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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 8 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 8, 1907, Galveston, Texas Established 1879galveston, Texas saturday june 8, 1907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 46 foe the neediest copies of 80me old but very pretty books. Among the beat of fancy articles that can to made for Bazars need Only perforated card / silk and ribbon. These Are copies of some very old but pretty let to Needle books that Are Well Worth the attention of ladles v10 Aro looking out for fancy articles for Bazars. Perforated card embroidery silk and ribbon Are the Only materials required in their making. No. 3, which is intended Only to hold packets of Needles is made like a fourfold screen each panel measuring one and three fourths inches wide and three inches Long. Eight file Ces this size should be Cut and four pieces half the size. The three Inch pieces Are joined together in twos by overseeing no. 3.�?Needle Book. The edges then the smaller pieces a re each worked with some simple Long stitch pattern and sewn to the lower new Coats Are picturesque. Part of Tho Long pieces. The four panels Aro then joined by sewing through the stitches that joined the two cards together. The joining must be worked rather loosely As it must act As a hinge. A buttonhole loops of silk Are then worked at each joining and the edges All varieties of models Are worn by fashion leaders. We have for some years past been acc Stoming ourselves to gorgeous and picturesque evening cloaks but now Art and a luxury have been called into play in wraps for All purposes and though the Severd and conservative coat still has its time and place there Are few times and places for which a woman can not secure a picture coat. Cape models Are increasingly popular but an amazing amount of variety is obtained in these lines through Clever drapery for sleeve purposes. Many of the capes hang straight and Long in front and Back let it Are so Cut that they May to aug Hoeup in deep plaits to Elbow length at each Side in order to allow play to the arms. The Kimono sleeve is epidemic Ltd the Moalc realm As in that of the let top suit coat and chinese and Japan-089 ideas Are in High favor with Fronch designers. Delightful Little Short mandarin Coats in .dull&Quot.Blue, richly embroidered in blues and Yel lows and made upon the True Oriental lines Havo been brought Over by some importers and Aro delectable Little things to slip on Over an airy summer frock in Whito or in. A color with which the Blue will not dash. Short Loose Coats of taffeta in White or delicate color elaborately embroidered in so tache of the Samo tone Are also among the imported Short Coats for summer Wear and the Little Short wraps in cloth in Lino i and in lace Are beyond counting.1 some hip length taffeta Coats very simple of line made Semi Flat Long and with Loose Short Kimono sleeves and trimmed with a wide band of dyed Cluny or fillet set just inside the bordering Homs Are made for Wear with surplice effects in favor. The Book Complete. As shown in no. 2. Narrow Sar senet rib Bon is run through the loops. The packets of Needles Are slipped into the pockets formed by the Small pieces then the panels Are folded together and tied round As shown in no 3. A Needle Book for Loose Needles is easily made the card being worked with five simple Little designs these Are worked on single card. Another layer of unto raced card is Laid inside and fixed by the stitches at Edge which Are worked through both. Two pieces Are made thus and leaves of line flannel Are Cut just a Little smaller and sewn inside they should be linked at the Edge. The two pieces which form the Back of the Book should be sewn together by the edges at one Side bows of ribbon should be sewn there and also ends at the opposite Edge to tie up in a Bow. The Needles Are fixed on the flannel one Leaf to be kept for each size. Sheer frocks or with two piece frocks of voile the Shade of the taffeta. Natural hued a Pongee or Mussor handsomely embroidered or braided id self tone makes a Chic and serviceable Little Short coat of the picturesque sort and occasionally one finds a Flat of this kind with touches of preen and Black or of Bright red and Black relieving its Neutral tone. Design for midget Frame. Can be fashioned either in Art Linen. A v or silk. Either Art Linen or silk May be used for the foundation the embroidery to be worked with mercerized Cotton or silk according to Tho material of foundation. The Flowers and leaves that style just now la very popular in Paris. A nothing is More typical / of 1 Tho modes that Are hold in first favor in Earls than surplice effects especially when Tho draped bodice shows a gracefully drooping sleeve Cut in one piece with it. A Beautiful Shade of Saxo lilo voile is used in Tho development of a Chic frock the skirt being Cut circular with an Over skirt effect falling in Sharp Point Over a foundation of silly mounted. Voile. The Points of the Over skirt Are stitched Down closely with very line silk so tache braid making a charmingly simple trimming for a marvellously Beautiful skirt. The bodice proper. Is a fitted effect in fillet lace Over which the voile is draped in Fly he effect the fronts shoulders and sleeves being bordered with a band of dark Blue silk embroidered braid. There is a Vest of Pale Blue Slik finely tucked set into. Are worked in Satin stitch the Flowers in Shadow of Iris mauve the leaves in Pale Green the stalks which Are in cording stitch Are also of Green. An opening for the. Photograph should be made in the Center it May be Square round or Oval As desired. 1 anyone with a knowledge of drawing could easily enlarge the design for cabinets or Cartes de visit. The front of the bodice and above this there rises a Yoke of snowy White lace shirked Down the Center with two tiny cords of Apricot panne velvet a a piping of ithe velvet is repeated in the Collar and again at the cuffs of the Elbow sleeves of lace. A famous Couturier has shown himself particularly partial to All shades of Blue this Benson despite the Vogue that has been Given to the Browns and yellows. One of his creations in Delft Chiffon cloth mounted Over satins worthy of mention. The clothes striped at wide intervals with Pale Gray ribbons and painted with sprays of. Pale Pink roses the hem of Pale Blue with bouquets of blurred Pink roses having a band of Silver tissue at the. Top. The1 Model is the1 quintessence of elegance for the social Gai ties of the summer at Tho fashionable resorts. Very Fine ribbon embroideries in Pale Blue and Pink adorn this Dainty frock the sleeves of which are1 arranged with epaulettes bordered with Silver tissue of which the Belt is also composed. Popular american actress \ v who has been starring in London for several seasons and who bade Farewell to the stage recently. She is shortly to marry or. Oscar Lewisohn the son of an american millionaire. Foy on floriculture. Now in a position to lecture on the Orchid. Eddie Foy who has found another successful musical comedy vehicle the Orchid a is not generally accredited with a deep knowledge of horticulture or floriculture and he is having i great fun with those friends who in the prevalent ignorance of the botany of the Plant the Orchid show a curious interest in the Floral title of the play. Toward the last of his recent run in Philadelphia he met an old manager Friend who asked him a what the Dickens is this Orchid a eddies part had been Well Learned and he came Back with his its a rare Flower old Man and a Beauty. Jove orchids Quot continued Foy. A you know its an order of Monocotyledons Ous herbs a perennial tuber bearing Plant. They Al nost always have Beautiful showy and curiously irregular Flowers with six parted Peri Anite and Nat to the one celled ovary innumerable ovules on three Pat Metal Placenta and one or two Quandros stamens with the pollen getting his second wind Eddie was about to go into his ? scientific dissertation but the manager had the distress signal flying. A Cut it Eddie a he gasped. A a that a great but keep it quiet Here. Wait till you get to Boston old the horse hesitated. Foreign Star succeeds. Eliza ski Mosy one of the five Prima Donnas who Sang the role of mme. Butterfly with Henry w. Savages English grand opera company this season has been singularly honoured by emperor Francis Joseph of Austria who has Given her a command to appear at the Royal opera in Budapest on the occasion of the Fortieth anniversary Celebration of Joseph s Ascendancy to the throne of Hungary. The ceremonies occur on the anniversary Date june 8, Ani on that night mme. Szamody is commanded to appear in the role of Carmen at the Royal opera. Other roles to be Sung by her during the festival season in Budapest Are mignon Aida and mme. Butterfly. She. Will sing in a five performances of the Puccini opera. An experience not to be forgotten by Blanche Bates. There was one eventful evening during the Early Days of a under two flags on the stage that gave miss Blanche Bates a few uneasy moments but with her. Readiness and customary nerve she was enabled to grasp the situation says a Boston paper of recent girl heroine cigarette rides her horse at a crucial moment in the plot directly upward along a Rocky Gorge toward the Back of the stage. But on this Especial evening miss Bates horse thought Quot tha this experience As an actor was sufficient to enable him to act for himself. When the sandstorm began he began to prance and As miss Bates was about to mount him he became so unruly that she was unable to gain a firm seat upon him in Side Saddle fashion. But she must mount the horse and she must ride Liim up to chel Lalai Gorge or else the play would go. To pieces.1 she. Hesitated not an instant but leaped upon his Back astride and so Sayed the scene and won for herself unlimited applause. When the. Ride was Over the horse begged for his customary Reward of sugar. A not a Lump of sugar to night a said miss Bates. A to Morrow in a going to take you out into , and then Well see if you wont be Able to behave yourself to Morrow nightly a. The proper foundation. Good Fortune and Prosperity Are the fruits of labor Economy and truth. We Haven t any devised crabs sir a said the waiter. A i can offer you some very Nice devised plays and players. The Shubert Are going to try the unusual Experiment of sending Eddie Foy trixie Friganza and the american production of a the Orchid to London at the conclusion of its new York run. The undertaking is unusual because the piece is of English or Ign and this will be the first time Fiat a european production has been brought to America rewritten for the american. Stage and returned in its revised for to its native Heath. It would seem that londoners had had about enough of a the Orchid Quot for it ran for some 600 re ight at the gaiety. Foy has never been abroad and it Wolf be interesting to learn what the English will think of his Peculiar style of comedy. The aging period ski unpleasant few years of a woman a life. Knowledge that one really is growing old always Corries As some thing of a Shock politeness overdone. There comes a period in every woman a life when the fact is forcibly brought to her notice that she is no longer Young. Tho knowledge comes As a Shock and in its train comes a thousand bitter thoughts until she learns to grit her Teeth and accept the truth As gracefully As she May. Of course every woman is conscious that the years Are passing. The surreptitious removal of a Gray hair the gradual acquiring of the habit of selecting quieter colors and giving up certain Youthful pastimes All these things Are done quietly and almost unconsciously so that she rarely appreciates the course whither she is tending until a rude blow brings it suddenly to her mind and she realizes that not Only does she herself know her advancing age but that it is becoming apparent to other people As Well. This is indeed a blow. It is All very Well to say that 40 is the Halcyon age of woman that she is reaching the height of her Beauty and intellect she is no doubt. But the years after 40 until she reaches the age when Young girls get up to give her a seat in the car Are those in which she 1�?~ealizes she is Young Reader has it Ever occurred to you that in your polite Effort to show respect to your elders you sometimes overstep the Mark the other Day a charming woman entered a crowded Street car accompanied by two girls evidently friends and about 1c or is years old. Their companion was a woman at Tho height of life. She had not even reached the Point where her friends ? would begin to Call her a Well Light of Carriage very Good looking with a Youthful Ligure she might have passed for 35, although she was probably five or six years older. Lint in the eyes of her obsequious Young friends her years apparently approached second childhood judging by their respectful attentions to her. Thev not Only helped her carefully into Tho car and into the Only vacant seat but they anxiously inquired if she was tired insisted upon carrying her ridiculously Small parcel Anil when the time came to get off waited in Tho Street and helped her off the ear by the Arm. Now it May sound merely polite anti the attention due to any woman older than themselves but to the observer it was rude absolutely Nido certainly uncalled for. There is a gentleman of 86 who becomes much insulted when a too polite woman offers him her seat. 11� objects to being thought decrepit when to certainly is not feeble of lame. Just some such feeling but a stronger Ono dominates Tho woman whose dressmaker first dares to suggest that a certain fashion la too Youthful for her Patron. It is an unreasonable feeling of course but a natural Ono too. Now one does not wish to discourage politeness and consideration from Young people to their qualities Are Only too rare nowadays. But done to let them rub it in too hard on the sensitive soul of the older woman that she is beyond the Point of appreciating or enjoying life. She will not say anything probably she will assure herself that they Are right and that Slio is too old but it is a Bittor reflection to think that Ono will soon to a on who stripes in wide Range. All kinds of materials show the prevailing fashion. One tone striped material in Satin and Gauze crepe de Chine and Chiffon silk mousse line and Marquisette and other combinations make modish evening frocks and the Stripe idea is in evidence throughout the whole Range of materials though the Pekin stripes Are less popular than they were last season and the preference is Given to one tone Striplings. Here is an especially successful Model in Toile de sole which shows alternating three Inch stripes of White and Light Blue. The skirt is so plaited that place to keep notes. Around Waist and hips it appears to to All Blue and upon the front of the skirt the Box plaits Are stitched Down so far that tie whole skirt front effect is Light Blue. At Tho sides however below the hips the plaits flare to show the Broad White stripes. The decollete bodice is similarly treated As to stripes and there is a Square Yoke arrangement of openwork Batiste embroidery edged top and Bottom i tic narrow White Valenciennes Leco. Short puffed finished with double ruffles of the material. Wide tucks Are features. Wide. Tucks. Are especially distinguishing features and particularly becoming to a Tali figure. It is quite Safe to say that tucks and bands will be a a in throughout Tho summer for they lend themselves so Well to linens and other summer materials. It must be dip lated however that there Are other modes of trimming More adapt Blo to the frock and even the suit of silk. To return to the voiles and the other fabrics to which our pretty so Lac costumes have been forced to give Way in lieu of the unpleasant weather the Plain voile made Over a figured checked or striped silk has never really had a hold upon us until now. Now we have made up our minds to revel in them and All manner of opportunities to exploit ones artistic sense of the fitness of things and to study Harmony of colors is opened article designed for memorandum slips Etc. A useful Little article that can be made in spare moments is a Case for. A memorandum slips. It is designed for containing unused half sheets of letters pud other Odd pieces of paper that Are so useful for moms and notes and for which if tidiness in to be regarded a place must be found. The Case represented in our sketch is intended for hanging on the Wall by the Side Ofa writing table or some other suitable place and is made of two pieces of cardboard covered with material and edged with Cord. There is a ribbon Loop at the top by which it May be suspended from the Wall and Simball Tab is sewn on in front into which a Pencil can be slipped. At the top inside two pieces of tape Are sewn and the papers Are fastened 4n by piercing a Hole in them and then pushing the tapes through and tying embroidery combinations. Handwork embroidery is As it always is at a Premium and the excessive Vogue it has attained is responsible for a number of Odd combinations of totally different classes of stitches and of some wonderfully Clever combinations of lace braiding and hand embroidery. The ends together and in Telb manner the papers can then to pulled away one by one As they Are required. J word a a memos can be worked in on the front. ,
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