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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jun 1 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - June 1, 1907, Galveston, Texas Itoi Enberg Library 1 pod. A Quad thu off a cent tit the opera <31, ago h�8 wose0d Zub tub int Beds up otd3 Oba a Wax be tvs vets 8ba Wax a �zh33 Ghadir Waxstock alted the Opsa ,a8s, Wim Hab Toh 1? couth�?T0 1/an.gbot, Best Oto Aux Pond. I i i i i i established 1879 Galveston Texas. Saturday june 1, 1907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 45 waging War on the Moth i r How to keep pest from stored clothing. A utmost precaution of Aro necessary against this enemy of Tho housewife proper Way to y glean Oil paintings. Storing Winter is much More than half accomplished when a garment is brushed free from dust stains spots and any soil removed an f every seam and fold Caiu intr cog sexy or a Deposit of Moth eggs if it can be made sure that Nono of Tho latter Are in tie garment it is easy and cheap to keep them out. Immediately on finishing the cleaning and inspection treatment slip the garment into a. Bag made of Calico or Muslin that will hold it easily and that has not the slightest break or tear. Close the opening by running the ends together on the sewing machine and Lay away in a trunk or on a shelf As preferred. Dip a cloth in turpentine and drop it in the bag with the clothes and always go Over the Chest shelves or the trunk or the Bureau drawer in which this bagged clothing has been packed away with a Brush dipped in turpentine. Moths wont eat Cotton or Linen and if they Are carefully kept out of the garment until it is in the bag they Are out for the summer. To clean Oil each painting from its Frame and wipe off All dust with a soft Damp cloth.1 examine Tho Canvas for Fly specks and moisten All such with a few drops of Clear water. If they do not soften apply stale Beer in the same Way. Before attempting a renovation find out what is Tho matter with the picture. If the colors Are faded and Are to to refreshed proceed As follows having removed All Fly specks take a soft sponge moisten it in tepid water and holding the painting at an Angle Wash its face. If you find that during this operation the surface is at All Sticky you will have solved the secret of the picture s Dull appearance and wll Olinow that it has been coated with sugar White of eggs gum arable or isinglass processes common among artists before varnishing. This Glaze must be removed by sponging with water and tie painting then allowed to dry thoroughly after which it will to ready for varnishing. This is done with a clean soft Flat bristle Brush and French retouching varnish both of a which May be procured from a first class dealer in artists supplies. Do not use a stiff coarse Brush As it will leave lines and do not Experiment with furniture varnish. Place the Canvas Flat upon the table Between yourself and the1 Light and draw the Brush straight across its fac6 from Side to Side taking care neither to leave any unvarnished spots nor to go Over the same places More than once As the double layer of varnish would show when dry. The Canvas a Bould now be kept free from dust till the varnish is hard when it May be returned to the Frame. Good for portraits or cards new idea on the shape of a tasty receptacle. In these1 Days when photographs have such a habit of accumulating and when so Many people make a practice of collecting picture postcards new ideas Are always Welcome for the making of tasteful receptacles for holding the portraits of friends or celebrities. The pretty Holder which forms the subject of the accompanying illustration is made out of a heart shaped piece of Strong cardboard covered on both sides with silk or brocade and edged with a frill of pleated ribbon. Strips of ribbon Are str Etolier across Tho front to form a trellis work design and worked with Small French knots in silk just where the ribbons Cross each other. The Holder can then be Hung against the Wall wit i a Large Bow of ribbon to match tied at the top with three loops in Tho pretty fashion suggested in our sketch. 1 some hints for the boudoir rec Leo for toilet Cream and anti perspiring powder. A simple and delightful to lot Cream is Rasado after this recipe Quot one dram of Tang Cantli in powder three fluid ounces of Glycerine and 13 fluid ounces silk Waist Model. Blouse of Reseda taffeta with japanese sleeve. Both Blouse and sleeves Are plaited at the shoulders and Are trimmed with motifs of multicoloured embroidery and Bias bands of Reseda and White striped silk Quot those Oli the Blouse simulating a Little Waistcoat. The Che Misette and unde sleeves Are of lace.  �?��.-, of Rosewater. Mix Well let stand three or four Days then Strain through Muslin. This will be found very excellent for chapped complexion chapped hands or rough cracking lips. An effective powder for perspiring hands two drams of oxide of Zinc two drams of boric acid four drams of Lycopodium a one ounce of starch one half ounce of powdered Orris Root. The addition of a Little spirits of camphor to the water when bathing will Havo an astringent effect on the pore3 of the Palms of the hands. Superfluous hair is the worst most unsightly and most dreadful of All the awful array of Beauty ills. But if one has the time and a Little Money it is unnecessary to carry such an affliction through life. You can take it to a Beauty doctor and leave it there. The electric Needle is used with the Best results. The hairs Are each one treated separately and Are promptly put out of business. Go to a first class operator who. Does Tho work conscientiously whose appliances Are tie Best and who will Tell you frankly and Ken Ostly just what Bhe can do for you. There is but the slightest discomfort attached to the work and you will have no reason in the world to fear bad results. No scars will remain if the Needle is right and if the operator understands her profession. A bruised Finger Nail should be held in hot water for half an hour. This will often prevent the blood s settling under it and turning it Black or Blue. The life that uplifts. We cannot love what is pure and Beautiful and continue to practice what is base. Set your heart on what is Good and it will l it the life up to it. A a. H. Edwards., miss Julia Marlowe is. This Well known american actress is appearing in London with or. E. A Sothern. A Broadhurst As a manager. He is one of few who look after royalties. A the author of a the Man of a the hour Quot George Broadhurst is of All our playwrights a the least promising subject for the Man seeking a talk on such themes As a the True Mission of the stage a a the future of the american drama a a the theater As an educational and ethical in Flie words of George Ade or. Broadhurst Long ago a let go of the flying rings and returned to the Green his brother playwrights regard him As an iconoclast declare that he is ruining for them the Magazine Field of exploitation and even go so far As to say that he is not a playwright at All but a manager. Managers on the other hand insist that Broadhurst is a combination of playwright and financier. They Point among other things to the fact that he once took Down ?11,000 on a ten per cent Royalty basis for a play on which the producers lost $19,-000 when they remonstrated with him for what they term the a unholy unfairness �11�?� he retorted that figures Only proved that he was a profitable playwright and that they were unprofitable managers. A few nights after Tho run of a the Man of. The hours began in new York City last december a Magaz list bore Down on or. Broadhurst and asked for a talk that would give her material for an eight Page article on a the play of he inquired As to what she meant by a the play of a Why a Sho exclaimed Quot plays like a the lion and the mouse and a the Man of the hour a of course. You and or. Klein both undertook grand work in making the stage a Mirror of abuses in order that the Public might see the reflection of them and Correct them. Is not that a fruitful theme a a Well a answered or. Broadhurst after a Momey to a cogitation a it would be if i were conscious that i had done anything of the kind. As a matter of fact what or. Klein and i have both Dono is to hold the Marsar up to abuses which the Public itself had already corrected or begun to Correct. We Are in fact reformers a posterior not a Priori. I shall speak no further of or. Klein in the matter but for myself i do not mind confessing that when i set about writing a the Man of the hours i did so with a keen appreciation of the. Fact that the play would reach the boards after countless thousands of pages of free advertising in the daily newspapers the magazines Etc. A the play is not a hint to the Public to do something but an Echo of what the Public had done or started to do. I found my Story right on the first Pago of every daily newspaper in the country throughout1 the Era of investigation of graft in All its forms in politics it and corporate affairs. Had Tho Public and not the politicians and corporations been thrashed in the Battle i should believe me have written a play showing that result. Aristophanes in the Birds and beaumarchais in a the marriage of Figaro started something i believe. In the Way iof political upheaval but their royalties were not As Liberal As mine i believe on the basis of Gross receipts a not time for a Shine. Comedian objects to having his stage boots polished. A a new assistant property boy was engaged the other Day for Joe Weber a company. He is a youth Whoso knowledge of the theatrical business. Is in inverse ratio to his Energy and determination to make himself useful passing Tho door of William Hodges dressing room when that actor was on the stage the youth caught sight of the rubber boots that or. Dodge wears when he appears As the chief of the Volunteer fire department in a Bream in keeping with tha costume the boots Are artistically splashed with imitation mud. The energetic youth at once came to Tho conclusion that or. Hodge had waded through the City a mud to the theater and Here was a glorious Opportunity for him to get Busy. Down to the property room he hurried with Tho mud encrusted boots and in a comparatively Short space of time the original Luster of the rubber was restored and the boots returned to their original resting place., a few minutes later when or. Hodge prepared to Don the footwear a few Earnest Well chosen remarks were heard to Issue from his room. There was some rapid fire investigation a Brief but heated discussion and passers by out in the Street were astonished to see a youth Bhoot out through the stage Entrance of tha theater and proceed to slosh about la the mud a pair of glistening boots. If observers thought the Young Man Wab crazy the should have looked in at the stage door and seen or. Hodge dancing around in Hla Sook feet and calling upon High heaven to punish a stupid property boy in accordance with his deserts.,. The necessary extra frock dark suit indispensable in wardrobe. Many Little devices by which its sommerness May be relieved by touches of color at wrists and neck. There is no use in attempting to get along without a dark cloth suit for no matter How fresh and attractive the Light costume May look at this time of year no delicate Shade can receive constant Wear without soon becoming soiled and shabby so that the extra frock is in the end a Good investment if too somber the dress can always be relieved by White Collar and cuffs and then a Bright color can be introduced in the hat to add to Tho effect and make the gown in keeping with the season. Either Black or dark Blue is Best for the tailor costume and Brown May be used if peculiarly becoming although in Tho Darker shades the latter is by get to look too dreary in warm weather. A tiny line of White is seen in a number of the newest cloths and this at once takes away from the mourning look of an All Black suit. In. Some the stripes Aro quite close together and in others far apart but there is Little to choose Between tha designs All being about equally attractive. Then Thuro Are Tho fancy Serges and for their Woight and Good wearing Quality Serges cannot be surpassed. There Are various mixtures in this weave so that while kept on the one color the cloth whether Blu or Black looks somewhat dressier than with the Plain surface. For an inexpensive gown a Plain Plush forgo is one of the Best investments for it will stand an immense amount of hard usage. In ordering a dark cloth frock it should be remembered that it is intended solely to save some lighter and handsomer costume and it should to of a Model that is a convenient Ono for regular everyday Wear. First of All it should be quite Plain with a full walking length skirt and Scavero jacket with Long sleeves for it must not to necessary to Wear Long gloves for travelling and constant use is not healthy. Another and a most important Point for this suit is that it must Boas Light in weight As cloth can be for during Trio summer it is often necessary to Wear a cloth suit for travelling. Summer hat made of tuscan Straw simple in ornament but of the latest design. The brims of. The majorly of the new hats certainly Havo a downward tendency giving a Quot roof Lille a appear with a quaint touch of Black ribbon velvet a single Pink Rose and a shot Black and Tan Ostrich Illume. To to successful hats must be to absolutely in keeping with the costume for Ono of the features of this years fashion is that everything should harmonize la colouring. Ance and necessitating a Bandeau to raise them from Tho head. Our illustration shows a summer tuscan Straw Cotton waists fashionable. Pale club Batiste Light Blue Lawn and ail the very soft shades of Cotton Are used for the making of Tho pretty summer waists. Nearly All of these waists Are very thin and Ono sees Light Pink As sheer As i web made into a Waist that is As Lovely As any to be found upon the counters. Lace is Tho invariable trimming and there is Apt to be a combination of two or three different kinds of lace All put together into Ono pretty Blouse for summer afternoons. Some of Tho varieties Are expensive. Designs Are All pretty. Plain voiles and those in Pekin or striped patterns constitute a majority of Tho More pretentious costumes seen and narrow Black and White stripes Are most favored. These Aro made up Over White linings As Are almost All voiles of whatever color and Are elaborated in Many ways. Quaint new idea in combination silk and Muslin used by the leading Toilette fashions. One of the quaint conceits of the new fashions is the combination of silk and Muslin. In one such Model Cream coloured Batiste is used Over a a foundation of Blue silk. This forms the skirt proper. At the Bottom there is a flounce of silk which precisely matches the Shade brought out by the Cream Batiste Over the Blue and it is attached to the skirt with a serpentine lace insertion which shows a the silk underneath. More of the insertion outlines the Princess front panel. The top of the bodice is tucked finely is Cut away in a shape. With a Che Misette of the Blue silk embroidered in a pretty forget me not design inserted. A narrow crush Girdle of Blue silk raised in the Back and a meeting the panel in front finishes As pretty a costume As one could Hope to see of a summer s is receiving Ucli of its old time attention and although there is not an extensive showing of new designs in the silk itself it is claiming distinction to a considerable degree through some original modes of construction one effective design has a straight skirt gathered closely at Tho Waistline which is raised in the Back and is bordered at the Bottom with a six Inch band of Plain Black Satin. Tho foulard is Black dotted with White. There is also a narrow stitched band which extends from Tho hem each Side of the Center front up underneath the Girdle up Over the shoulders of the bodice and Down again to the hem in the Back. Tho bodice is a Pinafore worn Over a White net Glumpe with the sleeve outlined by a stitched band of the Plain Satin. Across Tho front Are two silk frogs and two others decorate the shoulders. Practical hold All pen wiper useful trifle would command ready Sale at Bazars. An idea for the making of something new and practical in the Way of a pen wiper is always Welcome and to a give herewith a sketch which cannot a fall to prove of interest to Tho industrious ones among our readers who happen to be Blest with Clever fingers. A this pen wiper is made in exact Milta it Lon of a traveler a hold All wrapped round a railway Rug. It might be a made of any Small piece of plaid material bound at the Edge with Satin a ribbon finely stitched and finished with ribbon straps and buttons and a ribbon handle or strips Cut from the arms of an old pair of Tan gloves would make a capital imitation of leather straps. The inside consists of a Roll of Black or dark coloured cloth linked or fringed at the edges. Such a useful trifle would be sure to find a ready Sale at Bazars
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