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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 20 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 20, 1907, Galveston, Texas Adsan Bere Library 3 May gwm m a Cott hit is aes a had a Iron so a pm i -0�a.&Quot#asa Cost. a Inwer. Too ooh it it amp Coonc it of Owoc Occo 5 she Aba t7aefen so he Onady a Iamb Ano a he o pm a of aos to Blake ,Vbo-00 Tob you a o fab Poev by so Caw aha a Bob amp ill it a my .1a a a a a a. _. Established 1879 Galveston Texas saturday july 20, 1907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 62 a life in the great Metropolis mirrored for our readers Semi annual cutting of Wall Street Melon to new York Melon cutting time is in at hand in Wall Street. A pleasing function at any time it is going to be salubrious this season because the Divido will to the largest in Lii Story. The july dividend and interest payments of corporations will reach the stupendous total of $1?,881,849. July and january Aro the months when the great bulk of corporation profits Are up for division. The Prosperity that reached such great headway last year and is still under Way is responsible for the magnificent proportions of the july Melon this year. The payments will be $1$,097,674 greater than those of last july. Some corporations. That never before paid dividends come up smiling with profits for their stockholders. Others that were obliged to suspend dividends now cheerfully renew and Many companies announce an increase Over their regu Lar dividend rates. The dividends amp to paid Are Railroad. $30,760,089. Industrial,.$41,017,273 traction $7,080, 675 Bank and Trust companies $7,700, 000 total $92,553,037, the amount last july was $80,753,331. Tinong the railroads the most notable increases in dividends have been made by the Vanderbilt lines. The largest amounts to be disbursed by railroads Are Chicago amp Northwestern semiannual $3,486,661 Lake Shore amp Michigan Southern semiannual $2,-967,990, and new. York Central quarterly $2,689,230. A the largest amounts to be distributed by Industrial companies. Are United states steel common Stock quarterly $2,541,512 Anaconda quarterly $2,100,000 american Telephone an Telegraph quarterly $2,631,028 general electric quarterly $1,304,314, and Western Union quarterly $1,216, 757. Hotels prepared for hot summer weather there 16 one of set of business men in new York who have their Stab a Lis Monts All. Ready for summer whether to lat fickle. Season delays its coining or. Not and spend All sorts of Money to do it. Thes6 Are hotel keepers and the owners of apartment hotels. In readiness for the Straw hat and summer visitor season they had veritable companies of a housekeepers and under servants at work before the real Slimmer weather Mikado its debut changing the appear Ance of the Public and private rooms of their establishments from the heavy Richness that goes with the Winter a temperature to one that comports with the hot Days of july and Money Fly in Pursuit of Happing ass the latest a Broadway Monte Carlo Quot has been discovered. Everybody in the Whito Light District its amazed at the lavish expenditures a of Oliver Barnes the 22-year-old grandson of col. A Oliver Weldon a Barnes builder of the Farious Horseshoe curve on the Pennsylvania Railroad. J mr., Barnes it is Btl match by that so who have kept careful account of his Public spending has been getting rid iof about $500 a Day in his a Winall enable right a the Pursuit of happiness. In addition he has disposed of tens of thousands of dollars in various ventures in connection with Wil son Molzner of husband of . Yerkes of the hotel Rand at Foty ninth Street and Broadway. A since or. Barnes has been in new York his daily expenditures have been punctuated by. Little breakfasts and vaudeville entertainments for. Which these preparations include covering All the heavy furniture in the sleeping rooms and Quot private Parlours with thin stuffs to make them look As Cool As possible the1 taking Down of thick curtains and putting up thin ones and often of putting Willow furniture in some of the Best rooms where the prices warrant such an extensive change. In All of the Public rooms of the apartment hotels the hangings Are covered with Linen a a if they Are not removed entirely the chairs and Silas Are also fitted with gayly coloured Cret Nhes and As a final touch even the piano is shrouded with cover lug so one can possibly add to the nervous Strain of the hot weather by playing on it. To. Has paid As lavishly As did count Boni de Castellane for similar amuse ment in Paris. A few weeks ago for instance my. Barnes gave to a few footlight favourites a Small breakfast for which he cheerfully paid $1,500. Another of or. Barnes foibles is the hiring of automobiles. He began to indulge in that pastime by engaging a Auto by the hour he kept the machine one year paying for it a Little More than $72 each Day. Or. Barnes said he bought the hotel Rand because he was dissatisfied with Tho Way hotels Are run in now York. Quot i think some of the rules and regu lations Are fussy and silly a he declared. A in addition the hotels Are not up to Date. Finding that or Molzner held similar sentiments i Joinell him in Tho Purchase of a hotel which we intended to make the finest in new York. But that a Only a Side Bot a new Gould mansion to have. Rural features flans have been filed for Tho new City mansion to be built by George j. Gould on the Northeast sixty seventh Street and fifth Avenue. Mrs Gould i House on the. Alto mansion will be torn Down at once. The building is to be 45x113 feet and the plans provide for a six Story House., the Entrance will be upon sixty seven Ali Street Quot the architect will try a to reproduce As. Many As possible of the Rural feature. Of georgian court. A at georgian Poul Del Iha Dot Reat swimming Pool. The icily House will contain one which need. The,-size., some in the a pig it turl so Bifid stand. Clubhouses jul new York. The Popit it Toul by .3qx6i feet. Butt Pon the a top Thyl House gave one. and the. Sleepy ing quarters of the servants will to on the top floor. The dining room. And the Salon Petit Salon and Ball room will be on the first floor. It is so a posed the7 two salons and the Ball room will by so arranged whole floor May be thrown into one when necessary. The upper floors will be Quot a a Van Over to the Library and sleeping apartments of the family. A feature of the House will be a Stair Case arranged so that the person step Ping upon it will tie elevated to any Story it Wilt be spiral along the line3 of an escalator adapted to the needs of a private mansion. There also will be an electric elevator Irois the first floor to. The top floor the building exc Julve of ground or Wurnig hangs is it to Cost $200,000./ Horace per Nibauer ,.9$. Philadelphia is the Aroh Teot. A a. Miss Fritzi Scheff a a Quot 1 a. Of \ \ ? a 118 former grand opera Star who a Short time ago turned to musical comedy in which Field she has become popular.1 a Jagt a seeking an engagement. Actors and actresses haunt offices of managers during summer. Thousands of actors and actresses during the sunnier trudge Broadway from office to office seeking the. Elusive engagement that shall assure them employment for the coming Winter months says a writer in the Broadway Magazine. The agents room is crowded to suffocation. There is no alternative but to stand a it l stand for an hour. In bustles an important looking woman in raw Pink and purple carrying a dog she paws her Way up. To the clerk. A a in be just a minute or two Quot she begins grandly a and then in be got to hurry Down and see m. Belasco has a anything turned up that is of course with a glance around at the assemblage anything that would accept Quot nothing to Day a answers the clerk in a Monotone. A unless you want to wait a minute and see or. Blank. He May have she sits Down and the minute stretches into an hour. Evidently or. Belascoe if he Ever wanted to see her. A is. Doomed to deep disappointment. A corpulent seedy woman dragging a precocious child by the hand appears. Do you suppose or. Blank has anything for Wiliie Hodgins the boy baritone in a his a. This a with a gesture at the baritone a a is leave your name and address and terms a As the clerks response or. Blank soon appears at has private door and asks for miss Tootsie Jones. Tootsie Goeb Over with Joy in her Eye and he. Says. A miss Jones could you play second lady and double Fop child a part in a the Clansman for 30 5a Felt Quot negotiations Are entered into with Tootsie. Or. Blank in his official capacity hears voices wants to know if a Brunette would have any objection to be coming a Blondo in order to take a a certain Quot part and i in general takes Alberti a Wethi a the to poor old 1 human Corpus that is anxious to get itself displayed Ubri Bur great modern bargain counter the Staje a stage Veteran is dead. Had supported Many famous actors i in his Day. Johnj Carter a Veteran of the stage of the Days of the Booth Macready Kean and Charlotte Cushman died at Philadelphia recently after a or la of illness from heart disease. He is Bur valved by his wife who was Jennie Cobourne prior to her marriage and Well known in stagehand. Or. Carter who was 87 years old and a native of England had. Been on the stage until very recently since he Wab five years old. At that Early age he first appeared by a child ghost in a Macbeth Quot and his last appearance was wit i Creston Clarke who had charge of the funeral arrangements. Or. Carter often declared that he sat upon the Knees of George Stephenson As the great \ inventor drove his first locomotive. He was present at Tho Coronation of Queen Victoria and always carried with him a vivid impression of the great spectacle. After supporting Macready in a Richelieu a and Junius ,Edmund Kean Charlotte Cushman Edmund Falconer Charles Dillon h. L., Bateman and sir Henry Irving in some of their greatest productions in England he accompanied the last named to this country on his first visit appearing is Walter in a the Hunchback of notre Dame a just prior to that to had played the first Uncle Tom in a Uncle Toms Cabin Ever seen in England. He had remained in this country since his first trip Over. Gossip of the Lewis is to have the chief part in a new musical comedy a the Groon Bird a which will to produced in Boston by. The Shubert. Channing Pollick s Playa in the Bishops Carriage a did not make a very Strong impression on londoners when it Quot was produced there recently. Marloti1 ir6.ll,�?T an american sinter who was at one time a member of the Savage a grand opera company a has been engaged to�p0e�r�?~ in opera at Nantes pet seas . _ digging great canal col Topias w. Symons u. S. A., who hns been engaged a chief consulting Engineer for to to great new York Barge canal has some original i methods of canal digging. Uncle Sam has merely loaned him to Tjie Empire state until the $101,000 -000 improvement is completed. The Story of col. Symons career is a Success Story. He was born in Michigan of poor parents. He Early expressed a desire to join the army and after overcoming numberless difficulties received a appointment to West Point i he graduated four years later at the head of his class. To was first stationed at the torpedo school wallets Point now fort Totten. He was then detailed successively upon Western Survey work in Oregon Washington California Nevada and Utah As chief of engineers of the department of the Columbia on Tho Mississippi and on the task of tracing the mexican Boundary from Elpaso to san Diego. In 1895 lie went to Buffalo where he remained for seven years in charge of River and Harbor work and Tho construction of lighthouses on lakes Erie and Ontario. While in Buffalo he built the longest breakwater in the world which in design and certain peculiarities of construction has become a Model to be copied by engineers Here and abroad. It was while he was stationed at Buffalo that col. Symons became interested in the study of canal work and his writings and reports on Tho scheme which is now being carved across the map of new York state first brought Tho matter prominently before the Public. Gov. Roosevelt appointed an advisory Board of citizens and recommended to the state the plan of enlarging the existing canals to a size accommodate barges of 1,000 tons. It was Only natural therefore that the governor and the canal interests should want col. Symons to supervise the work when the scheme was finally adopted and Tho Money appropriated to carry the great work on. Policeman to pastor Brooklyn the,.�?ocity of churches a has in the list of her houses of worship one that interests the Public chiefly through the personality of its pastor. It is the gospel Mission Church at Evergreen Avenue and Moffat Street and its pastor is Rev. John e. Brown formerly a member of the new York police Force. To resigned from the department 12 years ago and according to his Story which he is never tired of telling for the. Benefit of the Man who has a in into a the it inure of. Intemperance passed through a pm Rod when he a slept on a truck in the bowery drink with the bums arid became one of . He became interested in religion reformed and entered upon evangelistic work in addition to the duties of Liis trader that of a Painter and decorator. A he has travelled As an evangelist Oyer most of the northeastern part of the Counti a and not Long ago accepted the pastorate of the gospel Mission Church which is conducted on a denominational lines. He receives no regular salary depending upon his secular calling for his support he owns his comfortable to tie,.,in and it is his purpose to carry on Tho work of the Church without giving the entertainments so often resorted to for the purpose of securing funds. His 12-year-old daughter is his organist. King Edwards doctor sir Frederick treves the favorite physician of King Edward of England is not a Christian scientist but he subscribes to a doctrine that is strikingly similar to one of the beliefs of . Eddy a followers. He believes the use of Medicine a will soon be a thing of the past. Speaking in London at the opening of an isolation Hospital recently he observed that the time was not far Distant when the bottles on Doc tor a shelves would be reduced to a very Small number. Resort would be had to simple living suitable diet and plenty of Sun and fresh air. He expected to see the time when people would a leave off the extraordinary habit of taking Medicine when they were sick. A. A a a. _ referring to the discoveries in bacteriological science and the great results achieved in. The reduction of the mortality from1 infectious diseases. Sir Frederick said that he looked Forward to the time when it would be As anomalous for persons to die of Scarlet fever typhoid fever cholera and diphtheria would be for a Man to die of a Wolfe s bite in England. During the visit of Gens. Corbin Young and Wood to King Edward in 1902 the King showed much concern Over president Roosevelt a injured leg and said to Gen. Corbin a do you think head mind if i sent him my doctor he is the Best in the this opinion la shared by the British Public which refers to sir Frederick As a the Man that saved the Kings just before King Edwards Coronation sir Frederick performed Tho delicate operation of removing the Royal appendix. He frequently startles Tho Public by his Frank utterances on medical Frisco citizen James Duval Phelan for six years mayor of san Francisco sees in the conviction of mayor Schmitz and the confession of a a Bossy Ruef the Dawn of a. New Era of great Prosperity for the City of the Golden Gate. Or. Phelan is president of the Mutual savings Bank of san Francisco and one of the wealthiest and most influential business men. To explains the situation in these word s a the East might Well have complained of the government a of san Francisco and withheld its credit prior to the fire of april 1906, because no serious attempt had been Jade to expose and punish the criminals who held Public places and a charge against the citizens might lie that they Supi Nely bore the Yoke without protest and suffered their City to be despoiled by organized rafters a Quot but when these rafters like Carrion preyed upon the fallen City and sold its Vai Abie privileges at a time when the municipality needed every Penny of its revenues the men of san Francisco Rose to the occasion and now 09e of the most remarkable prosecutions in the history of the criminal proceeding a is going on under the Shadow of our great Dos astr a which of eos to have served in Many respects As a Blessing in a a a a James d. Phelan is a no Lye of san Francisco 46 years old. His father was a Nie chant who a Nassed consid Rable wealth. The younger Phelan fac tick Diaw. Or several years but has four id has greatest Success la a a business 1 career. A
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