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Galveston Opera Class Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1907, Page 1

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Galveston Opera Class (Newspaper) - July 13, 1907, Galveston, Texas 0c<xxxx>�0<><>s0<>0<>0��50001 �h1� 8ea \7a�z,h Viii Grade amp air Xhu Aid the opera Al a9s, a Ali Nab tax ves Toh the a q tag Gest c3stt a did Poby. I i i i i established 1879galveston, Texas. Saturday july 13. 1907. Vol. Xxviii. No. 51 mystery of the been a v trick Box which you can make and Havo lots of fun boy likes to do triples but when to can easily Mako his own trick Hub Joy is doubled. A Here is a neat one and get some thin Pine strips and whittle out two Ldoa Tho shape of those shown in an illustration cutting grooves for Tho covers at the top and Bottom As Tho Box Lias a. Cover above and below. Next whittle out the end pieces which Are Square just like the ends of tiny Box. Nall lid sides and ends together and lit in the covers the Box and the two covers. Volch slide in the grooves. One of the covers has the Center slightly hollowed out so that a Small bean May be glued in the hollow and slip Over the end when the is drawn off without catching. Now explains the Philadelphia Ledger put three a Beans loosely in the Box and shut the lids before displaying the Box to your friends. Hold the Box loosely in your hand so that either Side May be turned up and ask one of your friends to guess a a Odds a or if he says a even a turn the Box so that the cover with Tho bean glued to the under Side is uppermost and slide it off when three Beans will be seen in the Box. If the Box is turned the other Side up arid the cover Slid off four Beans will be seen in the Bottom and thus you can mystify your friends by making the bears Odd or even at will. Annoyed by scoffers. Or Troxell president of the Bible class led by John d. Rockefeller jr., in the fifth Avenue Baptist Church new York complains that some of the Young men belonging to the class Aro being a Guyed a by outsiders. The Secretary of Tho class occasionally sends out postal cards to the members a number of whom live in boarding houses. Other boarders have manifested a tendency to. Scoff on seeing the postal cards and president Troxell hearing of this irreverence is indignant. Women at Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins University will henceforth admit women As students and aft<3r Tho same manner that the German universities adopted. Each professor May admit women to his classes if he chooses and the Baltimore papers Are confident the. Professors Are Reedy to Welcome women students. This change of attitude is said to be the work of president Ira Remsen. A Humble hero. Instinct perhaps. Small and hungry Julia climbed to her beat at Tho Tea table Tho other evening and exclaimed in eager delighted caressing tones. A a of Jolly 1 to Are going to have Jelly i just love Jolly but Mamma what makes it so nervous Quot a Royal Magazine. It Story of the Man Quot who did a Bravo deed and then forgot it a the is the bravest Man i Ever knew a said or. P. Hopkinson Smith of capt. Thomas a. Scott whose death occurred a few weeks ago and whom the author has made famous in some of Lils Stop Dis aria Bic Velb. But no act attributed by the pen of action to this submarine Engineer and diver can equal the real facts of his courage and self sacrifice. The new York Tribune quotes from or. Smith Tho tale of one of capt. Scott s deeds which lifts the Man into the ranks of True heroes. The Captain was in the employ of the off Shore wrecking company when one morning5 in january an Accident happened to a Hoboken ferry boat the ice in the River was unusually heavy and the boat slowly crunched her Way through the floating floes until the pack choked her paddles in mid River. The weather was bitterly cold and a keen wind was blowing. It yrs an Early morning trip and the decks were crowded with Labouring men the driveways were full of teams and women and children stood inside the Cabins a solid mass up to the swinging doors. While Tho boat struggled to gain headway an Ocean tug crashed into her Side cutting a great a shaped Gash below her water line. Shrieks went up from a Hundred throats. Men women and children were crazed with fear. The disabled boat careened and fell Over on its beam. The water poured in like a torrent sinking seemed Only a question of seconds. Capt. Scott on the wrecking tug Reliance saw the situation. Bringing his boat alongside he sprang t6 the deck of the ferry. Quickly he forced the crowd to the starboard Side and thus righted the boat which regained a nearly even keel. With a threat to throw any Man overboard who stirred he dragged mattresses blankets clothes anything and crammed them into the Hole. It was useless even the Oil rags had been used and still the water poured in. Capt. Scott stood for a moment As if undecided then deliberately forced his own body into the Gap with his Arm outside level with the floating ice. An hour later the disabled ferryboat with every soul Safe was towed into the Hoboken slip. When they lifted the Captain he was unconscious and barely alive. The water had Frozen his blood and the ice had torn much of the flesh from his Arm from shoulder to wrist. When he opened his eyes to said feebly to the doctor a was any of them babies Hurt a weeks passed before he regained his strength. Then he went Back to his work on the Reliance. In the meantime the wrecking company had presented a Bill to the ferry company for salvages which bad been refused. A a a a Captain said the president of the wrecking company to Scott the first time the latter appeared at Tho office we to going to have some trouble getting our pay for that ferry Job. Here s an affidavit for you to swear a the Captain took the paper Quot read it Laid it Down and walked toward the door. A did you sign it a a no and i ainu to going a Why a \ a a a cause i ainu to so mean As you be. Look at this Arm i do you think id have got into that Hole if it Hadnot been for them women and babies and Mem to pay for it a then he walked straight to. The Caslier demanded his pay resigned his position and walked out. Somo time after some one asked Tho Captain to. Tell Tho Story of How to stopped Trio leak. A a Job there ainu to nothing to Tell a replied the Captain. A she got foul of a tug and listed Somo and i sorter plugged her up. Been so Long i most forgot about i miss Lulu Glaser can you get through the Shamrock Maze find your Way to each of the three centers a -. /. Your path. Turn without crossing favorite among Patrosio of Musi Cal comedy. Resourceful play pirate. Bills for one melodrama were made a to do. For another. Harry Harwood who has added to amp Long list of hits by his acting As Alderman Phelan in a the Man of the hour a made an interesting contribution the other night to the literature of a a fake theatricals. His Story had to do with an occasion in the mid a sos when be was acting with the late Frederick Bryton in an Accident to the rails had necessitated the interruption of the company a journey from Chicago to san Francisco and a nights Layover was made reasonably attractive by the fact that the passengers were Able to spend the time in Omaha which was not much of a Metropolis then but. Was regarded As preferable to a night on the stalled train. The actors found the town ablaze with show printing announcing the a original Union Square theater company in a a prisoner for life a a with a. A. Palmers name As manager they knew better of course for the play had been one of the great successes of. Two or three years before and Bryton i amp Wood and the others had delightful and fresh memories of the acting of the original past with Sara Jewett Chari est Thorne jr., James of Neill Fanny Morant and other favourites of the Palmer casts of those Days. 1 the idea of seeing the stirring old French melodrama slaughtered by a wandering band of not quite actors appealed to the delayed players More strongly than any other attraction Omaha had to offer that night and they to of in the performance. Before the curtain had been up ten minutes those who had seen a the prisoner for life realized that they were looking at something else although the playbill was As Quot definite As the outdoors posters in announcing that Especial composition. Just before the curtain fell on act one Harwood and Bryton recognizing a speech or. A situation exclaimed together a nah its a. A Minsha Vogue was an old school Irish melodrama writ in the Goul Cault fashion and of great popularity in the late �?T70s and Early 80s, when Ben Maginley was v big favorite in. The principal role. A Harwood and the rest stuck it out determined Tosee just How the denouement Woi ild be made to Square with the title of the play that had been advertised. The explanation of the plan was of course that the wandering band had become possessed at a bargain of a Job lot of printing of a the prisoner for life and found it a Good Al Fresco asset but was unable to get hold of a copy of the play whereas a Minsha Vogue was in the repertoire of nearly every cheap company in those Days it like a feast Lynne or a Uncle Toms but the players were not without resource and fancy in the circumstances. As the play Drew to a close a the audience was on the qui Vivo to know just where the application of a a a prisoner for life came in. So far nobody had even been arrested in Tho we were soon relieved Quot said or. Liar Wood. A the villain was shot As Tito a Isha Vogue villain should have been and made his confession of duplicity and crime. Then he died. All this was As it was written. The lovers clasped each other. Then flared Forth the skill of the True adapting playwright. The hero letting go the girl stepped to the apron pointed to the villains body and exclaimed had he not been shot he would have been a prisoner for life a who after that could question the sincerity and truthfulness of that Blaze of show printing Quot. New jokes for every town. A this thing of trying to make Ali the audiences in the country Laigh. At the same thing is a hard proposition Quot said a monologue performer. A a i have Given that up a he went on a and. I have a different set of stories and jokes for every City i strike. And i Tell you i got to work some Peculiar combinations to get the laughs. I be calculated that every unanimous laugh Means a Dollar More for my act. I have my subjects arranged bus Boston Art Beans and sea in eckness. New York Domestic troubles policemen and Gay times Pella. Delphi a is Mother in Law love graft and history Pittsburg divorce and hardware Chicago hard Luck swindles and the blues and so on out the Iino. I have 25 different sets of stories. And i Tell the Boston list in Chicago for a $100 famous collection sold. A Augustin Dalys famous foyer pictures have been sold at auction to Abraham Erlanger for $4,500. Or. Erlanger also purchased the pair of Sevres vases which adorned each bide of the world famous Entrance to the pit of the theater for $140. Frank Mckee got the celebrated chiming clock for $350. A the Sale was held in the dismantled theater which is to undergo rehabilitation preparatory to occupation by the Shubert. Among those present were Marc Klaw Joseph Brooks Florenz Ziegfeld .jr., Louis Werba and Lotta Crabtree. Mrs. George and. Clara Morris were represented by commission it is impossible to write a letter on the subject of fashions without speaking of the popularity of Gray materials for they Are with us on every Side. Some of the most effective summer gowns of a simple order which i have yet seen this year were made of Cool a Gray Linen with Fine hand embroideries on the skirt and Bolero carried out in silk finished thread. These frocks when worn a with Gray Linen a Loeb and Gray suede gloves Are quite enchanting in their Quaker like simplicity and they invite the collaboration of Cloche hats in delicate Ivory Straw with puffed net forming the full Crown and at one Side near the front a Cluster of Beautiful roses or of Waxen water lilies. Some of the newest models in voile Jde -sole.show, perfectly ,c . De fordies with a number of Tuckson the hem of the skirt. Needless to say these tucks Are always stitched by hand and they Aro arranged in Grad Robe of Blue Linen with insertions of White Linen embroidery. Rated widths. At the extreme hem they measure about five inches and a then they Are reduced each one half an Inch As they run up towards the Knees. For Linen dresses a favorite style of trimming is a combination of deep tucks and hand embroidery three tucks a i band of embroidery and so on. For. Afternoon gowns voile de some is exceedingly fashionable but the material for costumes of this order is Indian Gauze which can be obtained in All the pastel shades and which gives Lovely effects when inset with old yellow lace and adorned with ribbon work embroideries. The walking frocks of this season Are very charming and delightfully unpractical they Are not Long in the sense that they can be held up and they Are not Short in the sense that they can be trusted not to assist in keeping the streets clean wait a correctly Cut and when worn Over exactly Tho right undershirts these now skirts Are altogether Lovely but it is useless to deny that they Are extravagant. All women know that it is Quito impossible to hold up a gown which does not possess a train Evon a very blight one though something May to done by a judicious twitch at the Back. But to turn from the dress to the dresses strange is it not that women of the age of go with por Liness to match insist upon wearing models designed for the Maiden of 20, slender of outline when will the Matron of go allow us to forget. That Sho onco had a Waist my regret that she will not ignore it this season was made 1fpiauyin poignant by. An interview with a very handsome dowager White of hair and pleasantly rub Cund of face who was wearing a Wedgwood Blue voile made with japanese sleeves Over a White lace Blouse with a skirt Cut Plain in Tho front and full at the Back encircled with a Belt of Blue Glace whilst upon her Gray hair she had perched a Large mushroom hat with a big Ruche of Blue ribbon in it and round her neck she wore a Largo White Feather Boa Atad on her Stout hands White kid gloves which extended to the Elbow. It would have Given me the greatest possible pleasure to have taken her As an example on to a Plains it pm and lectured to Tho assembled Nult Kinde on How she could have improved her appearance with a out sacrificing her obvious desire to1 be smart. A Black Chiffon gown mounted Over White i would have chosen for her hanging in Long lines just above her Waist with a Broad hem of Black Glace and Black Glace ribbon forming a sort of Pelerine at her shoulders to 1 outline a Vest of White which should terminate at the bust and a Largo Black hat if Sho a Trust Wear a hat though i should have much preferred her in a Bonnet draped with a flowing veil of Black. I would have insisted on sleeves with a Graceful drapery falling from the Elbow at the Back held tightly above the wrist to diminish the too Broad contours. Had she had any special objection to Black Chiffon i would have suggested Quot Black lace or net and velvet ribbons instead of Tho taffeta and i have the remembrance of a Small Bonnet made of Black crinoline in Bow form outlined with Jet which with a Black lace parasol lined with White Chiffon might have been called into service to Best Complete the effect. Some of the newest ceilings Are Cream White tulle dotted All Over with pin Points of Black and this veil is As i have frequently mentioned the most becoming a woman can adopt. Irrespective of age. For those whose complexions have lost their first Bloom this veil can be lined with palest Shell plan la tulle or with the same material in Pale Blue the latter being specially flattering to dark skins. Putting lava to use residents of the District round Vesuvius have put to practical use the lava which has flowed from the Volcano in past and recent eruptions. Naples and its Vicinity appear to be of lava. The streets Are paved with it a there Are lava staircases Andi statues drinking troughs Bric a Brac and even jewelry. The guides Inaki profit out of it by pressing coins or other objects on partially cooled fragments and Selling these to visitors. On the Ashy sides of the Mountain there is enough lava to build a Large City. In appearance it resembles a scoreless Frozen sea of Dull Black that shimmers strangely purple in some Lichta
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