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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 24 1909, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 24, 1909, Galveston, Texas Rosenberg Library w i. ? i for a Quarter of a Century the opera % i ass has worked a in the interest of 1 the sea was lib City a a i it a a t a i i it it. .f-.l-.t-.t. Of. Jl.,t iwo is Mayv it vat t a a Quot i i is v Quot a a a a $ the sea Wail a the $ i Grade raising and f the opera Civ ass f ? Wii to make Gai ves $ t ton the South a t f largest Best City f i and port. A i a a a a 5� established 1879.go a a so on to exas sat urday by 24r 1. Vol Xxxi. No. 2. Y out of door Experiment. Interesting teet of the effect of Sun s rays on water placed in Bott Joo. Got two Plain white1 bottles one a Short Flat flask and tile other taller and heavier for instance an old Ginger Alo bottle. Fili the Small flask a with water and insert in its Nelt a Cork a Little Large for it a to that it almost refuses to go in. Hammer this Cork in tightly and to very sure that it is firmly and securely in place. Fill one third of the larger bottle with water and Cork. It. With a Cork that fits Well but not too tightly says a writer in Good literature. Drive a forked stick into the ground to that the Fork la about three inches from the Earth and prop up the. Tall bottle on this rest a amp that it Points upward at an Angle of about 40 degrees. A now drive two More forked Sticks into the ground just behind the Bottom of the bottle one on each Side of it. These Are. To hold your flask which must be Laid across them to that one Edge is higher than the other and its upper Side turned directly toward the. will notice that the Sun s Days shining on the slightly convex Side of the flask seem to. Focus or All gather together at one Point just beneath the flask. If you put your Finger ont this spot you will find that it is very very hot. If you put a a whip of paper there a you will see its edges curl up turn Brown and presently if. The Sun is hot take fire just As if. Some one had a touched a match to then and the whole paper will Burn to ashes. A. Now you must change the position of ithe larger bottle until this hot spot is on the Glass near the Bottom where the water is. Now you must be a it Lent and wait for something to Hap. Pen but if the Sun is hot you will not have to wait Long. In a few minutes you will see tho water in the larger bottle begin to arise from it. It will Bubble More and More and the vap Orwill grow thicker and thicker until it fills the bottle. -. Suddenly you hear a noise like a a i mall pistol shot the Cork files through the air like a Bullet followed by a Cloud of the vapor from the bottle your Cannon is discharged a tho buns rays shining upon the up. Per Side of the. Flask and phasing through in focused. Upon the water a in the larger bottle had the same effect upon it. That they had on the paper a they heated it. The White vapor was a team tho same Force which moves locomotives and All sorts of engines and As More and More steam gathered a and began to exert a pressure in All directions it piled up a lot of Force because a it was held in Check. Then As its Force grew greater end greater it began to push the Cork wit a for that was easier than to break the bottle and at Lnu Job tile Corot was sont flying and the steam escaped just As it does from the Mouth of Trio Tea Kettle of the Range at Homo. Fish Erman or Luck. Young Dolinny went a Al Shang bit the Pond was dry. And1 All that Young Johnny got was a Wasp Stenc in the Eye. \ v lung Johnny hurried homeward a hungry an could All that you is Johnny got was that which you Here see. Wild dogs of the far East one to Liard of All the tonnage under the american. Flag la employed on tho 1 great Lake to. Gaunt ravenous. Mangy and insolent creatures Are permitted to v prowl streets. In constantinople and other cd totes of the East wild dogs gaunt ravenous mangy and insolent Are permitted to prowl about the streets Iii formidable packs. A favorite haunt of the beasts a few years ago was the Little Field of the dead a cemetery in Pera Turkey. Here they gathered by the hundreds and basked in the Sun and howled and fought sometimes among themselves always with intruders. They seemed to regard the Gre some graveyard As their special estate. . Occasionally the easy going authorities would be moved by frequent recurrence of outrages on the part of the wild dogs to order soldiers to capture packs of Themi the brutes thus taken were driven aboard a ship and transported to a Barren Island in the sea of Marmora. For in the cast they do not believe in slaying dogs even if it becomes impossible for petiole to live in the same neighbourhood with them. Three Days provisions were provided for. The animals on the Island. And of always they were accompanied by a Mullah or a priest who before making the return journey preached to the canine congregation a Long Sermon on the duties of resignation ant religious fortitude. Proof that Jle . Louis xiv., King of France was very fond of playing a chess. One Day to Quot was having a game with one of his. Courtiers and during the game made a false move to a Yulch his adversary respectfully called his attention. The King who did not easily suffer contradiction did not wish to acknowledge that he and appealed to the ?wh6 surrounded tho table but none of them made any reply. Just then the Duke do or Amnion came into the room and immediately the King saw him he appealed to him and wished to explain to him the subject of the dispute but the Duko hardly allowed him to finish. 1 a your majesty is Portal Only wrong Quot he a said with a firmness of tone which astonished the King and caused him to frown. / a a How do you know that i am wrong Monsieur be due a replied the King a you have not even Given my. Time to explain to. You what tho ques ton Ltd a i know undoubtedly a replied the dulse of Grammont a for All these gentlemen whom your majesty was consulting at the moment a arrived Only replied by their silence. They would every one have hastened to take your part if your majesty had been the King was struck with the sense of this argument and admitted that he had made a mistake. -.�-. Proper corp of the face. Rise of Colt Cream and avoidance of sudden changes of temperature Are important. The greatest dangers to the skin of the face with housekeeping lie in fire and dust tho face like the hands Tjho uld to washed twice u la veil a shod but with soap Only at night. If the morning sweeping has coated it with dust take this off first with cold Cream and a soft Rug. Prepare the Bath with warm or hot water. I find hot most beneficial use an oily soap and Bee that the face cloths Are. Frequently changed and always sunned after using never for get for a moment that the skin of Tlly face is Moro delicate Tolian that of any Piirto of tho. Body. Arid that Swift changes of temperature such As going directly from a hot Are into a cold cellar Are. Very injurious to it this tends to thicken Anil Harden the Sulu to give it theicoar8 i a badly treated look which the faces of. So Many hard worked women present the Benzoin used for the hands l also for the face and in. Thi same proportion�?12 drops to a bowl of water. After the face has been carefully dried give it a Light rub with cold Cream. If several hours of roasting Over a a hot fire fall to your lot it is also Well to coat the face with Cream before a beginning this work. This is a Little. Unsightly but it will keep off a Good Deal of the Burn All rubbing of the face Whan bathing and drying it or when applying Cream must be upward As a contrary motion drags Down Liq Muscles and gives them a tendency to change. A. Determine on Success. Make up your mind to be a Success at something no matter what that something Taay be. Failure does not lie in the Choice of a lowly calling it is Rio disgrace to be a Shoemaker a but it is a shame to make bad . A a a -. Amusements for summer parties. This is the season of outdoor entertainments for most of our readers if not sojourners by the sea or on the Mountain top May arrange for novel entertainments in the open air by utilizing what is near the Parks tho reaches of Inland Lake or Rivers the of the Home place or some adjacent country Side reached by the Ever or cent trolley car. A. Fagot Patty is not new but this Way of conducting one has new features a Circle of Pine Trees was the setting for a Little fireplace made of stones on which paper and dry twigs were ready to be Toji Ched guest was presented with a bundle of faggots to which was attached a number a duplicate number was Given out the hostess requested the guest who Drew no. 1 to look at the faggots if be had no. 1 the bundle was Laid on the Blaze and he bad 1 to Tell a Story sing a song or dance a Jig while the faggots burned. It really was another Way of conducting a a a stunt party. On guest recited some Clever no Gro dialect bits she Hjul collected while in the South a Man gave some College stories Singer rendered some hawaiian love songs which she Learned from the natives while on the Island. The result was very Good. There were 12 guests and 12, bundles of faggots burned underneath the tall Pines. Refreshments were served on the enclosed porch of the summer cottage. A Candle was at each plate held by a drop of melted Wax onto a wooden picnic plate by it was a wooden skewer with it marshmallows were toasted Over the. Candle and eaten with ice Cream and Small cakes. There was Impromptu singing of College songs to the accompaniment of the hostess guitar. All the girls wore tub suits and the men came with Negligee shirts with Duck or flannel trousers and Serge Coats. Every summer. A regular Hay rack Wagon met them at the station it had boards across the Side so no one could spill out and was gayly decorated with sunflowers boughs of Trees and a cattails. ,-.7. The unique feature of 5,this picnic was in the serving of refreshments. Each child was Given a wooden plate and a paper Napkin. Then Over the grounds were interesting Booths shaded by Large Green and White umbrellas. They were also placarded no. 1, no. 2, Etc. There was a grown person to Lead at the head of tho procession.-. The first Stop was no. .1, a Biclie proved to be a lemonade a with a big porcelain cup for each child. No 2 was sandwiches cold meats potato salad and. Olives. A Here the guests sat in a Semi Circle on a big Rug. Then they progressed to no. 3, and had ice Cream then to no. 4, where the Booth had. Bonbons and fruit. No. 5 had piles of Little bags and was the starting Point for a Peanut some were gilded some silvered and some tied with Blue ribbon. The Gold nuts scored 20, Silver 10 and brie ribbons were 5. The one who had the highest score won a prize the next highest and the lowest also had rewards. Altogether it was a most successful affair. A progressive Pic Rill. The guests were children from eight to ten the hostess was a favored lass who went to the country for a Cinerella dance. The Cinderella club is an organization of some 20 co Siples Law being to close All festivities at Midnight promptly. Each season they give a dance to which two guests May be Bidden by each couple. The invitations Are always issued on Slipper shaped cards the a table Centrepiece is formed of a White Slipper filled with Lowers place cards Are Slipper Sha red and sometimes if the a German Quot is danced a figure is worked out bringing in the magic Pimp kit coach Candy mice favors fairy wands Etc. At 12 of clock a Gong clangs out the strokes very slowly and the lights Are extinguished. A is a Dame me Illel. Never were Linen suits More popular than now. A one piece Russ two stylish a costumes press for girl from 14 to 16 years a this dress is made in Gray veiling in a pretty soft Shade. A skirt has a panel front tri Mizied up each Side with buttons the bodice has an Oval Vest or Yoke of silk Muslin drawn up in the Leliter Vith two tiny frilled tucks the under sleeves being the same. The folds Over tho shoulders Are trimmed with buttons and the Oval is outlined with embroidery. The material is arranged in four folds to Oriu tho Over sleeves. Hat of Pale Green Straw trimmed with Rosch. A a material required c Yard-3 44 inches wide about g dozen buttons 1 Yard silk Muslin 40 inches wide 1% Yard sateen. Princess dress these Short Princess dresses Are very much in favor for summer Wear and look very trim and smart made either in Linen or Serge our Model is in White Serge. The actual fastening is Down tho Back but the Side of front is trimmed with fold and buttons to simulate a fastening there the Edge of the folds being finished with silk braid i the buttonholes simulated with narrow braid the a jeeves Are trimmed with buttons and have a Small turn up cuff edged with braid the Yoke and under file Eves Are of piece face. A. Tuscan Liat trimmed with n White crepe de Chine Scarf. Materials required7 Yards 4g inches wide about dozen buttons 1 Yard piece lace about 10 Yards Brail. X one piece slip Over nightdress Isey Asizy made and laundered. Measure from shoulder to floor and add Yoor hem. For the Model it to Kef a a a Yards. Fold cloth in Middle running halves together to hold securely find Middle Point of this fold and Lay a dinner plate on the doth so that the Center of it. Comes Over this Point Mark around the Edge of plate and Cut out to make neck of gown. On the edges of the cloth measure Down nine inches from the fold then eight inches in from this. Point for the the Kimono sleeve joins the body. From this Point Cut through both thicknesses of cloth diagonally to the raw Edge. Also Cut n Diagonal line to the Selvage at a Point just one oot from the fold to make the sleeve., the piece that has been Cut out must now be stitched together along their Selvage edges turned upside Down and set into the body of the gown under the arms to give an added fullness to the skirt. Have just finished one using 40-Inch Muslin taking up two tucks on each shoulder three quarters of an Inch deep and stitched hem Down front and Back five inches. 1 had fullness enough without inserting the triangular pieces 1 used beading at Necit but this foundation is capable of either simple or elaborate treatment. Embroider i Scallop at neck and but Tom of sleeves or finish with Hamburg. This gown in very pretty on., the shoulders can it be rely forced Quot by cutting a circular piece a Little larger than the dinner plate and Feather stitching in to form a Yoke which also Mako the Edge to be embroidered Globe. A take Home comforts Auping a Tittle forethought will add greatly to the pleasure of the sum a a Mere a out Lnch. Done to be uncomfortable All summer in an ugly Roomi whether you stay by the sea or in some Mountain cottage. There Are Many Homey touches you can take with you and a few. Others to be got upon your arrival that will save your feelings on the Rainy d3 when you would really enjoy being alone if you were not housed in a Bare barn Uke room with nothing to take off the raw edges. When you leave Home take with you a Chintz trunk cover made in that very most useful Way. Its. Lower part is the simplest of ,.�?ostrung on to a tape and the trunk proper while its lifted the top cover is a separate and fitted affair boxed at the Corners so that it will remain in place when you lift the lid after you arrive at your destination get an empty packing Box to use for a writing desk. There. Is really nothing to equal it for Eoli vengence. Cover it with Chintz or Denim stain the inside if you like but always remember to leave the front open so you can keep Knees and feet in it while you write you can not Hurt it you May even kick it if you feel so disposed or 111 at ease. Done to carry away from Home framed pictures and do avoid valuable toilet Silver but if there is a place where you will want your unframed family near you it is in just this same Mountain Home. Housework and the hands Only Crisp Only garment that is at nil stiff and Crisp in the wardrobe is the tailored shirtwaist which the girls cling to. This is a starched but the mad rates and Percale of which it is made Bove a Cenan body which tho manufacturer gives them. The White shirtwaist striped with color Matching tiie suits with which they Are worn Are in great favor with the girls just now there Are Lovely scotch madrasas with narrow lines of any color at All that a girl May want. They Are worn with embroidered collars and silk bows that match in tone. For harsh skin. When the skin fees Ary and harsh and is beginning to look wrinkled. Change your soap or abstain from a Ising it entirely for a time. Nothing takes the Oil Froid the skin More quickly than a soap that does not agree with it. As what a suits one woman a a a a a frill riot suit a another it is Well to Experiment until a soothing soap is found. An excellent substitute is Almond paste. With proper care unsightly redness and roughness can easily ,. Be not be afraid to Glye a lift with the family work for fear your Lily White hands will suffer. The secret of smooth hands is not idleness and never putting them in dish one can he almost a household Drudge and yet not be ashamed to Deal a deck of cards or let your Best Young Man hold your hand the secret of Good looking hands is thorough washing pure soap careful drying and frequent anointing with soothing lotions and oils. If you must Wash dishes insist upon having i toilets a rather than the Kitchen variety and your skin will not suffer v -. Scrubbing is tho worst feature of housekeeping in its action on the hands and Loose rubber gloves should be used As often a possible. The girl who must do rough wok should never forget tho value of. A Lemon Quot i keeping the skin smooth. A piece on the sink will do wonders in Over coming the bad effect of housework popular in Paris. Hat of Tagal lined with Black Chip Large Bow of Quot Velse a veiled with Black tulle and Spray of wheat ears. Washing lace instead of adding bluing to water in which lace has been rinsed try making the final rinsing in milk it gives a Lovely creamy tone to the lace
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