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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 27 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 27, 1907, Galveston, Texas If \ for a Quarter of a Century to a a opera pfc ass has worked in the interest of the so a Quot Wall City. The sea Wam the Grade raising and the opera Glass we Lyle make Galveston the South s largest Best City and port. 1a establishes 1879 Galveston Texas saturday july 27, 1907. Vol. Xxix. No. 1 dainties a 13 the keynote of season s g0wn8. Most desirable Modulo Are by no Means hard to copy and need not to expensive if card to taken if one has the least cleverness in owning it should not be a difficult thing to to smartly arrayed this season As Many of the most desirable models can to copied very inexpensively if materials Are a Well chosen. Dainties a and simplicity Mark the most desirable frocks rather than lavish trimmings and although., Many of the it More elaborate frocks show quantities of handwork the expense of Tho Model <lcpend3 the Fine materials used and the time required for the hand embroidery it Cetera than on the applied trimmings. For simple rocks the a a jumper styles Are still in evidence but Ara in danger of becoming a Little common especially those which Are my re straps Over the shoulders showing a great Deal of White under Blouse. The a sleeveless models Are not recommended but the1 new Ino dels which show a Loose open sleeve of some Graceful design Are very Good style. In tie two views of the frock illustrated Are shown both styles of sleeve the front View sketched showing the Short Elbow length sleeve and the reverse View the Long Quot Mitten Quot sleeve. A a this gown was in the Model of Pale Gray Pongee but is equally practical and effective in Linen As it could be easily laundered. The frock shows two attractive features the Clover use of buttons covered with Tho gown material and the Little inset pieces of Coldred Linen braided with Fine so tache about the upper part of Tho bodice. In. The Model these inset pieces were of Nattier Blue Linen braided with Pale Gray so tache but front a id Back View of Linen frock. In Linen any contrasting color desired could be substituted. For instance if the frock is made up in White Linen the inset pieces could be of medium or Light Blue Pink Green or Lavender braided in White. The buttons used Down Trio entire length of the Back and on Tolje bodice across the shoulders being also of White Linen. Quot the sleeves of the gown were Cut in one with the bodice a Jid were outlined by a design of contrasting color Linen also braided. For the summer evening. Wraps in White and Pale coloured Russore a re liked. Apropos of Coats for summer use that answer for evening Wear those made of White and pole coloured Khaki Russore Are favourites. They Are nothing More or less than great mantles that sweep in circular form about the figure and have a collarless neck pm piece my it simply braided or embroidered and Are unlined. Besides these Cool and enveloping silk wraps those of double mousse line do sole in biscuit and Mastic shades As Well As All White Are Large Loose sleeves Are. Set in with a trimming of Puipuro la cd to match for Edge finish and also for the neck which is a Little Low. As the lace is continued in a pretty Way from the front to the Back it ends in the Back in a Graceful Hood. Long lace Scarf effects hold the two fronts in place. Sometimes these vaporous wraps have an inset fall of Gossamer silk to match Laid Between the outer and inner mousse line to give a Little More body while others Are ordering a fall of Brussels net in place of the silk which then1 retains the Light Cloud. Like appearance More effectively and suffices to give a Little More warmth. Outing Blouse. Blouse of White Linen forming a Box Plait in. Front ornamented with buttons. This Pleat the armholes and the under parts of the sleeves Are All finished with an Edge of old Pink Linen. Pockets in each Side of the front a we knt it a disc Loring Mold and often horrid looking rents Are made by the accumulation of water Between paper and ceiling caused by leaks of unsound roofs or disordered bathrooms. When you see a Damp spot appear on your ceiling immediately make a few openings in it with a pin Point fastening the pin on a stick or Long Broom handle so As to let off the water. The paper will dry out leaving no Trace of disaster. A a. Simple vase is Best. Prevents comparison Between re a be Paclo and Flowers. When displaying Flowers in vases As on a mantel or Center table a one thing ought to be borne in mind and that is the plainer the vase tie better the Flowers will show. Somebody Bays that the difference Between a vase and a a Eva Hzel is that the latter costs More than $2.50. But a a Eva Hzel that costs five dollars or six dollars is now called an amphora and both the Kahze and the amphora were never. Intended for use but to be placed on stands or in niches As Evl Donees that their owner has Money to Burn. To put Flowers in either would spoil who effect of the Flowers for the Eye would be attracted by the Beauty or material of the receptacle and Quot the Flowers would be overshadowed. To get the Best effect of Flowers put them in. The plainest possible vase or bowl that will not attract attention then they will be appreciated for themselves and no comparison will to instituted Between them an d the receptacle that holds them. A double handful a of Oyoyo daisies blackened susans Rudbeck lab. Corn Flowers or any other common Blossom will show to More advantage in a Brown earthen Pitcher than in the costliest amphora Ever carved out of parisian Marble. The japanese understand this principle. All their Flower vases Are of the plainest possible construction. But the Flower Loving japs go to the opposite extreme in displaying their Flowers and try by judicious arrangement to get the Best possible results from few Flowers. They Seldom display More than half a dozen Flowers in a vase and try always to have More foliage than Bloom making Green the predominant color thus setting off to the Best advantage the tint of the Flower against a Neutral background. That however is a matter of taste. A. Few Flowers Well displayed give an effect of Dainty elegance. Americana like Flowers in the mass but the Good taste of both agrees regarding the simplicity of the vase. Rival shoes. Summer women Clad in snowy White Are to be mourned among the Good things that Are gone with the passing of White gloves White shoes seem to be put on the list proscribed. Fashionable shoe dealers say that Only very indifferent people Are buying White those who do so Are Brave and proclaim that they Dot not care if they show the modes of Summers ago but they must be Brave indeed to Wear the shoes outside their own Home. \ Pale Gray in the shoo is the very thing or Lemon coloured kid or. Golden Brown suede. Young girls Are wearing the yellows and More advanced matrons Hoer which Are made to match their latest gowns v Isabel Irving 7 i him Chi Good mimics always succeed. Clever spilt actors of stars can com Mand Good salaries the retirement to private life of Fay Templeton the Hunt that Cecilia Loftus is making for a comedy in which she will not have to do imitations and other movements of theatrical stars create new opportunities for actors and actresses who Excel in that imitating pays can be seen by the new five years contract that Elsie Janis has made with Charles Dillingham under a whose management she is to Star. She gave up a management that had been paying her $750 a week and her Only reason for giving it up she said was that it was not paying her enough a amp Lary. A a new imitator in the. Person of a Black eyed Black haired girl who until lately had not been heard of 1 has appeared in vaudeville and her friends announce with a boldness that is somewhat a startling that she is the real successor to miss Janis. This is la Belle Blanche. She does one thing that few imitators have done. She has omitted imitations of Eddie Foy and George m. Cohan. A Blanche. Ring does the imitating for the Lew Fields company while Cecilia Loftus is on that Job for the Joe Weber tki Upo. A Amisa ring did not do imitations when she first went on the stage.1 at first she Sang songs. Later she discovered that she could do acceptable imitations. One of those she does is an imitation i it of herself singing a the Belle of Avenue a Quot a the Good old Baummer time a a a Bedel a a and other songs with which she has been closely connected in Days gone by. One of the newer imitators is Gertrude Hoffman the wife of the Man Ylio wrote much of the music that is heard in Anna held s Quot the parisian a. A Henry e. Dixey la a marvelous mimic. One of the reasons that Richard Mansfield does not care overmuch for Dixey is that Dixey used to. Mimic a him continually. He also used to mimic Henry Irving. He did this in London at a a theater next door to Tho one in which the great Henry was playing. At a dinner Given to Dixey Irving said a v a if anything should befall Roe one of these nights and i could not get to the theater they a could Send Nett door and get the other Henry to play my part. I doubt if anybody would know the Fay. Templeton in one of Tho old Weber and Fields shows used to come upon the stage just after Lillian Russell had finished singing the Beautiful a my. Evening Star.�?�. She did an imitation of miss Russo singing that song that used to make miss Russell lean exhausted from laughter against the wings. Nat Goodwin is an accomplished mimic. Many times he has a a broken up the members of the company acting with him by giving Impromptu imitations of them. Eddie Foy m. Cohan Sam Berard a a Vesta Victoria Ethel Barrymore mrs. Carter and Bernhardt Are among Fie players that Are most imitated. / a Idalene Cotton who acts in vaudeville with Nick Long does an imitation of mrs. Fiske that is startling in its ver similitude. Fay Templeton said once when asked wily she did not attempt an imitation of a Rush Light Star that happened at the time to be attracting considerable Quot attention. A _ a my dear,1�?T said stye a i done to imitate Quot dead onea.�?�. Gene line hard Luck. Opera House burned Down and. Improvised theater blown away. A talk about hard Luck a said a. Milford Guffin of Tho player by Stock company of Chicago the other Day to a Friend a about four years ago i was Down in Texas with a repertoire company playing All the smaller towns. On our route was the town of Paris which we were to play on wednesday. We left Beaumont late tuesday night and when we reached Paris the next morning discovered the town Hall in who Chi we were to appear had burned Down the Day before. The Village Squire who was also manager of the opera House devised a scheme by which we could give our a performance by. Utilizing a great pile of baled Hay for a stage to All set to work and by afternoon had a fairly Good stage erected plenty of chairs in front and a Good enclosure made from old. Carpets etc., borrowed from the villagers. Everything was in Fine shape and it was nearing the hour for the show to begin when one of those gentle zephyrs known Only to Texas came up and blew away the stage chairs Fence and almost the people. Now can you beat that for hard Luck a. New Yorkus cemeteries., new York City has 3,116 acres of land in i cemeteries enough to Bury the dead of the City for 150 years. ,. A it s care in laundry proper washing of summer gowns important. Material will not suffer if these directions Are observed Dell Cate fabrics Are destroyed by much rubbing. The thin White dress seems always associated with the idea of summer and it always looks Well whether worn by Young or old and moreover goes with any colouring. Save for very Dressy occasions these garments May seem an unwise investment to the Ultra practical woman As they become easily soiled. Something of the first Bloom disappears after the visit to the cleaners and the process of waste Long is supposed to be impossible. However if the washing is properly done the material need not suffer in the least. A then the Short skirts which Are worn now remove one potent cause of soil and even the heavy lace gowns which have such a Rich effect in Ecru and deep Cream will Wash beautifully in. Borax water with some Good White soap. Women who expect to have their gowns last Over into the next season will find it an excellent idea to have the lace ripped off and washed at the end of the season before putting it away or having it remodeler in the fall fashion As the Case May be. This heavy lace should be washed in boiling water that contains four Tafil spoonfuls of Borax to a tub of Vovk term or soap so would not be rubbed upon it directly but should be made into suds first and should to Good White soap. The first rinsing water should contain one tablespoonful of Borax to a tub of water. The water should be warm and ought not wrung out from the thin materials or lace they should be. Squeezed and shaken. The heavy lace can either be pressed on the wrong Side with a hot Iron taking care not to pull or stretch it out of shape or it May be pinned shirt Blouse for girl. Down on top of a Sheet and spread out an it stretched. Nearly All of the thin lawns muslims and Organ Dies. If washed in this Way without much rubbing will not suffer from laundering indeed they seem to come out with an added dainties a. Care must be taken of course in the Choice of the lace that is to go on the washable dress for some Laco is very perishable. It is unlikely that the process need be gone through More than once or twice in a season and these White dresses Are capable of surviving Many washings. It is Tho rubbing that wears out and destroys delicate fabrics and Tho cleaning without friction makes the frock last much longer. The cheaper Cotton far lab nearly All Wash Well Lawn Domestic Organ die dotted Swiss and mercerized Muslin can be done up each week and with Ordinary care and the least possible rubbing they will Como out looking like new. A outline embroidery design. Effective made up in almost any kind of material. Almost airy kind of Blouse material either Woolen Cotton or so Lac coi ild be used for making up this very useful shirt Blouse it is fitted across the Back by a pointed Yoke of double material the fronts Are tucked from the shoulders to the bust the fastening is Down the Center under a Box Pleat that is edged with a pleating of ribbon or shirt sleeves gathered into deep cuffs of double material. Material two and one half Yards .28. Inches wide. This is a simple Little design of convolvulus and leaves for Center of volleys sides of Little bags or tops of pin Cus lpns. The whole is worked in cording stitch and May be in one color two or More shades of color or Pink for the Flowers and buds and greens for the leaves. The stalks and tendrils too can be in Green. The pattern marked on the material by Means of a tracing cloth. Thing individual a hand made Scarf pin Seal ring a locket Pendant or a Necktie clasp. Any of thebe articles May be especially designed made and marked with the Date of betrothal. Any Man would certainly appreciate such a Token. Linen wedding. Madame Merri kindly give an appropriately worded invitation to a Linen wedding anniversary. I am to use Linen and indelible Ink and tie with Linen tape after your suggestions in the paper. / please name some subjects tor a a toasts which t might give to a few to prepare before the event. Subscriber. 1835.1007 or. Ana mrs. John t. Black. At Homo a wednesday Evenin August Tho tenth. A from eight until eleven. This form is the Best to use simple and gives full particulars in very few words. For toasts Tho following Are suitable a How to be Happy thou. Married a Quot our husbands a Quot our wives Quot Quot the next twelve years. Quot How to manage a advice from mme. Merri. Proper gift engaged girl May offer it her Fiance. Will mme. Merri kindly answer the following questions is it a custom for a Young woman to give her Fiance a Token of remembrance when he gives her the engagement ring and might that Token be a Diamond stick pin. Anna. A Young. Woman May do As she pleases in regard to giving her Fiance an engagement present but i would not give a Diamond pin or a Diamond in any form unless it happened to be his birth Stone april have a time favors for a dancing party. About the Middle of August i wish to give a dancing party and wish you would suggest what to have for favors. They must not be costly. E. M. J. Japanese favors and those made from crepe tissue paper Are As inexpensive As you. Can buy. However at the favor counters one can often procure novelties at a very Low figure. The tiny. Quot Jap parasols lanterns fans and dolls Are always popular and pretty also the Caps masks and squawking Birds. Will Madame Merri please Alvo some information As to How a bridal party stands tiring the ceremony How the participants enter and who walks beside who. Rural 1 the Best Man usually accompanies Quot the bridegroom and awaits the Bride who usually enters with her father preceded by the bridesmaid or maid of Honor. During the ceremony Tho Groom stands on the right of Bride Best Man next to him bridesmaid at the left of Bride and holds her bouquet in going out after the ceremony the Best Man and bridesmaid follow the Bride and Groom. Madame Morbi. V
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