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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 31 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 31, 1909, Galveston, Texas i a a i a t r a a a por a of a to Tarter of a a Century the opera % i ass has worked in the inter but of the 89a Walzer c�0py. In. V a a a a the 8ba Waw the f Grade raising and % the opera class a Winil make a at Vas $ i ton the South a x 4 largest West City f ? and port. S i f Quot a. Est�b�ished�879. a a a yes to no exp a so Tirb 1909. Vol Xxxi no. 3. Sammy attempts to Fly. Di8d Stroub results from youngster s intended visit to relative of in country. School had closed for the summer. With two months at a ills disposal inventive Sammy naturally began to think of what to should do in this vacation Gorlod says the Philadelphia inquirer. Fils experiments and inventions had proved to expo Dilyo Pia a that to did not Liko to ask his father for Money to go away on a Long Holiday trip. Neither did to wish to stay at Home. Quot father a said he thoughtfully at the breakfast table. "if./, you. Could spare me the Donkey and our Little Pony cart i could take a Jaunt through the country a Topping at the Homes of our relatives. They Uve most everywhere about Here you know and in be promised Ever so Many visits in be never i a the very idea Quot exclaimed his father who had just been wondering a it How to provide an agreeable vacation for his Brilliant son. Sammy was Quick to Avail himself of the permission. That very he started upon Iii travels bearing a volume of message from his parents capable of holding his to rigged the Kite to Jock s Back by Means of the traces and Long Ropo extensions. Haying led the Don key to the straight level Road Sammy announced to the people gathered round that he was about to Fly Home. Quot get up Jock Quot he shouted whacking the Donkey briskly with his whip. All went Well until there came a a Tyrl Sec wind up flew the Kite in the air to a position several feet above the donkeys Back. Jock passed beneath the. Low hanging Bough of a tree. To passed but the Kite did no to t Jock had reached Homo by the time Sammy been my a conscious of what had happened. Then with one last angry look at the fragments of the Kite which like himself Tya d been battered made a Mammoth. Kite. Toi a different relatives with whom he would spend Days a a now it chanced that Jock the Donkey. He. Had a very Little exercise. Therefore he kicked up his heels and catered along the1 highways at a delightful a Pace. The1.�?Tboy was feeling As Happy an a Lark when he came to Quot a place where the Road Shelve d steeply Down an embankment to a Creek Ford. A hold Tup a Little a he cried to the Donkey and tugged with All his might upon the reins. But the Donkey never paused. Downward to plunged rattling. Over the Loose stones at a of Speed s and disaster came As one might have near the Bottom of the slope the frail cart careened against a Bowlder. A moment afterwards it was a mass of splintered Wood instead of a handsome Pony cart. Then it was that Jock stopped in Ufa headlong dash and returning of where a his master had been pitched upon the tones gazed ruefully with 8ammy i Pon the. Ruins. But his obedience. Had co Hie too late for any Good. A rope the Creek stood a farmhouse where lived Folk who gladly would in relent Sammy a cart with which to a drive Home. The lad declined with thanks however. Assuring them that a now he had in Opportunity to work out a new invention he began the construction of Mammoth. Kite. Across ithe Middle of the contrivance he nailed horizontally a Light Board away flew Jock. Against tho treacherous limb the boy inventor limped slowly toward Home and Mother his vacation though a Jort had been eventful but not a together a Happy one. Eastern legend of the left firsts brought Bali Toi Man in the fifth Century a. D., on shores of China. Tea a says. An Eastern legend first brought Balm to Man Long ago in the fifth Century a. a when the son of a powerful Indian Rajah a first stepped from his. Boat on to the shores of China. The Young Man was possessed of a desire to liven religious Solitude i his food was to be the nuts and roots and terms of the Forest his drink the Cool running water of the streams. A a. A a among his strict vows was one that he a would never thereafter dose his eyes. But so great was his exhaustion that he fell asleep in spite of himself when he. Reached the Shade of the Row of Trees that bordered the coast. And great was. His sorrow when be awoke. To punish for having broken the Quot vow he slashed off his eyelids with his knife and Casl them on to the ground. The next Day he chanced to pass by the spot where he had. Succumbed to sleep. What was his bar prison to see in the spot where he had thrown his eyelids Down a a strange Bush growing. A Rama tasted the leaves he found them deliciously fragrant then to his Joy he Learned that by simply chewing these leaves he could readily keep awake no matter How great his fatigue. V and this Quail to of stimulation from sleepiness Tea has always retained the legend concludes the Little Tumbler. Make a figure of a of any very Light substance the pith of the elder tree for instance which is soft and can a get easily Cut into any form. Then provide a hem 1 s p he Recal base of some heavy mate Ilal such As the half of a Large Leaden Bullet and take away All the imperfections which May be on tho convex part. A Paston the Figuro to the plane surface of the Bullet and in Jyh ate or position it is placed when left to itself it will immediately Rise upright. A a .v.1.&Quot. Auto trip through Arabia a a a Quot i. David Forbes an englishman with a party la the first to make tour. David Forbes an englishman Hap had the novel and somewhat exciting experience of be Fig tho first person to traverse Arabia in Van automobile. Hie route was from Alex Andretta to it Bagdad and it the journey consumed nine takes the Ordinary trav Eler three Days to drive from Alexan Dretta to Aleppo and from there 1b 21 Days by caravan the trip i not a Safe one to take. Forbes had a party of live an English chaff Faur an assyrian Mechanic Cook an Arab and him self Otid travelled in an Ordinary 40-horsepower touring by. Gaeo Jine was sent Quot ahead to the caravan stations and it took �?�13g Gallons for. The trip. It is said the motor used a 13 Miles which seems improbable but allowing ten Miles to the gallon the journey was 1,360 Julies at 4 this was done entirely without maps to ditches along the Euphel ates offered serious trouble and the soft Sand was bad. The euphrates was crossed on a raft built for the occasion. The arabs when they saw the car thought it was the Railroad which had gone amuck a and become lost in the desert. Where to Tulve Long. Yarmouth is living up to tho repute. Tion Charles Dickens gave it when he advised the Purchase of an a annuity and residence at Yarmouth to attain the age of Methuselah. Tie annual report of its medical officer of health issued yesterday states that in 1908 the average rate of mortality was much below the previous ten years and was two per thousand lower than the corrected average death rate 76 great towns to that on its population of 50,000 hot a fewer than 100 lives were saved last year As compared with the mortality in. The a country Standard. A three suggestions very simple yet pretty Chemise this in Fine Cambric. Insertion with holes forms the band the Edge of which and the armholes Are finished with lace. Ribbon is run in and out the holes and is tied in bows each Side front. I a. A a a materials required 2% Yards 36 inches wide 1% Yards insertion 3% Yards lace 3 Yards ribbon. Under bodice for Empire fashionable Empire dress requires special petticoats and under bodices to Wear with it. Here we Haw a Short wasted under bodice that May be made either in Nain Sook or silk and to which the Empire skirt slip May be attached whether Quot it be slightly gathered or quite Plain. The bodice is simply trimmed with lace at the neck and armholes. A a a materials re a lured Yard 36 inches wide. 2% i lords lace. A Winter Wear flannel Colleton or Flannelette Are warm materials in which to make this jacket. The sides and Back Are slightly shaped in the fronts hanging straight the Edge All round both of jacket Collar and wide sleeves Are bound with silk the fronts Hook invisibly. A Bow of ribbon ornaments the front. A materials required 3-ft Yards 28 inches wide Yard silk. Of Gray silk poplin. This charming gown was included n the Trousseau of a Bride and while comparatively Plain is decidedly Beau Alful. The material is Sylvei Gray silk poplin and the unique arrangement of jumper skirt 4s entirely new. Buttons used for closing at left Side and foil joining straps on shoulders Are covered with poplin the Grimpe and sleeves Are tucked Chiffon cloth in same Shade of Gray. Accompanying this Beautiful costume is. A Largo Gray neapolitan hat Alth Black velvet band around Edge of under brim and a huge Bunch of. White Aigret Tes on top. New appointment card. One of the prettiest devices intended to jog the memory with regard to appointments is a card of rough Art cardboard with a clock dial some four inches in diameter and clock hands which can be moved to Point to any hour a a a tills dial occurs in the Center of the card and above it in a fancy lettering Are the words Quot done to forget that a Polnit tent at Quot the time of tho engagement is of course supplied of the hour to which the clock Naids Point. The rest of the a decoration is in craftsman style consisting of conventional Bay Trees. The card is enclosed in an artistic Frame of stained Wood severely Plain. Hints regarding the hair is Csaji of topics of a to cleanse the hair. X sometimes especially if away from Home it is difficult to Wash the hair. When this is the Case try this method of freshening it instead. Take a piece of Lemon and rub it Well into the Scalp afterwards brushing the hair thoroughly with a clean not too hard Bouab. This treatment does not make the hair at All Sticky but makes it beautifully fresh soft and Glossy it also easy to curl. Tresses be quire. Constant care if Beauty is to be a reserved for any length of time. A Black hair is so rare a Beauty that the girl who possesses it should be careful to keep it a attn smooth and free from dust by the frequent Stro Kings with a velvet bristled Brush occasionally. Moistened Ever so slightly with Olive Oil. Quot Brown hair so soon fades and turns Gray that its Rich deep shades Are Only to be preserved by constant vigilance. One method of keeping it Beautiful is to occasionally rub upon the Scalp and locks a very Little sour milk allowing it to remain for a few moments and then washing it out with warm water. A a. Quot blonde hair should be washed with Castllo soap and water then thoroughly dried in the Sunshine whenever possible As that helps to preserve the Golden shades. Any. Preparation containing ammonia is car to to fade Light hair and to give it an Ashen tinge while peroxide of Hydrogen rinsing will bleach it so gradually that before a girl realizes what is happening she will find herself the possessor of far Tiore Silver than Golden How to Brush the hair. To Brusly the hair properly draw tho Brush firmly tho High gently Over the Scalp and Down through the entire length of the hair at each stroke and let the strokes follow each other in rather rapid succession. The Brush should never he brought Down on tho Scalp with a Quick Tharp striking motion As this Only irritates and and wounds the Scalp As Well As tangling the hair. For combing out the hair after it has been waved a coarse comb is often better than a Brush. Under no circumstances should the hair to combed out by beginning at the Scalp and working downward. Instead Divide the hair into strands and comb each portion separately beginning at the end of tho hair. Travelling with travelling with toilet bottles or Medicine phial which cannot be a Dir sensed with first ascertain that the corks Are sound and will not allow the liquids to pour through. Then Cut Small pieces of the pliable wire. Draw a piece around the neck of each bottle. And make a Loop draw Long to git. Put other end across the Cork and form another Loop around Rieck of bottle so prepared the bottle May be packed in either bag or trunk without danger of spilling. A Hay ride and Corn party. Days by the Shore Are simply glorious this month the winds have commenced to Bing the requiem and there is Beauty in nature which seems to come Only with the August Moon. But i started out to Tell of a Hay Rido and Corn party that was a howling Success in every sense of the word. The hostess appointed a common meeting place where the refit farm farm wagons with four horses awaited the guests. A after a merry ride of ten Miles i.mad�. Gay with resounding horns a campfire was built to fable put up on Sawhorse with the Long boards that had been brought on the Wagon and the Corn feast began the hostess had gotten stunning a Ornce a place a Fords Corn decorated nut holders Popcorn done up in Green crepe paper to look like ears of Corn. There were boiled ears roasted ears Corn fritters the Batter made at Home and carried in a Glass Jar with Maple syrup. Of course there were potatoes Sweet and Irish roasted in the coals and lots of sandwiches Plain and filled with minced Ham. A the Candy was an exact reproduction of Corn kernels. It was Given in Little boxes shaped like ears of a a Quot a a secret of her picnic was revealed by this Young woman who is noted for this form of hospitality. She said Bhe never asked More than 12 to her outdoor affairs and took Especial pains to keep the guests who were congenial in groups and always provided a Man for every girl if married couples were not she considered always who was to be Bidden to a picnic for there Are those who loathe outdoor spreads and those1 who a a hate formal dinners. The successful hostess is the one who discriminates closely regarding guest and function. You to part of a dress and part of a door. Homo Csc. A15. Which treo is Novor Scon Alano. Pear i16. And which one is a Bright warm tone. Cherry 17. And which in Church doth of Deco hold. Older. 18. Which is a town in Ireland old. Cork. A 19. I or this one do not look so far which tolls what charming people ovary. Poplar. A 20. Which Ono will allay the pain if a promptly rubbed on Trulso or sore Witch Hazel. 1 21. The Carpenter doth use which treo to make Hla Wall straight As can to. Plum. 22. To which Trei do urchins Call to show you and have looked at All. Rubber. 23. Which tree on calendars do you find. Date. 24. Which is a Joko told Many times. Chestnut. 25. Which do to Callah Ohio Man. Buckeye. A 2g. And we Rich for soup to some Lmos plan. Crab. 1 27. Which tolls on land or sea. Elm. 28 and on our feet Well Wear which tree. Sandal. A forestry contest. This is an attractive contest for a limited number of people. It could be used for a Iare crowd if the questions were Quot printed or even Type written so As to save the hostess so much writ Long. For prizes a polished Wood paper weight a Pincushion of Yucca Palmor. Any article of wooden manufacture. A toy a or Hatchet in a Block of Wood for a Consolation j Rize would be suitable and provoke much merriment. \ 1. Which tree a kissing game could play. Tulip . 2. And which it s father s name could say. Pawpaw. ,. It 3. Which shall we Wear to keep us warm. Fir. A. I. And which do ships prefer in storm. A say. A 1.c. Which shows what lovelorn Maidens jo.-, Pine. 6. And a tho hand which carry you Palm. A a ,. 7. And which is it that the fruit men soar. Locust. .1. 11. And from their pipes men shake. Ash. /. 9. Which tree is it bad boys dislike to 3e.e., Birch. La a 10. Wiloh 1 is a girl both Young and Sweet. Peach. A 11. Which. Like a Nian Bright Dapper and neat. 12. And on which do children play. Beech. 13. To which tree turn to for goods to Wear and stuff to Cottonwood. ,14. Now Divide you one treo More a simple party. is Cert airily a most Amu Long affair and will repay a hostess for the trouble of arranging for then to be a successful hostess the labor that precedes att event should never enter into the calculations. There must be an equal number of men and women Eglit co Ples. Make a party easily provided for. In the invitations to the girls the hostess requests a. Sample of the gown Wlinich they will Wear and to the men the. Missives request a Sample of the Necktie these to be sent in Advance to the hostess. The samples Are neat a by mounted on Quot Sample cards and the neckties passed to the girls the dress materials to the men. In this Way partners Are found for the progressive conversation which will a passed and the men Are to write descriptions of tho gown the Sample of. Which fell to their lot and a a the girls Are to write about the ties material style a to. Five minutes will be Given to these descriptions and then the papers will be read aloud the prizes Are to be Sample packages of any product the hostess May select the refreshments Are to be novel. Inasmuch As the hostess will have the Tea and Coffee made by a Quot Demon Strator one of. The party who Lias been. Prev doubly asked to do stand the other things Are to be served in boxes marked. "samples.�?�. There will be sandwiches of various kinds olives salad Small cakes Etc. The contents of the boxes will be spread upon the table which is to be supplied with All the requisites in the Way of dishes. While at the table the room is to be suddenly darkened and Little saucers containing a mixture of chopped nuts candles and crackers Are to be passed and eaten. When the lights Are turned on each one is to write Down what he a b had the one nearest Correct being Given a Quot Sample cake of chocolate. A a. A ,. Madame Merri. A mildew on plants. mildew from plants the Best plan is to Sprinkle Sulphur on the leaves or Spray thoroughly every two to Feeks with the Bordeaux mixture. For embroidery embroidered net. Many of the new summer frocks will be made of Hedvy net. Embroidered in cart wheels. Plain White flogs will be used singly or triple and the work need not be done by expert hands. It looks vory much like rough a Athin very Dainty handkerchief is in grass Lawn the embroidery worked with Fine soft Cotton. The size of handkerchief should be decided on Thep tracings of the designs taken and arranged in a Square. Cut the Lawn an Inch larger than the finished handkerchief is to be then Transfer the design either with Black carbonic paper or Blue tracing cloth. The. Little forget me not design round the opening in the Corner is worked in Satin stitch then the Lawn is Cut away from the Center and a net work of lace stitches worked to fill it in. The sprays Are in Satin stitch with cording stitch stalks. The scalloped Edge is worked Over in Button whole stitch. In cutting the material away at the Edge care must be taken not to Cut the St lures a. A
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