Robes Are features of this and the coming season and these Are distinguished for the. Delicacy and exquisite workmanship of the embroidery. This in the better class of machine made embroidery rivals hand work in Beauty and Only an adept or the person who paid the Bills could Tell the difference Between them. Wiir first illustration shows an admirable design in tho latest Mode for our. Warm season. It is a gown that May be made up in a wide variety of materials from cloth to Chiffon or Linen to mull a gorgeous dinner gown a of old by created by making the Stock tho full drawn puff across the front Between the pm. Pire band and Sash and the sleeves of Silver tissue with a gown of thin Blue Satin or of Gold tissue with any kind of Black evening material. In the first Case the Empire Bolero with its Short upper sleeves a the Sash cuffs Edge of Over skirt and Bottom of skirt would in embroidered or braided in Silver. In the next instance tho Black gown would be embroidered i Gold to make an afternoon gown of this Model use soft silk or Satin and work an elaborate pattern of hand embroidery or so tache braid Over the Broad part. Of the bodice which is formed somewhat on the Bolero order in regard to Brevity and which serves to support the so cart by Peana of two Broad embroidered straps which Are buttoned to the top of the Sash. Of course the strap is usually sewed firmly to the Sash but it is quite possible to fasten it on tha. Button and concealed Hook and eyeing each Corner. This would permit one to Wear a sheer Blouse on a warm Day without the embroidered Over skirt is looped in upward folds on each Side and is embroidered to harmonize with the design used upon the bodice this begins in a tiny Scallop High up the front of the Over skirt and increases in the size of scallops towards the Bottom. Buttons or Button effects Are set in each Scallop. Usually these Are of raised embroidery beginning with a Mere Dot and growing to quite a Largo disc lower Down on the Over skirt. Upon the skirt is. Repeated another he rms sizing embroidery or braid design that extends around the Bottom on and above the Quot hem and struggles up charmingly into an irregular Point upon the front of the skirt. The Bottom of the skirt lies on the floor in full floppy folds All around and has a slight Trail in the Back. Between the embroidered Bolero sleeves and cuff is a Plain sleeve fitted and buttoned Down the outer Side.1 this May be of the dress material or of the sheer fabric used for the Collar and front of tho gown when built of thin White or flowered summer Cotton fabrics tho pm a Ellsha a portions of the gown May be Cut out of All Over embroidery or lace and supplied by edgings and flounce Ings to match. Striped Linen is used in making up the gown shown in the illustration on the right. A combination of Plain and striped Linen would also be most effective in this Model while silk in Trio same plan would also serve charmingly., the coat 1b built to fasten at one Side under a panel front in each of which is inserted along the Middle a piece of trimming material. A Semi fitted effect is Given tho garment by Means of narrow plaits or pin tucks that extend from below tho bust Down and emphasize a Short waisted appearance. A Babyish round Collar is edged with trimming which May be either a striped material or tucking similar to that used upon the coat. Panel. Large buttons decorate each shoulder and also the sleeve cuff and straps around tho upper a Arm. Perhaps the most striking feature in the gown is its pretty sleeve. This is Mousque Taire. Of. Three Quarter length and shows below it a fitted cuff of lace or such embroidered material As May be trim the dress with. A plaited skirt made walking length completes an effect Tive costume which might be makeup attractively in any Cotton Linen. Bilk or thin Wool goods suitable for a Drees worn in the Forenoon with this costume is shown a Basin shaped hat with Flowers around the Crown and big loops of soft ribbon hanging Over the Back. Linen is an admirable material in which to build the Model shown. It is a style equally adapted to Light Wool and silk Herald
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